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By Texbkwrm

Chapter 7

When Miral stopped, the distance between them was not the centimeters of space but the chasm of years and pain that ran between them. "B'Elanna" the older woman growled out in acknowledgement. The younger woman could see the pain that lived in her mother's eyes. "I'm sorry." her words barely audible. The older woman nodded her acceptance. As the silence grew between them, neither knowing how to bridge the gap, a voice was heard.

"Icheb, they are not following apology protocols." Mezoti said to her oldest brother. Stepping forward before he could stop her.

"After apologies, hugs are required." she spoke, looking up at the tall fierce looking klingon that was her grandmother.

"Really?" Miral said with a toothy grin as she took in the sight before her. "And who are you?"

"I am your granddaughter, Mezoti." The little girl informed her sincerely.

"Well, then I guess maybe you're right." with that the older woman pulled B'Elanna into a rib cracking embrace.

"She needs practice and I am not letting her hug me like that." Mezoti told Icheb, as the twins nodded their agreement.

When Miral finally set her prodigal daughter down, she whacked her on the back causing B'Elanna to stumble forward. "Now introduce me to my grandchildren."

Smiling broadly, B'Elanna motioned the kids over. Pointing to her pink terror, "This is Mezoti, our oldest daughter. Mezoti, this is your grandmother, Miral."

Before Miral could move closer, Mezoti spoke. "You may hug me if you use 78% less compression force than you used on SecMau." educating the woman on the proper hugging protocols before she got too close.

"How about you show me." the older woman opened her arms and allowed the little girl to hug her. As the little girl embraced her, she informed her grandmother. "This is the proper hug protocol."

Picking Mezoti up, she tossed her into the air, and then caught her. The little girl squealed in surprise. "How about that? Is that allowed?" Miral said grinning. The little girl took a moment to consider.

"Yes and you may repeat it but not with the baby." Returning to her siblings, she said giving her seal of approval. "She is acceptable."

Laughing softly B'Elanna motioned the boys over, "These are our sons Icheb, Rebi, and Axan."

After Miral greeted the boys, with Rebi insisting on getting the same welcome as Mezoti, B'Elanna turned to her wife, grasping her hand and kissing it before she spoke. "This is my benal Seven." Her eyes glowing with love never left Seven's face as she spoke.

"I am honored to meet the mother of my wife." Seven said formally. Her anxiety over this meeting causing her to retreat behind the stiff and formal mannerisms that had been her shield for so long. B'Elanna reading her wife apprehension in the tense posture put her arm around her and stoked her back reassuringly.

Miral observed this with an inscrutable _expression finally breaking into a wide grin. "So you are the woman who has captured my daughter's hearts, hold them closely and protect them or you will answer to me." the last warning was said forcefully. This did not worry B'Elanna or Seven both knew that this was traditional. Stepping forward Seven hugged the older klingon so forcefully that Miral's feet actually left the ground. "We will make a Klingon out of you yet." Miral said laughing as she regained her breath.

Seven assured her. "I am already Klingon."

Miral growled in approval. Smacking B'Elanna on the back. "She'll do."

As Seven led Miral to their quarters to introduce the baby, B'Elanna followed with Capt. Janeway. "Seven and my mother bonding for some reason that scares me."

Kathryn laughed, "You are just afraid that they will gang up on you and then you won't stand a chance."

Miral was thrilled with little Kathryn and B'Elanna thought it was going to take a crow bar to separate the older woman from her youngest grandchild.

When the baby finally went to sleep after all the excitement and the other children had retired to regenerate, Miral demeanor became serious even grave. "I have a great deal of information that I need to tell you B'Elanna."

Captain Janeway thinking the other women might need privacy made a move to leave. Miral stopped her. "I think you need to know parts of this too."

