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This is in response to Wyrdmaege’s VJB Streaming challenge, which had a 20 minute time limit, and had to be from either T or 7’s POV. I did not have the ability to write AND edit in 20 minutes, so forgive all my errors please!
I have no idea what this is rated, but if you're under 18 stay away just cuz you should be studying to get outta’ high school etc, and it's probably illegal wherever you live to THINK about lesbian themes. Which this has... as well as a couple of cuss words.
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Her Heart's Desire
By Cirroco DeSade


Some Klingon eh?

Mom would be calling me a coward of course if she knew. I remember how she told me oh so long ago that a klingon knows when their mate arrives by how their hearts beat out of their chest and the smell of their mate drove them crazy. That's why they did so many crazy things like throwing things at each other. I remmeber watching my cousin on Kronos when he mat that female, how they growled and argued. My mom smiled and said 'true love'. I was afraid of course. I told her I never wanted true love if it was supposed to be scary like that.

But I cant control myself. Everytime she comes into the engine room my hearts beat out of my chest. Her smell... KAHLESS her smell! Musk and metal, not coppery, but it might as well be. Her smell couldn't be anymore intoxicating. She saunters, over with her beautiful body and DEMANDS I take notice. DAMNIT! She's always demanding something and I growl and spit and scream at her and instead of running... she fights back! Doesn't she know!? Kahless didn't the Son of K'Vok teach her /anything/ about how Klingon aggression is a sign?

She will stand there, trying to be perfectly calm but I hear her heart beating faster.. it's so loud in my ears the beating of her heart.

And I can't help myself, I tell her she's wrong.. knowing it's the antithesis of her desires, knowing it will make her even angrier. I KNOW her pupils will dialate. Kahless I /love/ watching those beautiful eyes open up for me.. I think I want them above me, opening up as she calls out my name.. Instead I hear 'Lieutenent' And I can't help but growl. Rage against the world for making her so obtuse .. so damned smart yet unaware of how she affects me!

It always ends with her leaving. Sometimes I 'throw her out' HA! It just means I can't take any more without wanting to take her, open myself up to the pain of her rejection in front of my crew.. Sometimes Im blessed by the appearance of the Captain. She separates us... she thinks I have a problem with Seven.. I do... I'm falling... no I've fallen. So the Captain yells at me and tells me to get it under control. HA! If I only could.

I let them all think I hate her... "Ice princess" "Captain's Pet" whatever. I want to call her Bang'wI and pet her ... watch her sleep, watch her wake, feed her, ... make love to her.

She consumes my waking hours.. she appears in my dreams.

Yesterday she grabbed my wrist to keep me from doing something... I growled so deep and she took it as anger... no... nonono... I was so turned on I felt I could melt into a puddle. Later.. I locked myself into my office and smelled my wrist, just smelling how her scent combined with mine.

Oh Kahless, save me... I need her... I'm going crazy with desire.

Klingon love. HAH. They should just call it insanity.

That smell. She's here. I feel my hearts pounding. I feel my blood moving south. Doesn't she smell that? Doesn't she HEAR my hearts? I can't control the low growl in my chest.

"Lieutenent. I require..."

Fine. Ill give her what she wants.. but one day, oh Kahless, one day, will she give me what /I/ require?

The End

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