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We'll Be Home Soon
By Ezrilover

Personal Log: Seven Torres

January 19th 2383

Today may have been the most beautiful day in my life next to my wedding day. At 0548.48 B'Elanna gave birth to our sweet little Katie, Kathryn Jane Torres 8lb 5.678 ounces. Admiral Janeway was there beside us holding B'Elanna's other hand as she delivered Katie, it was a surprisingly easy delivery given B'Elanna's Klingon philology. Admiral Janeway alleged that Katie was the most beautiful child she had ever seen and that she was proud to have her as a namesake.

Torres' Home San Francisco June 2385

Seven Torres gripped the padding on the bed tearing it lose from the hard form as she screamed out in pain. B'Elanna howled out in unison with Seven though not in symphony so much as that Seven's other hand was occupied in crushing her own.

"Seven, honey, could you possibly let go of my hand?"

"NO! This child was your idea. Oh wouldn't it be nice for Katie to have a little brother, we could honor Chakotay. No! Not a 13lb baby boy! Take it back. I don't care what you have to do. Fly around the sun for all I care but at least go back and talk me out of natural childbirth."

Richard Zimmerman's eyes looked up, he knew better than to move his head from his kneeling possition to purse his lips holding back a laugh which exited his nose in a rush of holographic air just before a very large baby boy fell into his waiting hands.

"You have a Son." Richard smiled as Seven gave an audible sigh and B'Elanna held out her arms to greet her son. "Maybe next time you'll let me Beam the baby out like I've suggested from the beginning."

Seven straight faced but red with anger and exertion, mostly exertion, raised an eyebrow, "indeed."

B'Elanna just smiled down at her newborn son, trying not to laugh, for she knew it would be the death of her. "Look at him, Seven, he's beautiful, a prefect little baby boy, our little Charles.

7 year old Miral, who had been standing quietly in an out of the way corner of sickbay holding her little sister Katie's hand, now moved forward to see her new born brother, her only brother, and smiled lifting little Katie up to see. "See Katie that's Charles our little brother."

B'Elanna turned and smiled at her two beautiful sweet daughters, "Miral would you like to hold him?"

"Oh yes. Please." Miral said very quickly in excitement holding out her arms to take the little boy.

"Ok but when you're done you help me change him." B'Elanna said laughingly.

"Oh momm! That's nasty." She said looking down at Charles in disgust.

"I'm just kidding. For now."

Enterprise 2385

"Ahhhhhh" Harry screamed, grabbing Tom by his package.

Tom doubled over in pain still holding on to Harry's hand trying to lead him through lamas.

Beverley smiled crookedly and looked to Richard who was delivering this special delivery. "Should I give him something for the pain?"

Richard looked at her in confusion. "I already have."

"I meant Tom."

"Oh," Richard smiled looking across the room at Tom who was still doubled over, "Nah, let him suffer a bit more."

"Doctor," Beverley spoken in shock.

Shaking his head Richard answered, "Believe me Beverley if he had been your assistant for 7 years you'd say the same thing."

They allowed Tom to suffer for another hour before giving him a slight painkiller. Three hours later Harry Kim-Paris gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl.

"Isn't she beautiful Tom?"

"She is. I can't believe she's mine."

"Well she is, so don't even think of trying to place the blame on Seven, it was only her egg it was your DNA and this is your overly heavy daughter."

"We'll have to call the girls and tell them the good news."

"Yes I'm sure B'Elanna will be happy to hear we settled on having a girl."

"Yeah, now all we have to do is name her." Tom said looking down at his beautiful dark haired girl with almond eyes like Harry's.

"Oh, I know what we're going to name her and you can bet it's not going to be Tomira"

Tom smiled at the joke, "ahh but that's such a pretty name for our little one." Looking lovingly into Harry's eyes he smiled and gently laid his hand on his arm, "what do you want to name her?"

"Annika Bell Kim-Paris" Harry replied with tears in his eyes.

"That's perfect."

Early 2390 birth of Mezoti (Misty) Torres, Seven gave birth to her

Twelve-year-old Miral sat on the edge of a light blue padded med bed in the dark corner of sickbay holding her three year old sister Nikkie in her arms. Charles and Katie had been asleep on the bed beside for well over an hour in the quiet time between her mother's contractions.

Miral looked up from Nikkie's cute little face to watch her mothers.

Seven was lying on the bed her hair messed and covered with sweat and B'Elanna was standing beside her just as Seven had stood by her side as she had given birth to Nikkie. B'Elanna's face was covered with a look of worry.


