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Hidden Meaning
By Demeter


"So now we do have a club?" The look Lindsay gave her told Jill that she was about to have a golden opportunity for some merciless friendly teasing.

"I never said that."

Claire just smiled knowingly.

"You were there," Lindsay said a little more defensively. "I didn't say it."

"You told her she was in," Jill reminded her patiently. "In what, then, exactly?"

"In over her head," Claire murmured. They chuckled, while Lindsay glared at them.

"You know," Jill continued, "I think I'll just forget about getting you a date. You found the perfect candidate all by yourself."

"What the hell are you --" Lindsay shook her head. "Ah, no. You can't be thinking..."

"What if I do?"

"You're nuts," Lindsay said with conviction. "Good night."

Watching her stalk to her car, Claire remarked, "Good call."

Cindy paid the bill and then waited for another five minutes before she got up and left the diner. Her face didn't feel any less hot, but walking a block in the cool night air would hopefully take care of that.

Outside, she looked around, but Jill and Claire were nowhere to be seen. She took a deep breath.

Point of no return time.

Lindsay got out of the car to open the door on the passenger side for her, waiting until Cindy sat inside. Silence embraced them, only it wasn't really silent, because the sound of her heart trying to beat out of her chest seemed pretty loud to Cindy.

She nearly jumped when Lindsay took her hand. "You sure?"

Cindy looked at their joined hands, then up into Lindsay's questioning gaze, surprised at the trace of vulnerability she hadn't expected, not here and now.

All of a sudden, Cindy felt very calm. "I'm in," she said, laughter tickling her mind.

One of those rare no holding back smiles lit up Lindsay's face. She reached up to touch Cindy's cheek, her hand feeling pleasantly warm. "You are."

Cindy realized that a couple of seconds from now, they were going to kiss.

In; whatever that meant.

Tonight, it meant everything.

The End

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