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Xenaverse timeline--after Season 2 and before Season 3.
Romance and sex between two consenting adult women (of the fictional variety). This is a first time story.
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A Half Moon Before and Two Summers After
By Portia Richardson



Gabrielle had pushed herself back onto the bed, turned on her stomach and tried to sleep. That wasn't happening, however, and her eyes opened again to glance at Alcestas, who had rolled over and was facing the window. What a great kisser, she thought. Gabrielle pushed her pillow lower in the bed until it was just below her abdomen and let instinct take over. She began to grind her body into it and that felt incredibly good. Licking her lips, she stared at Alcestas' silky hair, her creamy shoulders just visible under a peasant top, a bare calf dangling off the bed. She pushed into the pillow more, increasing the pressure and the rate of speed her hips thrust. Gabrielle groaned as quietly as possible and felt a fire building inside of her. She crooked her index finger and stuck it in her mouth. Biting down, she continued this unusual ride, staring at her friend, then closing her eyes to focus on the burning desire igniting between her legs. Her sturdy bed frame began to creak under the movements, however, nothing could make her stop or slow her down. Gabrielle was on the way to something, she just didn't know what. The need she had felt all evening was finally being satisfied. Everything felt different. Curiosity bested her, so she moved her hand between her legs and inside her breeches and was surprised to feel a thick coating of liquid on her fingers. This hand's index finger slid around her inner lips, then stumbled upon a nub that seemed to be the center of all this new passion. Just touching it lightly caused her to buck. Quickly, she moved her hand away. She bucked again and again; hips ground into the pillow, rose slightly, then pushed down again. Her fingers returned to the flow of passion and quickly she moved one finger over the hardness she had discovered. Her finger slid up and down in a heated, frenzied dance. She was able to suppress a low moan, but the next one slipped from her mouth and so did the next. She moved forward, pressed her center into the softness of the pillow, squeezing it between her legs, and then it happened. "Oh, gods," she said aloud, but softly. Gabrielle bit down hard on her finger as she exploded, her body jerking. "Oh. . . oh. . . oh." Her quiet pants were somewhat vocal, but she couldn't help it. Her heart was racing and her breathing came in rapid, shallow breaths. Slowly she extracted her hand from between her legs. She took one breath after another, inhaling and exhaling as quietly as she could, while marveling at what had just happened. Her body continued to twitch and contract and she even became excited by that. It felt so wonderful. Gabrielle was sated, but quickly realized that feeling was temporary. She wanted something more. She gazed at Alcestas sleeping softly next to her, then she turned over and faced the other wall. Gods, what's wrong with me? she wondered.

Oh my gods, Gabrielle thought. "I. . .I. . ."

"Gab, it was a normal reaction. We had been kissing for a long time. If I had known what to do, believe me, I would have. I would have joined you in your bed. I would have pleased you." Alcestas gave her a seductive smile. "I know what to do now." She bent in and kissed her again and just as Gabrielle had predicted, the innocence was gone, replaced by desire. Just as Alcestas' lips touched Gabrielle's, the Queen's thoughts turned to Xena and in her mind's eye, soft blue eyes stared lovingly into Gabrielle's green.

"I can't," she said, breaking away. "I can't do this. We can't do this." Gabrielle quickly moved across the room.

Alcestas followed her, walking past the table where a sole candle illuminated the hut. She blew it out. "Yes, we can. We've waited too long. We're here together for a reason, Gabrielle."

In the dark, Gabrielle listened to the voice of her old friend and kept moving keeping a bit of distance between them. "No, you don't understand."

Alcestas was surely a natural Amazon, for she had moved beside Gabrielle without a sound and once again encircled her body and drew her close. "We can." She whispered in her ear.

Once Xena saw the candle go out in the hut, she knew she had to flee. The warrior stalked out of the village, turning only once at the edge of the living area to glance back at the darkened Queen's hut.

She berated herself for having never spoken of her feelings, then praised her control in that area. She thought about Perdicas and how jealous she had been of him, but that didn't compare to the jealousy over Gabrielle's feelings for that woman. She cursed that 'That woman, that woman. Sneaking up into the tree like that. Kissing Gabrielle! Maidia, Alcestas, whatever. An Amazon! The Amazons! Gods, how I hate this place.

After a long walk, she wasn't feeling much better. She knew it had been too much to hope for that the Amazons would have called it a night. The festival was in full swing. These Amazons party like Apollo's chariot isn't going to travel tomorrow. What she needed was some place where she could be alone, wallow in her sense of loss, remind herself how she wasn't deserving of love. She just wanted to get to her hut and drink until she fell asleep. Her attempt to fade into the background failed. as Eponin caught up to her, grabbing her upper arm.

"Xena, come join us."

"I don't feel like it."

Eponin nodded, squeezing her lips together in understanding, but not accepting Xena's dismissal. "Sorry, Queen's orders. She wants you to come sit with us."

'I am so sick of these Amazons making demands, telling me how and what I need to do. '"Look, I don't want to sit."

"Please, Xena."

"No," her voice boomed largely and all Amazons turned her way to hear the beginnings of a confrontation. Gabrielle, now dressed in casual Amazon clothing, a beige skirt and a brown and yellow halter top, looked at Xena too, giving her the warmest, most loving smile Xena could recall. "All right." Fool'

Xena sat on the very edge of the circle on the end of one of the makeshift benches. Gabrielle sat next to Ephiny and their royal guards surrounded them. The warrior noticed that Alcestas/Maidia sat with her eight sisters who had recently become Amazons. It's certainly an Alpha letter day for her. She becomes an Amazon and gets back together with the love of her life. How nice.

The large fire glowed brightly, highlighting the soft smiles, rugged good looks, innocent expressions, wrinkled faces, and worldly eyes of the various women sitting around. Xena knew that she could probably take any of them to bed with no more than a glance and gesture. She could have her pick, but the only one she wanted was the blonde woman who was Queen. But maybe tonight she would choose an Amazon to help her forget. No, Xena wanted the bard, the friend whom she traveled with, the sweet woman who had turned her life around. Her eyes narrowed in anger again and her need to vent was becoming desperate. The warrior felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck and knew she was being watched. When she turned she discovered Alcestas glaring at her, frowning and making no attempt to conceal the look. Alcestas crossed her arms over her chest. Neither would relent.

Gabrielle cleared her throat and both Alcestas and Xena were surprised to find her standing at the front of the semicircle, smiling at her subjects and friends. "This has been a day I won't soon forget." She looked at all of the Initiates, but Alcestas' eyes burned into her. "I met up with an old friend whom I've longed to see again. But today, I also welcomed nine new women into the Nation and I speak for all Amazons--we *love* you. You are family."

The Amazons cheered.

"I shared this day with all of you and my best friend, Xena who claims she isn't Amazon, but we all have our doubts."

Amazons laughed while Xena's expression went blank to mask her lingering guilt of actions many winters earlier.

"As you all know, I'm a bard. When we journey to the Nation, it is usually due to pressing business. I seldom get to share my stories with you. Tonight, I have a story to tell. I'm going to tell you a story about a young woman. Let's call her . . . Gabrielle."

Everyone laughed.

"This is a story about a woman named Gabrielle and how she came to leave her home village of Poteidaia."

They laughed again.

"First, you should know that Gabrielle had a childhood friend named Alcestas who later went on to rename herself Maidia."

All eyes turned to the new Amazon, then back to their Queen.

"Now, Gabrielle and Alcestas had been friends since birth, but in their eighteenth summer, something changed. For one, Gabrielle became betrothed and two, she and Alcestas discovered the joy of kissing--*each other.*"

The Amazons broke down, pounding on the bench, slapping each other's back, laughing heartily. Xena bit the inside of her lower lip. 'With me as her audience? I can't believe this.

"One night, not too long before Gabrielle left her village, they spent the entire evening kissing on Gabrielle's bed. They kissed as if the village planned on banning the activity."

"Is that all they did?" a woman shouted from a bench.

"Yes, that's it. It seems that's about all they knew they could do."

Sighs were heard all around, a few whispered.

"Gabrielle was scared because she was betrothed to this guy . . . Perdicas, but her mind wasn't on her wedding, it was on Alcestas' lips."

Gabrielle stared at her old friend, who returned the look with a smile.

"After that night of kissing, they really couldn't get enough of each other. How were they going to stop this? Why would they want to? Gabrielle and Alcestas had become very resourceful, finding numerous excuses to be alone together, creating diversions so they might meet while shopping, then sneak away for long kisses."

The Amazons were an interactive bunch, repeatedly interrupting to laugh and applaud the young kissing couple.


"They walked to *their* special place, a clearing overlooking a raging river and as had always been the case, they talked about everything under Apollo's sun and Artemis' moon. But now, those discussions always led to serious kissing sessions.

One sunny day, both girls had rushed through their chores so that they might spend some time together. They had been sitting on a blanket in their clearing laughing and basking in the sun. Both of them had demurely raised their skirts to the knees to tan their pale legs.

Now Alcestas had a crooked leg. She had broken her leg several summers earlier and it hadn't healed properly. Gabrielle looked at that leg and asked, 'Does that hurt?'

'My old loft injury? Nah. The healer did a lousy job setting it, huh? Look at how the bone sticks out.'

'Can I feel?'

'Yeah, go ahead.'

