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Home Again
By EvestwinX


A small field somewhere in
Drake County, Greenville Ohio
Tuesday, 4:05 pm

A man and his son walked across a field, the sun poking through the tree line in front of them. A slight breeze rustled through the grass as they continued their walk towards the woods. They appeared to be searching for something.

"Ah, here, this will be perfect," the older man said, turning to his son and patting the soft ground with his foot. He took the piece of equipment he had been carrying and slammed it into the earth.

"What about them?" the teenager asked pointing to the house on top of the hill.

"Their property ends there." The old man gestured toward the fence line, as he put all his weight on the object that was now sinking into the ground. "Besides," he grunted, "it's your mother we really have to worry about, she'd kill me for puttin' holes in the yard. Nobody even comes out this way anyhow. Now c'mon, let's see if it works this time."

He tugged on the instrument that strangely resembled very large salad tongs, but were obviously homemade from two shovels. Slowly it came up and out of the ground bringing a large chunk of earth with it. "See, boy, told ya…this will make laying the new fencing go that much faster." The old man grinned at his son triumphantly.

The boy gasped stepping back too quickly and falling to the ground with a look of horror on his face. "What's da matter with you boy?" The father joked stepping forward while reaching to pull his son up. The boy jerked away and pointed at the shovel that was now covered with blood. "What the..." The old man cocked his head and stepped around the hole. Looking down his expression turned cold seeing the disfigured corpse of the baby he had just uncovered. The stale smell of death began seeping out around them.

J .Edgar Hoover Building
Thursday, 8:45 am

The sound of her heels echoed down the empty hall. How could I ever miss this place? the redhead scolded herself, taking in her cold drab surroundings. As she made her way down the hall she noticed the crack of light that shone out into the corridor. Good, someone's here, she thought, pausing briefly in front of the slightly cracked door before gently pushing it open.

There she spotted Monica Reyes at her desk, apparently lost in paperwork, and unaware of her presence. She was wearing dark colors today. Scully took in the scene, smiling as she admired how childlike and innocent Monica seemed at times. Then, deciding to break the silence, She spoke.

"Agent Reyes!" she said, crossing her arms in front of her chest, with a smirk on her face.

Monica jerked in her chair, startled, she looked up. She slowly let a smile creep across her face. "Ah…just the person I wanted to see."

Reyes pushed herself back from her desk and stood to greet her friend. Smiling, she took in the other woman's attire, the pressed white button down shirt, black skirt and matching jacket. She always looked so perfect and together. But how can she walk in those things? Monica asked herself, noticing the pair of heels Scully was wearing today, just like every other day.

"I take it you received the case file we faxed you?" Reyes asked, gesturing towards two chairs that sat in front of the desk.

Scully nodded her head 'yes' in response, and proceeded to take a seat across from Monica.

"Good, and the pictures of the victim?" She lowered herself back down into her seat.

Scully lifted the folder she had been carrying and briefly waved it.

"So...you're interested then?" Reyes asked hopefully, as she leaned forward.

Scully arched her brow and suppressed a smile. "Well, I'm here aren't I Agent Reyes?"

"Good." Reyes said leaning back in her chair, "'Cause I'm having the body sent to Quantico." She finished this statement and began biting her lip, trying to gauge what kind of reaction she was going to receive from the other woman.

"So, you assumed I would say yes?" The red head asked in her best disapproving tone.

"Well, I was hoping." Reyes smiled, getting up from her chair. "I mean this does sound like it could be the same family that you and Mulder dealt with several years ago. So, I guess I assumed you might have some interest in the outcome of this investigation." She pulled a file from the filing cabinet and plopped it down on the desk in front of Scully.

"I'm well aware of the case Agent Reyes," she looked up at her, no longer pretending to be mad. "And after looking over these pictures, I agree with you. There are far too many similarities here to just dismiss them as coincidental."

Reyes smiled, pleased to have the other woman's support on her theory. She leaned up against the edge of the desk next to Scully. "Well, I also had a sample of the DNA sent to the lab. We're waiting on the results, so we can compare them to the ones in your case file. But in the mean time, I thought if you didn't mind doing the autopsy, we could at least compare what you find there, and get this thing moving."

Dana smiled, of course she was going to do the autopsy, and whatever else she could do to help with the case. Doggett and Monica had become like family now, and she actually enjoyed receiving their calls asking for help on a case from time to time. Besides whether she wanted to admit it or not, after working with them the past few years, they had both earned their own special places in her heart, not that she was eager to make either of them aware of that.

"When is the body supposed to arrive?" Scully asked, glancing up at Reyes.

Monica grinned. "Five."

"Perfect, class is over at three, why don't you meet me and we'll get coffee or something before I get started on the autopsy."

"Great, thank you Dana" Reyes smiled warmly. "For doing this, for helping." She added, placing a hand on Dana's shoulder as she stood up.

Scully jerked at the contact, then smiled. "Anytime." She got up quickly and headed for the door. She turned back, "see you around three then?"

Reyes just nodded silently at the woman in her doorway. She watched in awe as Scully turned and left the office. Almost three years of working with this woman and she still felt like she barely knew her sometimes.

Autopsy Bay

Monica stood leaning against the door so she could see into the room through the window. She watched Scully, who seemed to be wrapping up her class, as she removed her goggles and mask, placing them on the counter. The crowd that had been hovering around her began to dissipate. Students slowly came trickling out of the double doors, forcing Monica to step back and wait in the hall. Once the traffic seemed to come to a halt, Monica pushed her own way through the doors. She immediately saw Scully who was still cleaning up with her back to her now.

"Hey." She said softly so as not to startle the other woman.

Scully turned around, "Hey." She offered a short smile. "I'll be done here in a minute."

"Take your time." Reyes leaned against the counter behind her. She felt something wet ooze under her palm, and jerked her hand up instinctively "yuck."

Monica groaned, turning to see where it came from. She stepped back realizing she had been leaning on an autopsy table, which was still covered with blood and whatever else she couldn't and didn't want to make out. Slick Reyes, very slick.

Scully gave her an amused grin. "Just a little cerebrospinal fluid agent Reyes." She said walking over with a towel, "here." She took Monica's hand, pausing a second, then wiped the red liquid off her palm. "There's a sink over there." She pointed to the corner of the room, as she went back to her table.

"Thanks." Reyes walked over to the sink. "I don't know how you do this everyday Dana."

The red head looked up from the table she had been clearing off. "Do what everyday agent Reyes?"

"This." Reyes shrugged looking around the room as she walked back towards her. She glanced at the body on the table. "Death. I mean, this place is so cold Dana…" She trailed off.

Scully looked up at her, wiping her hands with a paper towel. "It's only a couple days a week," She paused, "except for when I get a call from you or Doggett." She finished with a smirk. Reyes started to say something but Scully cut her off. "I'm just teasing you, come on lets go." She threw the towel in the trash.

Monica nodded, she walked past the red head opening the door with a smile. "Age before beauty." She caught a soft blow in the stomach from the shorter woman as she walked through the doors. "Just teasing agent Scully." Reyes mumbled as she followed her out the door.

"And to think I was going to buy you coffee agent Reyes... but now..." Scully trailed off.

"Yeah ...it's on me." Reyes followed the red head down the hall.

"I just have to change real quick, and we can be on our way." Scully turned to her taller companion. "I'll be out in five." She disappeared into her office.

Autopsy Bay

Scully was leaning over the little body, looking very absorbed in what she was doing. She looked up from the deformed figure through her goggles.

"Monica." Monica crossed the room to stand beside Scully. "You're never going to learn anything standing all the way over there."

"I know, I was hoping you wouldn't notice that." She was wearing a mask, but Scully could still make out the smile behind those eyes when she turned to look up at her.

"You see this," she said pointing to something in the chest cavity, "and this." She pointed to the same brownish substance around the baby's nose and mouth.

"Yes, I see it."

"What does it look like to you?" Scully turned to her friend with her arms crossed, her head tilted up at her.

"I really don't know." Monica replied, not wanting to actually participate in the autopsy.

"Monica." Scully grabbed her arm, and gently pulled her closer to the table. "Just look, and tell me what you see in the lungs."

Monica leaned in looking closer at the brown around the nose, and then the chest cavity, lungs, and back to the nose, then the mouth, brown clumps of dirt?

"Dirt?" She whispered, "It's dirt."

"See, that wasn't that hard, now was it agent Reyes?"

"No, it was spectacular." The raven haired woman replied sarcastically taking a step back. "So it wasn't still born..."

"No" Scully replied as she grabbed the tape recorder next to her, then turning her gaze back to Monica. She raised it up to her mouth picking up where she had left off.

"The victim appears to have suffered from occlusion due to dirt in the nose and mouth." She stopped the recorder, "The dirt was inhaled."

Monica stepped back, "buried alive." She sighed with a frown.

"At least they're consistent."

Both women looked up, they hadn't noticed John entering the room, a file in hand.

"Hey John, watcha got?" Reyes asked stepping further from the table removing her mask.

"Results." He came around to join the ladies finding a spot to set his folder down on.

"It's our boy, or someone very related to him." He held up two translucent sheets of paper towards the ceiling in front of the light. "Almost a perfect match. It's gotta be the Peacocks though."

Scully nodded in agreement taking the papers John held out to her. She pointed, then pulled her mask down so it hung around her neck. "Same multiple maldistrbution, chromosomal breakage and maldivision of the centromere."

Reyes and Doggett looked at each other and smiled. Scully catching the exchange then offered, "In other words, a lot of genetic mutation going on here."

"I knew that's what that meant." Reyes whispered to Doggett.

He just shook his head and grinned in response. "Well, there's already a warrant for Edmond Peacock's arrest, so I guess we're off to Ohio now," Doggett looked to Reyes.

"Am I booking flights for two or three?" He then glanced at Scully.

Reyes looked down at the floor, waiting for an answer.

"Three." Scully responded. She noticed Reyes's head lift a bit with that answer.

"You sure agent Scully?" John asked not wanting to cut into her personal time.

"My mom has William this weekend, and I don't teach any classes on Fridays. Besides, I have a history with this case."

"Then it's settled, I'll make the arrangements. I need to head back to the office anyway and give the sheriff a call." John grabbed the papers off the counter and placed them back in the folder.

"Have the sheriff find out how many people are living at that residence." Scully suggested. "From looking at the DNA results, I'm going to guess that there's a few more family members involved. Who knows, it's hard to say, there could be twenty of them living up there."

She rolled her eyes at the thought. "And if that's the case, then figuring out who to charge will be beyond complicated, with the way they tend to..." She paused trying to find the right word.

"Keep it in the family?" Reyes finished for her, a glint of humor in her eyes.

"Yeah." Scully shook her head smiling. "John, call my cell once you talk to the sheriff, if there's more than two or three Peacocks, we're going to need back up. You both read the file, you know what we can expect."

