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Happy Turbolift Day
By T.J

The entire crew had been ordered to be present at the Valentine's Day party in the messhall, and so each member of Voyager's crew had dutifully shown up. Some of the crew was less than thrilled about this mandatory attendance and so took the Captain's order to stay for at least an hour quite literally.

B'Elanna left the party and stepped onto the turbolift exactly one hour after the party had begun, turning around just in time to see Seven stepping in behind her. Looking at the floor B'Elanna tried to pretend that she was alone. She found that ignoring the drone went a long way toward peace and harmony in their relationship.

The lift began to move and B'Elanna was surprised to hear a small sound coming from Seven's direction. She risked a quick look, and then did an immediate doubletake as she beheld a sight she had never thought possible. Seven was looking absolutely dejected, and if B'Elanna didn't know better she would have sworn that the sound she had just heard was a stifled sob.

'Jeez, I know I'm going to regret this,' B'Elanna thought to herself as she spoke out loud, "Seven, is something the matter."

There was a moment of silence and B'Elanna saw a tear fall down Seven's alabaster cheek.

"Computer, halt turbolift," B'Elanna ordered

"Seven, talk to me." The fiery Klingon put her hand on Seven's shoulder, trying to be reassuring.

"I, am unsure, I mean to say that, I believe I am feeling sad, and lonely," Seven stammered.

"What happened?" B'Elanna's concern was real.

"I attended the party as ordered and watched all the crewmembers interacting and giving one another small tokens of affection, but, no one bothered to give me such a token."

"You mean you're sad because you didn't get any Valentine cards? That's what this is all about?" B'Elanna couldn't believe what she was hearing. The normally arrogant drone was concerned about being unpopular.

"Look, Seven, you can't take stuff like this too seriously. I mean what did you expect?"

"I do not understand your question Lieutenant."

"Well, you can't go around arguing about having to go to a party and telling everyone how irrelevant you find parties in general and Valentine's celebrations in particular to be and then expect that they are going to expend time and replicator rations making you cards can you?"

"I, I suppose not…but Lieutenant you also made your displeasure at having to attend this event widely known and you still received several 'cards' did you not?" Seven pointed to the small stack of cards that B'Elanna held in her hand.

"Well, I guess some of my friends figured that I might be a little lonely after Tom and I broke up and decided to try to cheer me up. I mean this is a romantic holiday and I suppose they thought I might feel terrible if I didn't get any cards at all."

"I have no friends." Seven's bald statement tore at B'Elanna's heart as she remembered various celebrations from her childhood when she had felt as left out as Seven appeared to now.

"I'm sure if you let people get close to you, and get to see who you really are you'd have lots of friends."

"Would you…like…to get close to me B'Elanna?" Seven's voice was breathless, her brilliant blue eyes bored into B'Elanna's brown ones.

Staring into Seven's eyes B'Elanna felt a rush of desire. There was no mistaking the double meaning of the younger woman's words. "I, uh, Seven, we don't exactly get along. I mean, wouldn't you rather…" B'Elanna's voice trailed off.

"Then we do not need to fear harming our friendship by copulating now." Seven's logic was flawless. She stepped closer to B'Elanna, placing her hands lightly on the engineer's hips pulling her nearer until they were a breath away from touching.

B'Elanna flinched at the word copulating. She looked at the beautiful young woman, and it was like seeing someone for the first time. All of their fighting, all of B'Elanna's stubborn refusal to really see the human being Seven had become, the fact that no matter how much they irritated one another they still couldn't seem to stay away from one another was suddenly seen in a new light.

"Seven, I don't think that I want to just copulate with you."

A small smile began to form on Seven's beautiful face. "Do you mean that you do not find me attractive, or that you wish for a deeper connection between us?"

"The, uh, the second one Seven," B'Elanna squeaked, as the now-forgotten valentine cards slipped from her fingers.

"Good," said Seven as she reached behind B'Elanna and pulled open the control panel to the turbolift controls. Her fingers flew over the panel for a few seconds before she slammed the cover shut and leaned down to capture B'Elanna's lips in a searing kiss.

B'Elanna felt her knees weaken as she was swept up in a tidal wave of desire. Still, she tried to speak, "Seven, maybe we should, I mean this is hardly the place…"

Seven tore herself away from B'Elanna's lips; "this is exactly the place B'Elanna. I have wanted this for exactly 462 days, an eternity. Would you deny me any longer?"