She moved over and lightly touched Alcestas' leg, but quickly withdrew her hand when she felt the hardness of the bone. 'Did I hurt you?'

'Not at all. It feels, you know, regular.'

Tentatively reaching out again, Gabrielle touched her friend's shin. Her hand lightly stroked the skin covering the bone, then without thinking, she gently slid her hand across the meatiest part of Alcestas' calf and caressed it. Her hand, of its own volition, carried itself up Alcestas' leg until it rested on her thigh, hidden under the woman's skirt.

Alcestas' hazel eyes burned into her friend's green ones. She was filled with the same want as Gabrielle. She leaned forward and kissed her. Their kisses deepened as they explored this now familiar territory. Her tongue danced inside of Alcestas' mouth, learning every detail. Both women moaned and Gabrielle's thumb moved back and forth over Alcestas' thigh, her hand squeezing the flesh and melting into its warmth. Painfully slow, her hand edged its way closer to Alcestas' center, yet Gabrielle was not consciously aware of this.

'Oh, Gab. Please.' Alcestas moaned.

A first. Neither had spoken a word during these times. Before it had been playful. That sigh, hearing her name cross her friend's lips at that moment, and that plea. . . that plea turned this into something else. Something more meaningful than either had planned.

Gabrielle broke away, blushing furiously. What was she doing? She couldn't do this. It wasn't a question of love. She had made a *promise* to Perdicas and she wouldn't betray him. 'Look at the sun. I'm late. I have to get ready for the service at the temple tonight. We have to go.' But the truth was Gabrielle wasn't thinking so much about the temple. She wanted to do more than kiss. Much more. And if things had gone a moment longer, Gabrielle would have betrayed her soon-to-be husband. So, she jumped up, threw the half-eaten loaf of bread into the basket, picked up the remaining fruit, and busily reorganized the clearing. Alcestas breathlessly watched her. Her body trembled with desire and need. She couldn't move.

'Come on. We've got to go.'

'You go ahead. I'll clean up. Your father's gonna have a cow. He'll think you're late to spite him.'


'Go on, then. I'll see you later.'"

Xena was halfway off the bench. There was no way, she was going to put herself through this. The Queen glanced at Eponin who pushed Xena back down. "Gabrielle really wants you here."

"I'm not at her beck and call."

"Tonight you are."

Xena returned to the bench and listened.


"Gabrielle didn't argue, she grabbed her small purse and ran across the grassy area and down the hill, sprinting as quickly as her legs would allow.

'Zeus' apples! I so *don't* want to go to temple.' She tripped over a tree branch, regained her balance and continued on.

As she ran across her front yard, she saw her parents, Lila, Perdicas' mother and father and her betrothed waiting on the porch.

Herodotus, her father rolled his eyes upward toward the sky, then down at his daughter. 'You're late.'


Why was it that every evening involving her betrothed dragged on? There had been a brief ceremony, then the high priestess spoke with Perdicas and Gabrielle about the joys of family life and the importance of coupling to honor Hestia and the other gods. Keep in mind, this was a virgin priestess telling them these things. Finally, Gabrielle was addressed alone, forced to listen to advice about making a happy hearth while her mind soared to that hillside where she had spent a splendid afternoon with her closest friend. She couldn't stop thinking about those lips, the feel of her skin, and the heat of her thigh.

Now, the families were together again, listening to the ending of the ceremony. The priestess and twenty virgins sang out loud and slightly off-key. Suddenly, the temple's double doors were flung open and the high priestess gave the two dusty men who entered a look of pure disdain.

'By the gods. Slave traders have come through.' Both men were doubled over, hands on knees, trying to catch their breath. 'They've rounded up all the girls and women they could find,' one said.

'They took them. No one could stop them. We have injured men. Virgins, we need your help to treat the wounded.' The second man shouted information in frantic, clipped sentences.

Herodotus and Hecuba jumped up as did their daughters and Perdicas and his family.

'What happened?' Herodotus demanded.

'Slave traders. Led by a man named Hector. About thirty armed men. Spears and knives.' The first man panted out as much as he knew. He and his friend had run quickly to the temple for assistance.

'They took over forty girls and women. Almost every family has lost someone.'

'Did anyone follow them?' Perdicas asked calmly.

'Tried, but were beaten. They've headed east we think.'

'Please, hurry. We need your help.'

'Gabrielle, you and Lila stay here.' Perdicas commanded while pushing them back into the pew.

The priestess was whispering orders to the virgins who were running to and fro gathering supplies, filling vessels with water, even taking gifts of fruit from the altar and placing them in baskets for the injured.

'The slavers are gone, right?' Gabrielle asked.

'Yes,' one of the men answered.

'Then I'm going back. Maybe I could help, too.'

Perdicas nodded. He knew not to question or disagree with her when her eyes revealed a steadfastness that couldn't be swayed.

On the way back into town, Gabrielle refused to think the worst. She would wait and see for herself. Once there, she discovered her greatest fear was a reality. Alcestas had been taken. She was now with slave traders!"

A few tears flowed down Alcestas/Maidia's face and she stared warmly at her friend. She and Gabrielle had yet to talk about the slavers and what had happened.

"Tending to the injured men was the only work Gabrielle could do that would take her mind off of Alcestas and her possible fate. Those slave traders had brutalized them. Several had stab wounds and barely clung to life. Others were breathing, but incapable of movement at all except for an occasional blink of the eyes. Bones were being set as quickly as the healer and her apprentices could get to them. Gabrielle heard constant screaming from strong farmers as the healer cauterized wounds. Hecuba insisted that Gabrielle stay far away from the blood and gore, so Gabrielle kept pots and cauldrons of water boiling on the hearth while she mixed herbs to create medicinal poultices out of rags.

She hadn't slept. She couldn't eat. At night she cried for her friend. What would become of her? How would she fair? Gabrielle envisioned a multitude of harsh treatment that might be forced upon her. Alcestas was a virgin. She prayed that her first experience would not be rape. Alcestas was quick-tempered and often sounded-off. Slavers would beat her into submission. Gabrielle sobbed until there were no tears left, then her body jerked with dry heaves.

Sometime in the night, Gabrielle had drifted off to sleep. She awoke and rubbed her eyes, thinking about last night's horrific dream, then she heard a man scream out in pure pain. It hadn't been a dream at all. She was face-to-face with her reality for the third day in a row.

Gabrielle walked from the well carrying two buckets of water for the pot. Her shoulders and arms weighed down by the water and she felt like Atlas forced to hold up the heavens for eternity. She shuffled into the house and was pouring the water when she heard her name over the normal din of the village.

'Is there a Gabrielle here?' a man shouted from his perch on a rickety, old wagon. 'Gabrielle? Gabrielle of Poteidaia?'

The bearer of that name moved to the window and watched as her townspeople directed the old man to her home. A few of the healthy men followed beside the wagon just in case danger presented itself. They wouldn't have another woman stolen from them. Gabrielle walked from the house and met the man on the road. 'Gabrielle? You, Gabrielle?'


'Here I got this for ya. This girl stopped me on my path. Asked if I was headin' this way if I could drop this off with ya?' He handed her a rolled parchment."

Alcestas/Maidia nodded her head remembering the old man. She had always believed that her note had reached Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle took the parchment and quickly unrolled it. Her eyes darted across the sheet, lips moving as she read, tears welling up in her eyes.

'Thank you,' she whispered to the man, then to any townspeople near, she shouted, 'It's Alcestas. She's all right. She escaped. She doesn't know about the others. Some tried to get away.' She read on, then smiled at the men and women who had gathered. 'She says she'll miss all of you and will see you again either in this life or on the other side. She won't be coming back.' Gabrielle removed her hand from the bottom of the parchment and it rolled back into a cylinder.

The man in the wagon nodded, gave his horse a light whip with the reins and continued on his way.

The villagers whispered and hugged. 'At least one girl got away.'

'I hope strangers will be kind and Hermes watches over her,' a wizened, old woman added.

'I should tell her father,' a young boy chimed in and then ran off.

Gabrielle moved steadily across the yard and back into the house, though she felt her knees might give way and she'd collapse in the dry soil.

Inside, she closed the door, then leaned her back against it. 'Thank the gods.' She opened the parchment and read the rest of the message, the part she didn't share with the villagers. 'Dearest Gab, I will miss you more than anyone. I have to keep moving. I bloodied one of those slavers pretty good. Gabrielle, I don't think we'll see each other again. I hope someday you'll have all those fun adventures you dream about. I hope you will be happy. I can't come back to Poteidaia. With you married. . . well, there's nothing there for me. Maybe I'll find the land where you said Amazons lived. That was my favorite story. I can't tell you how much you mean to me, how much I cherish our friendship, especially those last few days. Take care, my friend. I love you.'

Alcestas was safe. She survived. She will survive."

Gabrielle's voice cracked as she told this part of the story. Alcestas/Maidia continued to weep silently and Xena's chin quivered as she tried to keep her own emotions in check. It was so obvious. Gabrielle was completely head over heels in love with Alcestas. She would have done anything to be reunited with her. Xena wondered how long it took before she came into the picture to lead Gabrielle out of Poteidaia in the hopes that they'd eventually meet up with Alcestas.


