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How Does it Feel
By jaguarin


Part Sixteen

"Stop it, stop it, dammit! You are going to kill her!" Oracle clenched her teeth as she monitored Huntress' vitals. They were altered in a dangerous way. She was afraid she would have a heart attack. She gave the laptop to Dinah and moved the Hummer out of the garage at high speed, toward the location of her friend.

"It's my fault, it's my fault…" the redhead mumbled to herself, praying she would arrive in time. She needed her; she needed to tell her that she loved her, she needed her. She couldn't imagine her life without the dark woman…

And she'd never forgive herself if something happened to her.

Josie released the button of the remote control again. She knew the young woman was barely conscious, stunned by the sharp wave of sound. She kneeled next to her.

"Helena, dear? How do you feel?" She brushed the damp hairs on her forehead back. "Like your head is going to blow off?.. Probably, but don't worry, I need you alive, you are not going to die tonight."

Huntress heard a buzz still echoing in her ears; she tried to move, but she couldn't coordinate her movements. They were erratic and weak. She wanted to kill that woman.

She would do it.

She growled in annoyance when she felt Josie touching her.

"Ohh… poor Helena…" The blonde smiled and moved her finger over the delicate lines of the young woman's face, as she tried to keep her eyes open.

"You are so beautiful."

Josie leaned down and traced the contour of Helena's lips slowly with her tongue.

"And soft… I love when you touch me... when I feel you inside me…"

Huntress tried to move away, but her body didn't respond. She wanted to kick the other woman's ass. Josie pressed her mouth against her. The blonde then moved back, licking her lips.

"You taste as wonderful as always. It's a shame it's all over." Josie said, smiling. "I need to take my precautions. Listen to me, my little cat. I need to keep my merchandise safe. I can't have any risks, so, I'm going to program the sound to emit at a lower level, not as painful as the one I used earlier, but enough to keep you stunned and quiet. I'll apply a 73 cycles per second (Hz) – That will cause a lack of visual acuity, a feeling of distortion or spatial orientation; you will have poor muscular coordination and loss of equilibrium, slurred speech and blackout." she pause and shrugged. "Not that you can even understand what I'm saying to you right now..."

The blonde adjusted her remote control and turned on a switch.

A sharp sound hit the young crime fighter's sensitive ears; she arched her head back, growling. This one was not as strong as the other, but it was annoying, terribly annoying. It was impossible to think straight.

Josie's men opened the door. The tall woman took the brunette's chin in her fingers and kissed her again.

"Three million dollars, Helena. I hope you'll forgive me." She stood up and walked toward the exit. "Let's go. We need to move."

The men stood over the brunette, who tried to fight them, unsuccessfully. They pushed her against the ground and cuffed her hands behind her back. They cuffed her feet and dragged her out of the room.

When the brunette opened her eyes again she was in another place. Maybe she had been unconscious because she didn't remember how she had arrived there. Where had they taken her? Her vision was blurred and she couldn't move. It seemed she was inside a big hangar.

Where was she?

After long minutes, she realized she was in a cage. Her head hurt like hell. She tried to organize her thoughts unsuccessfully, the annoying sound didn't allow her to think straight; her hands and feet were cuffed. She looked up. Josie was there, smiling.

"Hi dear, ready to travel?" She kneeled next to her.

"Stop it…" Helena felt her mouth stick. "Please…stop the sound."

"Sorry, I can't, little one." She looked at the remote in her hand. "So, don't worry, you will be okay."

The brunette clenched her teeth and rested her forehead on the floor of the cage. She wanted the sound to stop."Turn… it off." she growled.

"The plane is ready," one of the men said.

"Well, your plane is ready." Josie smiled. "The money is in my account. Now I think it's time to say goodbye, little one."

The young woman closed her eyes and bit her lips. Fuck! Damn sound. She felt the other woman lifting her head before darkness enveloped her.

"You are a fantastic lover," Josie mumbled, kissing her again. "I'll miss you, little one." She moved out of the cage and locked the door. "Let's go."

Four men pushed the heavy metal cage inside a big wooden one.

"Hurry. I don't want trouble," the woman ordered the other man.

"We paid the inspectors not to check the merchandise on the plane," he said while the other henchmen moved the heavy wooden box inside the plane.

"Excellent." She gave him the small device. "Keep this close to her, if you don't want her to escape and break your neck."

"Yes, ma'am."

Barbara sped through the city. The signal had stopped at the airport. She blamed herself. She had rejected the young woman and she had fallen into that bitch's trap. She owed this to Helena. She needed to let her know that she loved her. The Hummer almost flew over the streets. She had heard part of the conversation, they were planning to send her young ward to an unknown place and she needed to stop them in time.

"We're here," Dinah announced, looking at the fence that bordered the airport. "Her signal is on the other side, where the private planes are."

"Got it." Oracle crashed the Hummer through the fence.

"What are you doing?" Dinah shouted.

"Taking a shortcut."

The Hummer jumped over the irregular ground several times until it landed on the runway. The redhead pressed the accelerator. Dinah looked at the screen. She lifted her head and pointed in front.

"There, the hangar on the left." The blonde opened her eyes wide when she saw a small plane wheeling toward them. "Look out!"

Oracle turned the vehicle to the left without slowing her speed. She saw the tall blonde and three men opening the door of a dark car. She drove directly toward them.

"Oracle, careful!" Dinah yelled.

"Brace your self."

The thugs tried to escape, but the former Batgirl crashed her Hummer into their vehicle.

"Shit!" Dinah growled.

