DISCLAIMER: Star Trek is the property of Paramount, this story depicts a loving/sexual relationship between people of the same gender.

We've Come Home
By Ezrilover

B'Elanna Torres walked through the engine room of the starship Voyager with a calm smile on her blue-lit face as she gazed up at the warp core, her warp core, the same warp core that had filled her dreams for the last ten years. With a relaxed exhale and a quirk to the side of her lip she turned from the core of the ship and headed home to her own core.

Just as B'Elanna was about to exit engineering the doors swished open and she came face to face with another facet of the past and her quirked lips broke into a large grin.

"Hey Starfleet, how long's it been since I seen your ugly mug?" B'Elanna smiled teasingly at Harry.

"Um a good five years I think, not since the wedding." Harry answered with a smile how he had missed B'Elanna and her teasing.

"Speaking of the wedding where are Tom and the kids?"

"They're getting settled into our newly modified crew quarters. Isn't it good to be home B'Elanna?" Harry's eyes were brining with tears after all these years he was home again.

"You bet it is. After ten years and so many changes, with the ship and in our own lives, I still feel an immense comfort when walking into this engine room. You know Harry it is where my life truly started this is the first home I ever had."

Harry gestured with his arm that they should walk and talk wherever B'Elanna was going. So they exited engineering and walk together down the corridor just like old times.

"I know, so much happened here to all of us. We all met our soulmates in these halls, even if most of us didn't realize it until after we moved on. You delivered my sweet step daughter in that sickbay and fought tooth and nail with the love of your live in that engine room. Our lives started here and I for one have always hoped they would end up back here."

B'Elanna smiled and thought of her eldest daughter Miral and the four she had at home, Three of the cutest little partially Klingon blondes you'd ever seen and a sweet little light brown haired boy with his blond mother's temperament, quirking there brows and throwing temper tantrums. Their elder sister an adorable brunette of eleven who took after her stepmother more then her own father, who had until now spent her life divided between the Enterprise were Harry and Tom were stationed and San Francisco where she and her beautiful wife Seven lived and worked, both teaching at the Academy. Now they'd all live together on one ship in quarters next to each other and all their children would know each other as the family they truly were.

"And now they have. We've come home my friend."

The End

For those who wonder about the children here is the list

Miral Torres-Paris: daughter of B'Elanna and Tom
Katie Torres: daughter of B'Elanna and Seven Torres, 7 years old.
Charles Torres: son of B'Elanna and Seven, named after Chakotay who encouraged Seven to ask B'Elanna out after Seven confessed her love for B'Elanna. 5 years old.
Nikki Torres: daughter of B'Elanna and Seven, 3 years old.
Mezoti (Misty) Torres: Daughter of B'Elanna and Seven, 6 months old.

Annika Kim-Paris: daughter of Harry and Tom; egg donated by seven, sex given by nano probes, shares no DNA with Seven, 5 years old.

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