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Happy Birthday to Me
By nikkiandnora


Today was Nora's first birthday since her and Nikki had officially become a couple. So far Nikki was making it one of the best birthdays she had in a long time. Nora looked across at Nikki who had her eyes on the road and thought about the day so far.

Earlier that morning Nikki had surprised her with breakfast in bed along with a beautiful necklace that had a heart pendant with the inscription 'My Heart' written on it.

That evening Nikki had taken her to her favorite restaurant where she was treated to a very erotic dessert courtesy of the one and only Nikki Beaumont.

The brunette had ordered strawberries dipped in melted Belgian chocolate. When the plate was set in front of her the look in Nikki's eyes and the mischievous smile on her lips, the blonde knew that she was in deep trouble.

Nikki ran a single finger through the rich chocolate gathering a descent amount before bringing the coated finger to her mouth.

"Don't you dare…." Nora groaned.

Nikki dared. Bringing her finger to her lips she sucked it into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the digit to make sure she cleaned all of the chocolate off.

"If you keep that up I might come over there and give this restaurant an eyeful," the blonde growled threateningly.

"Is that a dare?" Nikki asked, bringing a big juicy strawberry to her lips and biting into it, licking the juice and chocolate off of her lips slowly while looking Nora straight in the eyes.

This continued on for a few more minutes before the blonde couldn't take it anymore and asked for the check. Nora grabbed a smirking Nikki and practically dragged her to the car. That seemed like a lifetime ago. Nora was now sitting in the car clenching her fists, trying her hardest not to jump Nikki right there in the car.

Looking back over at Nikki, she saw that her lover was looking at her with a knowing smirk on her face, her eyebrow arched; she had that look that said she knew exactly why the blonde was so distracted. As Nora's brain started to function she realized why her lover was looking at her like that. The first thing she realized was the car engine wasn't running; looking around she saw that they were parked in front of their home.

"You looked like you were miles away honey; I wonder what caused that reaction?" Nikki said with a devilish smile.

"I know you know exactly what caused that reaction," the blonde said with a glare. Nikki just laughed and got out the car. Getting out of the car Nora met Nikki at the door and opening it allowing her blonde lover to enter first. Locking the door behind them Nikki grabbed Nora and pulled her into her arms.

"Happy Birthday, baby," she whispered before capturing the blonde's lips in a demanding kiss. Slipping her tongue inside her lover's mouth they both moaned in pleasure as their wet muscles began a gentle battle.

Sliding her hands up the front of Nora's torso the brunette palmed her lover's breasts through the shirt, rubbing both thumbs over the rapidly hardening nipples. Before either realized what was happening they were standing in their bedroom.

"God I want you," Nora said looking into her lover's darkened eyes.

Nikki started to slowly unbutton the blonde's shirt while running teasing kisses along her lover's neck and ear, slipping her tongue into her ear before moving to nibble on the lobe. Dropping the now unbuttoned shirt onto the bedroom floor, the brunette unclipped her lover's bra and watched as it followed the shirt to the floor.

Nora closed her eyes and moaned as the cool air hit her hardened buds. The brunette looked at her lover's nipples her mouth watering at the sight of the tight buds. Her fingers itched to play with them. Instead she slid her hands down her lover's well defined stomach to the zipper of her grey slacks, popping the button to open then pulling the zipper down slowly.

Pushing Nora onto the bed, Nikki knelt in front of her, removing her shoes, she pulled the blonde's slacks and panties down and off her mouth watering legs. Standing on shaky legs the brunette quickly shed her clothes before joining her lover on the bed.

Looking at her dream girl laying there so open and waiting for her, it took all of Nikki's will power not to make love to Nora right then. The brunette ran her eyes over every part of her lover's body, starting from the tip of her toes and up her strong legs. She stopped to admire the patch of glistening blonde hair between her shapely legs before continuing up her defined stomach, pausing at the two beautiful breasts. watching as the nipples tightened further under her heated gaze before moving up to capture her lover's darkened green eyes blazing with desire.

