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In the Laundry
By Wonko


The door, painted the vile shade of green that seemed to be omnipresent over the walls and floors too, swung suddenly open.  Yvonne Atkins stalked in, her face set in her usual don't fuck with me look.  Her eyes panned across the room, taking in the two washing machines, the leak of water coming from some anonymous pipe, the slightly flickering light bulb.

But no other people.

Yvonne's shoulders slumped as she shut the door firmly behind her, leaning against it and taking several deep breaths.  The last time she'd been in here she'd been set up by Shaz and ended up on the wrong side of Maxi Purvis with a belt round her neck.  Yvonne hadn't quite made up her mind what was worse - being set up by Shaz or being saved by the stupid little kid after it became clear Maxi was about to kill her.  More proof, if it were needed, that she was getting too old for this game.

Somehow she managed to resist the urge to look over her shoulder every thirty seconds as she sorted out her washing.  There was a lot of it since she'd put off coming back her for as long as she could manage.


Yvonne spun round, fists already clenched for the anticipated fight.

"Whoah," said Cassie, holding her hands and her washing up to her face.

"Jesus Christ, Cassie," Yvonne snapped.

"Bloody hell, you're jumpy," said Cassie, gently placing her hand on the older woman's shoulder.  Yvonne shrugged her off roughly, embarrassed that Cassie had seen her extreme reaction.

Cassie mouthed a long 'ooooookay' and busied herself at the other machine.  She'd actually followed Yvonne in here so she could get a minute alone with her but was beginning to regret it.

"How's that girlfriend of yours?" Yvonne asked after she'd calmed down a bit.  She felt bad about how she was acting.  Cassie was the first woman in Larkhall since Nikki that she'd been able to talk to without feeling the need to either mother her or fight her.

"Not so good," Cassie replied with a slight frown.  "It's really cutting her up, not knowing where her kids are."

Yvonne grunted in understanding, thinking of her own daughter Lauren.  It didn't matter that she was twenty-four now - she was still her baby.  Cassie threw Yvonne a sideways glance noting, not for the first time, the concealed bruises on her neck.

"Your funny mood got anything to do with those trophies?" Cassie said, gesturing towards them.

"I dunno what you mean," said Yvonne, trying to look innocent but not having much luck.  Innocent wasn't really her style, after all.

"My dad used to beat my mum up after he'd had a skinful.  I know what a badly-concealed bruise looks like."

Yvonne blinked three times slowly as she absorbed that snippet of information.

"No-one else knows this, Cassie.  I need you to promise me it'll stay that way."

Cassie nodded wordlessly.

"I was cornered in here by Shaz and Maxi Purvis.  Maxi nearly bloody killed me before Shaz had a change of heart and stopped her."

"Christ, Yvonne," Cassie whispered, putting her hand on the other woman's shoulder again.  This time, she was not rebuffed.  "You OK?"

"Fan-bloody-tastic."  Suddenly she found herself crying uncontrollably.  She hadn't even allowed herself this luxury alone in her cell, afraid that if she started she'd never make herself stop.  Now she buried her head in the crook of Cassie's shoulder as she allowed the other woman to wrap her arms around her and whisper nonsense-words into her ear.  In all the time she'd been in Larkhall she'd always been the one to look out for the other girls; to fight their battles for them; to give them someone to turn to when it all got too much; to mother them and coddle them and make them feel safe.  Well, as safe as they could be in place like this.  Now, for once, Yvonne needed a little of that same treatment and she held Cassie to her tightly, in silent thanks for being there to provide it.

"You know they say that when you're about to die, your life flashes before your eyes?"  Yvonne whispered.  She felt Cassie nod.  "Well, I didn't see anything.  Just blackness.  What does that tell ya?"  She didn't wait for Cassie to answer before she added:  "It tells me I didn't have enough material to put on a decent show."

"Bollocks," Cassie said.  "Utter bollocks."

"Oh yeah?" Yvonne replied.  "What have done with my bloody life?  Got married, had a kid, got stuck in 'ere.  And I'm as good as dead now, if anyone finds out Maxi and Shaz nearly had me."

"No-one'll find out.  I promise."

Yvonne straightened up and looked away from Cassie.  "Like anyone'd bloody care anyway..."

"Hey," said Cassie, running her hand along the side of Yvonne's face and forcing their eyes to meet.  "I'd care."

Yvonne opened her mouth to respond, only to find herself silenced by Cassie's lips as the other woman kissed her, soft and slow.  Yvonne's mind froze up for a second and it was only when she felt Cassie's tongue gently come in contact with hers that she jerked away.

Yvonne ran a hand through her hair as she looked at Cassie.  The other woman had a smug look on her face which made Yvonne unsure of how to start.  "Look Cassie," she began eventually.  "I'm straight.  Absolutely no confusion there.  Straight as an arrow.  I'd shag Fenner before I turned lezza, and that's the bleedin' truth.  So, I'm sure you're a lovely girl but-"

"Have you ever tried it?" Cassie interrupted.

"No." Yvonne answered.  "And I don't need to neither.  I'm not a lesbian."

"You don't have to be lesbian to shag a woman.  If you have one glass of wine in your life does that make you an alcoholic?"

"No, but-"

"You need this, Yvonne," Cassie continued, taking a step forward.  Yvonne took a step back, and then another until her back was up against one of the washing machines and there was nowhere left to go.  "You need a friend.  You need an equal.  You need someone to lie you down and ravish you till you can't even remember your own name.  I'll tell you what.  I'll make it easy.  You don't even have to look at me.  Turn around.  Pretend I'm Jim Fenner if that'll make you happy.  Just let me do this for you.  Just this one thing."

