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Her Big Mouth
By Outsidethebx


"...but they were in here…I know it." Elliot Reid sat down on the couch, frantically dumped her purse out on the coffee table, and began searching through the items.

"Whoa, there, Stick. You're making Jack look like a neat freak."

Elliot looked up and glared at Jordan. "This is really serious."

"It always is."

"You could at least show some support." Elliot's hand brushed past a tube of lipstick, and knocked all the contents of her purse on to Jordan's plush carpet. "I barely got my paperwork done, Dr. Cox was giving me orders up the wazoo, and J.D. was acting all weird and emotional…kinda like it was his time of the month."

"Ok, first of all, you're going to clean up the mess." Jordan walked over, pulled Elliot up off the couch, and handed her a trash bag. "Got it?"

Elliot nodded.

"Good." Jordan rolled her eyes. "And second…I'm sure you and Cheryl have similar menstrual cycles, but I really don't want to hear about them. K?"

Jordan cleared her throat, and began tapping her foot impatiently. "You're really making Jack look better by the minute." She rolled her eyes.

Elliot grimaced slightly as she finished picking up the last of her belongings. "I…" She paused as she slowly stood up and closed the distance between her and Jordan. "I don't know why you're being so bossy tonight." Elliot hesitated, as if she were expecting a harsh blow to come from the older woman.

"Oh sweetie…" Jordan began, "Have I hurt your feelings?" She traced her fingers down Elliot's face and rested them lightly on her nose. "I would never purposely do such a thing." She paused. "Do you need a hug?"


"Yeah, I agree." Jordan's lips curled into a smile. "It would be totally weird if I were like that." She smacked Elliot's ass, and pushed her toward the kitchen. "Now stop whining, and throw out the trash."

"….but I didn't mean to…"

"Are you still talking?"


"Happy now?" Elliot walked into the living room, and moved over toward Jordan. "I don't see any stains."

"Eh. Doesn't matter anyway. Perry's having the carpet cleaned tomorrow."

"What?" Elliot's lips pursed tightly together, and her face turned beet red. "You made me pick up every tiny bit of trash, but you knew the carpet cleaners were coming?"

"Oh." Jordan grinned. "I forgot. Sorry 'bout that."

"You're such a bitch sometimes." Elliot's eyes widened, as she covered her mouth with her hands and quickly turned away.

"What was that?"

"…nothing…" was all the doctor could muster.

"You better spit it out."

Feeling Jordan's gaze tearing into her back, Elliot began to shake.

"You're really that scared me?"


"Really." The sarcastic tone in Jordan's voice caused Elliot to turn around in surprise.

"You never treat me like an adult." Elliot's voice began to escalate from a low pitch to a high shrill. "You always make me do your dirty work, and you make me come over at night, while Dr. Cox is working late, to…"

"Do me?"

Elliot sighed. "Yes."

"You've never complained before."

"You've never asked if there was a problem."

"Let me lay out the scenario for you, Stick." Jordan leaned forward and was inches from Elliot's face. "You'll go home tonight, swearing that this is the last time. You'll crawl in bed alone, and wake up to begin counting the minutes until your phone rings with the special ringtone you've programmed just for me." She leaned closer to where her lips barely missed the doctor's. "Sound about right?"

"How'd you know you had a ringtone?'

"My god, I'm good." Jordan poured herself a shot of Scotch and proudly took a sip. "What is it, anyway?"

"What is what?"

Jordan's eyebrows arched as she stared at the blonde doctor. "Having trouble following simple sentences, or deflecting?"

"Deflecting?" Elliot wrinkled her nose. "What do you mean?"


"What?" Elliot's face began to turn red, and beads of sweat were collecting on her brow. "Jordan, you're not making sense."

Jordan laughed. "Perry's right—but I'll never admit to saying that." She paused and took another sip. "You really can't handle stress."

Elliot's face returned to beet red, and she balled her hand into a fist. "Look, if you're just going to waste my time, let me know, so we can get this over with and I can go home."

"Really…" Jordan breathed, and rested her gaze on Elliot's body.

"I…" Elliot returned Jordan's stare, and tried her best to hide her intimidation. "What do you want?" Her voice took on a husky tone, and sounded more seductive than she intended.

"Come here."


"Still having trouble?" Jordan smiled. "Maybe we should have your ears checked out."

Elliot blushed and slowly walked toward Jordan. She stopped directly in front of the brunette, but felt Jordan's hands on her shoulder, pushing her into the kitchen.

"What? Do you want me to cook dinner?" Elliot looked over her shoulder, as she continued to walk. "I make an awesome tuna-casserole that you'd probably…"

Jordan put her finger on Elliot's lips. "Shut up."

"But…" Elliot saw that Jordan's eyes had somehow gotten darker. Her thin lips were barely open, and were curled upward in a partial smile. She sniffed. "You smell nice."

Jordan cupped Elliot's face in her hand, and playfully slapped her cheek. "You never shut up do you?"

"I'm sorry. You just smell so nice, and I wanted to know…"

Jordan pushed Elliot onto the kitchen table, and crawled on top of the doctor.

"Not fair! It was my turn for topsies."

"Not tonight. You're annoying me too much."

Jordan leaned forward, and pressed her lips to Elliot's, while reaching down to undo the doctor's belt.

"You've barely kissed me!"

"I said you're annoying."

"Fine." Elliot moved her legs farther apart, and allowed the brunette to take off her pants and underwear.

As Jordan hands touched her thigh, a shiver went down Elliot's back.



Jordan looked down at Elliot. "Spread your legs wider."

"Oh, sorry."

"Now touch yourself."

Elliot's head jerked up. "What?"

"Touch yourself."


"Do you really need a tutorial?"

Elliot wrinkled her nose. "No, I meant why."

"Because I said too."

"Oh." She reached down, moved past her stomach, and placed her hand in between her thighs. She slowly began making circles around her clit, taking turns dipping her fingers into her wetness, and returning to her clit.

Elliot looked up and noticed that Jordan was watching her every movement. She quickened her pace, and began arching her hips as her fingers continued stroking her clit. She reached down to put a finger inside, but Jordan slapped it away.


"But I need…"

"It's mine. I'll do it."

Jordan reached down and dipped two fingers into Elliot's wetness. The doctor moaned, and began bucking against the brunette, as she began a steady movement.


"Say please?"

Elliot looked up to protest, but saw Jordan's eyes dancing with delight.


Jordan complied, and easily placed two more fingers inside the doctor. Her pace increased, as Elliot continued touching herself.


Elliot's head tipped back, and her fingers moved quickly in between her legs. Jordan's steady rhythm increased as the doctor's hips raised off the kitchen table, and let out a single word as she came.


Jordan smiled as she got off the table and stared down at the doctor.

"You ok, there Stick?"

Elliot's face twisted into a smile, and she reached up to Jordan. "You're amazing…"

"You never did shut up."

The End

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