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Helen's Private Reflection
By Outsidethebx


I knew Nikki believed I'd deserted her. I think that was the hardest part of my plan. Truth was, in secretly removing her from Larkhall, I was hoping Jim Fenner's wife would receive another telephone call. If my tactics succeeded, Shell Dockley's scheme would come to light when she'd inevitably place the blame on the unavailable Nikki. Once Fenner realized Nikki couldn't have placed a phone call from inside the prison's transportation bus, Nikki would be in the clear and all fingers would point at Shell. In time, I'd be able to explain. For now, I had to wait.

As I finished the last of my paperwork, Nikki's file caught my eye. Her booking picture, attached to the front, stared up at me and I couldn't help but sigh. I knew I had allowed my emotions to get the best of me during our earlier confrontation. I'd threatened to take away her only outlet-her one joy. In removing her books, she'd be completely isolated from the outside world. For some reason, my position of power had gotten the best of me and had I lost the ability to maintain control. My stern tone apparently failed to hide my desperation and she saw straight through my façade.

"You're only behaving like this because you can't handle it," she spat with such an air of indignation that dared to call my bluff. Inches away from my lips she stared with a gaze that traveled far past my outward appearance and directly into my soul.

"…so why don't you give in, Miss and stick your tongue down my throat."

All I could do now was stare at her picture and run my fingers up and down the captured face, wishing she was sitting next to me to hear the explanation. There were so many things I wanted to tell her, yet there never was enough time. I was totally in love with her and she'd turned my world upside down. Had you told me a year ago that my dreams would involve kissing a woman-and so much more-I would have called you crazy. Yet against my better judgment, I had fallen head over heels for Nikki.

I reached up to touch my lips while remembering our first kiss. Though she had taken advantage of my unguarded emotions, her actions were far from unrequited. The groan that escaped my lips only served to reveal my lust as I hungrily accepted and leaned into her sensuous kiss.

Alone in my office, the present circumstances began to fade into the memories of our every touch-every gaze. My mind's theatre took me to each encounter and I relived every blissful moment. Time seemed to stop but I suddenly felt very warm. I reached to remove my blazer and my hand brushed past my nipple which was hard and erect to my touch. I was surprised at my bodies' reaction, and realized every nerve was tingling in response to my thoughts of Nikki Wade. I couldn't help myself.

My hand was quickly covered in the wetness located between my aching thighs. It was almost an unrestrainable drive that needed to be unshackled and I groaned when my thumb began making circular motions around my clit. It was as if she were here. Every touch was really her, exploring my body, making me completely hers. Sweat began to collect on my forehead and my mind was racing with blinding desire. My heart skipped a beat as with two fingers I entered my centre and began inwardly caressing my most intimate parts. I curled my moving fingers and applied just the right amount of pressure as I continued to rub my clit. I began to tense up, my muscled stiffened and my breath came at a rapid, inconsistent pace. I bit down on my lower lip, while imagining Nikki positioned between my legs, ravishing me, needing me, taking me. What started off as a steady movement, became uncontrolled and erratic as my body began to convulse with pleasure. With a single moan, I came. The walls surrounding my fingers caved in and pushed them to my opening. I felt like I would explode and my back arched as I rode the waves of orgasm to its climax.

It took a moment to collect myself until I looked at the time and realized the transportation bus would be arriving soon. I picked up the phone to call Simon. I knew what I needed to do.

The End

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