The redhead jumped out of the car and hit a man with her escrima stick. She had taken the precaution of wearing her the transponder. Dinah pushed two of the guys back with her TK power. Oracle identified Josie immediately, even though she'd seen her just once; that night in the bar, but she would never forget that face.

Josie ran, trying to escape, and Barbara followed her. She threw one of her batarangs at the woman's feet, making her fall. She jumped on her and, rolling her over, she slapped the woman's face with anger.

She had used Helena.

No one screwed with her.

Josie pushed her back with her feet and stood up. The ex-Batgirl had more experience and pushed the blonde against the wall with her stick across her throat.

She wanted to kill that woman.

"Where is Helena?" she growled, her face inches from her.

"What?" Josie coughed, feeling the stick pressing against her throat.

The redhead's answer was a hard hit with her elbow to the woman's ribs.

"Where is Helena?" Oracle shouted.

"I don't know." The blonde coughed.

"Oracle!" Dinah interrupted.


"Huntress is not here, " The blonde showed her the brunette's necklace. "They removed it. I found it inside the car."

"Damn." Barbara punched the woman's face. The tall woman slipped to the ground. She put the stick against her throat once more, pressing it with both hands.

"Oracle, no!" Dinah yelled.

"Get back!" She continued to press her stick against the woman's neck. "You don't want to see me pissed, got it, Josie? Or whatever your name is., right? I'll snap your neck right here if you don't tell me where she is…"

"On the plane, she just left on the plane." The woman moved her eyes to her right.

Oracle turned her head to look at the plane that they had almost crashed into on the runway.

"Shit." She turned her head to the other side.

The airplane had gone.

"No…" Feeling her heart sink, she clenched her teeth in despair. She had lost her.

She had failed anguish disappeared, turning into anger. She pressed the stick harder against the woman's throat. Josie coughed, trying to breathe. Dinah, frightened, touched her mentor's shoulder.

"Oracle, no…"

"Where are you sending her?" the redhead growled at Josie.

"I don't know…" the woman coughed.

The redhead pushed impossibly harder against the woman's neck, knowing exactly how far she could put her hands over Barbara's trying, unsuccessfully, to relieve the pressure, but Barbara's anger made her stronger. Josie had been sleeping with her Helena.


Touching her.

She had been taking advantage of her feelings.

She used her.

"Listen to me," she said, trying to control herself, "I don't care if I break your neck. So, I'm going to ask you again. Where is the plane taking her? Who paid for her?"

Josie coughed, "I don't know… My orders were just to bring her here. The plane is private."

"Who paid you?"

Oracle hit the woman on her head with her stick making her bleed. She moved quickly and lifted her by her neck. Josie cried in pain and struggled, trying to free herself but Barbara maintained her grip, ignoring the burning sensation in her back.

"No, Oracle!" Dinah yelled, scared. The redhead could break her neck so easily.

"Move back, Dinah! Josie, I'm going to count until three, got it? Just three. I'll break your neck if you don't talk to me. One…"

Josie sobbed and tried to escape unsuccessfully.

"Two…" Oracle said with a firm voice.

"Al Hawke! Al Hawke!" the blonde yelled, "Please!"

Dinah opened her eyes wide and looked in concern at the redhead. "Hawke?"

The redhead hit the woman's head against the wall. Josie slipped unconsciously to the ground.

"Let's go, Dinah." Oracle said, running toward the Hummer.

"Where are we going?"

"I'll need to hack the airport database and try to find the flight plan of that plane. You drive now." She needed to find her, she couldn't lose her. She would never forgive herself if something happened to her. Hawke surely wanted to kill her, as he had done with Dinah's mother. He knew she was dangerous and he would try to make her disappear.

He loved to watch his victims die in front of him. It gave her a bit more time to try to find the brunette. She climbed into the passenger seat and opened her laptop.

"To Wayne Manor, Dinah."

"Wayne Manor?"

"We need a plane. Call Alfred, he is staying there tonight."

A few hour later in a distant place four men moved inside an empty hangar with a heavy wooden box that had just descended from the airplane.

"Where is the truck?" a man asked, opening the big wooden box.

"Careful with that!" another one said.

"It'll be here in a few minutes." A third man appeared.

"Help here, this is heavy," the first one called, trying to get the cage out.

They dragged the metal cage out of the wooden box and put it on the ground. A dark haired woman was curled up on the bottom of the cage, unconscious. One of the men circled it and kneeled to examined her.

"Well, well, what is this?" The leader kneeled next to the cage and looked inside. She was a stunningly beautiful girl. He knew he was going to pick up someone that had been fucking with his boss' plans. After months of searching and a lot of money he got… her. He'd assumed it would be a man.

"A woman? This is crazy," one said.

"She is lovely," he noted, smiling.

"But dangerous," another said, giving him the remote control. "Keep this near her. The boss said that."

"What is it?"

"I don't know, I just know it keeps her still."

"Maybe we can have a bit of fun here." The man grinned, putting the remote in his pocket.

"Are you crazy? Hawke wants her."

"Yes, he wants to kill her, so, it couldn't make a big difference." He went toward the cage's door and removed his jacket. "And she's cuffed."

"What are you doing?"

"Come on, it won't take us too much time." He took his keys and opened the door.

Huntress opened her eyes slowly. Disoriented, she tried to recognize where was she. The sound that was still blasting her ears had her totally dazed. How many hours she had been knocked out?

