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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first Scrubs fic. bank_farter has been bugging me for ages to write this pairing. She gets credit for the beta, and for being the pain in the ass encourager.
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Her Phone Call
By Outsidethebx


"…but Mom…yes, colossal disappointment, I know." Elliot Reid sat down on the bed and held the phone away from her ear. "…you don't have to talk so loud…I did let my hair grow…yes, I've been going on dates." A slightly wounded expression momentarily covered her face, but quickly dissipated as she continued to listen.

"You've told me since I was five that I was a lesbian. You took away all my blue panties, and GI Joe's, and suddenly made me eat cucumbers. I still hate them, by the way."

Elliot paused to take a quick breath. "And while we're on the subject, I never understood why you made me parade around the neighborhood in that short nurse's uniform. Jimmy Johnson wasn't allowed to come over again--something about being caught with his peeper in his hand. He was such a nice boy too."

"…yes, I do like your new hair color, but I really need to tell you…your pool boy just showed up? Hello?" Elliot sighed and silently hung up the phone. She stared off for a short moment, then climbed under the covers and snuggled in.

"I knew you didn't have the 'nads."

"Look, I was going to tell her, but she started talking about how much I reminded her of my great aunt Gina, who never wore anything but flannel, and always drove her SVU to the family reunions." Elliot stared off in the distance and wrinkled her nose. "Mom never did like her roommate, Jill."

"God, sometimes I think it'd be easier for an elephant not to shit itself at the circus than for you to actually stay on topic."

Elliot's lips curled into a smile and she leaned over. "Oh yes, the big decision." Lowering her tone to a whisper she continued: "So what do you want me to be tonight? The dirty cop, your leather daddy, or the high school principal that's dying to teach you a lesson?"

"Listen Stick, if you don't grow a pair and tell her, I will. Otherwise, we're not doing anything."

Jordan picked up the phone and handed it to Elliot. "So who's going to tell mommy dearest that her lovely daughter is fucking a woman…and likes it?"

The End

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