The next day Gabrielle had trudged up the hill to their clearing. For years it had been her special spot where she made up poems and stories, now it was a place that held wonderful memories of a new awakening in her body. She brought Alcestas' parchment with her deciding that she'd commit it to memory, then bury it under "their" tree. Better that, than Lila or Perdicas happening upon it and asking questions. The last time she and her friend had sat near this tree, Gabrielle's body was ready to take the next step. She had wanted so much more, but her mind wouldn't allow it. Now, she sat quietly and read, then reread her friends' words, 'I hope you will be happy. I hope you will be happy.' A tear rolled down her cheek. Pressing the parchment to her chest, Gabrielle whispered, 'I'll not forget you.' She quickly buried it and without ceremony turned and walked down the hill.

Poteidaia was picking up the pieces and the village was returning to normal. The slave traders wreaked havoc, but they didn't kill the spirit of the town. Most of the injured were being cared for in their own homes while just a few remained at the healers's hut under a watchful eye. The marketplace was doing its usual amount of business except there were more boys purchasing food and provisions since many women had been taken.

Gabrielle walked past the tailor's hut and sighed. She'd be in there soon enough posing for the blind dressmaker who would sew her wedding gown. The corners of her mouth turned up when she looked down a narrow pathway leading to the rear of the peltmaker's store. A few days earlier, she had kissed Alcestas back there. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest at the thought and for a few moments, she was confused at the sound. Was that her heart pounding so violently?

'No. No. Not again.' she muttered, once she recognized the thundering movements of several horses.

'Round 'em up. You didn't expect us back so soon, did cha? Where's our welcoming party? Still under the weather?' Hector's voice boomed from atop his black horse.

A woman screamed as she was dragged by the hair by a trader on foot. "No, let me go.'

'Come on wench,' he spat at her.

Gabrielle couldn't move. She stood in shock as she watched the women and some men gathered again.

'Idiots, the whole lot of you! Why wouldn't we come back? You're an easy bunch to capture and your women are strong. They can take a good beating and still work.' Hector laughed and verbally bullied the few men who tried to fight off his crew.

'Stop it. You're hurting me.' A woman bit down on the grimy arm of one of the slave traders.

'Bitch!' He slapped her.

Hector surveyed his surroundings. This was moving along quite smoothly. It looked to be another twenty women. He had orders to bring back a few men as well. Men who had the strength, but not the inclination to fight. His boss would get a good price for this group. 'Hey, you. Grab the girl over there.' He pointed at Gabrielle who was immediately captured by two minions, one pulling each arm. She struggled against them to no avail.

'All right, we're done here. Let's go.'

The slavers on foot and the four on horseback moved the women and men as one out of the village, down the road and into the woods. The Poteidaians fought back, twisting and turning, refusing to move, dragging their feet, doing anything and everything to make the captors' work more difficult.

After an hour of dealing with this resistance, Hector was close to losing it. All he wanted to do was gain the trust of his leader, show his ability, get the job done. These villagers were pissing him off. Finally, he jumped from his horse and began dragging some of them forward himself. The women were pushed into each other, falling and being helped up, crying out for mercy, and begging for freedom. Village men continued to wage war against their attackers, but their wooden pitchforks and brooms were no match. Hector's men herded them together and waited for the next set of instructions. Hector was disgusted.

'Okay, we can do this one of two ways. You can let us have the girls and go back to those hovels you call homes. Or, we can hack you all into little pieces and take the girls anyway.' He clapped his hands and laughed at the frightened farmers while his men poked spears at them, corralling them in one small area.

Gabrielle knew that this was just what Alcestas had gone through days earlier. Alcestas had escaped. Her friend was stronger, but Gabrielle had spunk. She stepped forward, ignoring the angry minions around her.

'Gabrielle?' Lila shouted, hoping her sister would fall back in place, but Gabrielle was purposeful and spoke directly to Hector.

'Take me. Let the others go.'

'Nice try, but we'll take you.' He shoved her, watching her fall into the others, then continued, 'and anybody else we want.'

Such insolence. She would be the first to learn submission. With a mere motion, he demanded his whip and his second in command quickly placed it in his hand, 'It's never too early to start training a slave girl.'

Hector was sure of himself with this weapon. Witnessing a good flogging would put the fear into these villagers. He gave the young woman no more than a glance before flicking his arm. The whip sliced over his shoulder, but never returned, never hit its mark. The whip held taut, perhaps, stuck in a branch. Hector swung his head around in dismay. Another young woman, friskier than the first held onto the thickest part of the whip. Cold, blue eyes warned him of danger, but he would not be outdone. 'I gotta admit, this village makes tough women,' he said thinking about the wench from a few days ago who had caused trouble, then the child/woman today, now the one he faced.

Neither slave trader nor the dark-haired woman wearing only a dirty, white shift would back down. Dark eyes fought with cerulean for moments. Gabrielle watched in disbelief. This woman looked harmless, more vulnerable than the villagers even, yet she displayed an incredible aura. She was self-possessed. Time stood still for Gabrielle as she watched Hector and this stranger using only body language and their eyes to form a challenge to the death.

'Okay, now we take the gloves off.' Hector's outstretched arm requested his second weapon of choice, his dagger. 'Start hacking.'

The lackey marauders pushed and shoved to keep the villagers together and not involved in this distraction, but soon, the armed men were needed in the fight. This stranger was either a fool or brave for she took on all of the men. The first to fall was Hector, but he didn't stay down. It seemed this woman's eyes were everywhere. She felt men behind her and served them with jabs and punches one right after the other. More than once she used their own weapons against them. She screamed out a battlecry as warning and momentum as she swooped down on the suddenly inept traders. While she fought, she kept a watchful eye on the villagers who had now joined in the fight the best they could. The young reddish-blonde woman watched in awe, staring at the woman who returned the concerned look. The partially clothed woman kicked butt and only once did she falter and take a hit to the head. It was at that time that she found and used weapons shallowly buried in the forest's floor. First her sword, followed immediately by a hoop, a dangerous and magical hoop that mesmerized Gabrielle."

Gabrielle turned and her eyes burned into Xena's. All of the Amazons had disappeared momentarily and it was just the two of them. "You were amazing," she whispered.


"Later that day, this savior was bandaged by Gabrielle's mother and sister. She had a few cuts and scrapes, but very little damage compared to the men she had left in the woods. Who was this woman? Where did she come from? Why did she save them? How did she learn to fight like that? What was that round weapon, that hoop? Gabrielle knew a good story when it sat on a stool across from her.

Her father supposedly was representing the townspeople when he informed the lone woman that she had to get out of Poteidaia immediately. Gabrielle was dumbfounded. This woman had just saved their lives. Most of them would have been enslaved or dead if it hadn't been for her help, how dare he speak to her that way. Sometimes, she hated her father. She hated Poteidaia. He said that he knew who she was, that she was Xena. Ah, Xena. That's a nice name, Gabrielle thought. And he knew of her reputation, they all did. They weren't requesting that she leave the village, they demanded it. Herodotus and the other men turned and walked out. They couldn't fight their attackers, but they could gang up on this warrior. Gabrielle was confused, angry and disappointed in her people. What happened to compassion and kindness?

'Let's go, Gabrielle.'

Perdicas. Always there, always trying to be the protector. 'Hey, just because we're betrothed doesn't mean you can boss me around. I want to stay and talk to Xena.' She gave him one of her special glares reserved for him and her father. As usual, Perdicas backed down and exited.

Sitting on the stool opposite Xena, she didn't wait to make her wishes known. The Fates had brought Xena to her and she would do her part to see it through. 'You've got to take me with you. Teach me everything you know. You can't leave me here.'


'Did you see the guy they want me to marry?'

Xena walked over to the wall where her saddlebag was temporarily stored. 'He looks like a gentle soul. That's rare in a man.'

Gabrielle couldn't take her eyes off of Xena. She was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen and she longed to be closer to her, but she didn't know how.

'It's not the gentle part I have a problem with, it's the dull stupid part,' she said.

How could she make Xena understand? There was something the two of them shared. She had felt it immediately in the woods when they made eye contact. It was an unearthly connection, maybe something she should even fear, but she didn't. 'Xena, I'm not cut out for this village life. I was born to do so much more.'

Xena was nothing but dismissive, standing with her back to Gabrielle. 'I travel alone.'

Gabrielle had a way with words, she knew that. She would just keep talking, try to get Xena talking. They would find some common ground.

'So where are you headed now?' Green eyes radiated interest. Not that it mattered because Xena barely acknowledged her.


'That's in Thrace, isn't it?' Gabrielle hoped she'd score some points with that one. Xena needed to know that she wasn't some stupid kid, that she had a brain, that she could be valuable. 'I love to study maps and place names.' Nothing. 'So what route do you usually take?'

'Don't even think about it.'


'Following me. You don't want to make me mad now, do you?'"

Xena stared at the bard. Maybe Gabrielle following me wasn't just about Alcestas.

'I knew I was going to make you mad.' Gabrielle said as an aside, with a smile.