"Yeah, a house full of booby traps, I read the report, they killed the sheriff, his wife and his deputy." John ran his fingers through his hair.

"Right, we're not dealing with the Brady Bunch here." Scully said snapping off her gloves. "These people live and operate out of their most primitive instincts, undiluted animal behavior. They feel they have to protect their way of life, so to speak."

She walked over to a trash can and tossed the gloves inside, then turned back to them. "They'll regard any outsider as an intruder, or threat. We have to exercise extreme caution." She came to stand next to Monica.

John sighed, Monica could tell he was getting anxious. She put her hand on his arm. "We'll get everything planed out once we find out what exactly we're dealing with here John. We can always put in a call for backup from the local bureau if need be." She gave him her little upside down smile for reassurance.

"All right, let me go make those calls. I'll get in touch with you guys as soon as I know anything, and we can plan from there." With that he walked out the door.

Monica watched John leave then turned her gaze to the small, disfigured body on the table in front of her. She stared at it in silence. Scully put on another pair of gloves and began clearing off the counter.

Monica broke the silence. "Why do you think..." her voice trailed off as she got lost in thought.

"Think what Monica?" Scully asked stepping in her line of vision.

"Why would they continue to live this way?" She finally made eye contact with the woman in front of her before walking around the table.

"I mean with dogs and cats it's one thing, but with humans, the idea of repeatedly practiced inbreeding... the outcome is inevitable." She stared down again at the little corpse. "Reduction in genetic diversity, gene imbalances leading to reduced chances of survival, genetic mutation, not to mention the fatality rates ... they'll never have a normal child Dana, not at this point."

She looked up worried she was rambling, but Scully just nodded in agreement, then tilted her head studying the other woman for a moment.

"Agent Reyes," she paused making sure she had the other woman's attention. "You want to wait around while I finish up here, then maybe get some dinner and wait for Doggett's call?" Scully asked softly as she began cleaning up the autopsy table.

Reyes looked back up, rejoining the land of the living. "Sure, that sounds great, what time do you have to get home for William?"

Scully smiled at the question. "My mom's bringing him back at 8:00."

"Wouldn't it be easier if I just pick something up and bring it to your house? That way you don't have to rush around." Monica found a chair near the front of the room and sat down.

"Ok, even better. That would be great." Scully pushed a lock of hair away from her forehead with the back of her hand, then began rolling up the autopsy pad. She glanced up at the woman sitting in the chair across the room.

"Are you going to wait here, and walk me to my car too agent Reyes?" Scully asked only half serious seeing that the other woman didn't seem to be in any rush to go pick up the food.

"Of course." Reyes said meeting her questioning gaze with a sincere smile. Scully slightly nodded before looking away to continue the task at hand.

7:45 pm
Dana Scully's apartment

The two FBI agents sit on the couch surrounded by open boxes of Chinese food. Their plates hold only the remnants of a meal. Monica reaches across the table to grab her beer.

"Dana, I know you're beat, you don't have to entertain me. I can wait for John's call. You should go take a bath and relax while you have me here to wait for your mom to get back with William."

Scully just stared back at her over the rim of her wine glass, swallowing the last sip she set it back down next to her on the table. "Monica," She started to protest.

"Dana." Reyes mocked back. "Just go, I've baby sat William dozens of times, I think I can handle this." She set her beer back down on the table turning her gaze to the other woman. "Besides, you need it."

Scully sat back and studied the other woman. She couldn't argue the last part, that was for sure.

"Go relax." This time it sounded more like an order.

Scully stood up, "I won't be long." She squeezed Monica's shoulder as she passed the back of the couch on her way to her room.

Monica waited till she heard the bath water stop, then began cleaning up.

Scully came out of her room to see the back of Monica's head, still sitting on the couch where she had left her. As she drew closer though, she noticed it was oddly quiet, and she could tell that everything had been cleaned up, and put away. She smiled at how kind and thoughtful Monica always seemed to be with everyone. Scully stopped suddenly as she rounded the couch, noticing that Monica was out, along with a sleeping William flattened out against her chest. She watched smiling, following the steady rise and fall of William with Monica's chest. It was so peaceful. She stood there like that for a few minutes just watching the two of them. She forced down the slight lump in her throat and looked at the clock, 8:35. Shit. She didn't realize she had been gone that long. She hesitated, before reaching down slowly to retrieve William, trying not to wake him. He must have had a busy day with mom, hopefully he'll sleep in a little. She managed to lift him without waking him, but Monica jerked up at the sudden loss of weight against her chest. She started to reach out, then pulled back realizing what had happened. She smiled, "Sorry, I was just watching him sleep, I must have..."

"It's fine Monica," Scully cut her off smiling. "Just let me go put him down."

She returned to find Monica waiting in the foyer, with her jacket in her arms.

"Hey," the taller woman whispered not wanting to wake the toddler. "John called earlier, we'll pick you up around nine thirty tomorrow." She paused. "And your mom will be by around 9:00 to get William." Monica smiled as she headed for the door, opening it, she turned back. "Goodnight Dana." She smiled once more before disappearing out the door.

"Goodnight." Scully whispered back. She stood there a moment suddenly feeling very alone in her own apartment. Wow, She thought to herself stepping forward to lock the door. She turned off the lights and headed down the hall to her room. She was surprised at how much she missed the comfort of the other woman's presence. She stopped at her bed, thinking about how nice the evening had been, being able to relax for a change. God, I don't even think I said thank you, shit...Scully ran a hand through her hair, walking over and grabbing the phone off her night stand. She quickly dialed Monica's cell phone number.

It rang twice before she heard the familiar voice on the other end. "Miss me already?"

Scully paused, caught off guard, she flushed. "Actually...I was just calling to say thank you."

"You're welcome Dana, it's never a problem."

"No… thank you. For everything..." She didn't finish her sentence, not actually wanting to name all the thoughtful things she could remember the other woman doing for her. She stared down at her bed letting her mind wander over these things. Even now she was reminded of Monica and her thoughtful tendencies as her eyes rested on her comforter. That night, after Spender had stayed pretending to be Mulder, Monica had taken the liberty of throwing away her linens and replacing them with new ones. Jesus, she must think I'm so ungrate...

"Dana?" Monica broke her thought process.

Scully took a breath. "You're a wonderful friend Monica, please don't ever think I take that for granted."

"Oh." Was that a wall she heard crumbling? Monica smiled to herself, glad she was hiding behind a phone. "Don't worry about it Dana...goodnight."

"Goodnight." Scully put the phone back in the cradle and sighed as she pulled the covers back from her bed.

9:30 am
Outside Dana Scully's apartment

Reyes put the car in park and started to get out, then she spotted Scully coming out the front of her building. Another pair of heels, Monica laughed to herself. John got out of the front seat and jogged up the steps to meet Scully taking her bag from her.

"Morning sunshine," he smiled. "Monica's got coffee waiting for you in the car. Hope you like yours high test," he said over his shoulder as he headed toward the trunk. Scully smiled thank God.

She slid in the back seat grabbing the cup Monica offered her once she was done buckling her seat belt. "Thank you" she breathed a sigh of relief as she took in the aroma, then sipping it... umm, she arched her brow someone's been paying attention. Monica pulled out onto the road.

"Who stopped for coffee?" Scully asked, looking into the rearview mirror for her answer, Monica just smiled up at her, then reverted her eyes back to the road.

"That was all Monica," John started, not seeing the silent answer his partner had just given her. "I can't handle that foo-foo crap you two call coffee."

Scully laughed out loud waving him off with her hand. "Well, thank you."

Monica cleared her throat. "John talked to the sheriff again." She glanced at Scully in her mirror. "Last night they weren't sure how many people were living at the Peacock residence, so today she's' having a deputy watch the place, hopefully they'll know once we get there."

John turned around in his seat to face Scully. "Small town, we'll just have to take a look for ourselves once we get there."

Scully nodded then turned to look out her window.

They filled the car with small talk the rest of the way to the airport.

Drake County, Ohio
Sheriff's Office
Friday 12:45 pm

The three agents entered the double doors of the brick building that sat off by itself on the side of the road. Other than the tan jeep out front, the parking lot was empty. Scully walked ahead of the other two and approached the front desk, where a woman in her early twenties sat staring back at them unimpressed.

"We're looking for Sheriff Casey Porter, she's expecting us. I'm special agent Dana Scully with the FBI." She flipped open her ID and continued, "These are special agents Reyes and Doggett." She cocked her head in their direction as they came to stand next to her.

The dark-haired officer gave them the once over. "She's in her office." She said flatly, coming out from behind the desk, "I'll go get her for you."

"Thank you." Scully replied dryly, watching after her.

"Um... that was warm and fuzzy." Reyes mumbled under her breath as the woman disappeared around the corner.

Doggett shot her a sly grin. "Maybe they're not fond of outsiders in these parts..."

Scully shushed him with her hand as the brunette came back around the corner, followed by a tall slender blond woman who looked to be in her mid thirties. Her long blond hair framed her face, bringing attention to her bright blue eyes. She had that natural look, not an ounce of make-up, and was still beautiful.

"Hi, I'm sheriff Porter" She said her voice thick like honey with a slight southern drawl. She extended a hand to Scully. "Thanks for responding so quickly" she smiled, taking in the red hair and blue eyes. Then, looking past her to the taller woman, her smile widened as she extended a hand towards Reyes. She held on just a second too long before letting go to shake hands with Doggett.

She cleared her throat. "So, I guess you guys have met officer Mary Beth." She offered, attempting to break the ice while her eyes still lingered on Reyes.

"Yes, we have." Scully replied watching the sheriff in wonder, trying to figure out if what she thought was going on there, was actually going on there. She looked at Reyes who seemed to be off in la la land somewhere not even aware of the conversation at hand. She rolled her eyes, then turned to John for help. John just smiled, either not seeing or caring. Am I the only one seeing this? Scully thought to herself becoming annoyed. She decided to cut the small talk. "Sheriff, have you been able to find out how many people are living at the Peacock residence yet?"

"Oh, yes." The Sheriff snapped out of her trance. "I have my deputy up there right now, last we talked, he seemed to think there were six of them."

"Six?" Scully arched her brows.

"Yes, six." She replied glancing back at Monica who now appeared to be listening to the conversation.

"Sheriff," Doggett interrupted, "you think you could take us up there now, maybe walk us through the crime scene?" He asked wanting to confirm the number and call for backup as soon as possible.

"Sure thing." The sheriff tipped her head in the direction of the door and squeezed past the agents. "I can take you there now." She stood waiting for a response.

Doggett moved to follow the Sheriff, and Scully gave Reyes a slight push in the direction of the door.

