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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is something that wouldn't leave me be, till I finished it...

Her Eyes
By Hayseven

Her eyes betray her.
My beautiful Bella sits alone, stranded in her thoughts.
Though she smiles at the passer-byís the smile never reaches her eyes.
I know she is lost in the past.

She once said it is not the deeds done that speaks volumes, but words uttered.
She is so beautiful yet she sees only the outsider, the ugly half breed.
She cannot see the beauty that is in her soul and outside.

My heart weeps for her when I see her vulnerability.
No one's past is ever without a cross beside it.
My past is littered with corpses of loss and regret,
The loss of my innocence and regret of not knowing what I could have been.

It is all irrelevant perhaps,
But perhaps to a lost child reclaimed it is not.
Tell a child she is ugly, she will remember in vivid detail.
Tear her away from her flesh and blood and it will burn into her very soul and mark her.

I look into my Bella's eyes and it is in them I see the child that was.
A child without a protector and one that was sullied by taunts from bullies.
Only with me does she show the sorrow, and in her eyes I nearly drown.
Within her lies a child still reaching for an understanding.
And a way out of the murky darkness.

As I wrap my arms around her,
She smiles, not quite the full smile I know of my beloved,
But it is there.

I do not know what fates brought us together,
I only know that she completes me.
Together we will find our way past our hurt.

In time, the child will heal,
And the adult will celebrate itís liberation.
Perhaps then, my Bella's eyes can shine once more.

The End

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