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By allie


If yer blonde... laugh... cuz its's meant as a compliment... honest!

"Okay, note to self, do not talk out loud at staff meetings! There is absolutely no need for the senior staff to be privy to your sex life! By Kahless' left big toe you have completely lost it now."

Grumbling and cursing her way down the corridor to her quarters she reiterated to herself her own stupidity, her parentage and her perceived lack of colouring in her hair follicles even if that was the only untrue statement in her sentence. (Read: being blonde) She was a brunette; you just couldn't deny that fact.

It had all started so well. The Captain had asked for a briefing regarding the upgrade to the warp core manifold they had been working on. If they were successful the resultant increase in power would be almost seven percent better than they could currently achieve. That was when the trouble started...

"When the intake manifold shows that we are at 100% capacity we will bring online the modifications we have made and realign the grid to compensate..."Seven began her explanation as B'Elanna tuned out her memory returning to something much more pleasurable than Seven spouting techno-jargon which no one but her actually understood.

She wandered in her mind back to the early morning wake up call she'd gotten from her favourite ex-Borg which had begun with a gentle caress and a resoundingly passionate kiss which woke her from her slumbers.

Feeling the ghostly touch of a mesh-enhanced hand travelling up her inner thigh and the gentle pressure of cherry flavoured lips on her own she surfaced from Morpheous' realm and partook of the pleasure presented to her. Returning the kiss she gently ensconced her tongue in the hot haven of sweetness and swirled for all she was worth.

Glancing up briefly she noticed that Seven was no closer to finishing her report than she thought she might be. She returned to her memory of that morning....

... As hands clasped her buttocks she whimpered, not very Klingon but hey, who said she was the perfect Klingon. She had NEEDS after all and Seven was playing her like a concert violinist.

Glancing up again she noticed that Seven was retreating to her seat having finished her dissertation of the improvements to the warp core manifold. Grinning wildly B'Elanna quipped, "You are so hot when you talk tech to idiots that don't understand half of what you just said!"

As she stared at her girlfriend she became aware of the startled gasps around the room. Cursing herself she grimaced, "That really should have been In My Head Only!"

The End

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