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Hold On
By Demeter


When Lindsay kissed her first, Cindy let it happen because she was too stunned to do anything else. She didn't understand it at all. There she'd thought the latest gathering at Papa Joe's to cheer Lindsay up had mostly to do with her dad's continued worrisome health condition, as much as the fact that Pete hadn't called back yet.

She was all right with being a friend. Anything else she had effectively buried deep inside her mind, even before Pete came into the picture, because all of her longing seemed pointless when Lindsay so obviously didn't feel the same. Cindy had never liked being exposed emotionally. She might be young, but she didn't wear her heart on the sleeve like Jill did.

She guarded it with words.

And still, that night Lindsay kissed her, her lips tasting of Tequila and desperation, and then her hands were down Cindy's blouse, gently cupping her breasts through the fabric of the bra, and there really wasn't much time to decide whether or not she wanted to go along with this, be a replacement for the person whose embrace Lindsay really sought.

Then again, she'd always had a soft spot for drunk and sentimental Boxer. There was just no way of saying no.

"Please," Lindsay whispered, hands sneaking around Cindy's waist to her back and pulling her closer. "I'll show you."

The sudden heat spreading throughout her body made her feel flushed and feverish, blood rushing to her face. It had always been understood between them, but never been spoken, that Lindsay was quite a bit ahead of her in this department. At a time when she'd still had had hope, this little fact had fueled Cindy's fantasies in pleasant ways.

Thinking of how she'd touched herself, wishing so hard it could be Lindsay's fingers teasing her mercilessly before sending her over the edge, made her temperature rise another notch. Lindsay seducing her. No other fantasy could make her wet and aching this fast.

So while she knew this wasn't right, Cindy finally kissed Lindsay back, and she nearly fainted when the hand stroking her back came around to slip inside the front of her slacks.

She knew she would regret this later, making herself this open and vulnerable when Lindsay maybe needed a shoulder to cry on more than she needed sex, but Cindy couldn't bring herself to care much.

"I love you." Blurted out in the heat of the moment, it could be an excuse. Cindy wasn't guarding herself that well at the moment. "I love you so much." She'd expected indulgence, denial, but not this sweet, almost shy smile Lindsay gave her in reponse.

Her words weren't so shy, though. "You're going to love me even more in the morning."

While you are going to hate yourself in the morning.

It was only a stray thought, though, vanishing with the heat of the touch, the desire burning her alive, because yes, she wanted Lindsay to show her. If it was only for tonight, Cindy didn't care. She couldn't, as her mind was clouded with want. Lindsay's every move was astonishingly sure, given her still fairly intoxicated state, so Cindy felt exhilarated, but not very much surprised when she felt warm fingers slide into her before they'd even made it to bed. From that moment on, she could only cling to Lindsay, her body completely at her lover's mercy.

Guessing from the naked lust shining in Lindsay's eyes, she liked it exactly that way.

"Wait," she said, and if Cindy had ever thought just listening to her voice could send shivers down her spine, well, she hadn't dealt with turned-on Lindsay yet. Her own breathing had become a series of gasps.

Lindsay had her hands on her shoulders and gently pushed. Dazed, Cindy obliged, realizing that the bed was right behind her. She had only a moment to think of how she had to look, all flushed and disheveled, clothes that were still half on her in disarray, legs hanging over the edge of the bed. It was somewhat obscene. Cindy couldn't remember ever having been this excited.

Smiling at her, Lindsay removed her slacks and underwear, tossing them aside. She stood between Cindy's open thighs for a moment, naked hunger in her gaze. It made Cindy moan, and she was slightly embarrassed to be this - lost. She'd always been when it came to Lindsay Boxer.

"Enjoy," Lindsay whispered, then she sank to her knees and pushed Cindy's legs just a bit further apart.

The feel of warm breath where she wanted to be touched, firmly, made her whimper. Lindsay stroked the insides of her trembling thighs gently. "I love you too, Cindy Thomas," she said, before lowering her head and making love to her with lips and tongue.

Cindy had thought she wouldn't last for a minute, but she had to acknowledge that Lindsay knew exactly what she was doing, so her body strained and tensed, but that sweet relief didn't come. It wasn't until she was shaking all over, the emotional overload bringing tears to her eyes, that Lindsay had mercy, her fingers back inside, the motion almost rough, a counterpoint to the torturous soft pressure of her tongue against Cindy's clit.

Cindy didn't quite scream. That was because she hadn't enough air left in her lungs.

She barely realized when Lindsay very gently put her legs up on the bed and then stretched out beside her, gathering her close. That was the next thing she knew, Lindsay holding her, softly kissing tears from her face. Lindsay's words were quite a contrast to her tender actions.

"Thomas, I always knew you were a coming out waiting to happen," she drawled.

Cindy couldn't help it. She giggled. It didn't matter what happened tomorrow. Tonight, she was happy - and free. "It's all your fault. I'm very innocent, you know."

"Yeah, right," Lindsay said contentedly.

Cindy snuggled closer to her, holding on, unable to believe her luck. "So, would you mind corrupting my innocence any further?" Her fingers were tingling now with the need to touch.

Lindsay took the hand that was resting on her stomach, bringing it to her lips. Cindy shivered at the soft brush of tongue over her knuckles. "One of the things that is so irresistible about you is your enthusiasm."

"You think I'm irresistible?"

"Always have."

"Good." Cindy smiled. She squeezed the hand that held hers lightly, and Lindsay understood, guiding her, whispering softly to her of what she needed. Cindy was more than happy to deliver. Enthusiasm was one thing, her crazy, boundless love for Lindsay another, and since she was pretty sure that there'd be just this one chance to show it, she was determined to make it count.

Just when neither of them was capable of drawing it out any longer, Lindsay pressed herself hard against Cindy's eager hand, Cindy's name on her lips as her climax took over her body.

For long moments, there were no sounds but their strained breathing. Then Lindsay leaned close to whisper, "Thank you. You were everything I needed tonight."

The saturated tone of her voice was nearly enough to send Cindy over the edge once more. It wasn't fair that this should be the only time she'd get to hear it, and already Lindsay's use of the past tense had her worried about something she'd known right away.

Just for a few more hours, she wanted to ignore it.

Switching off the light, she turned to shift closer again, laying an arm around Lindsay's narrow waist, smiling when Lindsay's arms came around her in return.

She'd just hold on for as long as she could.

The End

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