Reyes turned and looked down at her. "Something's off here," she whispered as she headed for the door.

Off? you're off. Scully thought as she watched her tall frame walk away.

Officer Mary Beth started to come out from behind the counter where she had been waiting, until sheriff Porter turned back to her.

"Mary, we need someone to stay here... we'll be back in an hour or so." The younger officer just glared after them as they left. Doggett, who was holding the door open decided to return the glare before following after the others.

"Does your officer have something against us being here?" Scully asked the tall blond next to her once they had exited the building.

John leaned in on Scully's right, wanting to hear the answer to the very same question he had just been about to ask.

"No, no, she's just the quiet type, always been kinda shy." The sheriff replied letting her eyes linger on Monica who was a few steps ahead of them now, smoke trailing behind her. "Don't take it personally agent Scully."

John cocked his eyebrow taking notice of the sheriff's gaze, then glanced at Scully with an amused look on his face. Scully rolled her eyes, and made her way to the jeep. She smirked, opening the back door, it was obvious who was expected to ride upfront. John made his way around the other side and opened the door.

"Thank you." Monica said, extinguishing her cigarette before climbing into the back seat. She smiled, sliding in next to Scully, apparently oblivious of the sheriff's growing infatuation.

"I thought you were the one who picked up on all the vibes." Scully muttered under her breath.

"What was that agent Scully?" Monica leaned in closer, studying the woman next to her.

"I said, I didn't realize it was already past one." Scully replied loud enough this time for everyone to hear. "We should eat once we're done, seeing as we can't make a move till tomorrow anyway." She folded her arms across her chest.

"There are some great diners around here, just depends on what you guys are in the mood for." Porter snuck a peek at the back seat in her rearview. "I'll suggest a few once we take a look at the crime scene and get you acquainted with James, that's my deputy. He'll be at your disposal throughout this investigation. He's a good kid, and a hard worker."

Kid? Great... "How long has he been working with you?" Doggett questioned the driver next to him wanting to know more about this kid they would be working with.

Reyes seized the opportunity leaning closer to Scully. "What makes you think I'm not?"

"What?" Scully had been listening to Doggett and Porter's conversation, she turned to Reyes.

Reyes just pursed her lips and crossed her arms daring Scully to ask again. Scully looked down and flushed, realizing Reyes had indeed somehow heard her earlier comment. Scully opened her mouth to say something, then thought better of it, and just smiled at the mysterious woman sitting next to her. Maybe you aren't totally oblivious agent Reyes, Scully thought to herself.

"Maybe" Reyes muttered under her breath turning to look out the window.

Scully just stared back, mouth slightly ajar... coincidence she told herself, then turned back to the other conversation.

A small field near the
Peacock residence
Drake County, Greenville Ohio
Friday, 1:34 pm

The jeep came to an abrupt stop at the base of the hill that led up to the Peacock's home. An orange dust cloud hovered around the vehicle as the four passengers stepped out onto the gravel road. They walked towards the patrol car in front of them with the sheriff in the lead.

"Hey Casey," the young black man said, smiling as he tipped his hat and nodded in the direction of the agents approaching his car.

"James, I want you to meet special agents, Scully, Reyes and Doggett." She said pointing to each as she said their names.

"Pleasure, agents." He said with a beaming smile, extending his hand from the car. The agents took turns shaking hands with him. "James Coles, ya'll can call me James or Coles, I'll answer to both." He grinned again.

"James," Monica started as she smiled down at the young man, "have you noticed anything out of the ordinary up there today," she pointed over her shoulder in the direction of the house, "or do you have any reason to suspect they might have noticed you?"

He smiled at the question. "Well, if they noticed me, I don't think they cared much, hard to say. I mean the elevators working, it just don't go all the way to the top, if you know what I mean. Kinda sad actually..." he trailed off.

Monica nodded in agreement.

Doggett leaned in next to the window. "Sheriff Porter said there were six people up there. As far as you know, that still the count deputy?"

"Yes sir, far as I can tell."

"And what have our friends been up to today?" Doggett continued.

James lifted his hat and smoothed his hair down as he answered. "Well, you've got four men and two women, and they all seem to be doing yard work most of the morning. They've got their own pigs and cows up there. I saw them all working around the animals, there must be more around back... I could only see so much from down here."

"Good." Scully replied. "Hopefully, they have no idea what's going on. We'll just continue as planned and call for backup."

"Can you show us the crime scene?" Monica asked turning from the car back to the sheriff.

"Right this way." The blond signaled for Monica to follow. Scully and Doggett followed behind them with the deputy not far behind. The five made their way through the field and stopped about ten yards short of the Peacock's property line.

"This is it." The sheriff said, standing over the hole.

"Sheriff, did you guys check to see if there were anymore bodies out here?" Doggett asked, surveying the ground with his hands on his hips.

Reyes didn't wait for a reply as she turned and headed off in the direction of the woods.

The Sheriff pursed her lips before answering. "This is a small town Agent, we really don't have the time or man power to conduct a search this large."

Scully followed Monica with her eyes, watching till she was about 30 yards out from them, then decided to go after her, jogging to catch up. "You wanna tell me what it is exactly you're looking for out here agent Reyes?" Monica was squatting on the ground now, she slowly raised her head to meet the other woman's questioning gaze, but said nothing.

Scully raised her hands and shrugged her shoulders.

Monica broke eye contact to stand up smoothing out her leather jacket as she rose. "There are more bodies out here Dana."

The shorter woman just stared back at her with an arched brow.

"I'm sure of it. I just can't tell you where they are, but I know they are out here." She shook her head in frustration.

"A vision?" Scully asked well aware of Monica's tendency to see things sometimes that others couldn't.

Monica shook her head no, as she turned to head back towards the others. "Just a feeling." Aware of just how strange she could sound sometimes, she felt a wave of relief when the smaller woman placed a hand on the small of her back gently guiding her forward. "And there's something else we're missing here ... something's unsettling, I feel anxious."

"This whole case is unsettling Monica, try not to let it get to you." Scully lowered her voice as they approached the others.

John greeted them with a nod of the head. "Let's get some food, everyone's hungry, and I think we're finished here. I can't get a good view of an entry point from down here, and there's no way of knowing what's around back. We'll just have to see what we can dig up in county records, maybe we can find some original blue prints. If not, it will be the blind leading the blind in there tomorrow. I'd rather no surprises."

The Sheriff looked at the two women as they came up along side Doggett. She glanced at Scully then Reyes, then back at Scully again, twisted her lips, then smiled. "All right, let's head out then."

Sheriff's Office
Friday 3:45 pm

The three agents and two officers sit scattered around the office. Empty soda and water bottles take up a small section of the table, along with random pieces of balled up tin foil and empty potato chip bags.

"Sheriff," John started, staring at the list in his hands as he paced around her office. "Where do you guys keep blue prints for the houses in this town, and maps of the surrounding areas?"

"Library's right in town, you could try there. We have some maps here but they won't be of any help once we're on their property."

"Monica, you and Scully wanna head into town, see what you can dig up at the library? I'll handle everything else from here, Skinner's just waiting for my call. He's all ready briefed a team of officers on our situation. Any visual aid we can give them will be a help though."

That being said Monica turned to Scully, "Shall we?"

Scully grabbed a map off the table and followed Monica out the door.

Drake County
Public Library
Friday 4:25 pm

"This should prove interesting." Scully said opening the door to the tiny rundown building. "After you," she tilted her head holding the door open for Monica.

The taller woman made her way to the front desk where a short mousey looking man in his sixties sat doing a crossword puzzle. He looked up through his thick bottle glasses, "Can I help you ladies with something?"

"I hope so," Monica replied with a charming smile. "We're with the FBI, and we need access to any county records you might have that include blueprints, maps and area reports of residential properties around here." She flipped open her ID.

"Um hum, I see." He smiled nodding and mumbling to himself. They waited ... and waited. Monica threw her partner a sideways glance.

"Sir" Scully interrupted his mumbling stepping forward, "could you tell us where we might find those things?"

"Yep." He replied scrunching his nose and then pushing his glasses up with his middle finger. "Just follow me." He made his way around the desk then headed off towards some filing cabinets in the back of the library.

"Did he just flip us off?" Monica asked leaning in towards the shorter woman.

"You saw that too, huh?" Scully smirked. "C'mon." She grabbed Monica by the sleeve of her jacket and gave a slight tug.

"You'll find most of what you're looking for under permanent county records" he said, tapping his hand on the filing cabinet marked 'permanent county records'.

"You'll want to look under Planning Commission, that's where you'll find your area reports and maps. The blue prints on the other hand will be under the sewer district, but I can't guarantee you'll find what you're looking for." He turned and left the two agents to fend for themselves.

"Wow." Monica said tugging on the first cabinet, "That was easy."

"What's the street name?" Scully asked jerking the next cabinet open.

"Green Hill" Monica turned and scanned the library, Ahh... just what she was looking for. She grabbed a hand full of papers and headed towards the table she had just spotted.

After a few minutes of digging around, the red head joined her with an equally large pile of papers. They repeated this dance for a half hour or so till finally Scully stood up from the filing cabinet "Ah Ha." She came back to the table where Monica was still reading.

"What?" Monica asked looking up from her growing pile of papers.

Scully continued scanning the paper in her hands unfolding it and flattening it out on the table "Ah Ha." She exclaimed again as she took a seat.

"That's two sets of Ah Ha's agent Scully. You wanna tell me what you've got over there?" Reyes stood and walked over to Scully leaning in to see over her shoulder.

"I think these are the blue prints John wanted."

"Really? How can you tell?" Reyes leaned in closer trying to make sense of what she was looking at. Scully's attention turned elsewhere as she noticed the faint scent of cologne and sandalwood. Suddenly she became very aware of the other woman's body and the heat radiating off it as it pressed up against her. Apparently Reyes had noticed this too, her body tensed, and she moved to the side putting some space between them.

"You ok?" Scully asked as she studied the other woman.

"What?... Yeah," She stammered, now visibly flustered. "I'm just tired from all this reading, sorry." She took her jacket off before sitting back down. She was feeling uncomfortably hot. She brushed her hair back from her face and sighed. Get a fucking grip Monica.

"You don't need to apologize Monica," Scully offered calmly, pausing slightly to let her words hang in the air. "We just need the area maps, or some other kind of reference for perimeter containment. Then we can call it a night." Dana finished with a sympathetic smile.

Monica nodded then returned her attention to the papers in front of her.

After another half hour or so of searching, the agents found what they were looking for. They gathered their things and headed towards the front of the library.

"Thanks, we'll have these back later." Monica threw the folders over her shoulder as she blew by the front desk, holding the papers up in the air for him to see.

"But..." Was all the man could get out as he watched them disappear through the doors.

"Let's go." Reyes started to jog towards the car.