"That night, Gabrielle tossed and turned. It was less than two hours 'til dawn. Xena had left Poteidaia long ago. She'd never catch up if she didn't leave soon. Gabrielle lay in bed contemplating her future. Alcestas' words played in her mind. 'I hope you will be happy.' Gabrielle felt it to her very core, staying in Poteidaia wouldn't make her happy, following Xena would. She had been awake, biting her lower lip, playing out various scenarios in her head. She couldn't leave. She had to leave. She was to be married. She'd wither away if she married. Perdicas would be devastated. He'd meet someone else. Her father would kill her. Not if she wasn't there. He couldn't kill her if she were on an adventure with Xena. She loved her mother and sister. How could she leave them? What about Lila? Herodotus would take it out on her younger sister. Was she crazy? Why would she follow someone she hardly knew? Xena was a stranger—a tall, dark stranger. Several nights earlier, one of Perdicas' cousins with the gift of prophecy had told her about a tall, dark stranger who would enter her life. The prophecy! She remembered how her eyes had met those of the cousin's in secret understanding. Gabrielle felt a chill cross over her, then a sudden warmth. 'Is Xena my destiny?' she asked aloud. Why couldn't she stop thinking about her? 'Is she the *one*?' Her stomach flipped over repeatedly when she thought of those blue eyes staring at her. Why? She was beautiful and mysterious and by the gods, Gabrielle needed to get to know her. She had to follow her.

Xena's mouth dropped open, her eyes large like a deer caught in the light of hunters' torches. Xena's heart fell, then lifted. What was Gabrielle confessing? What was she telling me, Alcestas and all the Amazons? This was not how I imagined this scene would play out.

"Close your mouth, warrior. I'm almost finished," Gabrielle teased, but her voice shook. After leaving the Queen's hut with a distraught Alcestas/Maidia, Gabrielle went to the temple. When she finally gathered her courage, she asked a simple question. She prayed on this and was given instruction by her patron Goddess. She was to tell Xena and her subjects of the love that engulfed her.


"Her mind was made up. Slowly, she pulled the blanket back, lifted her pillow, extracted her light blue jacket and crept across the floor, afraid of waking Lila. The bag was where she had left it at the foot of the bed. Throughout the evening, Gabrielle had surreptitiously packed a small purse to take on her journey. It contained very little, for she had few possessions. She selected items to remind her of her family and her life in this village that would forever be known as the place she grew up, but no longer called home. Her home was elsewhere, she could feel it. She knew it.

She bent, picked it up and tried to tiptoe out of the room. Unfortunately, a footstool was in her path and her eyes hadn't adjusted to the darkness. The small pot on the stool went tumbling to the floor, creating a loud crash and bang. Lila immediately awakened, fearing slave traders had returned, but saw her sister standing in the room, fully clothed, and apparently trying to make a quiet exit.

'What's in the bag?' she croaked out.

Gabrielle crept back over to the beds and sat on Lila's. How could she explain that she had to be near the warrior? That every time she thought of Xena looking both wild and vulnerable during the fight, she got goosebumps? How could she explain these feelings for a woman? A tall, dark stranger? She couldn't. Instead, she whispered, 'Lila, I'm going to join up with Xena.'

Even her sleepy state couldn't keep Lila from seeing how ridiculous that was. She looked at her sister and burst out laughing. Gabrielle quickly covered her mouth with her hand. 'Are you serious?' she asked, when her sister slowly lowered her hand.

'Absolutely. I'm going to be a warrior like her.'

Absurdity upon absurdity. 'A warrior? Gabrielle, *I* can beat you up.'

'Yeah, but you're strong for your age.' Gabrielle needed to make up time. She'd never catch Xena, but her sister deserved an explanation. Lila would be the one who would have to break the news to her parents and Perdicas. 'Lila, you know I'm different from everybody else in this town.'

'I know you're crazy.'

'Look, call it whatever you like. The point is, I don't fit in here. And the idea of marrying Perdicas . . . ' Too much had happened recently. These feelings she had just discovered could not lay dormant ever again.

'He loves you, you know.'

'But I don't love him,' she answered quietly. 'I've got to do this Lila.'

Gabrielle said goodbye to her sister. She would miss her, but she had to find her own way in life, had to make this leap into the world.

Standing on the porch, she looked up into the dark sky and closed her eyes. She prayed for guidance and safety. She prayed that the gods would watch over Alcestas, too. As she stepped down and into the darkness, she hoped that she'd catch up with the dark-haired warrior and that Xena would find her a worthy companion and friend. All she was certain of was that she needed to travel beside her. She walked the main road out of Poteidaia and said to no one, 'If nothing else, at least I've tried.'"

"Well, that's my story." Gabrielle said nothing, just waited. Amazons applauded and cheered loudly. Eyes moved from their Queen to Xena who sat dumbfounded on the bench next to Eponin.

Gabrielle was terrified. Either Xena would understand and it wouldn't change their daily living; she'd understand and their relationship would be enhanced; or she would find Gabrielle repulsive. She would either welcome her honesty or wish that Gabrielle had kept those thoughts unshared. She'd either want to talk through all of it (fat chance) or pretend she'd never heard this story.

Eponin bumped Xena's arm. "What are you gonna do? Our Queen is waiting," she whispered.

Xena stood and slowly made her way through the obstacle of benches to the opening of the semicircle where Gabrielle waited, her eyes following Xena as she moved closer. The knot in her throat grew and she felt her forehead bead up with perspiration. Gabrielle's eyes filled with tears that she commanded not to fall.

Alcestas was devastated. All of her hopes dashed. The only thing that kept her alive sometimes had been thoughts of Gabrielle. The woman she loved was in love with the tall, dark warrior. She shook her head and watched as Xena smiled down at Gabrielle, took the Queen's hand and began to lead her away.

"Uh . . . goodnight." Gabrielle smiled broadly.

Alcestas couldn't tear her eyes from the new couple. And the Amazons watched as the neophyte's expression changed from devastation to resolve. My virtue is perseverance. I love her. We should be together. I need to think. Figure out how to win her back. I'll make a challenge. I'll fight Xena for her.

"Gabrielle?" Xena squeezed her hand and gazed into her eyes as they walked back to the Queen's hut. "I'm glad you took those steps out of your village."

"But? I hear a but in there."

"No, no buts. I wouldn't trade our time for anything."

"And do you feel the same way?"

Xena laughed. " I jumped onto a ship I knew was cursed to be with you. I thought that would have said it all."

They entered the hut and stood awkwardly next to the door. Xena reached behind Gabrielle and closed it, then opened it again. She waited for the royal guards who had discreetly trailed behind them to arrive at the door. "We'll see you in the morning." She closed and bolted the door, then smiled at Gabrielle.

"I would do anything for you. I will do anything for you. I promise on Lyceus' grave, I promise."

Xena had the same feelings. She had dared this much, could she go on? "I know the warrior in you, the loyal friend, the Queen's champion. I…I…I want to know the lover in you."

Xena nodded, moving to close the few inches separating their bodies. She held the Amazon Queen tightly, listening to her fast and strong heartbeat, feeling her body shiver in her arms.

"But . . . "

"But?" Xena chuckled.

"I need to know that it means something more than the physical?"

"It does and it will." She bent and kissed her lightly. "Don't be afraid."

"I don't want you to hurt me. I'm not prepared for that. If I give myself to you. . ."

"Gabrielle, I'd never do that." Xena stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed. "You can trust me not to hurt you." The warrior knew her mind and nature. When she spoke to Gabrielle, she spoke the truth, but what about the bard? Earlier that evening, it was as if Gabrielle had forgotten her. Alcestas/Maidia walked back into her life and she swooned, she cried, she spent practically the entire night alone with her and never gave Xena a thought. Perhaps it was Gabrielle who would do the hurting. Perhaps, Xena was merely an interlude while she reacquainted herself with her old friend or used Xena to make Alcestas jealous.

Now, Gabrielle followed her to the bed. Standing between Xena's legs, she looked down at her. "Do you love me?" She brushed away a few errant strands of bangs that covered her eyes. She needed to look at Xena and know that she understood everything she was hearing.


"How long have you known?"

"A long, long time Gabrielle. I don't remember when. The day I told you that we were family. Maybe before that. I'm not sure, but sometimes I ache because of it."

Not for the first time in their travels together, Gabrielle read the warrior's mind. "I've hurt you before." Gabrielle didn't expect an answer, she was thinking aloud. "When I married Perdicas I hurt you?"


"And before that, the boy who helped me free the Titans. That hurt you?"

"Very much."


"All of 'em. Every time you turned from me, it hurt. Gabrielle, I can't do this. It's too hard to talk about."

"They didn't mean anything. . . I wanted to feel needed and I didn't think you could ever want me. And I thought I just needed to. . .try harder with men. Be more like you. I'm so stupid. All of those times…the way you protected me. I thought you were just doing your warrior thing, but it was because you loved me. I think about it now and it's so clear. You put your life on the line so many times for me." She continued standing between Xena's legs and gently stroked the warrior's hair, running her fingers through it, feeling individual hairs fall easily between them. This act seemed so natural, but for so long it had just been a dream. Now it was real, yet remained magical.

"Gabrielle, the day I met you, I had been on the road for moons. I had decided to turn my life around, but in every village I entered, there was a sick memory of what I had done, reminders everywhere. Burned out shells that were once homes, people cursing me or cowering in fear. I rode on and my mind was just a mess. I was going back and forth--give up trying to do good and go back to the way I knew or give up on life altogether."


"Uh-huh. I didn't even know where I was. I had finally traveled far enough that I was in an area I had never pillaged. I buried my weapons and had planned on getting these herbs out of my pouch. I was gonna . . . "

Gabrielle put two fingers to Xena's lips to quiet her. "No, don't. . ."