She was still inside the cage… but where was she?A shadow was over her. She felt hands under her armpits. Someone was dragging her out of the cage. She knew she needed to fight. She tried to struggle, but her body was disconnected from her, let her fall on the floor. She felt hands on her legs. Someone was uncuffing her ankles.

Who was it?

Someone was on her. Lips were on her neck and a hand cupped her breast.

Fuck! Just what she needed. She struggled weakly and moved her head to the side. That was disgusting.

"Easy, beautiful…" the man said, searching for her lips.

She didn't know how, but she kicked the man hard with her knee in his crotch.

The man yelled.

She rolled and tried to stand up to escape. It didn't help that her hands were still cuffed behind her back.

Crap. She couldn't move.

"Hold the bitch!" a man yelled.

"I told you!" the other one said.

In a moment, she was pinned down by strong arms. She hit a man with her head and struggled as she felt a hard kick to her ribs. Another blow took the air from her lungs. She whimpered as the butt of a rifle struck her in the head.

"Stay quiet, bitch!" He glared at the man holding his crotch. "I told you not to touch her!"

Annoyed, he pushed him back; he walked toward the brunette and slapped her face. He put her back against the ground and opened the zipper of her short jacket.

"You will like this, honey." He grinned, opening his pants.

Stunned, the young woman moaned, the buzz in her ears was terribly annoying and the blow to her head had left her seeing stars. She distantly felt him unbuckling her belt. She wanted to fight… but she couldn't.


The redhead's smile came to her mind. Her look behind her glasses. She always thought it was damn sexy.

His hands unbuttoned her pants and rubbing her waist he leaned to kiss her.

"No…" Huntress struggled weakly. He was touching her.

"Easy…" He kissed her neck again and lowered the zipper of her pants.

"No..." she tried to move but she was totally stunned and he had a hard grip on her with the help of his henchmen.

Suddenly, the man yelled and then there was commotion. Gun fire echoed in the place.

A bat-a-rang had hit the man's head. Barbara had seen him trying to undress the brunette and anger consumed her. Her shot had been exact. The other men, surprised, didn't have time to think, they were pushed back by a strong force. One of the men fired at the redhead.

Dinah protected her mentor, who found the place where the plane taking her friend had landed, thanks to the incredible computer system on the batplane. The damn thing was scary fast, and she wondered how Barbara, a calm, rational person could pilot so crazy. That had been the most amazing thing she'd ever seen. It was totally silent and landed like a helicopter.

Oracle, with her escrima sticks, smashed the wrists of the man holding the rifle. The sound of bones breaking filled the place. She hit the man on his face and he fell, knocked out.

"Fuck!" The man on the floor, who had been hit in his head by the batarang, took his hand to his head. He was bleeding. Surprised, he saw two women easily defeating his men. If he lost the girl, Hawke would kill him.

The brunette was moving restlessly on the floor, trying unsuccessfully to protect her ears from the sound with her shoulders. He ran toward her and put his arm around her neck lifting her. He took out the remote device in his pocket.

"Stop!" he shouted to the women.

Oracle was holding a man by his neck. She released him and he sank, unconscious, to the floor. Dinah turned.

"Let her go." The redhead glared at him.

"No, I'll kill her!" he shouted. "Do you know what this is?" He raised the remote device, "This will kill her. Do you understand? Kill her. Get out of here!!"

The redhead walked toward him with firm steps. "Let her go."

"No! Don't take another step or I'll kill her!"

He thumbed up the volume of the device and the brunette growled, arching her back.

"No!" Oracle stopped, lifting her hand.

"Get out! I'll kill her, I just have to move this button up and it'll fry her brain!"

"All right! All right! Turn it off!!" the older woman said, stepping back. Whatever he had in his hand was hurting her Helena. "Just stop it!"

She balled her fists when she noticed he had his pants open. The brunette hung limply by her neck in the man's arms. He had tried to… son of a bitch.

"Get out!" he yelled pressing the button again.

The brunette cried out loudly. The sharp sound increased suddenly, hitting her sensitive eardrums.

Barbara felt her heart break when she saw the pain reflected in the brunette's face. That was enough. She'd had enough.

"Dinah…" She knew she just had to say it.

The small remote control flew through the air and crashed against the ground. Dinah's powers were growing. She was on the man in two steps. She slammed her fist into his face and he released the young woman. Dinah ran toward the small remote control and stepped on it, breaking it.

The sound stopped. Huntress groaned with relief and rested her forehead on the ground, breathing heavily. She never thought she could feel that kind of pain. The fucking sound was gone, but a soft buzz still echoed in her injured ears. She was certain that unconsciousness would envelope her at any moment.

Blinded with anger, Oracle punched the man in his head.



He fell backwards with her over him.

He had hurt Huntress and he had tried to take advantage of her when she was defenseless. She hit him harder. Only Dinah's shouting brought her back to reality. She turned her head still seething in anger, her fists still ready to attack.

Dinah was with the brunette; the teen had uncuffed her hands and had her head in her lap. "Oracle, we need to help her," she said, trying to get the redhead's attention. She had never seen her mentor so angry.

Helena knew Dinah was with her, but she couldn't open her eyes, they were so heavy, as were her limbs. She was a good kid, a good friend. She promised herself she wouldn't annoy the teen anymore… well, at least for the next two weeks.

A familiar scent suddenly surrounded her, as did the sensation of arms wrapping around her in a protective embrace.


Barbara was there.

Barbara was talking to her, she was saying something to her. Hard to know what it was. A hand touched her chin.