They left the parking lot and headed back to the Sheriff's office.

Monica grew restless in the passenger seat, fidgeting around with the door handle till she lost interest, then tapping her fingers on her knees impatiently.

Scully noticed her partner's behavior and sighed as she reached over to turn on the radio. "Wonderful, wonderful" by Johnny Mathis came on, Reyes shuddered, leaning over to change the station. Something about that song creeped her out at that moment. Scully noticed the shudder out of the corner of her eye. "Sorry, I left your whale song at home." she offered sarcastically.

Reyes rolled her eyes and bit her lip, "I'm never gonna live that down, am I?"


Reyes slouched down in her seat and groaned.

Scully laughed. "I'm just teasing you Monica."

The dark haired woman smiled, turning to look out her window.

Sheriffs Office
Friday 7:02 pm

Scully and Reyes came through the door of the office, papers in hand. "I believe you were looking for these." Reyes said, laying the papers down on the table in front of John.

He smiled and began sorting through them. "Wow, you found the original blue prints, and an area map, I'm impressed." He grinned at the two women.

"Ye of little faith." Scully replied, picking up the report Doggett had been working on as she continued around the table. "What time's back up arriving?"

"Nine thirty sharp." Doggett said pinning the blue prints up on the wall. "We'll meet and greet, go over these maps." He paused searching for a thumb tack, Scully grabbed one off the table and handed it to him. "come up with a plan," he continued, "then hit the road."

"Sounds like you have everything under control here John." Reyes said as she sat down across the table from them. She glanced around the room. "Did James go home?"

"Yeah, nothing more to do tonight, we have to wait for the rest of the team to arrive here tomorrow. I've done as much over the phone as possible, now we just wait, and try to get some sleep."

"Sleep? What's that?" The sheriff asked entering the room with a sheet of paper in her hand. The agents just smiled in response. "There's a fax here from an Assistant Director Skinner's office." She handed it to John.

He read the paper then looked up. "It's just a paper trail confirming the arrival time of nine thirty tomorrow. You guys ready to get out of here?" He grabbed some lose papers off the desk and placed them in a pile before heading toward the door. Scully and Reyes followed behind him, both looking exhausted.

"Good night sheriff" John said, brushing past her as he exited her office.

"Get some sleep." She replied, smiling, by her door.

Scully just nodded, walking past the woman. She made her way down the hall, stopping once she rounded the corner to wait for Reyes with John. They waited a few seconds before Scully's curiosity got the better of her. She poked her head around the corner to see the Sheriff talking to Reyes. She couldn't make out what they were saying, but Reyes was nodding and smiling.

Then Monica looked up, feeling the red head's eyes on her. Making eye contact with the shorter woman, she smiled then turned to the sheriff. They exchanged a few more words before Reyes took off down the hall at a brisk pace. She nearly slammed into both her partners as she rounded the corner, skidding to a halt.

"You two finished?" Scully asked flatly.

John just chuckled as he headed for the door. Women...

"Yeah." Reyes replied studying the shorter woman in front of her, a little confused by her accusatory tone.

John held the door for them as they exited the building.

Comfort Inn
Drake County
8:32 pm

Monica had only been in her room about thirty minutes when she heard a knock at the adjoining door between her and Dana's room. She unlocked the door, sliding it open to reveal a much shorter and more relaxed looking Dana Scully. Her wet hair hung loosely around her face, her eyes a soft green now, reflecting the color of her silk pajamas. Her face was still damp with moisture from her shower.

Reyes breathed in the strong scent of shampoo and something else, fabric softener maybe. ... she felt dizzy.

"You're staring." Scully said, jerking Monica's attention back to her eyes.

"I'm waiting," Reyes recovered smiling. "I believe it was you who knocked Agent Scully."

"Touche'." Scully smiled, pushing past her and entering the room. "Ok Agent Reyes, spill it."


"Come on." She gawked at her. "Casey Porter."

"What, the sheriff?" Reyes threw her a confused look.

"What the sheriff?" Scully mocked. "Yes, tell me. What did the good sheriff have to say?"

Monica put her hands on her hips and gave Scully a puzzled look. "Why?"

"Because she's been eyeing you since we got here. And I was just wondering if she finally grew some balls and decided to do something about it."

Reyes was a little taken back, Scully could be quite aggressive and to the point when she wanted to be. "I guess she did something about it then."

"You guess?" Scully arched her brow. "And?"

"And nothing, I'm not interested, I told her I was seeing someone."

"Are you seeing someone Monica?"

"No," she laughed. "As a rule though, I just try to stay away from blondes, they'll break your heart every time." She smiled at Scully.

Scully laughed, "And here I thought you tried to keep an open mind agent Reyes." She turned back towards her room stopping in the doorway.

Reyes stared back at her with an amused grin. This was a new side of Dana Scully, and she wasn't going to let her leave that easy. "Why the twenty-four questions Agent Scully?"

She shrugged staring back into the dark brown eyes. "I don't know. I was just curious I guess." She picked at the door trim separating their rooms.

"Uh Huh. Maybe you should stop and ask yourself why you're so curious." Reyes offered matter-of-factly, stepping back from the door way.

Scully paused, she appeared to be thinking. "I don't know." She said seriously, then added with a smile. "But you're more than welcome to try and read my mind Agent Reyes." She then leaned against the doorway, waiting for a reply.

Monica hesitated, then her face grew serious, "I can't." she said softly, almost apologetically. "Believe me, I've tried."

"You can't?" Scully's smile faded.

"I can't read you at all actually," Monica continued to hold Scully's gaze. "You put up so many walls Dana."

"I do?" Scully swallowed hard against the tightness she felt in her chest. She could feel her face getting flushed from the serious turn the conversation had taken. She knew she could be cold and standoffish, but couldn't stand the idea of that being the cause of the pain she saw reflected in Reyes' eyes.

"You do. Not all the time, just whenever anyone starts to get too close. Whenever I start to get too close." Monica moved forward a few inches as if to illustrate her words. "I never actually really know where I stand with you Dana."

Scully swallowed hard, her eyes glazing over. She stood there in silence for a moment. "I don't mean to." She said, stepping closer to Monica and reaching for her hand.

A loud ring broke through the room causing both women to jump back. "Fuck!" Monica said throwing a hand over her chest with a smile as she walked over to the phone. Damnit John... "Hello."

Scully smiled too realizing her heart was also beating fast from the sudden noise... among other things. She was, however thankful for the interruption. Saved by the bell, she told herself, watching Monica from the door. She smiled, studying the other woman's expressions as she talked on the phone, her eyes, her warm smile. She couldn't lie to Monica, and she wouldn't, but she also wasn't ready to tell her just where she did stand with her, not now. She didn't really know what to call the bond that had been forged between them, she just knew it was growing.

"Yeah.....Sure, that sounds good........Yeah, I'll tell her.....OK, bye." Monica hung up the phone, then turned back towards Scully.

"John?" Scully asked, now back in business mode.

Monica threw her a glance that said 'duh', then put on her serious face, "No, Sheriff Porter actually, she wants to take you out to dinner." She managed to keep a straight face, but a smile danced behind her eyes.

Scully looked half amused, then smiled back arching her eyebrows. "Tell her to come on over, we'll order in." She winked.

"That's cute, really. John, however, would like us to join him for a late dinner." Monica relayed as she came back over towards the adjoining door.

Scully sighed "I'm too tired Monica, and I'm all ready for bed." She stepped back into her room pointing down to the pajamas she was wearing.

Monica stared, then shrugged. "You can wear those out if you like, I don't mind" She paused with a sly grin. "I mean, you'll be sitting by yourself, but ..."

Scully cut her off with a warning look.

Reyes ran her eyes slowly over Scully's wardrobe, then brought her hand to her chin as if pondering something. "Ok, you're right, sorry. You should probably change first, I'll wait for you out here." She paused in the door way.

Scully hesitated a second. Then shaking her head and smiling, she looked back up to meet Monica's gaze. She stepped forward, closing the space between them, and placed a hand over Monica's stomach, giving a gentle push. "Give me five minutes to change."

Reyes backed out and slid the door shut in front of her.

Monica was sitting on the edge of her bed when Scully slid the door open and entered her room six minutes later. She looked up, trying to keep an even face as she took in the new set of clothes. Scully had on her usual black slacks, chunky heels, of course, and a button down blue shirt.

Back to blue again, Monica mused, noticing her eyes seemed to fluctuate between green and blue depending on what she was wearing. Not that this was the first time she had noticed this feature, she just found it more and more amusing each time.

"You're staring again." Scully stated, breaking the trance.

"Am I?" Reyes stood, "I'm sorry, I was just admiring the way your eyes seem to shift between blue and green, depending on what color you choose to wear." She paused noticing the blush that had just painted Scully's face. "They're beautiful."

Scully looked away, "You ready agent Reyes?" She asked, brushing against her and making a beeline for the door. Reyes grabbed her wrist as she passed by, causing her to stop.

"Are you Ok Dana?" She let go of her wrist.

Scully looked back, sensing the concern in her voice. "Everything's fine Monica," she replied evenly.

"OK." Monica nodded and looked away. Fuck. She had crossed that line again. She remembered the last time she commented on Scully's beauty, and how uncomfortable the situation became. She had to go outside on more than one occasion that evening to smoke, maybe she should go do that now. She began digging in her pockets.

"Monica..." Scully was cut off by a knock at the door.

She opened it to see John grinning at them, he stopped once he glanced at Monica.

"Everything OK ?" He asked, looking past Scully.

Monica smiled. "Yes, let's go."

He glanced down at the pack of cigarettes in her hand. "All right then." He said turning towards the parking lot.

She knew he would drop it for now, for her. She also knew, however he would ask her again later, and that he probably already had a good idea as to what was bothering her. After all, he knew her better than anyone else.

Rt. 69 Diner

John had just finished paying the bill when he came back to the table. He noticed Scully had left and Monica was sitting, staring off into space. He scooted into the booth across from her. "You wanna talk about it?"

She looked up at him, breaking her gaze from the ketchup bottle.

"I mean unless you're getting somewhere with that bottle of ketchup."

"I think I freaked her out." She frowned. "I can't read that woman to save my life John. Every time I think...there's something." She sighed. "I don't know what to think anymore, never mind." She ran her hands roughly over her forehead and through her hair, returning her gaze to the red bottle.

John leaned forward keeping his voice low to give Monica privacy. "Must not have freaked her out that bad, she chose to sit next to you." He smiled at his friend.

She looked up at him her eyes were watering.

"Oh, damn Monica, I'm sorry." He said compositionally. "Don't give up, just back off a little bit. I think she may be finally realizing some things about herself, I see how she is with you." He paused then smiled grabbing Monica's hand and holding it in his. "But she'll probably push you away at first, that's how she is."