The warrior covered the Queen's fingers in her own hands, slowly lowering them. "There was no way I'd ever make up for all that I had done. It was pointless. Then there was a commotion, and I saw you. I felt it too, Gabrielle. I felt that same connection you did. The moment I laid eyes on you. I just didn't know what to make of it. I think you're right. The Fates brought us together. I don't remember how I got there. I had never even heard of Poteidaia. And maybe the Fates have been watching us this whole time. I don't know."

A small warm hand slid around the warrior's neck and she stared up into loving green eyes. "I love you so much."

"What about Alcestas?"

"What about Marcus?"

"Marcus? He's dead."

"You slept with him."

"I thought all I deserved was a dead man. It was more like a dream."

"I know I thought I was dreaming." Gabrielle smiled down at her.

"You heard us."

"You'd be amazed at what people hear when one thinks they're sleeping." Gabrielle blushed and Xena assumed it was in memory of overhearing she and Marcus. Actually, the Queen remembered Alcestas' words, 'I heard you.'

"I'm sorry." Xena swallowed hard. "But what about Alcestas?"

"What about her? It's always been you, Xena. Not Alcestas, not Perdicas, just you. It will always be you."

Gabrielle lowered her body onto Xena's lap and began to kiss her. She kissed her in apology and that kiss was quick and sweet, then she kissed her to show how much she loved and that kiss was hot and passionate. It took less than a second for Xena to become a full participant. They moaned into each other's mouths. A long time passed before they broke away.

"Oh. . .Oh . . . Wow. Gabrielle?"

"Yes, Xena?"

"I've got to thank Alcestas. She taught you to kiss like this?"

"Well, I guess. But that's *all* she taught me." Gabrielle stood up. "Here, let me help you out of your armor and boots." She lifted an eyebrow, then added, "and your leathers."

"Gabrielle?" Xena chided her.

The Queen reddened and she inched away from the warrior, then walked to the table where she poured some wine from a vessel into a cup. "Is it too early? This *is* really our first. . . And I'm rushing. I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. We should talk or do you just want to. . .umm. . . I'm sorry. Okay, we're moving way too fast here, huh? Of course we are. Don't be stupid, Gabrielle." Gabrielle rapidly shot out words and ideas, then gulped down a few swallows of wine.

All the warrior could do was try to hold back the laugh that was threatening to break through in hearty gales. Laughing at an embarrassed bard wouldn't have eased the situation. Instead, Xena delicately covered her mouth with her hand and remained quiet.

"Okay, you know, we could go back out to the festival. I mean, we just left so abruptly. Or, we could go for a walk. We could walk to the river or you might want to check the borders." Gabrielle nodded furiously at each new idea, then poured more wine.

Xena lowered her hand. "Gabrielle? Why would I want to go check the Amazon borders?"

"Well, you know. Because. . .because that's what you do." She quickly took a big gulp of wine.

"You think I'd want to check borders instead of being here with you?" Xena couldn't hold back the laugh.

"What? What is so funny?"

"You are. What is wrong with you?"

"I. . .I. . .I wanted you to take your clothes off and you seemed a little shocked."

"I was *not* shocked, just surprised at your eagerness. I like it."


"Oh, yeah." Xena stood and walked over to her, took the mug out of her hand and returned it to the table. "Hey, help me out of all of this."

Bright, dancing eyes stared at Xena and her hand moved up to the fasteners of the warrior's breast plate. Unfortunately, the intensity of her physical state made it impossible to detach the clasp. She trembled with pent up excitement. "I. . .I can't get it."

"I'll do it. Sit down." Gabrielle stepped back, not daring to turn away, she walked backward to the bed, her eyes never leaving her love.

Xena unhooked the armor and placed it on the back of the chair. She smiled at Gabrielle who stared back in awe. Next, Xena bent, unlaced boots, and kicked them off. Again, she smiled at the love of her life.

"Do ya wanna wait, take a walk, join the Amazons or should I go on?"

As if to say sarcastically, "oh, please," Gabrielle tilted her head and grinned.

"I'll go on, then." Xena slid the straps off her shoulder and slowly lowered the leather shift down her body. Now, all that remained was her soft cotton shift and breeches.

Gabrielle sat on the bed, staring. Unconsciously, one hand gently caressed the other resting in her lap. She was mesmerized by the warrior once again. The look in Gabrielle's eyes said it all and Xena's stomach fluttered in response. "What?"

Gabrielle's chest rose and fell rapidly. "Your nipples are so hard. I can see them through your shift," Gabrielle said softly. This was all so new--to be able to openly stare at the woman she loved, no longer guarding her long looks, to comment on what she saw, to see Xena's face react to her words. It was better than being on stage performing for a group of thirsty and hungry strangers, better than having the undivided attention of her Amazon subjects. This was all that mattered.

Within moments, the shift and her breeches joined the leather shift on the floor. Though they had seen each other naked hundreds of times, this was the first time Gabrielle allowed herself to linger over her best friend's body, to show her once hidden feelings in an expression of love, passion and desire.

Seeing the wanton need on Gabrielle's face brought forth a myriad of reactions in Xena, including a nervousness she wanted to hide. Be cool, be cool. You've been with women before. Xena took a deep breath. "Are you going to undress or shall I help you?"

"Not yet."


"I'd like to just get to know you this way for a bit. I'm afraid that if you touch me the way I want to be touched, it'll be over quickly. I'm very. . . I want you too much, I think."

"No such thing."

"Believe me, if you touched me or kissed me, I'd go right over the edge."

"I doubt it." Xena walked over to the sitting bard and lifted her off the bed. She pulled on the knot at the back of her neck that held the halter-top together, then she quickly untied the second bow at the back of her waist. The top opened up and floated gently onto the floor. Xena's eyes clouded over as she looked down at the breasts that she couldn't wait to claim as her own. "Oh, gods." She pulled Gabrielle toward her and kissed her passionately.


"Yes, what?" Xena asked breathlessly.

"I'm serious, I can't let you touch me. Xena, I know myself. . .I know how my body works."

"I *need* to touch you. I've waited a long time to hold you in my arms like this."

"Me, first. All right. Let me love you first. Please." She took a step back, preparing to negotiate their first act of lovemaking. Gabrielle's body felt like a million needles were pressed into her skin. She felt funny--tingling, heated, fuzzy, breathless. These were sensations she had never had, but she knew how she might react. She stroked Xena's face with the back of her hand. "Will you do that for me? Let me kiss your cheek? Lick your neck? Will you let me caress your shoulders?" Gabrielle looked deep into Xena's eyes. "Can I? Run my fingers down your body? Hold your breasts and love them in a way that pleases you? Okay?" Gabrielle stroked the other side of Xena's face.

Xena's eyes closed, moved by Gabrielle's words. "Oh."

"Yes, Xena. Please let me do those things." Gabrielle ran her fingers through Xena's long dark hair. Xena opened her eyes again and smiled.

"Uh. . . Umm, Gabrielle. The things you say."

"I'm a bard," Gabrielle said with a smile. "You can teach me what you like and I promise to be a good student. All right?"

"Yesss." Xena's voice shook with anticipation.

"Good. Thank you."

"But you get naked, too."

Gabrielle pulled Xena to her, pushing Xena's head down to her lips for a kiss. "Come to bed, love."

Gabrielle led Xena to the large Queen's bed. "Show me what you like," she whispered. Gabrielle untied the belt holding her skirt in place. The skirt slid over her hips and onto the floor. She wore nothing underneath. The two women kissed and Xena allowed herself to be completely lowered onto the bed. Time would no longer be wasted, as Gabrielle straddled the warrior immediately. Xena felt the heat of Gabrielle's womanhood against her own. As blue eyes gazed into green much to Xena's surprise, her eyes began to tear.

"Are you all right?" Tears were welling in Gabrielle's eyes, too.

"Yeah." Xena whispered.

Gabrielle's desire was now at a point she had never reached on her own. Her heart pounded in her chest. She could feel her rock hard nipples pressing against Xena's perspiring skin. This can't be happening. I'm on top of Xena. I'm on top of the woman I've craved for how many moons? Their soft tongues swirled around each other, dancing and moving in a well-practiced choreography that was brand new for them. Xena's arms embraced Gabrielle's body, both hands sliding down her back to cup the cheeks of her ass. Gabrielle broke away and looked down at her with a smile.

"Ugh." Gabrielle's eyes fluttered as Xena guided Gabrielle's center of heat up and down her abdomen. "Oh," she said, as she was slid forward, then back.

Xena's eyes were hidden behind hooded lids. She peeked out at Gabrielle whose head was thrown back in ecstasy. Xena could feel Gabrielle's hard nub rubbing just above her navel, then back to the very top of her triangle of black curls. She desperately wanted to touch her there. The warrior moved one hand around and slipped it between their naked bodies, but just as she was about to touch the spot that cried out for attention, Gabrielle grasped her hand. "No," she whispered.

Gabrielle lowered her head to mark her claim on Xena--first, her cheek, then her neck, sliding her tongue up and down the long vein that usually poked out during battle. The bard was surprised to see that same strong vein just as pronounced, but for entirely different reasons. Alternating between light bites and languid sucking, Gabrielle concentrated on Xena's neck. The dark-haired woman moaned into her new lover's ear. Gabrielle moved to the other side of her neck and blessed it with the same attention. Rose-colored markings appeared on both sides. This is only going to get better. Gabrielle thought.