The brunette barely could open her eyes. She found green eyes regarding her; she tried to say her name, but she couldn't, her eyes refused to stay open and she closed them; she relaxed and rested her head on her shoulder. Soft hair caressed her cheek.

Barbara was saying something to her. She was so tired, she just wanted to sleep. That was the last thing she thought before she let the darkness overwhelm her.


Part Seventeen

Her nostrils were filled with her scent. It overpowered her senses, immediately telling her she was home… Barbara's bedroom.

Warmth enveloped her. She was cocooned by a nice bedspread, her bedspread. She flexed her left leg, that was good, she could move it as soon as she wanted to. No longer were her reactions so delayed. She enjoyed the contact of soft blankets against her skin. The sound had gone, thankfully. It wasn't drilling her brain anymore, she had just a small headache. She enjoyed the soft sound of drops of water hitting the glass window. It was raining. She didn't remember when she'd last stopped to listen to such an ordinary sound.

She opened her eyes slowly, blinking a few times before focusing properly. Her vision focused the white color of the ceiling and she stared at it. She realized she had never really looked at it before. It was smooth, not exactly white, a bit was on her side and rolled on to her back, turning her head, she found lovely green eyes watching her.

She smiled. "Hi."

"Hi," the redhead said in a sleepy voice. The restless movement of the brunette had awakened her.

"What… am I doing here?" Helena asked, still a little dazed.

"Short version? We saved your ass last night."

"My ass?" the young woman smiled.

"Yes, your ass." Barbara moved her leg with her hand to help herself turn on her side. "Josie works in the underworld. She is a hired killer."


"Yes, she sold you to Al Hawke."

"Hawke?" Helena felt ridiculous repeating what Barbara was saying as a question. It must be the lingering effects of that damn sound. "Al Hawke?"

"Yes, he contracted people to find you. You helped Black Canary to escape from his trap and he didn't like that. But we stopped his men before they could deliver you to him."

"Deliver me?"

Shit. Another stupid question. She was not the most brilliant person at this moment.

Barbara smiled "Yes, they were trading you."

"Fuck…" Helena felt stupid. Why hadn't she seen it coming? She closed her eyes.

"You need to choose your lover better next time," Barbara whispered.

"Sorry. I never expected…"

Barbara settled her eyes on the thin woman. Her unruly hair hid her blue pupils. She was blushing; she looked so cute. She couldn't keep hiding her feelings to herself; she had tried to do it, but they were stronger than her.

"Where is Josie?" the brunette asked.

Barbara felt a knot in her throat; she lowered her gaze and bit her lower lip, afraid the brunette had moved on. "In jail… Do you love her?"

"No…" Helena answered instantly and sat up.


"No… I just…" The brunette knew she should just keep her mouth shut. " It was just… nothing important."

Barbara sat on the bed supporting herself with the bars above the bed and exhaled before continuing, almost in a whisper. "You slept with her…"

Helena swallowed. Punch directly to her gut. Cornered again.

Now what?

Well, she didn't have any other option. Just tell the truth.

"I was trying to forget you," she finally said. "I was trying, but I couldn't…" the words stuck in her mouth, "I… I was breaking up with her last night."

Green eyes stared at her.

"Don't be mad at me." Helena took her hands between hers and kissed it softly. "I'm sorry, Barbara, I promise you, I'm trying… I don't want you to be mad at me… just…" she said, shyly, lowering her gaze and releasing her hands, "I promise I'll do my best to not feel what I'm feeling for you…"

"I don't want that..." Barbara couldn't hold herself back and, cupping Helena's cheek with her hand, she leaned in and pressed her mouth softly against her. "I want you to keep feeling it for me…"


Helena gasped. She was dead and she hadn't realized it before.

Heaven was like Bab's bedroom?

The redhead moved back, smiling. The brunette was breathless. Her heart pounded against her chest, so hard that she was afraid Barbara could hear it.

She had kissed her.

What the hell was that about?

She blinked, looking at her in disbelief. Her muscles tensed. Many feelings overwhelmed her, making it hard for her to think properly. Confusion, fear, excitement. A kiss on the lips was definitely out of friendship. Barbara was straight, she liked men. She told her, very clearly, that she never would love her; she'd always kept her distance.

Suddenly, the young woman's eyes snapped open and she remained motionless. She had said…?

Was she just teasing her or was it for real? Or was she really dead?

"Hel? Are you okay?" the redhead asked, noticing her confusion.

Helena stayed still, completely at a loss. She didn't want to make a wrong move or say something she would regret later. Maybe the redhead was just happy to see her safe.

Yes, that was it…

That must be it… she was misunderstanding everything. Now, she needed to calm down a bit, try to control her breathing. Focus.


"Hel?" Barbara brushed her cheek with her knuckles. She had never kissed a woman before, it had been soft, but electric.

That touch definitely wasn't helping the focusing thing. It was like a match that set her on fire.

She nodded, swallowing. "Sorry… I…"

Barbara found Helena's reaction to her words to be inordinately cute. She was staring at her, without a clue as to what to do. To be honest, she didn't know what to do either, so maybe it was best to let her feelings command her actions this time. She leaned in again; her mouth brushing the brunette's softly.

"I said," she mumbled between soft kisses and, with her right hand scratching Helena's scalp, "I… love… you."

The touch of her tongue against her was soft, she had never felt anything like this, she explored slowly, afraid at the beginning because she had never been with a woman before.