"I love you so much," Nikki whispered hoarsely before capturing Nora's lips with her own. The brunette kissed her way down the curve of her throat, closing her eye's she breathed in the scent of her perfume mixed with the scent that was uniquely Nora. Her skin was so warm.

Nikki pressed her mouth against the rapidly beating pulse while sliding a hand down to run it along the silky thighs, her fingers sliding along her lover's dripping core. She smiled at the moan this elicited and enjoyed the way the pulse began to beat more rapidly, pressing the heel of her hand against the blonde curls she dipped two fingers inside the waiting heat.

"Oh god," Nora moaned, clutching at Nikki's shoulders as her body began to quiver.

The brunette nipped at the tender skin of the blonde's throat and slid her fingers deeper, loving how the wet heat griped her fingers tighter. "Are you close?"


"Good," Nikki said as she slipped her fingers free. "I want you to be close to the edge. That will make this next part that much better."

Nora moaned softly, in a protesting manner but Nikki ignored her knowing that she would enjoy this so much more. Bringing the tips of her lover's fingers to her mouth, she licked each one until the blonde quivered; she then moved her focus to her wrists, the insides of each elbow and her inner arm tracing each and every part with her tongue.

Next the brunette caressed her feet, her tongue traveled up to the back of her knees drawing a whimper from the blonde. Moving up to the insides of her thighs the scent of her lover's essence caused her mouth to water but she continued up, stopping to dip her tongue into her belly button before capturing the left nipple into her mouth. Sucking and flicking at the hardened flesh, she then treated the right nipple to the same tongue bath.

"God baby that feels good," the blonde said in a strained voice.

Not wanting her lover to come just yet, Nikki didn't spend too much time on those delicious breasts. By the time Nikki finished her journey back down, Nora was shaking and oh so very wet.

"Shit baby, you're so fucking wet," Nikki whispered before parting the drenched lips with her fingers and taking one long swipe from back to front, moaning from her lover's delectable taste.

"God Nikki, please," Nora begged while arching into the caress and griping the bed sheets. At long last Nikki gave her more, deepening the intimate kisses she entered her lover with two fingers. Sucking on her lover's swollen clit she thrust her fingers in long and deep.

"Oh god yes," Nora moaned, sliding a hand down to tangle in the thick black hair.

Nikki slipped a third finger into her blonde lover's wet sex, curling them to brush against the blonde's G spot. Pumping her fingers in deeper and harder to match Nora's thrusting hips, the brunette sought to send her lover over the edge.

"Oh shit, Nikkkkiiiii…fffuuuckkkk!" Nora screamed as she was overcome with a powerful climax, her back arching off the bed with the intensity of it.

Slipping gently out of her lover, Nikki moved up to cradle the exhausted blonde in her arms.

After giving her lover time to recover Nikki got off the bed and went to get the final birthday gift. Heading back into the bedroom the brunette showed the small jar and paint brush to the blonde.

"Oh chocolate body paint, I have always wanted to try it," Nora exclaimed as she reached for the jar.

"I know," Nikki said with a sly smile. "So get ready to be my art project."

"No, I want to paint you," the blonde replied.

"My toy," Nikki said holding the jar out of reach.

"Please Nikki?" Nora looked up at her with puppy dog eyes. "I want to suck chocolate off your body."

"Okay," Nikki said, handing the jar and brush to Nora before lying on the bed instantly aroused by the images of her lover licking chocolate off her body. Sitting on the bed Nora uncapped the jar and scooped some chocolate up with her finger and started to bring it to her mouth.

"Wanna taste?"

"Yea, rub some on your nipple," Nikki suggested.

"Mmmm I can do that."

Nikki thought she had been aroused before but watching Nora paint her nipple caused her juices to flow like a river.

The blonde looked at her with darkened eyes. "That feels really good," she whispered hoarsely.

"If it feels good then put some more on."

Dipping her finger into the jar the blonde covered her nipple until it looked like a lovely piece of chocolate candy. Scooting to lean over her lover Nora presented the treat to her. Nikki cupped her lover's breast in her palms and attached her mouth to her sugary treat

It was like heaven for the brunette, the taste of Nora and the chocolate was amazing. Closing her eyes the she savored the taste and texture. All too soon the blonde pulled back dislodging her nipple.