"B'Elanna, You need to know that there are clandestine factions in the Federation that are maneuvering to gain custody of your wife and children. Their first ploy is going to be removing their support system. Because they are unaware of your marriage and even if they knew they would not view you as a threat only knowing that you are a former Maquis. They are going after Janeway as her most important ally." Turning to face Janeway, "Through sources of my own I am aware that you will not only face a board but a court martial as well. If they can imprison you or even discredit you, they feel that Seven will be more vulnerable. Your efforts to adopt the children will be blocked. Now this is not a problem because they are not Federation citizens and you have adopted them under Klingon Law they are citizens of the Empire." at B'Elanna's nod Miral continued. "Your marriage to B'Elanna also extends Klingon citizenship to you and I have brought documentation to that effect. Know this your enemies here are ruthless and cunning, show any weakness and they will attack. I have sent for one of the Merchant ships that is owned completely by the House of Torres. I travel with body guards and I will have security arranged for you as soon as we land." Miral paused as she took in the grave expressions of her daughter and her daughter in-law.

Suddenly B'Elanna smiled, the smile of a predator. "Oh so that is how they want to play it. Captain Janeway, Kathryn I would like to invite you to join the House of Torres."

Taking confidence from her mates smile, Seven asked her. "What are you planning?"

"Seven besides being in love with you there is only one thing that I am 100% and without reservation and that is Maquis. There is only one way that the Maquis know how to fight and that is to win. If it is a fight they want, I will give it to them and they will rue the day that they ever messed with the Hansen-Torres Family."

Chapter 8

B'Elanna sat on the bed rubbing her neck, trying to make sense of the last 24 hrs. The revelations and reunions had wrung her emotionally and physically. She felt that her life was like a jigsaw puzzle that she was just beginning to make out the picture of. Now the powers that be just came by and dropped a bunch more pieces on her and told her to make them fit.

As Seven came back into the room after checking on the baby, she saw the tension in the older woman. "B'Elanna." as her wife looked up and smiled Seven instructed her. "I have been conducting research on relaxation techniques and I will demonstrate my findings. Remove your clothes."

"Soch why don't you come help me." B'Elanna beckoned.

"That would be too distracting and I would not be able to efficiently pursue my research." Seven stated calmly making her way into the bathroom.

Disrobing B'Elanna was curious and called out "Seven what did you research?"

"Massage." hearing clinking and then the door opening. B'Elanna watched as Seven came out carrying a bottle of oil and wearing only a short robe.

"Lay down on you stomach." B'Elanna kissed Seven quickly before following the blondes orders. As soon as she was settled she felt Seven sit astride her hips. Seven began by massaging her lovers skull through the thick dark hair. Running her fingers from her temples to the base of her skull over and over before uncapping the bottle of oil and beginning her neck and shoulders. The oil smelled of sandalwood and vanilla. B'Elanna groaned softly at the feel of her wife's strong hands working at the knots in her neck. As the stress of the days events were driven away by the massage, a different tension began. B'Elanna became aware of another aroma besides the oil. It was the arousal of her lover. She felt the slickness between Seven's core and the base of her own spine increase with every move the other woman made. Seven worked her way down to the small of B'Elanna's back slowly. Taking her time and enjoying the feel of her lover's body. When she got up B'Elanna made to roll over already on fire with need only to be stopped by Seven. "I am not done yet." She commanded firmly causing her wife to growl but acquiesce. She moved down to the end of the bed and picked up B'Elanna's right foot. She lavished attention on it. Using both hands to work the toes, ball and arch of the foot applying more oil as she did so. Working her way slowly up the calf rubbing the firm muscles painstakingly. The smell of the oil and the aroma of their arousal was becoming a heady brew to the Klingons senses. Still she fought it down to allow her lover to continue this delicious torture. Seven began to give lush attention to B'Elanna's thighs working from the back of the knee to the base of her hips repeatedly. Working on the inner thigh her hands brushed B'Elanna's clit several times. A deep moan came from the form on the bed. Just as B'Elanna decided that she could take no more, Seven moved to the left foot to begin her erotic assault on that side. Massaging the left side as thoroughly as she did the right, She finally came to the klingons ass as she began to knead the cheeks. B'Elanna reached the limit of her endurance. Turning over and swiftly pinning her wife beneath her. Seven looked at her with puzzled eyes. "I believe my technique is flawed. I do not believe you found that relaxing."