"Oh, Xena," she softly uttered into the warrior's ear.

Slowly, Gabrielle traveled the route of a map she had explored many times in her mind. She had envisioned every detail, knew where she wanted to stop and peruse. What she hadn't imagined was the taste of Xena's skin on her lips nor just how soft her body would be. Gabrielle greeted her first detour--one of Xena's breasts. What will feel good? She wondered, then decided to try what she herself liked and what she hoped Xena might. Gabrielle lowered her head to take her nipple into her mouth while her hand gently massaged the breast that her mouth caressed. Gods. I'm doing this. I'm doing this. "Mmmm." She moaned.

Xena's eyes closed and she bit down on her lower lip when Gabrielle's mouth touched her hardened nipple. The warrior, with a deep intake of breath let these erotic feelings wash over her. Gabrielle, still very unsure of herself, glanced up to see if Xena was pleased with the action, just as the warrior's eyes opened. She smiled, then pushed Gabrielle's face into her breast. Now, braver, she began to experiment. She lightly bit the nipple, circled it with her tongue, molded Xena's breast between her hands and sucked as much of it into her mouth as she could. Long, bronze fingers danced in her best friend, now lover's blonde hair. Gabrielle moved one hand to the other breast and performed much the same action, but this time she continued caressing the first breast, circling the nipple with her palm while she fed on the other. Much to Gabrielle's delight, Xena was loving it. Two summers? I've dreamed of this for that long and now. . .Her breasts are beautiful. That scar, it's so smooth.

Gabrielle noted that whenever she bit down on Xena's nipple, it sent a charge through the warrior and Xena would groan deeply. "Oh, Gabrielle," Xena whispered.

She likes it harder. Gabrielle sank her blunt fingernails into Xena's sides while she bit and teased first one nipple, then the other. I love how this feels.

Xena maneuvered her hands between their bodies and gently caressed the outer fleshiness of Gabrielle's breasts. The bard groaned and lifted ever so slightly for Xena to have full access. Xena, not one to ignore a gift, immediately moved her hands around to caress the bard's breasts fully. Unfortunately for Xena, the bard didn't allow her hands to linger there. Gabrielle slid down the warrior's body planting gentle kisses on her ribcage and abdomen. She flung her untamed hair that hung down over her face behind her back and leaned into her new lover. She sniffed Xena's warm skin. "You smell so good."

Gabrielle's hand held Xena's hip, while the other hand remained busy, reaching up to caress the warrior's cheek, sliding down to touch her collarbone, gliding southward to capture her breast once again. Then a kiss to her abdomen, several sprinkled across her ribcage, a quick lick of the fleshy underbreast, then back down. Xena's head was spinning with need. She gently pushed Gabrielle lower and the bard understood. Another kiss near Xena's triangle was followed up by kisses to the hair and Gabrielle brushed her lips through and across those wiry hairs. I smell her. Gabrielle closed her eyes and focused her attention on all her senses and what they were inputting into her brain--the feel of the dark brown, curly hairs on her lips, the scent of Xena that she had only smelled faintly in these years of travel, but a fragrance she had longed to have envelope her for just as long, and the sight of her best friend's nude body under hers.

Xena pushed again as she lifted her hips, yet she didn't command verbally. Her only utterances were soft moans, quiet sighs, a smacking of lips. The bard's hand that had been so active finally found a resting place in Xena's hand. The warrior squeezed the smaller hand of her friend's, demonstrating both love and encouragement.

Gabrielle's upper body was now between Xena's outstretched legs and with a light touch, she was able to convey that Xena should open herself up to her. The warrior's legs came up, knees bent, feet planted on the blanket, toes grasping the cloth. Gabrielle moved down and inhaled deeply. Good gods. I'm here. I'm here. Thank you, Aphrodite. Gabrielle let go of Xena's hand and reached between the warrior's legs and softly caressed her inner thighs, allowing her thumbs to move teasingly closer and closer to the warrior's center. Just as she lowered her head, her arms reached around Xena's thighs to hold her hips tightly. One final time, Gabrielle inhaled and an unknown desire filled her eyes as she savored all that lay before her. She could see Xena's dampness and smiled, then glanced up at Xena who, again gently nudged her shoulder and Gabrielle lowered her face into Xena's heat for what would be the first of many, many times.

With that first touch of tongue to labia, Xena's hips lifted and held. Gabrielle pulled those hips forward and dove into the origin of the warrior's sweet musky smell. She kissed the outer lips, then licked. Gods, she's so slippery. Gabrielle's tongue began a detailed exploration of that small area, learning every fold, every explosive pulse of passion that lay in there, between there, around there. She licked around the hard center that was surprising much smaller than her own. Below her, she heard Xena softly groan and moan, grunt and sigh. Gabrielle chewed lightly on the outer lips and memorized every feeling. She loved the feel of Xena's hair in her mouth. She loved the wetness that flowed from her. The bard's head moved back and forth, up and down, circled every where but that hard core which poked through lips and looked so moist and inviting. Finally, Xena grabbed Gabrielle's head and placed it where she needed it most. And Gabrielle gave in. She took her clitoris into her mouth and licked gently around it. Xena groaned softly.

Gabrielle tasted all that was Xena, never drawing back, never tiring of the exploration. It was apparent that the warrior was edging closer and closer to her climax. But Gabrielle wasn't close to being finished with her. The bard, with her naturally-skilled mouth hummed her pleasure and Xena was certain those vibrations were going to be her undoing.

The blonde woman slowly moved her hand from the tight grasp she had held on Xena's hip, under her thigh and slipped it between her face and Xena's hot, demanding center. Her fingers tested and teased at Xena's entrance and it was evident that the warrior wanted them. Her hips lifted and fell, moved forward in an attempt to capture the fingers, but Gabrielle only lightly rubbed against the opening, enjoying the velvety feel of Xena's slickness. The warrior groaned in frustration.

"Let me hear you. Talk to me, love." Gabrielle implored in between licks and nibbles.

Xena moaned.

"Tell me what you want. I need to hear you." Gabrielle begged her lover in a sensuous husky voice that Xena had never heard, but loved immediately.

Xena sighed and twisted under the bard, trying desperately to get into a position that would give her what she sought.


"Take me!" She pleaded hoarsely. "Take me, Gabrielle."


"Hard. Give it to me hard. Please." Xena clenched the blonde hair on her lover's head.

Gabrielle rose to her knees and watched her lover's body vacillate between tension and shivering. Her bent legs shook and a tiny trickle of blood drifted down from the corner of her mouth. (Xena seldom had loud sex. She had become accustomed to showing physical passion in a quiet manner. She commanded an army and she never wanted her men to know which one was receiving special favors, she didn't want enemies overhearing and that one time when Gabrielle had been near, she and Marcus had shared a final time together in what she thought was utter silence.) She was still in this mode, so much so that she had bitten down on her lip. She had maintained her control vocally, but the things that Gabrielle was doing to her, the care the bard was taking with her body was new. It was difficult to hold back her passion. Gabrielle reached up and wiped the tiny trail of blood from her lip while at that same moment plunging three fingers into the warrior with ease.

"Oh gods!" Xena groaned in utter joy.

"Yes." Gabrielle whispered, rocking back on her knees slightly, then moving forward to give her lover what she wanted in a way that would satisfy. Her fingers froze, feeling around the billowy walls of Xena's warm chamber. Gabrielle loved the texture she found there. This was the wellspring from which all of Xena's wetness flowed. She liked what she was doing and hoped Xena did, too. Xena's hips were in motion, rising to meet Gabrielle's fingers with each thrust.

I feel absolutely full. Gabrielle knows just what to do. Xena thought.

"Is this good?" Gabrielle whispered in sexy inquisition.

"It's . . . " Xena's eyes closed as she felt herself climbing to a peak she'd never reached before with anyone else. She always knew how to please herself, but no other person had ever been able to take her over. Not that she didn't enjoy sex for it was a favorite pastime, it's just that she always had to finish herself off. But once again, Gabrielle was the difference. Xena was being taken as she had begged.

"Is it okay?" Gabrielle plunged in again and pulled out just as quickly, slid back in, then out. Her thumb lightly caressed Xena's clitoris.

"Like that. Like that." she voiced behind gritted teeth.

Gabrielle's hand became a blur as she moved in and out of the warrior. Suddenly, she felt it. There was something different, a small, thicker patch just past the entrance. She felt it and let her fingers slide over it with each powerful thrust and forceful retreat.

"Gods, yes." Xena's body bounced up and down on the bedroll. She was so close to falling over that edge. I love her so much and she loves me. Her head thrashed left and right as every feeling was finally unleashed.

"I wanted to be deep inside you. I've imagined this. I dreamed of taking you this deep, loving you this hard." Gabrielle bent to whisper in her lover's ear. "Don't hold back, Xena," she urged in a low, sensuous voice. "Don't hold back." Hearing Gabrielle's words brought Xena closer to release. Her tongue protruded from her mouth, long and rigid. It was in motion, swirling back and forth across her lips.

"Yes." Xena moaned. "I love you."

