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Have You Ever...?
By Demeter


Lindsay observes her friends, secretly speculating. It's silly really, to think she now has some secret kind of knowledge neither of them has, and to feel a little proud of it. She's the one with the issues, the one her friends needed to create an internet dating account for – or maybe not.

She doesn't need to hide anything from them; Lindsay knows they'd be happy for her and probably not very surprised. She suspects that they are going to find out soon enough, but for now, she wants to keep the news to herself like a treasured dream that she still must make herself believe is true now.

Claire laughs affectionately at something Cindy has just said. Lindsay is most certain about her; Claire is confident and happy, just so at home in her marriage in a way Lindsay doesn't think she ever was. She wouldn't stray, or chase a fantasy. Or did she, ever? Is it what everyone does at some point?

Her gaze wanders to Jill who, aware of her scrutiny, gives her a mischievous smile. Jill knows, Lindsay is pretty sure. Even though she's seen her friend with men mostly, Jill is the fearless one, open to... new experiences a lot more than Lindsay is. Used to be, she thinks, barely suppressing the smile that wants to spread across her face. She can't hide the blush though at the memory of last night. And the one before.

Cindy is the hardest to see through. Come to think of it, she hardly ever talks about past relationships. One of the best friends Lindsay could ask for, and yet there has been something else simmering between the lines of their communication, right from the start.

Maybe she has been thinking of Lindsay that way. Maybe that is why Lindsay hesitates to tell them about Katrina. But soon, she will.

The End

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