Smiling the Klingon began to ravage her neck, with kisses and nips. In between small gasps Seven said "I will." moan, "Have to." louder moan as B'Elanna began nip along her collar bone and then soothe the skin with her tongue. "Continue my." panting heavily now "Research later." Seven said pulling her lover up into a fierce kiss. "Much later." B'Elanna agreed as she slid the robe off of her mate. Growling deep in her throat as she made her way down to the valley between Seven's breasts. Attacking one breast with her mouth nipping and sucking until she reached the already hardened nipple licking it once before taking it into her mouth causing Seven to arch it her and cry out. Meanwhile the other with her hand B'Elanna kneaded the opposite breast and began rolling the nipple between her thumb and fingers. Sliding her thigh between Seven's legs until she was pressing firmly into her groin. She soon had Seven whimpering with need. As Seven began to rock against the thigh, she brought her own leg up to press against B'Elanna's center. Her hands sliding down B'Elanna's back to grip her behind and pull her closer. Now they were both incoherent with need as B'Elanna's growls joined Seven's moans. As Seven climaxed she bit down on her wife's shoulder, sending B'Elanna spiraling over the edge.

Chapter 9

The Voyager crew assembled restlessly as their last moments on Enterprise ticked away. Captain Picard made a short farewell speech as they awaited the signal to beam down. While the thought was appreciated and he made a valiant effort. The gathered audience would only know what was said by watching it on holovids. As a whole their thoughts were on the family and friends gathered thousands of miles below. Minutes crawled by as the anxious assembly awaited the signal and then suddenly in a flash of light they were in a reception hall filled with people with security holding back the crowd. As eyes connected parents, children, friends and lovers, all efforts at ceremony collapsed as people pushed past the barricades to touch loved ones so long denied them.

The Torres-Hansen family stood apart watching the reunions of their shipmates. Their glances finding different friends in the melee. Mezoti's eyes followed her friend Naomi as she diffidently approached the father she had never met. Icheb looked on as his friend Harry Kim weeping openly embraced his parents. Rebi saw Tom Paris stiffly greet his parents a gulf of misunderstandings still between them. Axan viewed Tuvok surrounded by his extended family. Fingers touching the only visible connection to his mate. B'Elanna watched her friend Joe Carey embrace his wife as she pushed two young boys toward a father they only knew from holographs. Seven observed as Kathryn Janeway, the woman she thought of as a mother, was pulled into a crushing hug by Gretchen and Phoebe Janeway. The tears of her mother and sister finally breaking the dam of her own. And what was little Katie Torres-Hansen watching? She was watching a large stuffed pink rabbit being carried by a woman that looked an awful lot like her mother.

Little Katie's wiggling and gurgling, pulled Seven's attention from the Janeway's. Looking to see what had the little girl so excited, Seven saw Claudia Hansen make her way through the crowd.

"Annika." the older woman said leaning forward to softly touch her cheek as if afraid that at any moment her niece would disappear. At Seven's hesitant nod, the other woman embraced her sobbing. Seven looked over the woman's head to her mate with panic written on her face.

Moving forward to assist B'Elanna took the baby from Seven and handed her to Icheb. Knowing by the look on his little sisters face that an explosion was eminent. He handled her as carefully as he would have a live plasma grenade. As he watched anxiously the tears began to well, the bottom lip thrust out, and just before she could let her displeasure known to the whole quadrant Mezoti came to the rescue. Picking up the stuffed animal from where it lay discarded on the ground, the oldest of the Torres-Hansen sisters began to move the rabbit in front of little Katie diffusing the potentially disastrous situation.