Reyes forced a smile. "I can't keep doing this to myself John, it's been over two years."

"I don't know I just hope they can take the Cowboys next week." John said leaning back into his booth.

She realized Scully must have come out of the bathroom, and without missing a beat replied, "Considering the way they played against the Giants last week, I don't really see that happening, not this year anyway."

"Well, you know me, I have to take the Redskins."

Scully sat down next to Reyes. "Is it that time of the year again?" She rolled her eyes pretending to be annoyed.

"Ready to go?" Reyes asked turning to her.

Scully nodded.

"Let's go then, I need to hit the hay." Doggett got up from the table and stretched out as he yawned.

Reyes threw seven dollars on the table before following the others out.

10:17 pm
Out side the Comfort Inn

"Well, goodnight ladies" Doggett said, turning the key in the lock. "See you in the A.M."

He opened his door and disappeared.

Reyes pushed her door open "Goodnight Scully," she said softly giving the other woman a slight nod.

She entered her room and headed straight for the bathroom... hot bath.

Reyes started the tub, filling it with warm water, then grabbed one of the washcloths they call towels off the shelf and draped it over the curtain rod. She came back out to her room to grab her clothes and travel bag.

"What's going on with you Agent Reyes?"

She looked up to see Scully standing in the doorway of the two bedrooms with a worried expression on her face.

"What?" Reyes was caught off guard not expecting the other woman to barge into her room like that.

"Goodnight Scully?" The red head crossed the room, and lowered her voice. "You ask me to come out, I do, against my better judgment I might add." Realizing how that could have sounded she added. "It was late, and we have to get up early."

Reyes stood motionless just staring at her.

"I don't think you said more than five words to me during dinner." She crossed her arms in front of her chest. "This isn't like you Monica, I don't know how to interpret your behavior."

"I don't know what you want me to say Dana, I guess I was under the impression that maybe you needed some space. I was just trying to give it to you." Reyes turned back to the bathroom with her things, stopping inside to check the water level. She turned it off and headed back out to her room. She got as far as the door way, where Scully stood.

"I appreciate that, but I never said anything about needing space from you Monica." She stared up at her. "Trust me, I would let you know if I ever felt that way."

"I'm sorry." Monica said, but it came out as more of a question.

"Is that all you're going say to me?" Scully looked up at her.

Monica thought for a moment. "It is for now," she hesitated. "I have no idea what to say to you, or what I can say to you for that matter." Reyes was becoming visibly frustrated and felt too tired to be having this conversation.

That's fair, Scully thought considering her earlier behavior. "Say what's on your mind agent Reyes, that's what you're good at." Scully smiled tightly, still blocking the doorway.

Monica stepped back leaning against the sink. "No, that's what gets me in trouble. I don't want to ever say or do anything to ruin our friendship Dana, it means too much to me." She forced a tight lipped smile. "Let's just leave it at that."

Scully shook her head realizing Monica wasn't going to say anymore than she had already said tonight. "Ok." She sighed. "Good night Monica."

"Good night Dana." She continued to lean against the counter watching the shorter woman as she turned and headed toward her room.

Monica let out a long sigh, then walked over to the tub leaning over to feel the water. "Arrgh"...She groaned then turned the hot water on and closed the bathroom door behind her.

Monica was walking in the field, her long white nightgown flowing behind her. She could see them, buried, they were all around her now. They smelled of death, of life being suffocated. Her stomach turned, that familiar feeling, letting her know that something was wrong. A dark cloud hung in the sky. She could smell the rain, the change that was coming. The air was thick, she could feel it all around her. She looked up to the house, the hair on the back of her neck now dancing, sending chills down her spine. And there's that feeling again, only stronger...something was definitely wrong up there. She walked up the hill, though it felt more like floating. Suddenly in front of the door now, she paused, the coldness seeping through. Her heart was pounding. She didn't want to go any further, but she knew she had to. Something was calling to her from inside, a light, very dim. She knew she must continue, she had to see. She opened the door, the walls were thick with mud, crumbling around her. She looked to the stairs, they were cracking, vines began poking through, filling the voids. She climbed the steps, shaking. Keep going.

She became stuck in something and looked down...the vines. They were wrapping around her feet. She pushed through, breaking her skin, knowing she had to see where the light was coming from. Men in uniforms began rushing around her, so fast they were nothing but a blur. Then she saw them, faceless creatures, their movements fast and jerky, like a bad editing job in a movie. Their images flickered on and off, passing by her as she reached the top of the stairs. She shuddered at the chaos around her. A cool breeze blew through her. She felt sick again, her palms clammy. There was her light...ahead...flickering on the floor, growing dimmer and dimmer. She moved towards it, trying to see through the swarming bodies around her, trying to push through. She got closer, finally able to make out the small figure on the floor...Dana lay motionless, her face drained of color, a pool of blood around her head. There was a hole in the right side of her temple. Blood continued to pour out onto the floor, so much blood. Monica gasped, falling by her side. No, this is not happening. Her white nightgown began to soak up the blood. She watched it slowly climb up towards her waist. She stood, screaming, it kept coming...slowly it reached her chest, bringing the cold with it, she froze. Monica. Monica. Wake up. Monica.

Monica shot up in bed, shaking and drenched with sweat. She felt a hand on her shoulders pushing her back down to her bed. "Monica you were having a nightmare."

Her chest was still heaving, gasping for air. She let the hands guide her back down to her pillow.

"Monica, it's okay, try to go back to sleep." She could feel a cool hand against her face, she turned to it, reaching for it. She held on tightly, taking comfort from the contact, she sighed. She felt herself being pulled back down, sleep overcoming her.

Don't go...was all she could think before she felt herself give in to the darkness. She slept...

Saturday, 8:00 am
Comfort Inn
Drake County

Monica woke up on her stomach to the alarm blaring by her head. "Fuck." She groaned slamming her hand down on the plastic annoyance.

"Does that make you feel better?"

"What?" Monica turned over quickly, coming face to face with Dana Scully, she then noticed the warmth from the woman's arm draped loosely over her stomach.

"I said does that make you feel better? Hitting and cursing at an inanimate object." Scully arched her brow smirking.

Monica looked down at her torso, relived to see she had chosen to sleep in her black spaghetti-strap top, as opposed to, well, nothing. Then she smiled. Dana Scully's in my bed. Then a look of horror crossed her face. Shit! Dana Scully's in my bed!!

"Take it easy there tiger." Scully said calmly as she got out of the bed. "You had a nightmare last night, remember?"

Monica sat up, thinking. Oh God. She remembered, it came back to her in a flood of images. You're dead, you die. "You can't go up there. You can't go today."

"Calm down Monica, and tell me what happened."

Monica shook her head, trying to shake the fog. "And why are you in my bed Dana? Not that I mind." She mumbled quietly to herself. "I'm just curious."

Scully came around and sat beside her. "I came in here last night, you were screaming and thrashing around in your bed, you had a fever. I tried to calm you."

Monica blinked. "And you stayed with me?"

"You grabbed my hand, and asked me not to go." She paused. "So, yeah, I stayed."

"Oh." Monica looked down at the floor. "God, I'm sorry Dana."

"You didn't twist my arm or anything Monica." She bumped her shoulder playfully with her own, and gave her a reassuring smile. "Something had you all worked up, you seemed to calm down with me in here. So I chose to stay, it's not a big deal." She reached out and grabbed Reyes's hand. "It's Ok Monica."

"No, it's not." Monica started to get up from the bed, then quickly sat back down realizing she wasn't wearing much below the waist. She pulled the blanket up around her. "Don't think I'm crazy Dana, but you can't go in that house today, I can't explain it... but please..."

"Alright." The shorter woman cut her off getting up from the bed. "I won't go inside the house, but we do have to get ready now." She stopped once she reached the door to her room.

"That's it? Just like that?" Monica looked at her suspiciously.

"Just like that." Scully stared back at her.

"You don't think I'm crazy?" Monica stared at her confused.

"Monica, I don't think I've ever actually called you crazy. Perhaps I may have suggested that some of your theories were… well, maybe I have implied at times you might be a little . . off." She paused smiling, "but all joking aside, no, I don't think you're crazy." She turned sliding the door shut behind her. "Now, get ready agent Reyes." Her muffled voice ordered from behind the door.

Monica shook her head again before padding off to the bathroom.


Scully knocked on the adjoining door.

"It's open."

She entered seeing Monica sitting on the end of her bed, John beside her. "Good morning, agent Scully." He smiled up at her as she crossed the room.

"Good morning agent Doggett."

"You ready to go?" He stood staring down at Monica with a look of concern.

"Yes." Monica sighed and got up off the bed to follow him.

Scully waited till John was out the door, "So Clarice."

Monica sighed and then turned back to meet her gaze.

"Have the lambs stopped screaming?" Scully arched her brow with a hint of a smile on her lips.

Monica hesitated. "I'm better…" She stared back at her uneasily.

Scully held her gaze. "Relax Monica." She grabbed her arm, smiling. "Just a Joke ... I'm just... are you feeling better?"

Monica nodded, then paused. "You do that a lot."


"Tease me ..."

"Couldn't resist." Scully said opening the door for her.

"You know what they say..." Monica mumbled, trailing off as she headed for the car.

Scully pursed her lips following the other woman with her eyes as she pulled the door shut behind her.

Sheriffs Office 9:45 am

"Here, put these on." Doggett handed a vest to James and Mary Beth. Men in blue wind breakers with the letters FBI on the back where scattered around the office.

James excitedly pulled his vest on, and began tightening the straps around the front. Noticing his partner was having a little trouble, he stepped in front of her.

"Here, let me help you with that." He tugged the straps on Mary Beth's vest and then smoothed them out around the front. "All done." He patted her on the shoulders before walking away.

"I hate wearing these things." Scully grunted struggling to get comfortable with the added weight around her chest.

Reyes just stared up at her as she finished strapping a smaller handgun around her calf. She pulled her pant leg back down over it before standing. She forced a smile as she smoothed out her slacks then stood against the wall. Leaning her head back she let out a sigh.

"Relax." Scully said squeezing her arm coming to stand beside her. She looked up at the taller woman who seemed to be lost somewhere in the ceiling tiles.


Reyes looked down at the sound of her name. 'Relax' Scully mouthed to her, then tugged gently on the front of her vest.

Monica blinked slowly, then smiled down at the hand still lingering on her vest.

"Everyone Ok?" Doggett came up along side them. They nodded. "Good, it looks like we're about ready to move out here."


Peacock residence

A big unmarked van is parked at the base of the hill, a black SUV not far from it. The house seemed quiet. The only noise was the rustle of the tall grass and the occasional whisper. Men in navy blue wind breakers crouched low to the ground as they headed towards the house from various directions.

