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In Demand
By Wonko



Yvonne gasped as she slumped against the shower wall, Maxi Purvis' head clamped between her thighs.  It wasn't fair, she thought.  All she'd wanted to do was come in here and have a quiet shower.  Had she asked Maxi to ambush her like this?  No.  But once Maxi had had a taste - literally and figuratively - of Yvonne she'd been insatiable.

Then again, she thought as she stroked Maxi's hair.  There are advantages to the situation. Pulling Maxi up so they were level, Yvonne kissed her young lover deep and slow, leaving them both a little breathless.  Maxi sighed as she slumped against Yvonne's shoulder.

"I wish to God I could get you out of my system," she whispered.

"Ssh," Yvonne hushed her, stroking her hair.  "It's okay."

"It's not," Maxi insisted.  "It's not."

"Ssh," Yvonne repeated.  "Come on sweetheart.  Just relax.  Relax and let me take care of you."

Maxi was quiet for a moment but finally she nodded.  Yvonne grinned evilly as she dropped to her knees.

10:18 am

Stuffing envelopes was the most pointless job the prison authorities had ever devised, Yvonne decided.  Much like prison itself, it was dull and repetitive and it left a nasty taste in your mouth.  Yvonne could think of at least a million things she'd rather be doing with her tongue.  She smirked as she caught Cassie's eye.  Well, she thought.  Maybe not a million.  But certainly one.

Cassie had an evil glint in her eye as she snaked her tongue over the gum on her envelope.  Yvonne was looking a little uncomfortable which just made Cassie feel all the more mischievous.

Two can play at that game, Yvonne mused, grinning internally.  She lapped her tongue delicately over her envelope, keeping her eyes locked with Cassie the whole time.  Her look clearly said:  don't you just wish this tongue was on you right now?  The way Cassie was shifting around in her seat certainly led Yvonne to believe the answer was yes.

Cassie paled suddenly.  Yvonne frowned and looked around to see Roisin staring at the two of them with a faint look of hurt and betrayal on her face.  Yvonne sighed.


1.43 pm

"What the fuck is this?"

Since the incident in the workroom Yvonne's mood had taken a turn for the worse.  Roisin had already tried to corner her twice and she just wasn't up to dealing with her lover's girlfriend just yet.  Well, sort of girlfriend.  Sort of lover too, if you were planning on getting pedantic.  The whole situation was starting to make Yvonne's head spin.

"It's lunch," the two Julies said in unison.

"Looks like dog food to me."

"I'd have thought you'd like that Yvonne," said a voice in her hear.  "You are Top Dog after all."

Maxi, Yvonne thought. Just bloody brilliant.  Another complication.

"Leave it out, Max," she sad aloud.  "I'm not in the mood."

"You were in the mood this morning," Maxi replied when they were out of earshot of the Julies and sitting at a table on their own.  "Unless all that clutching and screaming was fake."

"I said, leave it Maxi," Yvonne growled.

"Or what?" Maxi replied with a leer.  "You and your girlfriend'll gang up on me and screw some sense into me?"  She licked her lips.  "I wouldn't say no."

Yvonne looked up sharply.

"What's going on 'ere Purvis?  This morning you were beating yourself up over this.  And now, barely four hours later you're practically tossing off in front of the whole bloody wing."

Maxi's face turned cold.

"Forget it then," she said in a harsh whisper, standing up.  "You beat me, you know that right?  You broke me.  You and Cassie.  I take it shagging me was just your way of doing that?  Well, it meant more than that to me.  Still, why should I expect you to understand, eh?  Cold-hearted bitch."

Maxi pushed her chair back and all but ran back to her cell, bumping into Roisin on the way.  Yvonne looked up and saw the Irish woman's eyes pinned on her with a look of utter disdain.

Double shit.

3.11 pm

"Roisin knows."

Yvonne had gone back to her cell after lunch to try and get some peace.  It hadn't turned out like that though, since Cassie had cornered her practically the moment she'd walked through the door.

"No darlin', Roisin suspects.  And she doesn't have to know anything if we both keep our mouths shut."

Cassie still looked worried.  Yvonne sighed.  She was quickly losing patience with the younger woman, wishing she'd just leave her alone so she could figure out what the hell Maxi had meant by her comments at lunch.

"You don't understand.  Before we got stuck in this place, Roisin was everything to me.  I'd have done anything, given up anything, if only she had just chosen me.  Just once!  I...I love her Yvonne."

"And you think I don't understand that?  Of course I do."  Yvonne ran her fingers through her hair.  "You know, Maxi said something like that earlier.  That I didn't understand the way she feels.  I think the silly little cow thinks she's in love with me."

Cassie, who had been pacing from one end of the cell to the other, stopped in her tracks.

"Maxi?" she replied.  "Maxi Purvis"

"No, Maxi bleedin' Thatcher, who the hell d'you think?"