B'Elanna turned to Miral and forced a smile. "Yes honey."

Miral bit her lower lip, "will momma be ok?"

B'Elanna looked back over to Seven who was sleeping lightly after her last contraction a few hours before. "I think so honey, it's just that this is the longest it's ever taken her to give birth to one of you beautiful little ones and I'm a little worried that she's becoming too upset over the time it's taking."

Miral nodded knowing that her Mommy wasn't hiding anything from her and smiled as B'Elanna reached over and tickled little Nikkie in her sleep.

Four grueling hours

Richard looked up from his position kneeling on the floor and addressed the computer. "Computer, add crewman. Mezoti Torres." He then stood holding the surprisingly small bundle for such a long labor out to Seven who reached forward with a twinkling tear in here eye.

B'Elanna leaned in to look at Mezoti's puffy pink face and little ridges with a smile before turning quickly on her heel and walking over to the other side of the room where Miral sat with her upper body draped over her younger sister Katie's fast asleep. B'Elanna laughed softly before placing her hand gently on Miral's shoulder and shaking her awake.

"Mmmmm." B'Elanna smiled and shook once more for good measure. "Mmmm, what? Oh, Mommy! How's Momma? Did the baby come yet?"

"Yes sweetie, help me wake your sisters and brother up and we'll all go meet your new little sister."

Miral smiled her eyes twinkling mischievously as she handed Nikkie over to B'Elanna and grabbed Charles by his leg and jerked it around quickly causing him to sit straight up in bed and scream like a girl, which woke the other children up in a jolt before they all looked over at Charles and rolled their eyes.

B'Elanna held back laughter and straightened her face before she turned back to the children with a stern look. "Now, Miral don't pick on your little brother."

"Ya, Ma."

B'Elanna's eyes widened and her lips pursed, as well as she could purse them given that she thought it was hilarious that Charles always reacted exactly the way Chakotay did when she had played a joke on him- that was as far as the resemblance went though because Charles actually was quite a card for a five year-old with four sisters. "I said no."

When Miral looked properly punished with her little head down, B'Elanna smiled again and place her hand gently on her shoulder. "Come on kids lets go meet Mezoti."

All four little faces lit up in joy as she smiled down at them before turning once again and walking back to the far end of sickbay where Seven was sitting up in bed holding little Mezoti to her pale plump breast.

With Miral holding Nikkie B'Elanna lifted Charles and Katie up on her hips for a better view of their new little sibling. "My darlings this is Mezoti."

Charles giggled softly and reached his little plump hand out to place it softly on Mezoti's little blond head.

"Misott," he tried.

B'Elanna smiled at Seven who smiled happily back before looking happily at Charles. "Let's just call her Misty."

Charles smiled and pursed his lips. "Mmisty."

3 months later

Twelve stern looking men and women with very high ranks sat around a large table headed by the president of the UFP who spoke up to start the meeting. "Well, we are here today to discuss and vote on several issues, so shall we start with the less pivotal decisions, have a light lunch and then move on to the more substantial issues."

There was a succession of nods around the table before he continued. "First on the agenda is the assignment of commands."

"There is only one person up for command this year and that is Commander Martin, what do you vote." Raised hands stood for yes, non raised no.

Hands were raised round the table and few stayed down. "Excellent Diana Martin will make a wonderful Captain. Moving on"

"Lets see, we have here a petition from Admirals Janeway and Paris to recommissioned Voyager and place her under their joint command that was signed by several of you. What do you think, is Starfleet ready for a married couple to captain together?"

All hands around the table rose in agreement to the proposal.

"I thought so," with that he pressed a button on the table and a young ensign entered and stood quietly along the wall. "All those for chicken."

Several hands raised and lunch began.

One fleet admiral turned to the president and spoke softly, "And when will this recommissioning be done."

The President patted his lips with his napkin and answered, "within the next three months."

The admiral nodded and returned to his meal.

Starbase 85

"You have an incoming transmission" the computer's voice called out bringing Neelix fully awake. He looked over to Sam who was still peacefully sleeping and smiled before sighing and rolling out of his warm bed to answer the transmission.

Feet hitting the cold floor Neelix winced and tried to make no sound so as not to wake Sam who was already awake but pretended not to be.

Padding over to the console in their main room, Neelix stubbed his toe on one of Naomi's data padds and almost swore.

So it was red faced and grouchy that Neelix answered the transmission but his face lit right back up when he saw the face of Admiral Janeway. "Kathryn."

