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Scared Straight: Gone
By A.M. Glass

My hand reached out to slap the alarm that woke me suddenly. "No more noise, please!" I plead to myself very quietly. And as I tried to fall back into the coma I'd been woken from, I realized something.

One: I felt my pulse throbbing behind my eyes, telling me that I had the worst hangover ever.

And Two: I didn't have anything on except for an oversized tee shirt.

"Oh God," I muttered, wincing at the sound of my own voice. "What happened?" I squinted after mistakenly opening up my eyes. "Too bright," I barely whispered, even that sounded too loud.

"Good morning," I heard softly.

I tried moving my head... bad mistake. "Ugh... ow."

"Don't move too much."

"Now you tell me?"


"What's this?" I managed to say. My mouth felt as if it were full of cotton.

"Aspirin and water."

Knowing I had to turn over, I prepared myself for the worst. Okay... I'm on my back. I thought. "That wasn't too hard. Who am I trying to kid? The room is spinning; my stomach is on its way up! I wanna die."

"I'll be right back," I heard Lisa say after she gave me the aspirin and the water. I swallowed them praying they'd stay down. After a minute or two I smelled coffee.

"How are you feeling?" Lisa asked as she handed over the coffee mug.

Blowing the steam away, I took a tentative sip. "Not bad," I answered. "I feel as if I've been run over by a truck." I saw the confused look on her face. "The coffee," I held up the mug, "It's not bad."

"Oh. Thank you."

Now that the pleasantries were out of the way, I needed to ask a very embarrassing question. Placing the mug down, I reached out for Lisa's hand.

"I have to ask you something."

"Go ahead," she answered.

And if I didn't know better, I could have sworn that there was a devious look in her eyes. Taking a deep breath I asked my question. "Did we... you know, do anything last night?"

"We did lots of things Jordan. Could you be more specific?"

Damn, she was going to make me work for it.

"Did we have... did we do it?" I blurted.

"Do it?"

Ah, hell.

"Did we have sex last night?"

Lisa looked away for a second.

God, was I that bad? Wait... maybe I'm saying it wrong? Crap... damage control.

"Lisa... I meant did we make love?"

I actually said the "L" word. I think I managed to surprise Lisa as well, if the look on her face were any indication.

She'd taken my hand in hers and brought it to her lips. Oh man... I hoped we did, I wished I could remember.

"No Jordan," Lisa answered shaking her head. "We didn't have sex, and no, we did not make love."

Damn it... damn it... damn it.

"Just how much do you remember about last night?" Lisa asked.

"Last night?"


Closing my eyes, I tried to remember. "Umm... the kitchen. I can definitely remember being in the kitchen..." I said.

"What else, Jordan?" Lisa asked as she sat down carefully next to me.

"You asked me if I needed help..."

"And?" Lisa watched as I briefly dipped my head before returning her gaze.

"We kissed."

"Yes, we did," she answered smiling.

"Then..." I prompted, all the while thinking, 'Come on, what did we do?'

"Then," Lisa said taking over, "We had a lovely dinner and a ...few drinks," she said, pausing to brush back a strand of hair from my face. "More than a few actually."

As Lisa told me this, I had taken in her appearance and it took my breath away.

I knew that no matter how long I owned the tee shirt she'd worn, I would never do it justice. The material of the shirt had rode up a little, allowing me a glance at her legs. I resisted the urge to reach out and touch them. I wanted to feel her skin...

"What else happened? I need to know."

"As I said, we had a very lovely dinner and one too many drinks..."

"Why do I feel worse than you look?" I had interrupted.

"I stopped after two."

"Oh." I mean really, what else could I have said?

"We were cleaning up and you accidentally spilled some sauce on my clothes. You were beside yourself telling me how sorry you were."

Great. Just great. She had to have thought I was drunk.

"So you gave me this to wear," Lisa said, plucking at the oversized shirt. "And then you told me you didn't want me to feel uncomfortable so... "

"I changed my clothes?"

"Yes you did."

Ah, that would've explained why I wasn't wearing anything underneath... I thought.

"We went to bed about an hour later."


"We slept together ...that's all."

Perfect. We finally slept together and I couldn't remember a thing about it.

"I never knew you cuddled so much, Jordan," she laughed softly. "It was very nice... comforting."

All I wanted to do was to hide under the covers until I'd stopped blushing; Lisa wouldn't stand for that, 'cause she brought me into her embrace. After a moment or two I felt my arms wrap themselves around her, holding tightly.