"Sorry," Cassie said, sitting down on the bed next to Yvonne.  "It's just a bit of shock."

"You're shocked?  How d'you think I feel?"

Cassie took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as she slumped backwards against the wall.

"What are we gonna do...?" she wondered aloud.

Yvonne asked herself the same question.  This had all started out as a bit of comfort when she was feeling vulnerable.  From there it had progressed to a bit of fun - a little something to get her and Cassie, and eventually Maxi, through each day.  Now, somehow, it had turned into nothing more than a bit of a headache.

5.56 pm

A soft knock at her cell door interrupted Yvonne for the second time that day.  Please don't be Cassie or Maxi, she prayed silently.  Normally she was happy to see her 'two favourite girls' as she sometimes called them but today she just wanted a bit of peace.

"Come in," she said and the door swung open to reveal Roisin.

Oh thank you, her mind remarked acidly.

"Are you gonna stand there all day?" Yvonne said finally when Roisin made no move to enter the cell.  The Irish woman arched an eyebrow and stepped over the threshold, swinging the door closed behind her.

"You know about me and Cassie, don't you?" she began, deciding that the best way to get the preliminaries over with was to jump in at the deep end.

"You're not just co-defendants then," Yvonne answered with a smirk.

"Well, we love each other," Roisin replied, folding her arms across her chest.

Well whoop-de-do, Yvonne thought. But hey, don't expect me to understand something like that.

Aloud she said simply: "Congratulations."

"Only now," Roisin continued, "it seems I have some competition for Cassie."

Oh yeah, Yvonne thought. She knows all right.

"Look, no offence," said Yvonne, trying for the innocent tactic.  "But this affects me how?"  Of course, innocent had never been her strong suit.  Roisin fixed her with a cold hard stare.

"You know Yvonne, stupidity doesn't suit you.  You don't think I know when someone's cheating on me?  My entire relationship with Cassie is based on infidelity.  I know all the signs."


"So what's this all about, Roisin?  Come to warn me off?"

"Not at all," said Roisin with a strange smile.  "I've come to see what she finds so attractive."

Before Yvonne could properly process that piece of information, Roisin was straddling her legs.  Suddenly she found herself trapped beneath the other woman, unable to move from the waist down with her head level with Roisin's breasts - a not entirely unpleasant situation, Yvonne admitted.

"What," Roisin breathed, running her hands over Yvonne's forehead and through her hair, "have you got that I haven't?"

Yvonne fought to get her breathing under control as she answered.  "I think what you've got that I don't is the issue."

"Oh," Roisin whispered, her lips an inch away from Yvonne's.  "And what's that?"

Yvonne leaned forward so their lips were just barely brushing against each other before she answered.  "Hang-ups."

Roisin's grip on Yvonne's hair suddenly turned painful as she crushed their lips together.  The kiss was intended to bruise, to punish this impudent woman who had dared to lay her hands on her Cassie.

"Fuck you," Roisin hissed.

"Only if you ask nicely," Yvonne replied.

Roisin's head slumped forward and Yvonne thought for a moment that she'd won this particular battle of wills.  Then Roisin reached down and ripped Yvonne's shirt open and she realized that she couldn't have been further from the truth.

Yvonne's shirt buttons bouncing into the four corners of the cell was the only sound for a moment as both women paused to think about what Roisin had just done.  Neither could quite believe that she'd been so bold.

"Bloody hell," Yvonne spoke first.

Roisin snapped her eyes up and re-established her punishing grip on Yvonne's hair.  "Shut up," she whispered.  "Bitch.  I'll show you hang-ups."

With that she crushed their lips together once more.  Tongues met and fought as both women tried to gain control of the kiss.  Yvonne knew she could get free of Roisin at any time - physically she was more than a match for her.  But she also knew that fighting her way out of the situation wouldn't help in the long run.  To win this she had to show Roisin who was boss.  And while Roisin Connor may have walked into her cell and started all this, Yvonne Atkins was determined that she would be the one to finish it.

For long moments the only sounds were the occasional strangled moan and the tight sound of the two women breathing through their noses.  They broke apart violently as Yvonne ripped her mouth away.

"I think you're overdressed," she said, arching an eyebrow as she looked up at Roisin's flushed face.

Roisin hesitated a moment as a flicker of doubt passed over her features.  Then her face hardened once more and she pulled her red top up over her head, throwing it at the door where it caught and covered up the peephole.

Yvonne grinned appreciatively at the sight of Roisin's full breasts covered by a lacy black bra, practically pressed up against her face.  She reached out and laid both hands on the other woman's torso.  She was in quite good shape for a woman who'd had two kids.  Yvonne traced the gently defined abdominal muscles and smirked when she felt them clench tightly.  Leaning down, she laid a soft series of kisses along Roisin's collarbone, tracing a path over the other woman's heaving chest.  Yvonne slipped her arms round the other woman, unclasping that lacy black bra at the same time.  She broke contact with Roisin's skin just long enough to remove the bra and chuck it across the room next to her destroyed shirt.  As soon as she had unrestricted access Yvonne took one of Roisin's hard nipples into her mouth.