"Neelix I'm sorry did I wake you."

"Yes, but its quite all right Kathryn."

Kathryn smiled, "I never knew you weren't a morning person, Neelix."

"I usually am."

Kathryn laughed under her breath, "I see."

"So. What can I do for you Kate?"

She smiled, "Well I was just calling to let you know that Owen and I managed to get Voyager recommissioned and we want you and your family aboard, if at all possible."

Neelix's eyes brightened and a broad smile lit his face like a jacko lantern. "Oh we'll be there. You can count on it."

"Good, it wouldn't be the same without you. Have a better morning, say hi to Sam and give Naomi a kiss for me. I have to go I have a lot of people to call yet today."

Neelix smile even more, "the whole gang?"

"You bet."

Neelix was almost jumping up and down now, "I will get to plan the launch party with you won't I?"

"Of course. No one could do better."

Janeway smiled, "bye Neelix I look forward to seeing you in two week when we start the planning of that party."

"Two weeks. How much time will that give us."

"Oh, I almost forgot. Move in date is the first of next month."

His eyes bulged, "I have so much to do." And with that taped the cutoff button rushing in "Goodbye Kathryn, see you soon."

Native American planet

As the sun rose in the bluing sky streaking purples and oranges in swirls and wisps much like those he remembered staring up at in his childhood back on Earth, Chakotay sighed

He happily closed his eyes and took a deep breath of the fine fresh air. On the sandy soil of his home in front of the entrance to his single sized Mogollon (or sod home depending on where they were built), which had been commonly built in California and Alaska on Earth and could withstand temperatures up to 100 F to almost freezing, this is why Chakotay had chosen the Mogollon as the tribes standard house style, though some had chosen to have tipis or log homes.

Evelyn walked quietly on her moccasin covered feet to stand behind her husband and wrap her arms around his waist resting her head on the side of his arm.

"You have a message from Admiral Janeway."

Chakotay nodded and followed her into the Mogollon. Candles and lanterns causing a warm yellow glow that made the whole Mogollon feel very cozy gently lighted the home and fell softly over the desk made of the same wood as the home on which sat the only item that was out of place from which a slight unnatural lighting was resonating. Chakotay walked to the desk and smiled at the waiting Janeway, "It's nice to see you Kathryn. To what do I owe this call?"

"We've got her back, Chakotay and we want you to be our fist officer."

Chakotay smiled at Kathryn's excitement. "That's great Kate but I'm sorry to say that I will have to decline."

Kathryn blinked she hadn't expected him to say no. "Oh."

"I've found my place Kate just as you did when you found Voyager and married Owen. I love you and I love that ship and her crew but this is my home now and I'm staying."

Kathryn nodded in understanding. "You're still invited to the recommissioning party."

"We wouldn't miss it for the world."

Starfleet Medical directors on campus quarters

Richard and Colleen sat at their two-sided desk working on their latest project together as the joint heads to Starfleet Medical. Their COM system went off signaling a new massage of high priority had just come in and they simultaneously looked up at the com which sat in the middle and off to the left of the desk.

Colleen reached out and gently tapped the button and the screen changed from the standard blue to light up with the face of the past.

"Kathryn." They both said in surprise.

"It's nice to see you too. Anyway I'm just calling to tell you that you're being reassigned to be the traveling heads of Starfleet Med and that you'll both be able to be ship's doctor again, together of course."

"Really, well we were just steeling down." Colleen started, "but I suppose an order is an order."

Richard nodded, "So, do you know which ship we're being assigned to?"

Kathryn smiled crookedly leaned forward and bit her lip before answering, "Voyager."

Colleen smiled and Richard leaned forward, "And who will be her Captain?"

Janeway smiled, "Well Voyager will not only have two head doctors but two captains."

"That's wonderful!" Richard and Colleen echoed each other and then looked at each other and laughed.

"Are you two always this connected? Because it's kind of irritating." Kathryn asked sarcastically then seriously continued, "Really are you."

"No, this is rather rare." Richard answered.

"Good staff meetings could get really weird if you two did that the whole time."

The couple both laughed.

Richard grinned, "I do hope our mission will keep us a bit closer to the Alpha quadrant this time."

Kathryn laughed, "So do I. One trip like that is more then enough for me."

Colleen smiled softly, "We look forward to working with you Kathryn and I'm sure Richard looks forward to returning home."

