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How Much Is Enough?
By Alex-Kae


Part 2

Maggie looked at Bianca, then at Zoe, who was standing behind her. Bianca looked at Maggie, then at Zoe. Zoe just stared defiantly at Maggie.

"Hi Bianca." Maggie breathed out. She was always caught breathless when she saw Bianca.

"Hey Zoe, can you give us a second? I'll call you later."

"Sure." Zoe hugged Bianca and was out.

This left just Maggie and Bianca to do a little 'catching up'.

"Maggie, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Before you start on the whole 'what's best for us speech' let me say this much. I know you're not under any pressure of the satin slayer anymore as it turned out to be your sister's husband's father so the least you could do is make a little time for me to explain everything. When it was said that Babe had died I wanted to fly out here so bad, but you said you wanted your space and I didn't want you to feel that I was gonna be comforting you to get back into your life so I stayed in Paris. But you got rid of me real easy last time and that's not gonna happen again this time."

Bianca moved from the door and sat in the sofa.

"If you want me to stay right here I'm fine with that too." Maggie said, still standing at the doorway.

"No. You can come in."

Maggie came in and walked over to the chair Bianca was in.

"May I sit?"

"Sure." Bianca said a little colder than she expected.

After around five minutes of silence Bianca was going insane.

"Maggie what are you doing here?" she repeated her first question

"Why were you about to cry when I came in?"

"That's none of your business. Answer my question."

"I needed to see you. In person. Face to face."

"Well here I am. Is that all?" Bianca seemed really impatient

"Bianca can we please just talk? I really want to work things out."

"I would love to work things out too but I don't know how to get passed it Maggie. I'm sorry."

Another moment of awkward silence. Maggie just kept staring at Bianca, who's eyes where everywhere else except looking at Maggie. Without even realizing what she was doing, Maggie started to stroke Bianca's hand. The soft skin that she longed to feel on hers. Bianca looked into Maggie's eyes. Tears stung her eyes. Then Maggie just had to say the one thing to push her over the edge.

"Bianca, I love you."

Bianca couldn't help but let the tears fall. Maggie moved her hand towards Bianca's face, and with the tenderest touch, wiped the tears from Bianca's cheek. Bianca felt goose bumps all over her body. Maggie couldn't take this anymore. She needed more. Some people would call it taking advantage of a person, but Maggie called it fulfilling a need. She knew it was selfish, but she had been so selfless for how long, she thought she deserved something in return. She wrapped Bianca in a warm and bit more than comforting hug. Her hands trailed up Bianca's spine her fingers got caught playing in Bianca's hair. They parted the hug after a few seconds, Maggie's hands around Bianca's neck and Bianca's on Maggie's shoulders. Maggie looked into Bianca's eyes. The same eyes that she had immediately fell for at BJ's six years ago. The same eyes that always drove her wild. The eyes that pushed her to do what she would do next. She cupped Bianca's cheek and leaned in till their lips touched. Bianca didn't resist but got lost in the sensations that came flooding back to her like a distant memory. She returned the kiss. From her hair, Maggie's hands made their way past Bianca's neck, across her back, down to her waist, taking in every inch of what they missed for so long. A tiny moan escaped Bianca's throat. Her head told her to stop but her body wanted more. Her lips parted and Maggie deepened the kiss allowing their tongues to taste what wasn't theirs for the longest time. Maggie's lips left Bianca's as they traced her jaw bone down to her neck, where she placed small, light kisses. She whispered "I love you so much."

Maggie's breath on Bianca's neck sent ripples of emotion through her body. Maggie began to tease Bianca, licking, nibbling, and kissing her neck. Another moan escaped Bianca, much louder than the first. Maggie always knew tease Bianca, how to make her want more. And she never failed to use her deceptive ways. Maggie's lips strayed backed to Bianca's to finish what they started. Her hands though, strayed somewhere too fast too soon. At feeling Maggie's hand at her butt, Bianca made a slight jump. All sense that left her when their lips touch rushed back to her almost in an instant.

