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Home Sweet Home
By Sparx

Seven shifted her hold on the smaller woman's throat. This time the Klingon had gone too far.

With a small shake, she coldly said. "You're interference is not appreciated. You will desist at once."

The Klingon in question growled, as she tried in vain to break the taller woman's hold.

Just then, another person entered the room. Taking in the situation at a glance she rushed over to the pair. "Seven! You have to let her go!"

"I do not! She has been the cause of too many disruptions."

"Let her go. We've dealt with worse. We can get through this."

"I have tried each of your suggestions in vain. It has been six months since our return to Earth and there has been no improvement."

"I know it's been hard for you Seven, but you can't kill my mother." B'Elanna reasoned.

"Why not?" Seven asked cooly.

"Well for starters, because she's my mother," at the raised brow, B'Elanna knew she needed a better reason, fast. "You're my wife and I don't want to see you in jail."

B'Elanna moved closer until she could stroke the taller woman's back. Without a word she slowly turned Seven until she could look in her eyes. "Let go sweetheart."

Reluctantly, Seven loosened her grip until the older Torres slumped against the wall. After a few deep breaths, her colour returned to normal and she was able to stand.

Miral, having finally seen what an angry Seven of Nine could do, staggered painfully to the door. In typical Klingon fashion, she called back over her shoulder. "I like you Seven. You have spirit," and with that she sauntered out, as if being choked half to death by a daughter-in-law was a normal thing. By Klingon standards it probably was.

Taking Seven into her arms, B'Elanna pulled her close for a much needed hug.

After simply relaxing in each others arms for a few moments, B'Elanna asked."By the way, what did my mother do this time?"

"She wanted me to throw away Toby." Seven answered.

"Toby?! My stuffed targ Toby?" B'Elanna asked.

"Yes, that Toby. She said it was not acceptable for a Klingon warrior to keep a stuffed animal. I refused. We were in the process of discussing the matter when you arrived." Seven replied with a smirk as she saw the look forming on her wifes face.

"I should have let you kill her." Growled B'Elanna.

The End

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