Inside the van the three agents sat up against the wall on a bench seat that ran lengthwise down the back of the van. The sheriff and her officers sat opposite them.

A man sat in the middle of the hollowed out van holding a walkie talkie, waiting.

A voice jumps out of the box in his hand. "Team two, in place. Perimeter secure."

"Copy that team two, hold your position." The man ordered gruffly, then waited looking up at the others.

The box came to life again. "Team one, perimeter secure."

"Copy that, lets move in." He looked up at the agents and motioned for them to go.

Doggett opened the door and jumped out of the van. He started up the hill in a crouched position, gun drawn, flanked by Reyes and Scully. The sheriff paused at the door of the van, scanning the hill, then motioned for her officers to follow.

The agents reached the top, taking cover behind a white Cadillac parked in the front yard. Doggett watched as the sheriff made her way up the hill, stopping behind a broken down chicken coop with James and Mary Beth at her side. He glanced around, a pig pen sat far off to the left, and there were all kinds of random car parts in the front yard. A car engine sat near the front steps, a chicken head not far from it with flies buzzing around it. Gross...

He waited, watching the front door, it's quiet, the buzzing of the flies the only sound he could make out. He turned to his partners. "It's too quiet."

The front door slammed and a man in blue came down the steps. "Its all clear!" He avoided the chicken head as he made his way into the front yard. "There's no one here." He met the three agents who had come out from behind the car.

"There's no one here?" Doggett asked him looking very confused. "Six people living in one house, avoiding contact with anyone outside their family for years, and yet they all decide to, what?" He paused. "Go out grocery shopping at the same time...? I don't think so. Something's not right here."

"I've been saying that all weekend." Monica mumbled, but loud enough to evoke a worried look from Scully.

Three more men in blue came out the front door.

"Did you check under the beds? That's where Mrs. Peacock was found last time." Scully asked stepping closer to the man Doggett had been talking to. "Agent...?" She trailed off waiting for him to fill in the blank.

"Agent Ramsey, and yes ma'am. The whole house has been cleared." He looked down at her, then to the sheriff who came to stand next to them.

Another agent jogged up to them. "Looks like they left in a large American van, we're thinking an old Dodge maybe. Hard to tell for sure from the tracks. Captain's put out an APB, we'll just have to sit tight."

Doggett shook his head in frustration finding a seat next to Monica on the steps. Her eyes were on Scully who stood with her hands on her hips in the front yard. She seemed to be having a conversation with Sheriff Porter and Agent Ramsey.

Reyes lit a cigarette. "Sorry." She smiled at Doggett. "Still trying to quit."

"You've been saying that for two and a half years."

She smirked then turned to John, her face grew serious. "I wanna walk through the house again...I can't shake the feeling that we're missing something here."

He hesitated, then, seeing the determined look in her eyes, "all right." He started to get up.

The van door slid open with a loud bang, all the heads turned toward the sound.

A man jumped out, cupping his hands around his mouth. "All right lets move out! Just got a call from Loudoun county police, seems our family has attracted some attention at a gas station off twenty-nine!"

"I'm staying." Reyes looked up at John. "I'll stay here with the sheriff and her officers."

He stared at her quizzically then shrugged. "You and Scully can keep them company, we need a team to stay behind anyway." He turned to leave, then glanced back. "But Monica, don't go in there alone."

She nodded and stood, dropping the cigarette to the ground and crushing it with her foot. She watched as Doggett stopped and stood next to Scully and the sheriff, they spoke briefly before he headed off to the van. Scully looked up, catching her eyes, then headed towards her.

"Doggett said you volunteered us for baby-sitting." Scully had her hands on her hips.

"I volunteered myself, besides, I want to take a look around the house." She was staring off in the direction of James and Mary Beth.

Scully just stared up at her. "Do what you need to do Agent Reyes." She sighed then sat down on the steps.

The sheriff wandered up to them after the van peeled out and headed down the gravel road. "And what are we supposed to be doing here exactly?"

"Waiting." Reyes said still staring off into space.

"For what?"

"It's normal procedure." Scully started then turned to Reyes. "But no one's coming back here agent Reyes, they're all gone. They must have known we were coming."

Reyes still seemed to be in her own world. She watched as Mary Beth came towards them, James trailing behind her. "Ummm..." was Reyes's only reply.

They all watched as the officer continued past them walking straight up the steps and into the house, James on her heels.

Scully glanced at Reyes with a confused look.

"Wait here." Reyes turned and started after them. She paused at the door, turning to Scully. "You stay out here!"

Scully held her arms up in surrender and continued to look very confused.

"What the hell is going on here?" The sheriff looked at Scully who was now standing, staring at the empty doorway.

They both stood listening quietly, waiting.

Monica caught up with James on the steps, she had her gun drawn now. "Where'd she go?"

"I dunno, said she saw someone looking out the window and took off into the house. She ran up here somewhere." He continued up the steps with his gun out in front of him.

"That's all she said?" Monica asked with a doubtful look.

"Yeah." He whispered nearing the landing.

They reached the top and saw Mary Beth with her gun drawn and aimed into a bedroom. She held a finger up to her mouth to quiet them, then motioned for them to come beside her. She backed herself against the wall, making room for them. James and Reyes came to stand on either side of the door. James took the lead walking into the room. He looked around...nothing. Reyes was behind him now, noticing the same.

There were empty beds, a pile of clothes in the corner, a typical bedroom, but no sign of anyone. Reyes got down on the ground beside a bed and pulled the blanket up to see under it... nothing. Then she heard two loud cracks followed by a searing pain in her shoulder, before she could turn, there was another loud crack... everything went black.

Scully and Porter were still outside when they heard three shots go off. The sheriff took off up the steps towards the door.

"Monica!" Scully yelled running after the sheriff. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Doggett's number.

One ring. "Doggett."

"Hey John, there were shots fired in the house, we might need an ambulance, I'm going in after Monica."

"What? No wait, don't..."

Scully closed her phone and turned it off. She hesitated at the front door for a second before bolting up the stairs gun in hand.

The sheriff was ahead of her and disappeared at the top of the steps. Scully stopped just short of the landing, squatting as she listened. She followed the banister up and around with her eyes, nothing. She couldn't see anything. She was straining to hear, but her heart pounded so loud in her head it was hard to notice anything else.

She looked around taking in her surroundings, remembering Monica's warning. She stayed there waiting on the steps. Then she heard another gunshot. Fuck...Sorry Monica... She stood and continued up to the landing. She crouched down sliding along the wall. She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned her gun toward it. Shit, Mary Beth. Scully lowered her gun and headed toward her.

"Get up!" Mary Beth turned her gun on Scully.

Scully looked up at her like she had lost her mind.

"Put the gun down, and get the fuck up!"

Scully laid her gun down on the floor. Mary Beth stepped forward kicking it at the banister, making a clanking sound as it fell down the steps.

"You FBI think you're so fucking smart." She laughed giving Scully a shove in the direction of the door.

Scully entered the room and saw Reyes face down next to a bed, motionless. She felt sick, and fought down the urge to run to her, she couldn't help her now.

James was leaning against the same bed holding his side, his hands soaked with his own blood. He frowned at Scully, fighting to keep his eyes open. Then she saw the sheriff on the floor, blood covered the front of her shirt. She couldn't tell where she'd been hit, but she appeared to be dead.

"She's dead, don't worry about that." Mary Beth hissed stepping further into the room. "And James," she looked down at her watch. "Well, he'll bleed out in another ten minutes or so."

Scully just started at her in wonder.

"You know, I was going to blow up the entire van." She stepped around Scully pressing her gun to her head. "I'll have to take care of the others later, I don't know how, I haven't gotten that far yet. Seeing as I had to switch over to plan B." She moved around the red head circling her prey. She began mumbling to herself and shaking her head.

"Why?" Scully asked, pain and confusion behind her eyes. She looked over at James who was still struggling to stay with her. She glanced at Monica and felt a lump in her throat.

"Why?" She stopped in place. "Someone's gotta protect the family...protect our way." She turned meeting Scully's eyes, watching the look of realization cross the redhead's face.

She leaned in close to Scully's ear. "That's right, I'm a Peacock." She smiled, tapping her gun against her head. "See, we adapted after last time, knowing it would happen again one day. I started working for the sheriff the very next week after my aunt and uncle showed up. They told us what happened, and this time we were ready." She smiled. "I was going to kill all of you, blow you sky high. Including myself if I had to. Whatever it takes to protect the family. We knew this day would come." She turned towards the other two. "But then your partner here." She glanced at Reyes, "came up with the stupid idea of us staying behind. So, I did the next best thing." She began pacing in circles again as she continued.

Scully looked over at James who just starred expressionless at her, she was trying to get him to look at Reyes. He followed her eyes and glanced at Reyes, then back to Scully. He mouthed 'still breathing.' Scully felt a wave of relief. She stared at him and looked down at her own leg, she shook it, then looked back at Reyes. She mouthed the word 'gun'.

"I decided to take you all out, and it's made me feel much better about the whole situation." Mary Beth paused looking at Scully who was staring back at her emotionless. "Actually, it works out much better for me, see in plan A, well, I die possibly. But now, with PLAN B!" She began shouting. "I'm the helpless survivor. See, I kill you all, leave my gun somewhere not far from the house. Then knock myself out by slamming my head into the wall!" She laughed again grabbing at her hair.

This chick is nuts, Scully thought to herself, gaining James attention again.

"Then it's just poor little me, the only survivor of this brutal attack. Never underestimate a Peacock!" She continued walking around Scully who had slowly taken a step back. She stopped suddenly and turned to her, "and now.....you die..." she said, calmly bringing the gun up to Scully's temple. There was a loud bang, Scully closed her eyes feeling the blood splatter across her face, then she felt the thud against the floor.

She opened her eyes and turned to see James with the gun still shaking in his hands, she looked down at the back of Mary Beth's bloody head.

Scully walked over to James checking his pulse, still strong. She grabbed a pillow off the bed and handed it to him. "Ambulance is coming, keep pressure on your wound."

She knelt down by Reyes, overcome with emotion as she stared down at the motionless body. She fought back tears as she reached out to her neck with a unsteady hand. Thank God her pulse was there, and pretty strong. She removed Monica's vest to see where she had been shot. She could see blood around the upper arm soaking through her jacket. Looked like a clean shot straight through the shoulder.

There was a second spot of blood just above her ear, it appeared to have just skimmed the top, must have hit her on the way down, probably knocked her out cold. She carefully rolled her over, bringing Monica's head to rest on the ground next to her. She smoothed her raven hair away from her face, then leaned down next to her ear. "Monica, I need you to stay with me, an ambulance is on the way."

Two days later...

