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The Good Ol' Days
By mysensitiveside


Cindy feels a wave of nostalgia wash over her as she watches Julie, the new intern at The Register. The girl reminds Cindy a lot of herself from about five years ago -- the same I'm-older-than-I-look attitude; the same dogged pursuit of The Truth (yes, capitalized), no matter, what it takes; the same hero-worship of one Lindsay Boxer.

Cindy smiles. Of course, a lot can change in five years, too.

Lindsay manages to extricate herself from Julie's clutches, and then saunters over to Cindy's desk.

"Determined little thing, isn't she?" Lindsay comments, an amused tone to her voice that Cindy's pretty sure wasn't there when Cindy first started hanging around.

"I think I like her," Cindy replies simply.

Lindsay chuckles. "Yeah, you would."

"Are you saying you don't?" she asks curiously.

"She's all right." Lindsay shrugs. Her friendly smile turns into a leering grin, though, as she continues, quiet enough so only Cindy can hear, "I'm more than happy with my own perky reporter, though, thank you very much. No need for any more."

With that, she leans down and kisses Cindy soundly on the lips. They're not big on public displays of affection, but they can't help it now and then.

Cindy grins.

Yes, Julie does make Cindy feel some nostalgia for the past, but she wouldn't trade her present for anything.

The End

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