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SPOILERS: 33 Bullets

By babydykecate


"Tell Woody I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye."

Fuck. What about me? How could you just leave me like this?

"We got a lota stuff to work out..."

Like that I love you. Like that you kissed me back. Like that you were willing to believe I was a murderer before you could believe I loved you more than Woody or Pollack.

Please tell me you figured it out. I have to believe that those last few days- when we were finally friends- that you knew… Knew that I loved you. Knew that it killed me that you couldn't believe I didn't kill him. That it killed me even more when I saw that tinge of jealously with the anger, and still did nothing.

You and me. We both couldn't say anything until it was too late.

I loved you. I love you. And I'll scream it to you in my dreams until I can see your face clear enough to whisper, "Goodbye."

The End

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