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By allie


B'Elanna stormed out of Engineering, her face flushed almost purple with the suffusion of blood trying to escape via the blood vessels in her face, and pounded the button on the turbo lift panel as if to hurry its appearance.

Unaware of the furore she had left behind she groused internally about the injustice of it all and how it was always her that ended up either getting the blame for things going wrong or getting the order to make repairs to the latest catastrophe or how it was her that always got the raw end of the deal..

In engineering Carey glanced at the tall blonde and shrugged his shoulders, there was no way in any lifetime that he was following the Klingon and checking up on her. He may be a brave man but he wasn't a fool. Nope, no siree, his mama din't raise no fool. "Sorry Seven. If you want to know that she's okay you'll have to go find her yourself." He smirked at her as he turned and left her presence for the furthest recess of engineering.

The cold blue stare which followed him would have frozen the iceberg which sank Titanic and caused a second coming of the ice age which left the dinosaurs as an extinct species on Earth. He had just been crossed off the Christmas card list.

Executing a perfect 180 on her three inch heels she headed towards B'Elanna's last known location; the turbolift. Entering the corridor she noticed there was no one else around so she decided to take a chance and use intra-ship communications. "Seven of Nine to Lt. Torres?"

Not really expecting an answer she was pleasantly surprised when B'Elanna responded almost immediately. "Torres here Seven, what can I do for you?"

"I require your presence, state your location?" Seven's question sounded more like an order from a Star Fleet Admiral to a first year Cadet.

"I'm in my quarters Seven. Let yourself in, you know the code don't you?"

"Indeed, I will join you presently."

As she entered the turbolift, Seven glanced at the other two occupants and nodded whilst ignoring the muted whispers. They were gossiping as usual however the topic of conversation this time wasn't Paris and his latest holodeck misdemeanour but B'Elanna.

Without acknowledging that she had heard a word of the conversation she exited the turbolift on her friend's floor and headed towards her quarters. Keying in the code she entered and glanced around for her friend while calling gently for her.

Exiting her bedroom B'Elanna grinned sheepishly at Seven and gestured for her to sit while she went to the replicator to get them drinks, once seated she took a deep breath and tried to explain what had happened.

"Seven that has never happened to me before.... I don't know what came over me... or what caused it to happen...." B'Elanna's words tumbled almost faster than Seven could listen.

Holding up her mesh-encased hand in a halt-like gesture Seven prevented her friend from speaking further. "You do not have to explain your reaction to me B'Elanna. It is of no further import. It cannot be changed."

"Easy for you to say Seven. When you spoke that close to my left ear you gave me the fright of my life. I didn't hear you approach me, so you weren't the one who squealed like a tika cat being stuck with a sharp knife in front of your whole department and jumped almost a foot in the air."

Desperately trying to keep the smirk from her face Seven tried out a phrase Samantha Wildman had taught her a few days previously. "Yes B'Elanna, I Hate it When That Happens!"

The End

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