B'Elanna's only answer was to pull Seven's head down to claim her lips. She pressed forward until Seven's back was against the wall. She felt Seven's tongue slide along her lips, seeking entrance. She opened her mouth, groaning as she felt it being plundered in a sensual attack. Seven's knees began to give out and together they slid down the wall until they were kneeling together on the floor of the lift.

Seven's hands began to undo the zipper of B'Elanna's uniform jacket, discarding it quickly and hurrying to remove her top and bra. B'Elanna raised her hands over her head to facilitate the removal of her clothing. Her nipples hardened instantly as the rough material slid over them on its journey to the floor of the lift.

B'Elanna grasped the zipper of Seven's biosuit and in one swift movement pulled it all the way down, exposing an expanse of beautiful porcelain skin. Seven stilled her hand's exploration of B'Elanna's body only long enough to allow the engineer to remove her biosuit. "Kahless you are beautiful," B'Elanna gasped. Once she had rid Seven of the constraints of her clothing B'Elanna quickly shed her pants and boots and stretched out on top of Seven's sensuous body. Seven spread her legs as B'Elanna lay in between them. She could feel the pressure of contact between their bodies and began to thrust her hips up in an attempt to deepen the union.

B'Elanna lowered her head to ravish Seven's neck in a trail of kisses and nips that led inexorably down to her flawless breasts. She captured one of the young drone's straining nipples in her mouth, sucking hard until she heard Seven's moan of pleasure. She rolled her tongue around the turgid tip, biting down hard, just on the edge between pleasure and pain. Her hand found Seven's other breast, kneading the glorious mound and rolling its tip between her fingers.

Seven felt a sensation like a bolt of lightening shoot through her, terminating between her legs, when B'Elanna began her sensuous torture of her nipples. She dug her fingers into the skin of the engineer's back to stop herself from screaming out her need. She whimpered at the loss of contact when B'Elanna's tongue left her nipple, but groaned her pleasure when B'Elanna's hot mouth began to work its way down her body, until she felt that beautiful mouth press into the intimate flesh between her legs.

B'Elanna worked her way down Seven's body until she was centered over her mound. She nuzzled her face into the soft thatch of blonde curls that covered the young Borg's sex, inhaling and savoring the exotic scent of her lover. She continued to caress Seven's breast with one hand while using the other to gain access to the drone's secret flesh, pressing her tongue into the hot slick folds as she moaned her pleasure at the taste. Using the flat of her tongue she licked firmly from bottom to top, flicking the tip of her tongue out at the top to tease the sensitive bundle of nerves out of its protective hood.

Seven had never experienced such a storm of emotion. She felt as if she were going to shatter into a thousand pieces. She had never made love before but she felt an aching need throbbing between her legs; a need she knew only B'Elanna could fulfil. "B'Elanna please," she begged. "I need you, I need to feel you inside of me."

Hearing Seven cry out her name in pleasure, she pulled the sensitive bud into her mouth, swirling her tongue and sucking at the tender flesh. Moving down she thrust her tongue into Seven's hot tight core, reveling in the feeling of being inside her lover. When she knew that Seven could not take anymore she slowly slid her fingers inside of Seven's pulsating womb. The feeling was incredible; she could feel Seven's pulse through her fingers, and she began to thrust them in and out in time to the pounding of Seven's heart. Knowing that the young drone was nearing the limits of her endurance B'Elanna lowered her mouth again, capturing the sensitive bundle of nerves between her teeth and using her tongue to bring Seven over the edge, ending the sweet torture.

Seven's body was shaking uncontrollably and she was grateful to feel B'Elanna move up, gathering her into her arms.

B'Elanna soothed Seven, holding her and murmuring words of love and tenderness to the young drone until she was still and calm.

"I had no idea that the physical act of love could be so powerful," Seven said when she finally regained her voice.

"Do you still think it is all irrelevant?" B'Elanna queried.

"I believe that if we celebrate all ancient earth holidays in this manner I will never again find them to be irrelevant," Seven said with a small smile.

"I think that could be arranged," B'Elanna replied.

"Acceptable, but I believe that we have some unfinished business to attend to first," Seven said in a husky voice as her hand slid up B'Elanna's stomach to caress one beautiful caramel colour breast.

Seven was passionate in her lovemaking and soon B'Elanna was writhing beneath her touch.

The party was in full swing above them and for the hours that they spent locked in the lift no one even attempted to use it. Thus the crewmembers of Voyager never knew that while they were busy exchanging paper hearts in the messhall, two beautiful and passionate young women exchanged their own hearts only meters away.

The End

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