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How Long Has This Been Going On?
By Demeter


At times, when she takes a moment to stop and think about it, Lindsay is surprised how much Katrina puts her at ease. They have a lot in common, many things that Lindsay has been aware of and one in particluar she's been oblivious about. Until the night when Katrina had kissed her in the doorway after they'd come home from dinner.

Or maybe she hasn't been completely oblivious. It's funny, she thinks. Lying in a woman's arms for the first time, sharing whispered sweet nothings, touches tender in the aftermath, and laughter, she'd imagined it to be Cindy.

Which is kind of ridiculous, isn't it? Cindy is young, and open-minded, and very straight. She likes guys enough to see past one of them threatening her with an imaginary gun, trying to save him even after he fake-kidnapped her.

She'd once told her girlfriend the story, and Katrina had laughed, but she'd acknowledged, "You care about your friends. That's one of the things I love about you."

"Tell me about the others," she'd whispered back.

Katrina holds her head up high. She doesn't care about the rumors and talk behind closed doors. Lindsay has always thought that she was very much at ease in her life and her job, but she realizes that she could still learn from Katrina.

She's never felt this lucky, and in a way, that scares Lindsay. She's not sure how long the feeling can last, but that is something she isn't ready to share with either her lover or her friends.

The End

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