A shiver ran throughout the younger woman's body. She felt butterflies in her stomach while her heart wanted to jump out of her chest in joy. She was dazed, but she was definitely sure the movement of those fingers against her scalp were marvelous.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the moment and shyly kissed her back. It was like a kiss in a lovely dream, trying to do it delicately so that the moment would never disappear. When Barbara moved back, she rubbed her face against the smooth skin of the redhead's arm that was still scratching her scalp.

Barbara, knowing Helena's instinctive feline tendencies, found the movement terribly charming.

"Do you really love me?" Helena asked in a hoarse voice, half-opening her eyes.

The young woman watched her with hope and disbelief. Her heart was racing. She wanted to convince herself she wasn't dreaming.

"Yes, I love you, Helena." Barbara said touching her cheek, "I was so afraid to accept it, but I can't hold it back any more… I love you." She leaned in, kissing her again.

The kiss was soft and sweet. She melted under the caress and returned it gently, afraid to move roughly and scare the other woman. Barbara traced the outline of her lips with her tongue. She moaned and opened her mouth, allowing the older woman to move inside her.

The slow, languid strokes made Helena drown in her taste. Before she knew what was happening, she felt Barbara wrap her arms around her. She did the same and rolled on top of her.

The feeling of the older woman's chest against her was incredible; the play of tongues slowly against each other, magic. She was dreaming and she didn't ever want to wake.

When the redhead broke the contact, her heart ached with the loss of those full lips against her, she stared at Barbara with a drunk gaze.

Helena looked adorable, Barbara thought to herself.

"Are you okay?" she whispered, smiling.


"I was so afraid to lose you." she whispered, brushing her hair. "I really was scared. I'm sorry… I was so stupid, so blind…."

Helena stopped her words, trapping her lips again. She didn't care about anything, the only thing that mattered was that Barbara loved her. She was not lying, she could feel it, in her caresses, in her touch, in the melting duel of tongues.

She loved Barbara… and Barbara loved her back.

Barbara moved her head back, gasping for air. Now, that had been a real kiss.



The brunette leaned in and rubbed her nose on her cheek.

"Please listen to me," Barbara mumbled. She took the brunette's head in her hands and lifted it to look at her eyes. The young woman growled in disgust. "Listen to me… I'm sorry… I hurt you…"

"Barbara, no…"

"Please listen, I'm… always following my rules… When I knew I was in love with you, I didn't know what to do… Until I almost lost you. I pushed you to that woman…"

Helena opened her mouth to say something, but soft fingers covered her mouth.

"Yes, I pushed you to her," she explained. "I closed the doors of my heart to you. And my heart just wanted to be close to you, to tell you how much I love you."

Helena was speechless. She had fantasized about this moment for so long and now….

"Will you forgive me?" Barbara asked.

The brunette brushed her cheek against her. The touch was terribly tender.

"There's nothing to forgive …" She bit her ear lobe and whispered, "I'm dreaming, you are my dream."

Barbara turned her head and searched for her lips, this time she was more demanding, more aggressive, surprising the young woman. She took her by surprise and using the strength of her upper body, she rolled them over and was on top of her, focused only on the taste and pleasure of the younger woman. After long seconds, she moved back, smiling.

"Do you think are you dreaming?" she asked.

"I… I'm not sure…" Helena gasped. "Can… we… try that again just to be sure?"

The redhead laughed.


The brunette ate her lunch happily at the kitchen table with Dinah next to her. It was still hard to walk, the sound had affected her balance. The blonde had helped her get to the kitchen. She'd always hated to be helped, but this time she didn't care. There was an incredible joy inside her.

Barbara had opened her heart to her.

She loved her.

For the first time in her life, she thought those poets that wrote about love were not as stupid as she'd always thought. Now she understood phrases like 'my heart sings when I see you' or 'I'm walking in heaven when I take your hand.'

The redhead had been so sweet with her and, after cuddling a few minutes before going to work, they'd talked. The best part was discovering she had been jealous of Reese and Josie all that time. She didn't want to let her go, but the redhead had an important meeting with the principal of the school. Afterwards, she slept almost all morning, soundly, surrounded by Barbara's scent still on her bed.

She chewed on a piece of beef. She almost spit it across the room after Alfred made a joke. The elevator 'ding' announced Barbara's arrival to the ClockTower. She felt her heart jump inside her chest. But she controlled herself, so as to not show anything to the teen and the butler. She needed to talk about it with Barbara first.

"Hi all," the redhead greeted, wheeling inside the kitchen.

"Good afternoon, Miss Barbara," the old butler said.

"Hi, Barbara." Dinah poked a piece of meat with her fork.

The redhead looked at the brunette, she really was beautiful, she loved her. Her smile was electric, she had been extremely happy all day, with a great joy inside her chest that she couldn't hide, and checking the clock every five minutes waiting for the time that she could return home and see her. It was not going to be easy, she needed to learn a lot about her new relationship, but this time she was not going to push her feelings to the side.

"Hi, Hel." She put her hand behind the brunette's neck and pulled her against her to kiss her softly on her lips and turned as if she had done it everyday.

Helena, stunned, stared at her lover; she had kissed her in front of everyone? Now that was the weirdest ever. She looked in trepidation at Dinah and Alfred, waiting for their response, without knowing what to think.

Alfred chuckled and turned to find a plate for the older woman and Dinah smiled, she was happy for them both, Barbara had overcome all her fears and finally made the decision to follow her heart. Helena stared at her without believing what was happening. Now what was she supposed to do?

"How do you feel?" Barbara smiled, stopping the wheelchair next to her and picking up a napkin.

"…Great…" Helena cleared her throat, gulping.

