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Holiday Incidents

"I will not comply!"

"You do not have a choice Seven. I will not let you hide in Astrometrics anymore. You need a break."

"As you wish Doctor."

"And take Lieutenant Torres with you."

"I beg your pardon Doctor, but Lieutenant Torres doesn't like me. She has stated this on numerous occasions."

"I think she does Seven. You're not the only one burying yourself with work. Besides, she could use some company now that someone bothered to tell the ship's resident hologram she's no longer involved with Lieutenant Paris." The EMH added his last comment with a frown. Seven tilted her head before answering.


"See you in three days," added the EMH as Seven left.

The battered starship Voyager was orbiting a planet of friendly aliens in order to facilitate repairs and to offer the crew some rest and recreation. Seven had declined the Captain's offer to go on shore leave. She didn't need to have 'fun'.

However the Captain had immediately supported the Doctor's suggestion that the shore leave would be good for both her and B'Elanna. Seven packed a large cylindrical hold-all for all possible contingencies. She then made her way to Lieutenant Torres' quarters. Seven activated the door chime.

"Enter." Seven stepped through the door. B'Elanna looked up from a huge stack of PADDs. "What is it now Seven? Need more power to your precious Astrometrics sensors?"

"No Lieutenant, I'm under orders to take you on shore leave."

"Under orders? From whom?"

"The Doctor and the Captain. They claim we are both working too much."

"I see. Have a seat, will you." B'Elanna gestured towards a chair. Seven nodded and sat down, back straight, with her hands in her lap.

"You should pack Lieutenant," added Seven after a moment's silence.

"I can see you already have," retorted B'Elanna with a snarl. "Mind if I take a look?"

"Proceed. You will find it exemplary. I've prepared for every contingency." B'Elanna opened the hold-all and started looking through its contents.

"Kahless Seven, how long do you plan to be gone?"

"Three days."

"You're even worse than I am. I thought you said we'd be going on vacation."

"That's correct Lieutenant."

"You've packed as if you'd be going on a three-week expedition. You don't need all this stuff. And stop calling me Lieutenant!"

"Isn't that your designation?"

"Yes, but only when I'm working. Please call me B'Elanna while we're off duty."

"I will comply... B'Elanna."

"That's better. Now, let's see if we can't travel a little lighter..."

The two women later rendezvoused in transporter room one. B'Elanna had convinced Seven to dress more casually and both women were dressed in lightly colored shirts and shorts. Seven had even let her hair down and wore it in a loose pony tail.

They materialized moments later on the surface. After checking in to their assigned hotel they walked down to the small city square. The vacation spot was located on a small island which was part of a large archipelago. Most crew members were spending their shore leave swimming and snorkeling in the warm clear water. A small alien approached the two women as they were looking around.

"You are of the Voyager?"

"Yes," answered B'Elanna.

"I just wanted to tell you two quick-foots have been reserved for you to allow easier transportation."

"Thanks," answered B'Elanna somewhat hesitantly.

"Follow me please," stated the alien with a grin.

"What's a quick-foot?" whispered B'Elanna into Seven's ear.

"I don't know," answered Seven. "The universal translator must be malfunctioning."

"It's a bicycle!" exclaimed B'Elanna as the alien showed them their means of transportation.

"I guess you could call it that," answered the alien as he scratched his bluish bald head. "Enjoy your stay."

"You do know how to ride, don't you?" asked B'Elanna as she adjusted the bike's saddle height.

"Yes," answered Seven with a nod. "I learned the technique on the holodeck."

"Which program was that?"

"Fair Haven."

"Fair Haven? I wasn't aware of any bicycles in that damned program."

"I borrowed the village priest's bicycle in order to explore the old castle rumored to be visited by little people."

"You stole the priest's bicycle?" queried B'Elanna with a grin.

"No. I borrowed it. He was too busy listening to confessions."

"Not to mention his own voice," added B'Elanna. "Let's go."

The two women arrived at a secluded beach.

"How about a swim?" asked B'Elanna as she took a drink of water.

"Acceptable," answered Seven as she began unbuttoning her shirt.

"Wait a minute," gasped B'Elanna as she saw Seven remove her last article of clothing. "Aren't you going to wear a bathing suit?"

"I fail to see the need to wear clothing in this instance," answered Seven with a raised eyebrow. "The water is not cold."

"No, but someone could see us," muttered B'Elanna.

"Then you should remind them it's rude to stare," answered Seven before stepping out into the water. B'Elanna just shrugged her shoulders before stripping of her clothing and joining Seven.

B'Elanna tried to remind herself not to stare as she watched Seven step out of the water. The scene reminded her of a classical painting called "The birth of Venus." Maybe that Art class wasn't such a waste of time after all. This picture however, took her breath away.

B'Elanna was interrupted in her daydreaming by someone approaching on a bicycle. To her surprise the little robed alien only nodded his head slightly.

"Good afternoon ladies," greeted the man before continuing on his way.

The clerk beckoned for their attention as they returned to the hotel that evening.

"I'm afraid there is a problem with your rooms," the clerk began.

"What kind of problem?" queried B'Elanna.

"You see they have been double-booked. We're terribly sorry."

"So, where do we sleep tonight then?" muttered B'Elanna.

"Well, we took the liberty of relocating you to the honeymoon suite," answered the clerk. "I hope you don't mind."

"Honeymoon suite?" barked B'Elanna. "You've got to be..."

"We will adapt," Seven interrupted. "Shall we go, 'honey'?" Seven added with a small smirk.

"The gossip circuit will go wild with this one," mumbled B'Elanna as she followed Seven to their room.

"I'm very disappointed," stated Captain Janeway as she put down the PADD and gave the two crew members her best force 10 glare. "I expected better from two members of my senior staff."

"I apologize Captain," answered Seven flatly.

"We didn't know that skinny-dipping was forbidden," added B'Elanna. "There wasn't exactly a sign saying 'no nudity'. Besides, that old man wasn't complaining. He just said hello."

"This complaint is from a monastery across the bay which claims you two have infused unholy temptations into the monks by your unashamed display of your naked bodies."

"What a load of targ crap," B'Elanna growled. "We just went for a swim."

"I will take full responsibility," stated Seven. "It was my idea to go nude."

"Relax," stated Janeway with a smile. "I trust you enjoyed yourself?"

"Yes, Captain. We did."

The End

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