She little less than gently pushed Maggie from her.

"Oh my god." Maggie started

All Bianca did was look at her.

"Bianca I don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry. It's just…you're so god damn beautiful. I couldn't help myself. I missed you too much."

"Oh! So that's it? You see me looking sad and you decide to take advantage of me? And why am I surprised. Isn't it something you're used to by now?" Bianca started yelling.

"No, I swear. All I planned to do tonight was talk to you. I didn't plan for this to happen."

"Uh-huh. And you didn't plan to cheat on me right?"

"I didn't. I don't know what happened. It just-"

"Mommy?" came a tiny, sleepy voice.

Miranda came into the living room, oblivious to the fact that Maggie was in the room. Bianca went to her and gave her a quick hug, "What's wrong little munchkin?"

"I heard you yelling mommy. Are you sad?"

"No baby. Mommy's not sad."

As Bianca said that, Miranda turned her head and saw Maggie standing at the chair.

"Maggie!" Miranda ran to her and gave her a big teddy bear hug. Maggie picked her off the ground and gave her a tight squeeze.

"Hey there tiger. What's up?"

"I missed you."

"Really?! I missed you too."

"Why was mommy yelling? Did somebody do something to her?"

Maggie looked up at Bianca, at a loss for words. Bianca returned the look

"Miranda, no one did anything to me. I told you. Mommy's just feeling a little loud tonight alright. C'mon, we gotta get you back to bed. Say goodnight to aunty Maggie."

" night aunty Maggie." Miranda said, who was still in Maggie's arms. She gave Maggie a kiss on her forehead as she used to do every night almost a year ago. Maggie put her down and she ran to Bianca. Bianca took her back to bed.

After putting Miranda to sleep for the second time that night, Bianca came back into the living room.

"She doesn't know about us not being-?" Maggie began a question that she couldn't finish. And even if she could, Bianca wouldn't let her.

"No she doesn't know. She loves you too much. I don't want to hurt her like that. As far as she's concerned, you're a part of our family."

"I'm sorry. I gotta go." Maggie really missed the wonderful family she was a part of and being there right now was really hard for her.

Bianca was torn. She wanted Maggie to leave because then things would be easier. But she wanted her to stay so things could go back to normal. She wanted to reach over and take Maggie in her arms and just pretend like the whole thing never happened. She wanted to love Maggie in more than one but she couldn't. She wanted Maggie, not Maggie and bits of Cecelia. But then didn't she take Maggie and bits of Jonathon? This was one of the most complicated situations for her ever. Before she realized what was going on Maggie was at the door.

"Maggie wait." Bianca ran over to her and gave her and hugged her. "Maggie I really do love you. But I'm sorry. We can't just continue where we left off."

"Can we start from scratch then?"

"That sounds reasonable."

"Okay then. Hi my name is Mary-Margaret Stone, but you can call me Maggie. You?" Maggie said with a big smile.

"I'm Bianca Montgomery. Look, um, Maggie was it? It's pretty late and, don't mean to be rude but, I gotta get my sleep, so I'll talk to you later?"

"Sure. Have a pleasant good night." And Maggie was out.

What a night. Bianca knew she should be mad at Maggie but she'd been so mad for so long, starting over couldn't be that bad an idea. Bianca's head felt so jumbled up. She was baffled. She knew she couldn't jump back into a relationship with Maggie, but boy did she want to. What Maggie did tonight made her realize that no one had ever or could ever make her feel like how she felt now. How Maggie made her feel. But then she wasn't sure if she was just telling herself theses things to get over the fact that Zoe would soon be leaving her. After all, her feelings for Zoe were quite strong. But Zoe wasn't Maggie. She was like her total opposite. Could it be that it was the hurt of what Maggie did to her in Paris that made her assume these new feelings for Zoe? She was so confused. But then, that's the effect the Stones had on you. She went to bed that night thinking how screwed up her life was right then and how much she didn't mind.

The End

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