"She is doing pretty well." Alfred said, "She slept almost all day."

The young woman used to sleep so much after a hard day. Barbara imagined it was part of her healing system.

"That's good," she said. "I'm glad you're here. Your balance is better, Hel?" the redhead took a sip of water, amused at the reaction of the young woman.

"Huh?... Well… more or less... Dinah helped me get in here."

"I think that tomorrow you will be okay."

"Yeah… well, she can take me to my place in the car tonight," the brunette said.

"No, I'd prefer you to stay here tonight." The butler gave her a plate with spaghetti. "Thanks, Alfred."

"I told her that," Dinah explained, "but you know Helena."

"I want to check your eardrums tonight and tomorrow morning and check your reflexes," Barbara explained, taking her fork. "I don't want you patrolling until I'm sure you're all right."

"Smart decision." Alfred smiled.

"So, we have a free night?" the teen asked. "I want to go to the movies."

"Sure, I need to work on the Delphi and Helena can rest, and to be sure…" She pulled a plastic bag from her hand bag.

"What is that?" the teen asked, looking at it curiously.

"I rented some of Helena's favorite movies. I thought she might enjoy it."

"I hope it's not any of those stupid horror movies she loves." Dinah lifted her brow.

"Oh no…" Barbara showed her a box and read the title "This one sounds interesting 'Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Subhumanoid Zombified Living Dead, Part 3'. "

Helena spat her coke.

"What is that?" Dinah laughed.

"The title of a horror movie, black and white, 2005."

"Are you joking?" Helena took the box looked at it. " 'Independent New Jersey filmmaker Jim Riffel has redubbed The Brain That Wouldn't Die, a campy, low-budget exploitation film released by AIP in 1962. His new film, which he claims cost $99 to produce, is awkwardly titled Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh-Eating, Hellbound, Crawling, Zombified, Living-Dead Part 3."

"I'll pass." Dinah waved her hands.

"Freaks, 1932" Barbara said, pulling another movie from the bag. "Early horror-film master Tod Browning gathered a cast of real-life sideshow performers for this creepy film about a group of "freaks" who get revenge on the evil, attractive characters."

"That one sounds great," Alfred offered.

"You have got to be joking." The teen glared at her guardian.

"I want to start with 'Freaks'," Helena said happily.

The blonde rolled her eyes. She was definitely going out to the movies.

The redhead read the last thing she had typed on the screen. The equation seemed to be okay. She pressed the enter button and the screen filled with numbers and data. A smaller window on the screen read 'searching'.

Opening her heart to Helena and sharing her feelings made her feel free and extremely happy. Helena was an enigmatic woman in many ways, dark, rude, but incredibly sweet when she let people look inside of her, with an incredible need for love and so much love to give.

Remembering the events of the night before, she couldn't avoid feeling a shiver running through her spine when she remembered that man over the brunette, trying to take advantage of her, touching her...

She closed her eyes, feeling the same anger she'd felt in that moment. She usually never lost control, but this time it was impossible to control herself. The brunette's complete helplessness, plus the tension not knowing if she could rescue her in time, had sent her into a frenzy. Luckily, they were able to save her. She'd checked the unconscious brunette when they'd returned to the Tower.

Afterwards, Dinah had helped her move Helena to her bedroom. She kept a vigil on the young woman, she had almost lost her, and now, life had given her another opportunity. She was not going to lose it. She was going to fight against all societal rules and everyone for Helena. She had been her first enemy in their relationship, denying her own feelings, but now, she had the courage to accept it and to fight for her. To keep Helena's love.

She smiled to herself, remembering the brunette's reaction to her confession and attentions that morning. She stretched her arms.

"I thought you would like this." Alfred appeared, putting a tray of coffee next to her.

"You read my mind."

"My pleasure, Miss Barbara. Do you need anything else before I leave for the night?"

"No, thanks, it's okay," she said, taking a sip of coffee.

"Good night." He smiled and stepped back.

"Alfred? "The redhead turned her head to him.

"Yes, Miss Barbara?"

"I wanted to thank you," she said softly.

"Thank me?" He raised his brow.

"You didn't ask anything…" she lowered her gaze shyly "…about Helena and me."

"Well, it was something that was just about time."

The redhead was shocked. "Just about time?"

"Yes." He smiled. "For you to discover you share her feelings."

"Alfred…" she frowned, "What are you…?"

"Well, the only ones that didn't notice your feelings for her were you and her," he noticed she was blushing, "and I'm glad you had the courage to accept your feelings for her and try. I wish you the best."

She took his hand in hers. "Thank you so much. You are a great friend."

"I know." He smirked and walked toward the elevator. "I suggest you go rest and keep an eye on Miss Helena. She asked me for a bowl of ice cream. You know what sugar does to kids."


Part Eighteen

Helena still wondered if she wasn't dreaming; Barbara had been attentive to her all day. Wheeling in sometimes to keep an eye on her and ask her how she felt, greeting her with a kiss, and not caring if Dinah or Alfred was near. And they seemed to accept it happily. She spent the afternoon in the living room watching TV, attentive and cuddling with her. She definitely liked being the center of her attention. She had been with her until late, when Barbara had moved to work at the Delphi and she went to lie on the bed.

She felt drunk, surrounded by Barbara's scent and the softness of the sheets; she was surely very tired because she had fallen deeply asleep. Dreams with Barbara were always pleasant dreams. Erotic. Her nude, next to her, touching, teasing, tasting.

The excitement was so powerful in the younger woman that she awoke abruptly, totally aroused and breathing heavily.