St. Mary's Hospital
Washington DC
Monday 6:00 pm

The fluorescent lights glowed in the small cold room that was separated into two by a long curtain. Monica was sitting upright in her bed. Scully and Doggett stood beside her.

"He's still in critical condition, but I'm afraid the sheriff wasn't as lucky." Doggett paused frowning. "But you got very lucky, that's why we were able to have you transferred here." Doggett smiled.

Monica nodded back. "I appreciate that." She paused, shaking her head in disbelief. "I still can't believe she was a Peacock."

"Don't act so surprised Monica, you knew there was something missing. It just happened to be staring us in the face the whole time" Doggett paused, changing his mind, "well glaring at us really." He smiled at his friend.

"But how?" She blinked looking to Scully.

"She started working for the sheriff as an office assistant seven years ago...I guess they don't really ..."

"No, how is that possible?" Monica shook her head cutting Scully off. "She looked..."

"Normal?" Scully finished for her.

Monica nodded yes.

"She was anything but normal. But it is possible if all her genes were homozygous recessive, I mean that's the only possible explanation." She paused thinking. "It's like the brown haired, brown eyed parents having the blond haired blue eyed child, only much more complicated than that. Then again maybe she was the outcome of a visit from the milk man one sunny afternoon." Scully smiled and paused in thought. "So, now my question for you is, how did you know?" Scully stepped closer.

"Know what?" Monica stared back at her.

"You knew to stay behind and watch her," She waited scanning Monica's face. "I was there remember?"

"Just a feeling." Monica smiled tightly.

"A feeling?" Scully arched her brow.

Monica looked to John for help.

"C'mon, aren't you used to that yet agent Scully?" He grinned down at the redhead.

"Oh, I'm used to it. I just think you should have listened to those feelings and stayed out of that house.....you got lucky Monica." Scully stared back at the other woman her tone sharp, but Monica could see the worry behind her eyes.

"I know...so did you." Monica offered. "At least we got them." She waited a moment then looked to John trying to change the subject. "When am I getting out of here?"

"I'll take you home tomorrow." Doggett patted her arm gently. "Hang in there." Scully just stared at the other woman. Her eyes were glazed over, but she tried to appear emotionless.

Doggett jerked, then reached in his jacket and took his cell phone out, he glanced down at it. "Excuse me ladies, I'll be back in a moment."

Monica watched him leave, as Scully came closer to her bed leaning next to her.

"You had me worried Monica." She didn't hide the pain in her eyes this time.

"I know, I'm sorry." Monica all but whispered.

"Don't." Scully hesitated, choosing her next words carefully. She grabbed Monica's hand in hers. "Don't let the X-files consume you the way they did Mulder, it's just a job."

Monica stared back at her, mouth slightly open.

Scully let go of her hand and reached up to her face, brushing away some dark strands of hair. She lingered on her cheek a moment letting her thumb trace over Monica's bottom lip. "I don't want to lose you too." She whispered holding Monica's eyes with hers.

Monica just blinked, frozen from the touch. And she was sure if she would have looked over and checked, her heart monitor would have been jumping off the charts.

"I have to get home for William, but I will visit you tomorrow." Scully offered a weak smile then turned and left.

Monica let out a breath, then ran her tongue over her bottom lip.

"Hey." Doggett said shutting his phone as he entered her room. "Thought you'd like to know, the team excavating the site back their at the Peacock's..." She nodded knowing what was coming.

"Yeah, well so far the body counts at eight Monica, and it looks like there could be more." He looked around. "Agent Scully leave?"

"Yeah, you just missed her."

"Everything Ok with you two?" He stepped closer to her bed, with a worried look on his face.

She smiled. "I think so."

"Uh Huh." He grinned back at her. "I'll pick you up around nine tomorrow, and get you the hell outta here. But I gotta head back to the office now, it's getting late and I have a few more things to finish up." He frowned. "Sorry, I hate leaving..."

"It's okay John."

He nodded and smiled, she squeezed his hand before he turned to leave.

St. Mary's Hospital
8:52 am

Monica had just finished changing into her jeans in the bathroom when she heard John walk into her room.

"I'll be out in five minutes!" She called from behind the door. She struggled with her shirt, thankful it was a button down when it came time to pull it over her right shoulder. "Damn." She winced looking down at the colorful blend of purples, blues and yellows framing her bandage. She finished buttoning her shirt and opened the door, surprised to see Dana looking up at her.

"I know John was supposed to pick you up, but I figured you wouldn't mind." Scully stared up at her.

"You figured right." Monica smiled warmly. "Just let me grab my stuff." She disappeared back into the bathroom, then returned with her bag in hand. "Ready when you are."

Scully smiled. "Let's go then."

Monica, who had seemed full of energy only moments ago, was now oddly quiet in the passenger seat. Scully had been watching her head nod forward then jolt back up over and over again out of her peripheral vision. She looked over at her friend who was now leaning against the passenger seat, letting her head rest against the window.

"Monica." Scully glanced over at her.

Monica slowly turned to her, her eyes hooded slits. She stared at the red head whose attention was back on the road.

"Monica, did they give you anything for the pain?"

Monica reached in the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a prescription bottle, then another one. She gently shook them holding them up for Scully to see. Scully waited till they were stopped at a light before taking them from her. She glanced at the bottles. Vicodin and Phenergan. "Um, I see. And did they have you take these this morning?"

Monica nodded slowly, smiling, her eyes blinking lethargically trying to fight off the sleepiness.

"Um hum, and how's the pain?" Scully grinned keeping her eyes on the road.

"No pain." Monica breathed out.

"I'll bet." Scully smiled, glancing over at her again, she reached over, grabbing Monica's hand and giving it a slight squeeze. Monica squeezed back intertwining their fingers before sinking further down into her seat.

Monica's apartment
67 Bennett Ave
9:34 am

Scully pulled the blankets aside and helped Monica into her bed. She walked around to the foot of the bed and began unlacing her shoes. She slid them off letting them plop down to the floor. She pulled the blankets up over her friend, then began digging through the jacket Monica had been wearing. She draped it over a chair before walking over to the nightstand and placing the two prescription bottles next to the alarm clock, then turned to leave.

"Where you going?" Monica reached out brushing her hand against Scully's elbow.

"I was just going to get you some water, I'll be right back." Dana smiled reassuringly.

"Oh." Monica stared up at her through half closed eyes. She started to say something else, then pulled her blankets up around her instead. She watched the shorter woman leave, staring at the doorway till she came back through with a glass of water in her hand.

Scully titled her head and smiled at her. "Monica you need to get some sleep." She set the glass on the nightstand and gazed down at her.

"Are you going to leave now?" Monica's eyes were closed.


"Work?" Monica managed to mumble.

"No, I'm not going in today." Scully ran her fingers through Monica's dark hair, pushing it away from her face.

Monica slowly opened her eyes. "You're not going in?" She barely whispered.

Scully shook her head no. Monica reached out for her hand and pulled her towards her. Lifting her blanket, she scooted back to make room for the other woman.

Scully didn't hesitate, letting Monica guide her into the bed next to her. Monica sighed into her ear, wrapping her arm tightly around her, pulling her in close to her body.

Scully was surprised at how good it felt having Monica's arms around her like this. She felt safe, and content. She smiled, pressing her back further into the other woman. She hadn't slept well at all the last two nights so she welcomed the sleep that began pulling her down.

Four hours later...


Scully opened her eyes and looked around, trying to get her bearings. She realized she was facing the other way now with her head buried into the crook of Monica's neck. She breathed in her scent noticing how it seemed to waken every part of her body. Cologne and what? Not sandalwood, patchouli maybe? She smiled… some kind of hippie juice. She sighed and turned away gently trying to see the clock on the night stand.

"One forty seven." A voice offered softly from above her head. She looked up at Monica who seemed a little groggy and uneasy. "Hey." Monica forced out, then swallowed, her mouth uncomfortably dry. She still had an arm around Scully and was trying to gauge the other woman's reaction to this.

"Hey." Scully smiled back, not seeming to mind.

Monica withdrew her arm bringing it to her side. "Thanks for staying." She tried to sound light.

Scully nodded then placed her hand on Monica's cheek, letting her thumb rest on the side of her lips. The touch sparked a fire in Monica's stomach.

Dana leaned closer brushing back Monica's hair to examine her eyes. "How are you feeling?" She asked, using her doctor voice.

How am I feeling? Monica's heart was racing, she was afraid to move. Afraid of what might happen if she did, all those feelings she kept bottled up inside were boiling over and threatening to surface. "Fine." She managed to whisper. "A little thirsty."

Scully rolled over and sat up grabbing the glass off the nightstand. "Here." She held it out to Monica. Monica sat up and took it, immediately regretting so, once she noticed her hands were slightly shaking. Great…lets not make it obvious. She took a quick sip, looking off in the direction of the door, the hall, anywhere but Scully's face.

Scully noticed her unsteady hands and took the glass for Monica, setting it back on the nightstand. "Monica." She turned back to her, moving closer on the bed.

Monica looked at her but said nothing. Scully could see all the emotions surfacing in Monica's eyes, fear being the most obvious, but she also saw the warmth, the love, and loyalty that was Monica Reyes.

"God Monica." Scully whispered. She shook her head, looking down, and smiled. "You're so sweet, do you know that?" She looked back up into Monica's eyes, there seemed to be a hint of moisture in them. "And sensitive." She added with a soft smile. Monica managed to smile back before looking to the door for help again. "Monica." This time both Scully's hands were on her face, turning her head towards her. "Look at me."

Monica forced herself to meet Scully's gaze. She stared into the blue eyes, trying to make sense of what she saw there. Trying to answer the question she was too afraid to ask. Trying to ignore the warmth from the hands on her face and the heat waves it was sending through her body.

Scully leaned forward, using her hands to guide Monica's lips to hers. She kissed her softly, Reyes felt like warm moist silk against her lips. She leaned back just enough to make eye contact before dipping back down for another kiss.

This time she felt a sigh escape the woman in front of her. Reyes finally relaxed bringing her arms up around Scully pulling her in closer to her. Their kiss deepened and they continued to let it, slowly exploring each others mouths.

Scully gently guided Reyes back down to her pillow breaking the contact. She pushed the blankets away from them. "Is your shoulder okay?" She asked, leaning down as she straddled Monica's stomach.

"It's great." Monica breathed out, staring up at her.

Dana leaned down placing a kiss on Monica's cheek, then came back to meet her eyes, lingering above her lips. Monica brought her head up, closing the space between them, capturing Dana's soft lips with hers. She wrapped her arms around her pulling her closer, then ran her hands down Scully's back, slowly bringing them up under her shirt.

Scully moaned softly at the feeling of Monica's warm hands against her skin. Monica slid her hands down to Scully's waist, tenderly griping her sides before gliding her fingertips across her firm stomach, stopping just short of her bra line.