"That's…that's enough," Nora said her voice breathless.

The brunette looked into her lover's glazed eyes. "Come on put on some more, you said it felt good."

"Too good, it makes me want to put it other places but this is for you not me," Nora replied.

Dipping the brush into the jar Nora began by painting the brunette's very kissable lips. Leaning over Nora started to lick it off. Nikki tried to kiss her while she was doing it but her lover pulled back.

"No kissing," The blonde stated as she repainted her lips. Leaning down once again, Nora slowly licked the chocolate off her lover's bottom lip before doing the same to the top. Moving down she took the brush and coated each nipple with the chocolate before sucking the left nipple into her mouth.

"Shhit Nora," Nikki moaned, clenching the bed sheets with a death grip.

Each swipe of the brush was pushing Nikki closer to the edge; the smooth glide of the brush was making her aware of things about her body that she never knew before. The feeling of Nora sucking and licking her nipples like a lollipop was causing lighting bolts of arousal to shoot through her trembling body.

"Jesus baby, that feels so good," Nikki said as she slid her fingers into her lover's hair.

Moving over to the right breast the blonde sucked on it while moving her right hand down and into her lover's slick wetness. She then slid her fingers along the swollen flesh causing the brunette to moan her approval. Nora pressed her thumb into the swollen clit causing Nikki's hips to buck; the blonde began to move her thumb in slow circles while sliding a single finger into the wet heat, teasing her lover.

"Jesus Nora more please, baby please I need to cum," Nikki begged.

"Not yet," Replied Nora as she slid her finger out of the brunette causing her to growl in protest. Grabbing the jar and brush the blonde painted her lover's abdomen.

"A chocolate covered six-pack," she said before licking the chocolate off, causing the brunette to squirm under her.

"Fuck Nora, please."

"Please what?" Nora asked teasingly.

"Please touch me, take me now please baby."

Knowing that the brunette couldn't take much more Nora decided to give her lover what she wanted. She slipped her fingers back into Nikki's wetness, pausing to play with her hardened clit. Positioning two fingers at her lover's opening she moved up to capture Nikki's lips sliding her tongue into her lover's mouth while she thrust the two finger's inside.

Nikki broke the kiss screaming out her pleasure. "Oh fuck, Jesus...oh sooo good."

Sliding her fingers in and out of her lover at a slow pace, the blonde took a taut nipple into her mouth, sucking and flicking it with her tongue. Nikki groaned and tangled her fingers in Nora's hair while rocking her hips to meet her thrusts. The delicious feelings she got each time she was being filled by Nora was always so exquisite; it always felt so new that she never got tired of the feeling.

"Faster," demanded Nikki.

Speeding up her thrust, Nora shifted her fingers to stroke the brunette faster and deeper.

"Oh yeah, just like that!"

"God you look so hot right now," Nora said in a roughened voice.

Pumping faster, Nora curved her fingers to hit the magic spot while flicking the engorged clit with her thumb. The blonde caught the brunette's lips in a heated kiss before moving down to replace her thumb with her lips. She gently dragged her teeth over the hardened nub.

Nora slid her tongue up and down lover's slick slit causing the brunette to groan and press herself harder against her mouth. Thrusting her fingers along that sweet spot, the blonde started a rhythm that was surely to bring her lover to a shattering release.

"Aww god, Nora, I'm cuummming, shiiiitttt!" The brunette cried as her climax caused her to see stars and her back arching high off the bed. Breathless and spent the brunette collapsed back onto the bed.

Withdrawing from her lover, Nora moved up to cuddle the limp body.

"I thought today was suppose to be your birthday?" Nikki asked with a tired smile.

"Oh it is and what a birthday it has been, especially the last few hours. I really enjoyed that body paint," Nora replied while licking her lips. "I love you."

"I'm glad to hear that," Nikki said before capturing the blonde's lips in a loving kiss. "Happy Birthday baby, I love you too."

"Oh yeah, definitely Happy Birthday to me."

The End

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