"Hel? Are you okay?" Barbara's sleepy voice asked from behind her. "Are your ear drums still hurting?

Helena blinked, she was in Barbara's bedroom, dawn was visible through the window. She had fallen so deeply asleep last night that she didn't realize when the redhead returned to her room. The feeling of a warm body behind her, with an elegant arm wrapped around her waist was wonderful… but not the best in her excited state

"Yeah…" she swallowed, "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up. I'm okay."

Barbara smiled and moved closer, kissing her shoulder, "What movie did you watch yesterday?"

Uh… that pressure against her back had been electric. Feeling her so close wasn't helping control the warm heat between her legs. The redhead's hand was on her waist, tracing gentle circles on her bare stomach.

"Repulsion," she mumbled, feeling her eyes morphing between normal and feline. "First Roman Polansky film project: Catherine Devenue had the title role."

Barbara couldn't restrain herself, Helena's skin was soft, but firm, she wondered how it would taste. The light of the moon filled the room. Her neck was beautiful.

"Catherine Deneuve?" Barbara moved her lips toward her neck.

"Yeah," Helena closed her eyes, trying to regain control. Well, that was definitely turning her on. She shifted her legs under the covers, hoping her bedmate wouldn't notice the light movement. "She was a sexually repressed Belgian manicurist…."

"Sexually repressed?" Barbara's hand moved up and brushed the tender skin under her tank top. "People say that is terrible."

"Jesus…" The brunette felt her nipples harden under the contact. Barbara didn't know how easy she could turn her on. She wanted her, and it would be a bad idea to try to move things too fast as she didn't want to screw things up. She crossed her fingers with the redhead's and moved them slowly to her belly. It was a better place. Barbara's lips found her ear lobe. Fuck.

"Bar… Barba…. Barbara…" she gasped.

"Yes?" the redhead nibbled her lobe.

Helena broke the contact and turned around to face the redhead. She rested her head on her shoulder, hugging her and breathing hard. She was aroused, very aroused. She needed to calm a bit.

"Helena?" Barbara asked, softly brushing her hair. Something was wrong, maybe she was pushing too much.

"Give me a second," she mumbled.

The redhead moved her head back and took the brunette's face in her hands. She looked for the brunette's eyes but she had her lids closed.

"I don't want to push you… I'm sorry… It's just…" Barbara mumbled. "I just wanted to touch you."

"It's not that..." Helena mumbled. "Well… you… I have trouble controlling myself and I don't want…"

Barbara smiled. "Look at me," she said sweetly.

Helena was aroused. Amazing golden eyes met hers. Barbara had always thought it was damn sexy. She never had done this but she was not afraid, with Helena everything was easy and natural.

"Love me…" the older woman whispered, trapping the brunette's lips between hers and cupping her breast with her hand. "Show me how to love you…"

Helena growled. Barbara's voice hit her core. All right, that was enough. No more words. She was officially out of control. She rolled in the redhead's arms and was suddenly on top of her.

"I love you…" she mumbled covering her face with kisses. Her fingers moved slowly, exploring the soft and marvelous pale skin gently.

She was taking her time, she had dreamed of this so many nights and wanted to enjoy each second and make it pleasant for the other woman. Her mouth moved down to taste the redhead's long neck. She bit gently at the pulse point; she felt her shiver. She couldn't believe she was finally with her.

Barbara arched her back when she felt the brunette's mouth cup her right breast through her top. Helena was being incredibly sweet in each movement, in each touch. She felt a tingling sensation all over her body.

The young woman purred, feeling Barbara's hand caressing her spine under her tee. She rose up to help her to remove the top. Barbara lost her breath when she saw Helena exposed to her. She had seen her nude thousands of times, but never like this. She seemed to be a fine porcelain sculpture, with her muscles perfectly delineated. She put her arms around the brunette's neck and pulled her against her to steal another kiss, moving her hand under Helena's underwear to cup one of her ass cheeks.

This time the former cyber genius moved with demanding strokes. Helena felt her clit pulsing harder, the movement of Barbara's hands against her ass cheek made her excitement grow. She began to move her hips against her in slow movements. Shit. She was touching her. She was finally touching her.

The young woman pulled Barbara's top down freeing one of her breast. "You are so beautiful," Helena growled before her mouth lowered slowly and enveloped a rock hard nipple. The feeling was marvelous, she sucked slowly, letting her tongue caress the soft skin under it, while her hand kneaded the other breast on top of her shirt.

Barbara groaned and hugged the young woman, a delicious moist heat enveloped her and the pull of her lover's mouth made her mind dizzy. She had denied this to herself so long... and no more.

Helena was lost in the sensation of the soft flesh under her for long minutes. She suddenly kneeled on the bed and moved her head up.

"Sorry," the brunette breathed heavily, "This is hindering me."

Barbara sat up to help her to remove her top. Helena stared at her, kneeling. She was damn beautiful. She wanted to jump on the woman, but she stopped when she saw green eyes fixed on her. She swallowed, fisting her hands in balls to contain herself.

The older woman took a slender wrist in her hands and pulled Helena to her. The slow teasing of long fingers along Helena's body was like fire; every inch was overwhelmed by desire. The pressure of her soft nipples against her made them both shiver and gasp in pleasure.

The dark haired woman began to rub her body slowly against her lover, without breaking the kiss. She wanted to consume her, fill all her senses.

Barbara rolled over. She was on top. Her long fingers cupped a small breast, she closed her eyes to let her senses feel, enjoy, a new territory. The woman she loved. Barbara's mouth found her breast and cupped it tenderly.