Roisin groaned and tangled her fingers in Yvonne's hair, pulling the other woman closer to her breast.  The image reminded Yvonne disturbingly of a suckling child.  The thought made her rather eager to move away from Roisin's breast so she trailed a few more kisses up over Roisin's chest and neck until their lips met again.

"Yep," Yvonne whispered in the other woman's ear when they broke apart.  "You're showing me all right."

Yvonne quickly realized she'd said precisely the wrong thing as a hard look entered Roisin's eyes.  She found her bra off and on the floor before she could blink, and then Roisin's hands were on her.  She trailed her fingers over Yvonne's exposed chest, her touch feather light.

"Does Cassie touch you like this?" she questioned softly as she felt Yvonne's breathing catch.  "Or maybe like this," she added as she tweaked a hard nipple, eliciting a small yelp of pain.

"No," Yvonne replied, slipping her hand inside the waistband of Roisin's linen trousers.  "More like this."

Roisin kept her eyes locked with Yvonne's while the other woman stroked her wet flesh.  She lasted quite a while too, long enough that Yvonne began to develop a grudging respect for the other woman's determination.

Suddenly Yvonne slipped two fingers inside her and grinned in triumph as Roisin's back arched and her head rolled back.  A gentle thrust elicited a soft groan from Roisin and an answering smirk from Yvonne.

But Yvonne had underestimated Roisin once again, which she soon realized when the other woman snapped her head forward and locked eyes with Yvonne.

Her hands reached down as she calmly unbuttoned and unzipped Yvonne's tight leather trousers.  Well, as calmly as she could when Yvonne's fingers were still inside her, thrusting rhythmically.  She arched an eyebrow as she saw Yvonne was sporting a pair of bright red knickers...and a hard glint entered her eyes when she recognized them as Cassie's.

Bugger, Yvonne thought.  I'd forgotten about those.  She didn't say anything, just raised her eyebrows as if challenging the other woman to respond.

And respond she did.  She pushed the flimsy material aside, finally making contact with Yvonne's wetness.  She pressed their lips together in another bruising kiss, partly to cover the moan that was suddenly wrenched from Yvonne's throat.

From that moment it was more of a race between them than anything else.  Only in this race, the one that came first would be the loser.

Roisin ripped her mouth away from Yvonne and re-established their eye lock.

"Is it like this with her?" Roisin whispered softly, her hips undulating on Yvonne's hand.

"Actually," Yvonne said nodding towards the very unlocked cell door.  "We usually screw somewhere a little more private."

"Is that all she is to you?" Roisin retorted.  "A chance for a quick 'screw?'"

Yvonne flinched, then moaned as Roisin found a particularly sensitive spot and honed in on it.

"If it helps," she managed eventually.  "That's all I am to her too."

Roisin hesitated for a moment, then nodded.  When she leaned forward to kiss her this time it was with a lot more gentleness and even a touch of sympathy.  Yvonne responded by giving Roisin a particularly hard thrust, subtly reminding her of what they were doing and why.

In the end the race was a draw.  Yvonne felt Roisin's pussy contract around her fingers at the exact moment her own body betrayed her and she felt that familiar burst of fire in her belly.  She tangled her tongue with Roisin's to keep either of them from crying out while the release washed over them both.  It could have been one second or an entire lifetime before she felt herself slump forward on Roisin's shoulder, totally spent.

6:35 pm

Clad now in another of her seemingly endless supply of silk shirts, Yvonne watched as Roisin finished fastening her bra and pulled her top back over her head.

"I'm sorry," Roisin said, not looking at the other woman.  "For the way I acted when I came in.  I was angry."  She bowed her head.  "Jealous."

Yvonne took that in and considered her response for a moment.  "There's no need to be," she said eventually.  "I'm nothing to her.  Just a bit of rough on the side.  You're what she really wants.  You're the one she loves."

Roisin turned and looked at the other woman thoughtfully.  "I love her too," she whispered.  "I really do."

"Yeah?" Yvonne said.  "Well maybe one day you'll tell her that."

Roisin looked away, shaking her head ruefully.  "Yeah," she said.  "Maybe.  Look, I'll...I'll see you later, Yvonne."

Yvonne nodded once, following with her eyes as Roisin headed to the door.

"Oh," Roisin said as she opened the door and found Cassie on the point of knocking.  "You're in demand today, Yvonne."

With that she brushed past Cassie and slipped back to G1.

Cassie turned and looked at Yvonne with a panicked look in her eye.  "What...?" she began but trailed off.

Yvonne looked up with a rueful grin.  "Cassie my darling," she said.  "Things just got a hell of a lot more complicated."

The End

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