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Hands Off
By allie


Storming into the Mess Hall B'Elanna Torres scoured the room to check on the location of her intended prey. Spying them sitting in a dimly lit corner of the room she stalked across to them, almost scaring the life out of one of the two occupants of the table.

She'd spent the last six months putting up with this crap and she'd really had enough. Now it was time for her to humour her Klingon side and choose the honourable path to deal with this usurper.

Now she was gonna make her pay.

The previous six months had been both heaven and hell for B'Elanna as she alternated between ecstatically happy and downright miserable. The happiness only just made up for the misery; but at the time when trying to deal with it she couldn't recall the happy times and ended up even more irate at the situation than ever before.

Her Klingon rage had finally overthrown her human self-control and decided to exert its authority over her temperament and deal with this little toad the Klingon way.

She was gonna kick the crap outa her.

Slamming her hands down on the table she lowered herself into the face of the terrified woman and growled. "Is this a good day for you to die?"

Satisfaction registered on her face in the form of a sneer as she saw the woman gulp visibly and turn a chalky shade of grey. The thin bead of sweat forming on the woman's top lip allowed B'Elanna's Klingon to gloat in satisfaction. Damn human's are so weak they scare at just the threat of violence.

"I asked you a question female? Is this a good day for you to die?"

Terrified beyond comprehension she stammered "No. I don't want to die. Please don't hurt me?"

"Then for the last time, Seven is mine! Hands off!"

The End

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