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A Source for Gossip
By Ohyjo

Kick, step, kick, slowly the woman made her way through her paces. Fully concentrating on her moves she was only remotely aware of the people she vaguely knew were watching her. The gym was a public place and she had longs since gotten used to the fact she usually created an audience.

Ending her exercise she looked around hoping She would be around. Yes, there she was, their eyes met and she was unaware the same goofy grin she witnessed on her lover's face showed on her own.

Making her way over to the other woman the same butterflies that always seemed to take up residence in her stomach region upon seeing her, made their presence known.

Why had she ever insisted they keep their newly forming relationship to themselves? Probably because she didn't like people gossiping about her, especially as the bits of gossip about herself usually made no sense to herself. She wanted a chance to really get to know her in peace. No explaining her relationship to people whom had no business nosing in her life.

She knew however that the looks they exchanged between themselves had long since given them away.

Time then, to create the next bit of gossip. Instead of stopping in shortly in front of her lover as the other woman surely expected she bent down instead. Placing her lips firmly atop the shorter woman's, a brief surprised "humpf" sounded but then she happily responded.

Excited whispers had stopped long before the two of them broke their kiss.

Let them talk. She had clamed her mate in public and she wanted everyone to know about it.

The End

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