Slowly, ever so slowly we pulled apart, but not because we'd gotten uncomfortable, no. Something ... changed. There was a shift. I think we both felt it.

My hand moved up, caressing her neck and I had brought her face closer to mine. When my lips touched hers I knew, deep down... I was about to make love to Lisa... Lise. And it may sound funny, but I felt myself smile.

"Do you have any plans?" I asked softly as I traced her face with my fingertips, memorizing it, my thumb grazing her lips.


"Good," I replied as I replaced my thumb with my lips.

I felt her arms wrapping themselves tighter. I needed to have more of her. As my hands slid down Lise's body I could feel her shudder, and I moaned.

My tongue began to trace her lips, nibbling on the bottom one, before sucking on it. While I consumed her lips, my hands moved underneath the shirt she was wearing.

Oh my...

Her skin, it was so soft. I had to feel more.  

Lisa pulled back suddenly leaving me gasping for breath. "Wh... what?" I managed to say, my hands steadily moved upwards.

"Jordan..." Lisa gasped as I finally cupped her breasts.

"Need you Lise... please," I begged. I looked down quickly, watching the motions my hands made under the tee shirt. I felt her nipples harden beneath my palms.

"Are... oh God... are you sure?" Lisa moaned as her body arched into Jordan's hands. 

There was only one thing I thought of that might answer that question for her. Even though I hated doing it, I slipped my hands away from her breasts, but not before giving them another gentle squeeze. They felt so good. I saw a flash of disappointment cover Lisa's face and I knew I had to hurry. The look changed the second I started to take my shirt off. I tossed it to the floor.

Goosebumps covered my body and I acknowledged that this was a normal occurrence, except for one important thing. I wasn't shivering because of the cool morning air. No. It was the look Lisa had given me.

It was downright hungry. And that made my heart pound harder in my chest. I had to calm down. I thought I had started to hyperventilate.

Not good, not now.

Ohh... Lisa licked her lips and I was amazed at how that one gesture made me want this even more.

There was no turning back this time and frankly... I didn't want to. I reached out and yes, my hand was trembling and not because I was scared, I was trembling with want.

Taking Lisa's hand in mine, I brought it to my lips, keeping eye contact. For some reason it was the most important thing I could do. I wanted her to see that I'm ready. No second thoughts on my part, this was something I wanted.

Something I needed.

I led her hand to my chest, leaving it at the top of the swell and then I let go. Licking my lips I said the only thing that came into my head, "Touch me."

She did.

If I had thought my heart were pounding before... it was off to the races now.

My eyes fluttered closed, I couldn't keep them open no matter how much I wanted to. No matter how much I wanted to keep Lisa's face in my sight.

Her touch... it was feather light, but it burned everywhere it caressed. I felt her heated breath on my skin. She was breathing as fast as I was.

Her hand hadn't stopped. My body arched with each squeeze, each pinch... my eyes flew open and I looked down. "OH Lisa..." I groaned when I felt her lips, her tongue on my breast covering my nipple. My hands instantly latched themselves to the back of her head. I didn't want her moving anywhere, of course by doing that, I fell back onto the pillows but I didn't care.

I watched in quiet awe, I saw her devotion... the concentration on her face was absolute. I thought she could tell I was watching, 'cause she looked up and smiled.

She kissed her way across my chest and did the same to my other breast, while she kept squeezing the other.

My hips began to move...

Suddenly, Lisa was next to me, kissing my neck, my jaw, my lips... she felt wonderful.

I gasped as her hand began to move down my body.

I really wished she'd hurry.


"Yesss..." her hand moved closer.

Hurry... hurry.

"I love you."

And with those three words echoing in my head...

Lise touched me.

I was sure that in time, I would have a very good explanation for what happened next. The only thing I knew, I was gone. When my eyes finally opened, Lisa's concerned face was the first thing I saw.

"Jordan... are you okay?" she asked searching my eyes for something.

I nodded my head.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Surprised, but fine," I told her as I lifted my head and kissed her quickly before falling back on the pillows once again. "Lisa..."

"Yes, Jordan," she said smiling.

"Can... can we do it again?"

Her laughter filled the air and sent vibrations throughout my body. "Yes... yes we can."

I sat up and grabbed the shirt she was still wearing and said, "Nice shirt has to go." I tossed it to the floor where it landed next to mine.

Bringing her body to me, I thought my heart stopped. As I gently lay her down, I looked into her eyes, brushing a few strands of hair that had fallen into her face. I told her as I bent down to kiss her, "I love you too Lisa."

And I knew...

I was gone.

The End

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