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I Quit
By Sparx

Part 6

Once she was sure Seven wouldn't bolt, she let go of her hands and moved into the kitchenette. A few commands to the replicator and she returned carrying two glasses. "Here." she said as she handed one of the drinks over.

"I do not require..." Seven faltered as she saw a flash of irritation in the dark features. B'Elanna simply put the drink on the table in front of Seven and returned to her original place on the couch. "Thank you." Seven said softly.

Once seated the small hybrid leaned forward to the edge of the cushion and rested her elbows on her knees. Holding her glass balanced between the tips of the fingers of both hands she seemed to lose herself in the contents. Seven took the time provided by the Lieutenants distraction to compose herself.

Seven was used to long periods of silence, so the quiet of the room actually served to help her gather her scattered wits.

"Computer resume music." B'Elanna quietly ordered. Seven was much calmer but the silence was beginning to bother the small hybrid.

Seven was surprised to find herself listening to a slow quiet jazz number. "I had expected that you would prefer Klingon music." she commented.

"You also expected that I'd accept your offer for a date." B'Elanna quipped. Seeing the look on Seven's face she quickly apologized. "That was uncalled for, I'm sorry Seven."

"It is 'alright'." Seven replied. She fell silent again. She was out of her element here and she knew it. In her usual response to feeling out of place, she simply fell silent and waited for the moment to pass.

"If it's alright then why are you still upset." B'Elanna asked. The acute senses provided by her Klingon side made it easy to read people. Though Seven had the greater ability to detect physiological changes, B'Elanna had the experience of a lifetime to help her interpret what she observed in others. What she observed was a woman who was still feeling the sting of rejection and trying hard to hide it.

Seven glared at her, but didn't answer. B'Elanna also understood that reaction well enough. She herself often shut out those around her when she was feeling pressured or upset.

Making a decision she said. "C'mon, let's go to the mess hall. I'll buy you dinner."

The glare she was already receiving suddenly became more intense. B'Elanna put a hand up. "Just because I won't date you doesn't mean I won't spend time with you. Besides, I'm hungry and I don't want to leave you alone when your upset."

"I am not hungry and I am not upset." Seven stated flatly as she raised an implanted brow and gave B'Elanna a superior look.

"You lie." B'Elanna stated without rancor. Before Seven could protest she calmly said. "If you really want to learn more about people and humanity, just ask. I am more than willing to spend time with you. You don't have to offer yourself to me to get my attention."

"I have not yet ingested my nutritional supplement." Seven conceded. She wasn't about to admit that the hybrid was right.

"A few minutes ago you were ready to offer me more than you realize. Take the time to really get to know me. Then, you can realistically decide if you still want to date me." B'Elanna added as both stood.

"Acceptable." Seven stated bluntly as the two left for the mess hall.

"Lieutenant, does this..." Seven began as they walked down the long corridor.

"B'Elanna." B'Elanna stated. "When we're not on duty, call me B'Elanna."

"B'Elanna." she began again, "Does this mean we are now friends?"

"Yeah." B'Elanna answered. With an evil grin she added. "We better hurry, I heard Neelix is serving marsupial surprise. We need to get there before it's all gone."

Seven was still confused but no longer upset. She had a lot to process but knowing that the volatile woman walking beside her was willing to be a friend to her gave her some measure of comfort.

Part 7

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