Yvonne would never know for sure what made her do it.  It might have been the hypnotic quality of Cassie's voice.  It might have been that all that talk about needing an equal had touched a nerve - cause after all, since Nikki who was there in Larkhall who could even approach her?  Or maybe it was just that the next time her life had the opportunity of passing before her eyes she wanted there to be something to see.  Whatever the reason, she found herself turning round and then Cassie's hands were on her.

Cassie grinned in triumph as she slipped her arms round Yvonne's waist.  Silently she breathed in Yvonne's perfume and then exhaled the words "unbutton your shirt."  She felt Yvonne shiver against her.  The way their bodies were pressed up together, Cassie could feel every nuance of movement, every clench of muscle.  She dropped feather light kisses on Yvonne's neck until the other woman had finished with the buttons and Cassie felt skin beneath her hands.  "Now spread your legs a little."

Yvonne let out a shaky breath as she complied, glad that Cassie's arms were so tight around her waist.  Otherwise she just might have lost her footing.  She felt Cassie's lips return to her neck and the flesh of her abdomen break out in goose bumps in response.  A soft groan escaped the older woman's lips.  Suddenly she remembered Cassie's wine analogy.  One glass of wine might not make you an alcoholic but it could sure as hell make you drunk.  That's how Yvonne felt - drunk, and not a little giddy.

Suddenly Cassie's hands made their presence felt again as one of them moved up and cupped a full breast while the other stroked slow circles on Yvonne's muscled stomach.  Yvonne let out a low groan as her nipples instantly hardened and poked against the material of her bra.  She felt Cassie smile against her neck and then thank God for front-clasping bras the garment was hanging loose like her shirt and Cassie's hand was stroking bare flesh.

Yvonne was breathing hard through her nostrils as she looked down at her own body.  She could see Cassie's hand - fine boned and distinctly feminine - stroking her nipple gently.  Suddenly that changed to a hard pinch and Yvonne felt a slight tinge of pain along with a surge of wetness in her groin.  She growled low in her throat and then felt Cassie smile again as her tongue snaked out and began to lick a made-up pattern on the back of Yvonne's neck.

Just then Cassie's other hand managed to stroke such a large circle on Yvonne's abdomen that it slipped just inside the waistband of her trousers.  It rested there for a minute while its partner continued to fondle Yvonne's breast and then slowly inched downward.

"Cassie..." Yvonne whispered, so lost in the moment that she no longer cared that it was a woman touching her this way.  All she knew was the steadily growing ache between her legs.  Cassie was right.  She really did need this.

"What is it Yvonne?" Cassie murmured against the older woman's right ear.

"Please..." Yvonne replied, her voice holding a hint of desperation.

"Please what, Yvonne?" Cassie said, this time biting the earlobe slightly.

"It's been so long," Yvonne managed.  "Please, Cass...please love me."

Cassie's left hand slipped down under Yvonne's underwear.  Yvonne let out a long deep sigh as Cassie's fingers made contact with her wet pussy, leaning forward and resting her hands on the washing machine.  Cassie gently stroked Yvonne until her fingers were slippery with wetness.  Yvonne began to move against Cassie's fingers, desperate for the other woman's touch.  The muscles in Yvonne's arms flexed as she fought for control.

Cassie got on her tiptoes and bent her head down so that her lips were tracing a path low on Yvonne's collarbone.  She let her teeth nip a little at the sensitive skin there just as she took Yvonne's clit between her index finger and her fore-finger and squeezed gently:  not enough to hurt but enough to make her presence felt.  Yvonne threw her head back and moaned as she began to grind herself against Cassie's hand.  Yvonne's own left hand found its way inside her knickers and soon joined Cassie's as together they stroked and squeezed.

"Cassie..." Yvonne whispered over and over as she felt her pleasure mount.  "God, Cassie!"

"Let go, Yvonne," her lover answered.  "Please Yvonne...come for me."

Yvonne turned her head to the right, needing in that moment of completion to see her lover's face.  "Oh, Cass..." she moaned and then grabbed Cassie's lips with her own.  This time she welcomed the intrusion of the other woman's tongue into her mouth.  Her moans were lost in their kiss as her pussy began to contract against their joined fingers.  Her body went rigid as she reached her peak, Cassie's firm grasp on her torso the only thing that kept her upright, and then she groaned as the orgasm washed over her in little contractions and shudders.

When she came to herself again her hand was still joined with Cassie's but now it was resting against the washing machine.  She could feel Cassie's lips dropping the occasional kiss onto the back of her neck and the younger woman's hand stroking her hair.  A slight pain on her collarbone told her she'd have a love bite to hide.  She remembered now Cassie's teeth nipping at her skin while she was dancing somewhere between the agony and the ecstasy parts.

"Are you okay?" Cassie whispered, her voice a little hoarse.

Yvonne thought for a moment.  The last time she'd had sex she'd had to pay for it and her hired gigolos sure as shit hadn't made her come that hard.  So what if it was a woman making her feel that way?  Her pussy didn't seem to care whose fingers were on it after all.

"Yeah," Yvonne said.  "I'm more than okay."

Cassie let out a silent sigh of relief.  Suddenly Yvonne turned round to face her.

"Although, you didn't quite do as you promised."

"Oh yeah," Cassie replied, raising an eyebrow.  "What d'you mean?"

"I thought you were gonna 'lie me down and ravish me until I couldn't remember my own name.'" Yvonne replied archly, hooking her arms round her lover's neck.

Cassie grinned.  "Always next time, eh?" she said.  Yvonne nodded as she leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on the other woman's lips.

"Tell me Cass," she asked as they broke for air.  "Does drinking two glasses of wine make you an alcoholic?"

Cassie smiled smugly.  "No," she replied.  "Just a connoisseurr."

The End

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