Gasping, the brunette rolled them over again and put Barbara's back on the mattress. Rapid exhalations and the sound of sheets shifting under the movement of bodies broke the silence of the dark room. They explored, teased and touched, discovering each other, trying to find sensitive points, pleasure points.

"Sorry," Helena smirked, "I don't want this to end yet."

Barbara wondered how she could have been avoiding this marvelous moment for so long. Helena's touch was different from any man she had been with. In bed, she was incredibly delicate, gentle, the polar opposite of her violent crime fighter persona. She seemed to know where to touch her and, more importantly, how to touch her.

The young woman licked Barbara's chin and began to kiss her. She moved down the slender body slowly, with soft caresses and stopped at the perfectly delineated abdomen of the older woman. A powerful scent filled her nostrils. She rested her forehead on the older woman's belly and closed her eyes. The smell overwhelmed her: Barbara's arousal. It was a direct hit to her libido and she felt her own sex moist with lust. She lowered herself and kissed Barbara's inner thigh. The aroma was powerful. She closed her eyes. Barbara cupped her face between her hands and pulled her up.

"Come here… I want you here…" She caught her lips.

Barbara had never been so aroused, so hot for someone; she had been hacked by a strange and dangerous lust virus that didn't allow her to think properly. She noticed the soft rocking of the young woman's hips against her and increased her tempo.

"God!" the redhead gasped, feeling Helena's hand touching her sex.

"Do you feel it?" Helena asked softly.


The brunette moved her hand and began to rub her gently. She loved Barbara's reactions and the sounds she emitted. Erotic sounds to her ears, guiding her.

"I love you." The brunette kissed the redhead's lips at the time she thrust into her, "I love you so much."

The older woman arched and closed her eyes, overwhelmed by the sensation. They began to move until they found the rhythm.

They lost long minutes in sensations and movements. The brunette kept the movement of strong fingers against the redhead's sex; concentrating on when the older woman reacted to her touches, discovering what would pleasure her. Barbara thought she would go crazy, Helena seemed to know where she needed to be touched. A thumb grazed her clit. She cried out.

The dark woman smiled to herself, knowing she had caught her prey. She moved up and kissed the older woman. Totally submerged in pleasure, the aroused and panting redhead moaned when she felt the young woman finger's teasing her entrance.

"Please Helena…" Helena moved gracefully and put her sex against Barbara's thigh, rocking.

She was loving Barbara. Barbara was loving her. She was in heaven and each time she moved faster, grunting. She buried her head in the long, elegant neck of her former mentor, feeling the moment coming. Barbara wrapped her arms around her young partner. Her nails buried deliciously in her back. She felt her orgasm build up, slowly, inevitably.

Helena swallowed her cry of release covering Barbara's mouth with her own. The brunette felt her fingers trapped inside warm walls and a warm moisture enveloping her hand. She was there. And so was Barbara. The young woman was enveloped by an incredibly long, powerful climax, one as she'd never felt before that blocked all her senses. Helena was exhausted, feeling the softness of her human pillow under her. She wrapped her arms around Barbara and enjoyed the feeling for long minutes listening to the steady rhythm of the older woman's breath.

When she opened her eyes again, the room was illuminated with the light of day. Cocooned in a soft bed, curled tightly against a very nude and beautiful Barbara Gordon, was glorious for her. Her head rested on her sharp shoulder. She inhaled the combined scents of herself and the other woman. She closed her eyes, remembering each wonderful moment they had shared a few minutes before. Her fingers caressed the side of the older woman's smooth torso. She felt long fingers brushing her hair gently. She lifted her head. Marvelous green eyes were tenderly regarding her.

"Hi…" she smiled.

"Hi…" Barbara kissed her forehead. "Glad you're back."

"I was out?"


The brunette lifted up and kissed her softly on the lips. The redhead kissed her back; she had been so close to losing her. She had been so stupid. She held the thin body tightly against her.

"I was so afraid… I was avoiding you, and you are wonderful… I was so stupid."

"Don't say another word." Helena moved back and stared at her lovingly. She cupped the redhead's cheek and brushed her lips with her thumb. She narrowed her eyes.

"Something wrong?" The redhead lifted her brow.

The brunette remained still, lost in her gaze.


"Do you know how frickin' sexy you are when you wear your glasses?" The question made the redhead laugh.

"You're crazy:"

"It's true." The brunette grinned. "It's always turned me on."

"How can I turn you on wearing eyeglasses?"

Helena crawled over her and took the eye glasses from the night table.

"What are you doing?" Barbara frowned.

Helena put the glasses on the other woman and moved back, kneeling on the mattress. Her eyes glued on the older woman nude's body, her skin was like porcelain, an incredible waist and perfectly delineated abs. She worked so much in her upper body and it was fantastic. Her gaze lowered, stopping on the juncture of her long legs. Her mouth was suddenly dry..

"Fuck…" she swallowed, feeling a knot in her throat.

"What's going on?" the redhead asked, intrigued.

The young woman leaned over her slowly, brushing abs against abs, breasts against breasts. Both women shivered under the sensation. When Helena's face was inches from the older woman's, Barbara's heart was beating really loud against her chest. Her fine hearing could hear it clearly. She pressed her lips against Barbara's and the older woman opened her mouth to let her in. They melted in a passionate kiss.

"I was right…." the brunette mumbled through the kiss.


"Yeah… I'm turned on… let's do it again."

The End

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