San Francisco The Torres quarters

B'Elanna was sitting in one of the chairs in their living room with Seven resting on her lap with her head resting on the side of B'Elanna's, holding Misty in her arms as they watched Miral who was sitting comfortably in the other chair studying as Katie, Nikkie and Charles sat on the couch with a gaming table in front of them quietly playing a ancient Earth game that Tom had taught them the last time he visited earth. The game was Dungeons and Dragons, and B'Elanna who just didn't get it was shaking her head at the intensity of the children's game.

Seven felt B'Elanna's head shaking against her own and smiled knowing from past discussion what B'Elanna was thinking and couldn't help but find it cute that B'Elanna was so worried that she couldn't get the concept of the game that their young children played so often.

"You have an incoming transmission." The computer called into the relative silence of the room.

Seven leaned forward careful of the sleeping child in her arms and smiled back at B'Elanna before rising off of her lap and moving to the console that was sitting on the desk in the corner of the room closest to their bedroom.

Seven sat heavily in the chair, it had been a long day on campus first one punk cadet blowing up his experiment then a dreaded staff meeting and all of this with out the borg regeneration unit she had become use to those years on board Voyager. Now all she had was a small unit that provided just the most basic of energies to her few remaining borg implants. Tapping the come lightly she activated the view screen and was happy to she Kathryn's face illuminating the screen.

"Hello Kathryn."

"Seven, you look good, tired but good. How is B'Elanna?"

"Very much the same."

Kathryn nodded and smiled in amusement. "I have news for you both."

Seven rose a brow and waited patiently as Kathryn interjected a dramatic pause, as she loved to do so often. "Voyager has been recommissioned and we want you and B'Elanna to be our Chief engineers."

B'Elanna who was just working her way in behind Seven's chair blinked back surprise and smiled as she leaned down into the view of the screen and placed a kiss on Seven's alabaster cheek.

Seven turned her head and smiled into B'Elanna's eyes and in unison they spoke.

"We'd love to, Captain."

Kathryn Janeway smiled. "Good I look forward to having you and all of the children on board." She nodded once more in happiness at the loving embrace B'Elanna had wrapped around Seven's shoulder. "I wish I had more time to chat with you both, however I have yet to inform Harry and Tom of this development and I couldn't possibly rest before knowing who of my crew will be joining us on this mission."

B'Elanna and Seven both nodded. "We understand," they answered in unison before Seven smiled and continued, "I will be looking forward to Harry's call, I'm sure he will be in full gossip mode before the night is through."

Kathryn laughed throwing her head back slightly in amusement. "Yes, I'll be sure to give him plenty to spread."


Tom walked through the halls of the USS Enterprise with dark circles under his eyes and Harry practically skipping beside him. "How can you be so awake you were up all night chatting with Seven and Neelix?"

Harry shook his head in amusement. "Who needs sleep when they have gossip. Oh, Tom it's like one big family reunion that will last for years. How can you be tired?"

Tom smiled but didn't look any more awake as they reached the turbolift and entered.


As the turbolift opened onto the bridge the men were greeted by Captain Picard standing with his arm resting against the outer frame of the lift. "Gentlemen, I want to see you in my ready room." He turned and walked away from them heading to his ready room knowing that the men were nervous but letting it sit.

"So, Gentlemen, I've received requests for transfers for the both of you a little over a week ago. I'm sorry to say those requests are from two different Captains and though I tried to talk Star Fleet out of the separation they have ordered me to transfer you eminently over to these Captain's commands."

Tom and Harry exchanged open-mouthed stairs and looks of horror before they both swallowed hard and nodded accepting the inevitable. "Aye Captain."

"Very good, I'm sure Admirals Janeway and Paris will be glad to here it. Mr. Paris you'll be under your father's command he feels that his wife the humble Kathryn Janeway has been too lenient on you in the past and he wishes to make sure this does not happen again." Picard smiled while watching Mr. Paris take a nervous swallow in his suddenly dry throat. "Lieutenant Kim, Admiral Janeway as Admiral Paris feels that he would be too lenient on you given that it was you who finally calmed his son down."

Harry smiled and nodded, "Aye Captain." Looking over at Tom who was still a little green but seemed somewhat at ease knowing that they would be where they felt at home.

Jean Luc smiled back, "very well we will be docking at Utopia Planetia in four days time be ready them," he smiled once more. "It's been a pleasure to have you gentlemen, dismissed."

The End

For info on Native American Indian Homes http://www.anthro.mankato.msus.edu/prehistory/settlements/index.shtml

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