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By ralst



I have been the subject, but for the first time I am also the distributor.

I am a gossip; a spreader of rumour, unfounded facts and supposition. It is strangely enjoyable.

I wonder how far my piece of gossip will travel. And if anyone will attempt to quash it before it begins its destruction.

I know it could prove dangerous. The hybrid will not take the gossip well, the subject being her husband and his sordid relationship with the captain.

I do hope she never discovers its source, it would be displeasing to find our relationship once again strained, especially as we have just embarked on the physical side of things.

Oh, did I forget to mention we were lovers?

It happened unexpectedly. One moment we were arguing, the next my hands were in her hair, pulling her roughly towards me. She was just as demanding, grinding against me and biting down on my lip. My first orgasm crashed down on me in a wave of pleasure, but within minutes we were on each other again; panting, touching, biting. It was furious, animalistic and totally amazing.

Since then we haven't been able to keep our hormones to ourselves. Any spare moment is spent with her hot breath against my skin and hands demanding a response from my body. She is an astounding lover. Her touch bringing me to release in juddering gasps, again and again, our moans of passion muted to avoid discovery.

She is always worried, but aroused, at the idea of someone disturbing us. The engineers on the other side of her office door oblivious to our rising passion and wanton displays of lust. Going about their day; talking, working, gossiping, with not the slightest idea that we are breaking taboos and marriage vows just yards away.

Of course, that was the problem. The marriage she no longer wanted, was keeping her chained to a man equally as apathetic. Yet she wouldn't end it. Couldn't end it, she said, for the sake of her honour.

Honour is meaningless.

I need her in my life. But I won't do anything to damage her self respect, beyond the coupling I refuse to give up. So I had to save her honour and discredit his. It was surprisingly simple.

Humans are so easily manipulated. Make a suggestion, set the mood, add a little alcohol and they succumb. It will be good for Kathryn, once the furore dies down and she can walk safely through the corridors without fear of being disembowelled. She needed to come down from her ivory tower and wallow in the muck of humanity. Tom Paris was the ideal candidate to help.

I watch as two ensigns begin to talk, their voices low and eyes searching the faces around them for any sign of chastisement. I know what they are talking about and whose life is now under the microscope. It won't be long. In a matter of hours the news will reach someone with a spiteful need to ruin B'Elanna's life; I will eventually find out who that was and make sure they never hurt her again.

"Seven? I need your help in my office."

She is trying not to smile, but I know in a moment she will have me pressed up against the wall, her mouth on mine and fingers clawing for the clasp at my neck. I shall savour it. Just in case she is confined to the brig for a time.

But then, she will be mine.

I love gossip.

The End

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