DISCLAIMER: Paramount owns them all, I don't and I’m just playing. It's not like we're going to get into trouble anyway, this is like a tribute to their shows, why would they want to stop it? (Just kidding nice Mr. Lawyer man…that’s a nice suit you’re wearing, have you been working out? What a lovely haircut! Please don’t sue me! Dinner?)
NOTES: I’m so sick of working on the computer, I thought I’d try a little streaming story to cheer myself up. Dialogue only. And I’ve only had time to beta it quickly, so I’m sorry if it reads badly : )

How Could you

By Quew

‘Seven! How could you!’

‘How could I?’

‘How could you!’

‘How could I?’

‘How could you! You, you arrogant drone!’

‘Indeed. Really, Lieutenant, there is no need for such derogatory language.’

‘Are you sure about that?’




‘But, you-‘

‘No, I didn’t.’

‘You didn’t?’

‘That is what I said, Lieutenant. It’s not what you think.’

‘Kahless, Seven, sometimes you really push your luck!’

‘I was not aware I had luck to push.’

‘You don’t! How could you!’

‘How could I?’

‘Oohhhh, don’t start that again!’

‘I do not understand what you are referring to, Lieutenant. How could I…what?’


‘I believe you are angry about something I have done. Would that be a correct assumption?’


‘Perhaps I have altered some of Voyagers’ circuitry and forgotten to inform you?’


‘Perhaps I have ‘squealed’ on you to Janeway about your public behaviour toward me?’


‘Maybe I have annoyed you with my persistently arrogant behaviour?’





‘You started dinner without me! And it’s my favourite!’

‘I…only had a taste. To make sure that the replicators had performed their tasks to the best of their ability.’

‘Oh, really? So, why do you have a half finished chocolate mousse hidden behind your back?’


‘I was not sure the replicators had produced a dessert worthy of your discerning palate.’

‘Are you trying to sweet-talk me Seven?’

‘Is it working, B’Elanna? I do not wish us to fight after we have only been dating four weeks.’


‘B’Elanna? What are you doing with that chocolate mousse? Why are you unzipping my bio-suit? B’Elanna? B’Ela…Oh. B’Elanna!’

The End

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