"Say it again," the bard asked in a whispered plea.

"I love you," Xena screamed and with those final words, slid into her orgasm. Her body bucked once more, then froze almost levitating. Gabrielle's hand also stopped moving. She watched her lover and waited for some direction. "Oh. Umm. Oh, gods." Xena's body lowered and she reached for Gabrielle's wrist, holding her fingers inside of her. "Stop, don't move."

Believing that she had done something wrong, Gabrielle attempted to extricate her fingers from inside the warrior.

"No." Strands of hair were plastered to Xena's forehead and the dark-haired woman sighed in contentment, taking long satisfied breaths. The Queen's hut smelled of lovemaking. "Wait." Xena slowly withdrew Gabrielle's fingers. Her eyelids fluttered as the last few centimeters of the bard's fingers dropped out. Xena took a deep breath, then raised up while pulling Gabrielle into her for a tender embrace.

"Thank you. Thank you."

"You're thanking me? No, thank you." Gabrielle grinned while lowering Xena onto the bed. She stretched out next to her, leaning on her elbow, her chin in her hand. Xena pulled Gabrielle's elbow out from under her, causing the woman to lunge forward and laugh. The warrior folded her into her body, Gabrielle's arms between them, her hands near her face. She smelled Xena on her fingers, so of course she had to taste again. She moved her fingers to her mouth and casually licked Xena's sticky substance into her mouth. "Gods, you taste so good. Really, so good."

Gabrielle's hair was matted, her body beaded with perspiration and Xena's body flushed with desire released, damp from passion aflame.

"I can't believe how . . . " Xena started, but paused trying to catch her breath. "I've had lovers, but not one of them made me. . .If I had known it would be like this with you." She chuckled. "I would have let you know long ago. "I would have been all over you."

"Yeah, how?"

"Huh? You know what I mean."

"No, no I don't. What do you mean you would have been all over me?"

Xena lowered her eyes, then looked back up into Gabrielle's. "*You* know what I mean."

"Tell me." Gabrielle lifted her body and returned to her earlier position, on her side, staring at Xena, chin resting in her hand, elbow on the blanket. "C'mon."

"You want me to talk dirty to you? Is that it?"

"Is it dirty?" Gabrielle asked innocently. "I just want to know what you would have done or said. I'm waiting."

Gabrielle stared into Xena's eyes. She made figure eights on Xena's abdomen while she waited for the strong warrior to work up the nerve to tell her these secret thoughts. Gabrielle moved her index finger to Xena's nipple, gently caressing its softness and watching it grow hard again. "Xena?"

"Gods, Gabrielle."

"Please. What have you wanted to do to me, with me?"

"Everything." Xena was struggling. She inhaled deeply. This was a new feeling--frustration and desire mixed equally. "I. . . uh. . . I, well, I've thought about all sorts of things."

"Tell me, warrior." Gabrielle removed her hand from Xena's breast and briefly sucked her fingers, capturing any residual Xena taste on those digits. She closed her eyes in response to the sweet flavor.

Xena's eyes narrowed. "I've just imagined you doing what you just did. Having your mouth there, tasting me. Your fingers."


"You're the bard, not me."

"Okay. Where are we when this occurs?" Gabrielle touched Xena's dark pubic hair.

"Here. On the road. Around the campfire."

"And how do we get to that point?" The blonde gently spread the warrior's inner lips and allowed her finger to lightly and absent-mindedly travel around the puffiness of those lips.

"I don't know. We just do." Xena sighed, then continued. "I tell you what a beautiful mouth you have and how I've been thinking about it all day. I tell you that I want you to kiss me all over." Her eyes closed. "Oh. . .oh. . . Gabrielle."

Gabrielle's hand returned to Xena's breast and she circled it beginning at the outside and making smaller and smaller circles until only the areola was receiving sole attention. She did this as she pulled more and more words from Xena.

"Do I do what you want right away?"

"Sometimes." Xena inhaled deeply through her nose, letting the air out slowly. "Sometimes you do other stuff," Xena was enjoying Gabrielle's touch. "Umm. Oh." Xena's hips were beginning to rock ever so imperceptibly again.

"Like what?"

"What you're doing now."

"I see. I like what I'm doing now." Gabrielle's eyes were almost closed, focusing on the soft, yet firm object under her hand.


"I like the way you move for me. Do you have any idea how much you've turned me on? I am so wet." Gabrielle pinched the warrior's nipple.

Xena's eyes shot open at the confession as well as the action.

"I've got to have you." Xena rolled over and in the process, lowered Gabrielle onto her back. She straddled her.

"I want that, too. I've got to warn you, though. Just being here with you like this has me so close already."

Xena lowered her face to Gabrielle's and seared her with a hot warrior kiss.

"You know, Gabrielle," she whispered, "I love your earlobes. They're so suckable. I *have* thought about that many times." She seized one earlobe between her teeth and gently nibbled on it. "Umm."

"They're big, don't you think?"

"No, they're perfect." Xena sucked the earlobe in her mouth and pulled on it. The reaction was what she had anticipated--the bard loved it.

"That feels so good."

"They're perfect." Xena stopped, smiled warmly at the bard, then nipped at the bard's shoulder, across her chest and down to her breasts. Xena's caresses were so smooth, filled with tenderness. She is my life. Xena thought as she parted her lips and dropped down onto Gabrielle's full and heaving breast. Xena slid her wide tongue across the breast, tasting every inch of it--underneath, around the sides, across the peak. Her mouth closed on Gabrielle's nipple and with her lips, she delicately pulled on it. "Ooooh."

Xena's hand came around and cupped the other breast, her palm dancing on top of the nipple. "Umm. Gods." Gabrielle whispered. Xena moved across her chest and sucked on the other nipple, then moved back to Gabrielle's sweet and loving face. "I love you, Gabrielle." The warrior kissed her while cupping a breast in her hand. With her leg, she parted Gabrielle's legs and slid her thigh between them. She pressed her thigh into Gabrielle's center and gently moved against her. By the gods, she wasn't lying. She is unbelievably wet. Xena's thigh was quickly coated with her lover's juice as she slid forward and pressed in.

"Xena. What are you doing?" she asked breathlessly. "It feels so good." Gabrielle could only rock with the motion Xena was creating. Her hips moved forward, then back, she pushed her very core into Xena. The contact was exquisite. She had never felt anything quite like this. "Oh, gods. Xena. Yes. It's this good. I had no idea. Oh, Xena. Don't stop."

Whereas Xena was an almost silent lover, Gabrielle let her dark-haired partner know exactly how she was feeling and how she liked it.

Xena kept up a steady, gentle motion, sliding back and forth against Gabrielle. She felt her thigh grow damper and damper with each movement. Gabrielle was literally gushing with desire. As she pressed against her, she smiled serenely at the woman beneath her. Tonight was the happiest night of her life, hands down.

"Xena. Keep doing that forever."

And just as soon as the words were spoken, Xena moved. Gabrielle groaned with frustration. "No. No." She pulled at the warrior's shoulder, but Xena was quick. She was sliding down her body, moving her face between her legs, placing her tongue against her hard clitoris.

"*By the gods! *" Gabrielle's body bucked from a completely foreign touch--a mouth on her, a tongue dancing against her, one kind of lips touching another kind. Xena's tongue rested only briefly against Gabrielle's hardness, then she slid up and down the length of it, pulled it into her warm mouth and amazingly felt it grow larger as she sucked.

"Oh, sweet gods. Yes." Gabrielle's eyes rolled back into her head. At that very moment she knew the reason for her existence. Her life was complete. The woman whom she loved more than life itself, more than anything or anyone, was loving her in the most intimate way possible. Such pleasure she had never known. Xena's mouth locked onto her womanhood, her own hands clenched the blankets beneath her, holding them tight between her fists. "Xena? Xena?"

Xena froze, her tongue planted between Gabrielle's labia and clitoris. She waited. "Yes?"

"Was it this good for you? Did you feel this?"

"Umm," was all the dark-haired woman could say. Gabrielle was silkier than the finest Egyptian cloth. Her taste gave her a headiness that not even a strong, rich port could achieve. She couldn't think of a better place to be. Xena squeezed Gabrielle's ass, gently massaging her strong muscular cheeks while she moved deeper, widening and narrowing her tongue in ways that pleased her blonde lover.

"Oh. I love you. Yes. Oh, I'm going to . . . You're making me . . . Xena!" Suddenly, Gabrielle stilled, then jerked and finally, her body lifted high off the bed, her shoulders and feet the only body parts still on the bed. A moment later, she was sitting up, grabbing Xena's head, grinding the warrior's face into her center, then yanking her hair and pulling her away. Xena lifted her face and stared into the bard's eyes filled with pure lust. This couldn't be real. *That* couldn't have happened. Xena smiled and scooted forward, letting Gabrielle drop underneath her. The bard panted, inhaled and exhaled deeply, shook with mini-aftershocks and continued to stare.

Xena's tongue snaked out and licked around her own mouth, capturing Gabrielle's sweet and delicious liquid from her lips and just above her chin. Xena panted with desire and breathed deeply in joy, too. She leaned down and placed a tender kiss on Gabrielle's lips.