She arched into Monica's hands as they made their way around to her back again. She was lost in the sensation of Monica's touch, her head spinning. She opened her mouth, deepening their kiss once again. She wanted more, she wanted to be closer, to feel Monica's skin against her own. She followed the collar of Monica's shirt with her hands, feeling their kisses intensify with the unbuttoning of each button. She slowly made her way down the shirt, sitting up once she reached the last button. She gently parted the fabric, feeling her breath catch as she took in the sight before her; Reyes lay under her, her breathing ragged as she stared up through hooded eyes.

Scully sat back, mesmerized by the black lace bra and the chest heaving under it. "God, you're beautiful." She whispered as she leaned forward, wrapping one hand around the back of Monica's neck and the other around her waist. She carefully helped pull Monica up toward her 'till she was straddling her lap.

Scully kissed Monica's forehead, then gently pulled her shirt back from her left shoulder. She held it out while Monica pulled her arm through. Then, she very carefully pulled back the right side. "You okay?" She whispered, slowly working the shirt down over the bandage.

"It's fine." Monica stared back up at her, her voice husky.

Scully finished pulling the shirt off and dropped it to the floor, before reaching back and unhooking Monica's bra. She ran her hands down the smooth back while placing kisses down Monica's neck and shoulder. Monica tilted her head toward the sensation, letting a slight gasp escape her mouth. Scully wrapped her fingers through the loose straps, slipping them down around Monica's shoulders and over her arms with ease. She leaned forward gently guiding Monica back down to her pillow, tossing the bra to the side.

She placed a light kiss on her lips before sitting back up again. She locked eyes with the raven-haired woman sitting under her as she began unbuttoning her own shirt. Monica just stared back, her mouth slightly open. Dana could feel the taller woman's breathing pick up underneath her as she finished unbuttoning her shirt and reached behind her back to unhook her bra.

Monica's hands were already on her stomach before the shirt and bra even touched the floor. She trailed her finger tips lightly over Scully's abdomen, then ran her hands up her sides barely brushing against her breasts.

Scully lowered herself down on top of Monica, letting a moan escape her throat. She shivered as she felt the intoxicating sensation of Monica's breasts against her own. Their kisses became more urgent and heated, as their hands roamed over each other's bodies. Scully became aware of her leg between Monica's and the slow sensual rhythm the two seemed to be slipping into together. She was burning up and knew that soon this would not be enough. She hesitated a second, the reality she had never done this before was starting to set in.

Reyes apparently read her mind and gently rolled them over so that she was now hovering over Scully. She kissed her gently on the lips for a long time, pulling away only to turn her attention to the rest of her body. She began placing kisses all along her chest, running her tongue across her nipples.

Scully moaned when Reyes closed her mouth over a nipple and began gently massaging it with her tongue. She pushed herself harder against Reyes' mouth. Monica lingered there for quite some time before moving on, leaving a trail of kisses down her stomach. She paused at her panty line, tracing it with her tongue, Scully sucked her stomach in and arched her pelvis at the sensation.

Reyes stared up at her as she undid her belt, and unbuttoned her jeans, then hesitated. Scully smiled and lifted up her waist, helping Monica slide her pants and underwear down. She tossed them to the floor then turned her attention back to Scully as she began kissing her stomach then slowly headed down to her thigh. Scully sat up and pulled Monica to her, bringing them face to face. "Stay here," she whispered staring into her eyes. Monica smiled, then leaned over her, placing kisses on her cheek before moving to her neck.

"I've wanted to make love to you for so long Dana." She whispered against her skin, sending shivers through Dana's body. Scully pulled Monica's head up to meet her eyes again. Monica held her gaze in silence. They stayed like that, breathing in each others air, watching the intense emotion in each others eyes, and feeling it pass between them.

Scully raised her head up to capture Monica's lips with hers again, then slid her hands down over her stomach stopping at her waistband. She unbuttoned her jeans and began sliding them down, seconds later they too joined the pile on the floor. Scully pulled Monica to her, kissing her as Monica slowly eased herself down onto her. She basked in the warmth of Monica's body and the way it felt against hers.

Monica slowly parted Scully's legs with her thigh, sliding it down in-between them. Scully moaned into her mouth at the contact and pressed against Monica's leg, pulling her tightly to her chest. Their bodies touched everywhere, fitting together like a puzzle.

Monica buried her head in Scully's neck as they slowly glided against each other, falling into a sensual rhythm. Scully gasped, her eyes now watering, "Monica..." She trailed off entangling her hands in Monica's dark hair. Their pace gradually began to pick up and Monica slid a hand down between Scully's legs, barely applying pressure, she gasped, feeling the desire that greeted her there. Scully tightened her grip, pushing hard against her hand. "Monica, please..." She sighed.

Monica kissed her brow then gently slipped two fingers inside her, holding her close against her chest. She placed a moist kiss on her check before moving down to her neck.

Scully tightened around her fingers.

"Oh God, Dana." She sighed before gently biting down on her pulse.

Their breathing grew heavier and the heat between them intensified, melting the two into one. "Monica ..." Scully cried out again, then murmured something incoherent.

Monica came up to meet her eyes. She quickly covered her lips with her own, keeping them there as they both went over the edge together. They held on to each other tightly, riding out each wave, till they slowed, then finally subsided.

Monica eased off of Scully laying down by her side. She pulled the smaller woman in closer to her. Scully kissed the side of her mouth before curling up next to her, laying her head on Monica's shoulder. She smiled, her hand resting in the center of Monica's damp chest. She concentrated on the steady beat under her palm as it finally slowed to a steady rhythm, her hand slowly rising and falling with Monica's chest. They slept.


Scully stirred in her sleep slowly becoming aware of the soft noises around her. She opened her eyes and saw Monica, now dressed, standing in the middle of the room. She had just finished buttoning her shirt when she noticed the other woman's gaze.

"Hey." She smiled down at Dana, who suddenly felt very naked, but managed to smile back in return.

"Hey." She sat up and looked around the room for her clothes.

Reyes smiled acknowledging the uncomfortable situation. "I'm gonna go make some coffee." She grinned at Dana, then turned and left the room to give her some privacy.

Scully watched her leave, then grabbed her things and headed for the bathroom.

Dana leaned over the sink as she splashed her face with water. She sighed grabbing a towel off the rack and patting her face with it. She hung it back up, then stared at herself in the mirror. She smiled, she felt great regardless of the mixed emotions she was having. Intense was the one word that kept coming to mind. She sighed again, letting her eyes land on the gold cross around her neck. She picked it up and held it between her fingers smirking down at it. She shrugged, then dropped it. She wet her hands again, this time running them through her hair. She looked around for a rubber band, finding several wrapped around the handle on a brush. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail then walked out toward the living room.

Dana could smell coffee as she headed into the kitchen. She walked through the doorway and stopped near the kitchen table. Monica was leaning back against the counter, legs crossed with her mug in her hand. She smiled softly at the sight of the other woman, then pushed away from the counter and walked over toward the redhead.

She stopped inches away from her, brushing against her as she reached around to the table. She brought a second mug into view, then stepped back holding it out. "So Dana Scully, what type of girl are you?" She teased. "Are you the type who sticks around in the morning," She smirked. "Well afternoon, or the type who bolts for the door?" She let her question and the seriousness of it hang in the air.

Scully grinned and stepped forward. She took the mug, staring up over the rim as she took a sip. Her brow arched in approval, and she smiled up at Monica. She set her mug down on the table and reached up around Monica's neck pulling her into a kiss.

Monica wrapped her free arm around her, briefly deepening the kiss. She pulled back to make eye contact. "Good answer." She smiled then grabbed the red head's hand leading her into the living room. She sat down on the couch, and pulled Dana down next to her.

"And what about you Monica? Are you the type who makes a girl breakfast at…" She looked down at her watch and laughed "Four thirty in the afternoon? Or do I have..."

"What would you like?" Monica cut her off. "You want me to make you pancakes?" She grinned biting her lip. "And eggs?" She arched her brow.

"Monica Reyes, I'm willing to bet money that you don't have the ingredients required to make pancakes, or eggs for that matter." Dana looked at her doubtfully, then sat back with a coy smile waiting for a reply.

"Why is that?"

Scully smirked, then leaned into Reyes's ear. "I've seen your fridge." She whispered.

A throaty laugh escaped the woman next to her. "Well, I could run out to the store...or we could go out somewhere."

"Fine, lets go out somewhere, I'm starving." Scully sat her mug down on the table and stood up.

Monica stared up at her and grinned realizing she meant right now. She sat her mug down and got off the couch. "Guess I better feed you then."

"Feed me?" Scully arched her brow playfully with a look of warning.

"Yes feed you, before you get cranky." Monica turned and headed to her bedroom. "Just let me put some shoes on."

"You're lucky you're already injured Agent Reyes." Scully called after her.

"Whatever you say Agent Scully..." Monica threw over her shoulder as she entered her bedroom.

She came back to the living room with her jacket in her hands to see Scully waiting by the door. Monica grabbed her keys off the divider. "There's a diner that serves breakfast twenty-four-seven, it's a bit of a drive, but it's worth it."

"Lets go then." Scully opened the door and followed Reyes out. "But I'm driving, you've still got quite a nice little cocktail in your system."

"Ok then." Reyes dangled her keys out in front of the other woman.

"I'm not driving that big ass truck of yours." Scully glanced at the woman next to her as they headed down the steps.

"It's not a truck."


"It's an SUV..." Monica mumbled.

"My car is right out front."

"Fine." Monica smiled. "You probably couldn't see over the steering wheel anyway." She tensed awaiting the blow she thought she was going to receive, but Scully continued out the building and down the steps stopping once she reached the bottom.

Monica followed her down then came around to stand in front of her, still awaiting an impact of some kind. But Dana was smiling, then she let out a chuckle as she shook her head. "So this is how it's going to be, I sleep with you once agent Reyes, and now the teasing begins?" She glanced up meeting Monica's gaze.

Monica was caught off guard by her response and couldn't help the shit eating grin that spread across her face.

Dana stuck her hand out. "Keys." She snapped her fingers.

Monica smiled and held out her keys to the shorter woman.

Scully swiped them from her. "Let's go."


Monica opened the door and Dana followed her through. She locked it then headed toward the kitchen. "Dana?"

Scully draped her coat over the back of a chair. "Yes."

"You know that whole Porter thing in the hotel?" She asked, then bit her lip.

"The sheriff?" Scully arched her brow.


"What about her?" Scully threw her a questioning look.

"She didn't hit on me, that time in the hall." Reyes laughed softly at Dana's confused expression. "She wasn't hitting on me. She was asking me when one of us was going to do something about this."

"This?" Scully smirked staring back at her.

"Yeah, this." Monica gestured between them with her hands.

The End

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