Gabrielle's eyes closed and she waited long moments to catch her breath, to be able to speak again, to formulate the words that would express how she felt and what this meant to her. While Gabrielle remained lost in her own world, Xena fell away and lay beside her. She reached up and flicked errant blonde hairs back into place. She smiled at her lover who rested, while Xena lingered over her cheeks that were now sculpted, no longer hidden behind the baby fat of three summers ago. A small laugh wrinkle caught her eye and she moved in closer and looked, finally reaching out and touching it.

Gabrielle opened her eyes and took a deep, satisfied breath. "What?"


"Xena, you're incredible. If I had known all these years what I was missing . . . "

"Ah-hah. Then what?" Xena laughed. Now, it was Gabrielle's turn to do some explaining.

"I would have figured out a way to get this feeling sooner."

"What would *you* have done?"

"I don't know. I never expected to feel anything like this. I never thought that it would be this powerful. I didn't think it could. When I pictured this--and I did, many, many times-- I pictured us at a campfire, you sharpening your sword and maybe me coming up behind you, moving your hair over your shoulder and kissing your neck."


"I pictured us bathing together and touching each other.

Xena kissed Gabrielle's shoulder. "What else? A kiss by the campfire, a shared bath? What else?"

"I didn't know it was going to be like this, so I don't think I ever thought about it in great detail. I mean, I thought about it *a lot*," Gabrielle lifted her eyebrows in admission as if to say, all the time. "I just didn't know how it would be. I didn't know what to think. I knew I wanted to touch you and I wanted you to touch me. I wanted to feel you naked against my skin. I knew I wanted to be inside of you. I wanted you to hear me scream your name. And I wanted to hear my name on your lips, too." Gabrielle paused. "Sometimes . . . " She hesitated.


"No, I can't say."

"After what we just shared, you can say anything to me. I want you to always know that we can talk about anything Gabrielle. Tell me."

"Sometimes . . . sometimes I thought about you taking me fiercely, you know, uncontrolled."

"Not gently?"

"Yeah. Not always, every now and then, I'd dream of you taking me like a warrior would. Even the first night we shared a campfire. I was hoping you'd. . . uh. . . require me physically." Gabrielle was at a loss about how to describe what she had wanted two summers earlier. "I wanted that feeling with you so badly. I thought I'd go mad from wanting your touch. But, nothing. I actually begged Aphrodite to just come down and enchant you. Make you take me."

"You're joking?"

"No. Why do you think I said to you that day, I'm not the daughter my parents hoped I would be? What did you think that meant?"

"You were a kid. I had no idea what cha meant."

"I wasn't a kid, Xena. Just inexperienced. It meant I thought we should be lovers or at least very friendly."

The two lovers--an Amazon Queen and a Warrior Princess lay side by side in the Queen's bed--Xena on her back, Gabrielle on her stomach, an arm thrown over Xena's chest and her hand resting comfortably in Xena's hair. Each woman wondered where this added feature of their close friendship would lead. Xena's heart pounded with love and even though she had just experienced the strongest orgasm of her life, she wanted Gabrielle to make her have that feeling again. The light touch of the bard's fingers on her temple woke her from her thoughts and she turned to face the blonde.

"Hey, Gabrielle."


Xena sat up and gave her eyes license to travel down Gabrielle's muscular body. The bard stretched her legs and smiled at the attention. "Your body's perfect, Gabrielle." Xena's slender fingers slid down Gabrielle's back, squeezed her firm ass, moved lower to caress the inside of her leg and inner thigh. She listened as Gabrielle purred her enjoyment of Xena's warm hands against her heated skin.

'Fierce would be all right about now. Gods, I can't get enough. I want. . .no, need more of Xena.'

Xena's eyes suddenly widened and with a mischievous grin, she plunged two fingers inside the Queen's very wet womanhood.

"Oh." Gabrielle moaned, then groaned as the surprise of the most wanted intrusion occurred. Slowly she turned to watch, flinging her leg over Xena's upper body. She had to see what her lover was doing to her. Their eyes met and the love they each felt reflected from blue eyes to green back to blue growing stronger as the moments passed. Gabrielle moaned continuously as Xena worked two, then three fingers inside.

"Oh, you're so tight and wet."

"For you," Gabrielle said as she watched Xena's long fingers slide in and out of her. She was somewhere between accepting this reality and still believing it was a dream. Xena's fingers are moving inside me. Just the thought had Gabrielle moving quickly against those fingers, pushing her body into them, joining and accepting the force of those beautiful, long, tapered, fingers.

The warrior, as she moved inside of Gabrielle, pressed her own center against the bard's leg and began riding her to an orgasm she desperately needed.

"Ugh. Ugh. Oh. . . yeah." Xena moaned. Between her own movements and Gabrielle's hips rocking beneath her, it didn't take long. Her hand still in motion, shook as she felt herself reaching her peak. Gabrielle wrapped an arm around Xena's rear end and slowly slid her finger between the warrior's cheeks. When Xena felt the small index finger, slide across her tiny puckered hole, she climaxed all over her leg just as she pushed her fingers deeply into Gabrielle's hot and velvety heat.

"I'm there." She groaned.

"I'm with you." Gabrielle grunted.

"Yes," Xena's quivering voice urged her on.

Xena thrust her fingers in and out of Gabrielle and felt the bard's legs stiffen. She slid her hardened center against Gabrielle until she was spent, then collapsed on top of her. Gabrielle was right behind her. The dark-haired woman snuggled in close, kissing Gabrielle's cheek, then nipping lightly at her neck. "Gods."

Underneath her, Xena felt Gabrielle laughing. "What?"

"You hate the gods. Do you have any idea how many times you called out to them tonight?"

"Less than you."

"I don't think so."

Xena dropped onto the bed and off of the Amazon Queen. "Then I'll have to think of another way to express what it feels like to be with you. I hate to say it, but it has to be a gift from the gods."

"Oh, Xena."

"Now, of course I'm worried about what I might owe them." Xena turned and stared at Gabrielle with a look of concern.

"Xena? Are you really worried?"

She smiled, "Nah." She paused. "But if I owe them, I know I owe them big."

They lay in an embrace of warmth, security, joy, new passion, and hope. Eventually, they drifted off to sleep, but only for a few moments. Their time with Morpheus was interrupted by a loud pounding at the door.

"Who is it?"

From the other side, where two royal guards appeared to be resting peacefully, but in reality had been knocked out by a persevering Maidia, came a familiar voice. "It's me, Maidia. Alcestas. I need to talk to you Gab."

Gabrielle looked at the door, then Xena. Xena shrugged, then offered, "Tell her you'll see her in the morning."

"I'll see you in the morning, Alcestas."

"It can't wait. We need to talk. I don't think you understand."

"I understand perfectly. Tell her to get lost, Gabrielle."

"Alcestas, it can wait 'til morning."

The angry voiced boomed out into the air of the early morning hours. "Are you doing Xena's bidding? You can't talk to an Amazon when she needs you? That's not right, Gab."

"Go to bed."

"I can't. I can't. We need to talk."

Xena stood. "I'm going to take care of this."

"No, Xena. She's hurting. Let me talk to her." Gabrielle reached out and pulled the warrior back toward the bed.

"This is our first night together. This isn't about an Amazon in need. I can see that. Don't tell me you can't?"

"Gabrielle," Alcestas shouted.

The bard stood, her body still a soft, glowing pink from the flush of lovemaking. "Xena?"

"Gab. Please. If I could just talk to you. Gab?"

Xena's head swung around to face the closed door. She gritted her teeth and made little attempt to keep the growing rage hunkered down. "Do *not* call her Gab or Gabrielle. She is your Queen. Address her as such," she shouted at the closed door.

Gabrielle looked toward the door, biting her lower lip, then looked up at Xena who was edging toward that look of loss of control, intimidation, and darkness. She could tell that Xena felt challenged and that the woman was ready to move into warrior mode. She glanced at the door, again.

"Go to bed. We'll have a long talk tomorrow. Leave us be."

The lovers listened, waiting for an objection. Finally, they heard the stomping of boots as Alcestas crossed the porch and down the stairs.

"You know where you stand with Alcestas, right Gabrielle? You're sure about that?"


"And you're sure about us?"

"Xena, I was childhood friends with Alcestas and just a half moon before I met you, we briefly changed that friendship. It is a pleasant memory, I can't deny that. And if it weren't for those events, I might not have been so willing to follow my heart the day you entered my life. So, yeah, Alcestas means a lot to me, but *this*. . .where we are now, two summers after you saved me is where I've always wanted to be." She said pulling her tall lover into an embrace.

Xena could only stare at Gabrielle for long moments. I know some god is going to be calling in favors. I know it. Then she said, "You realize she's going to be a problem. She's in love with you, isn't she?"

"Yes." She glanced up at her to reveal a hungry look that was part seduction, part feral. Gabrielle wanted to play, not discuss Alcestas.

"I want you to make sure she understands that we're together. I don't want her pining over you while we're away and under foot when we're back at the Nation. I'd do it myself, but you're good with the sensitive chats." Xena smiled and her eyes sparkled a brilliant blue, giving way to a more primitive expression of desire.

"Oh, very funny."

"So you never slept with her?"


"And no other woman?" Xena asked while caressing Gabrielle's lower back.

"Nope. Well, you know, just me." Gabrielle giggled.

"You're certainly good at it."

"I've spent many moons knowing myself. Now, I want to spend a lifetime knowing you."

The End

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