B'Elanna moved quickly to her wife's side laying a hand along her back. Seven was awkwardly patting the weeping woman on the back. B'Elanna could not help but smile at Seven's pleading _expression. Seven's normally controlled demeanor noticeably absent. Seeing the smile, Seven frowned. "Your assistance is required, B'Elanna Torres."

Fighting to regain her composure Claudia Hansen pulled back apologizing. "I am so sorry. Seeing you again." she struggled to find words to covey her feelings. "Actually being able to hold you again after all this time." the tears began to flow again. "Do you remember me?"

Seven quietly answered. "Only from our conversations from Voyager but I would like to get to know you now." pausing slightly, Seven continued. "This is my wife B'Elanna Torres and these are our children." Axan and Rebi stepped forward. Having been informed by Commander Data that emotional outbursts often occurred at weddings, funerals, and reunions, they were prepared presenting the required facial tissues in unison.

Claudia smiled at the gesture. "And who are you?"

"I am Rebi and this is Axan. We are your great-nephews and you are our familial unit Aunt Claudia." Rebi replied. He often spoke for both himself and his shyer twin. Turning to the klingon. "Is that the correct designation. SecMau."

"That's correct Rebi." B'Elanna assured him. "This is your Aunt Claudia Hansen." motioning with a free hand toward the others, she added. "And these are our other children. The tall one is Icheb, the pretty one is Mezoti, and the little one is little Katie."

Mezoti and Icheb stepped closer and baby Kathryn squealed to be returned to her mother. Seven reached over to take the baby and noticed the large pink rabbit she held. "Snuggles?" She said in wonder as she stroked the pink fur. "This was mine?" she asked her aunt hesitantly.

"Yes. You slept with it. When I realized you forgot it, I begged your father to let me send it to you but he said that you had out grown it. When I stopped receiving word from the Raven, I pulled it out of the closet to feel you near." Claudia Hansen said her voice breaking as she remembered that dark, dark time.

Mezoti commented. "Mother I do not believe you will be able to reacquire it from Katie."

The adults looked at the youngest Torres-Hansen with her strangle hold on her new found treasure and laughed as the baby chewed doggedly on one ear.

Icheb added. "Mother no longer need a security item to regenerate with. She has SecMau."

"That I do." Seven smiled as her spouse blushed.

As Claudia Hansen became acquainted with her new found family, B'Elanna noticed someone approaching there group. As he got closer she exclaimed "Daddy?"

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Chapter 10

B'Elanna Torres was shaken to the core as she saw a familiar Latino man stride towards her.

"B'Elanna, B'Elanna Torres." seeing the shock on her face he explained. "Don't you remember me? It's your Uncle Paul."

"Uncle Paul." she repeated automatically as she was hugged tightly.

"Mama." the older man shouted over her shoulder. "I found her. She is over here." he motioned to an unseen party off to one side.

"Grandma's here." The Klingon responded shaking off her stupor.

"Of course. And Abuelita too." he paused. "She would not let us get a hover chair for her that is what is taking them so long."

Suddenly from out of the crowd three Hispanic women came into view. One slightly older than B'Elanna her self, one she recognized instantly as her grandmother, and the figure walking between them was Abuelita.

"It took you long enough to find her Pablo." came the gravelly voice of the oldest or at least the oldest human at the reception.

Pulling Seven behind her, she said. "Grandma, Abuelita, this is my wife Seven."

B'Elanna's grandmother moved forward quickly to hug and congratulate both of them. As she hugged B'Elanna extra tight she whispered. "It is so good to see you chica."

Abuelita motioned them closer. Looking up at Seven the tiny woman said. "You are going to have to bend down so I can hug you."

Seven bent down and timidly hugged the ancient woman. "I won't brake." the older woman reassured her.

B'Elanna felt tears on her face and on the paper thin cheeks that brushed her own. "Chica I lit a candle for you every day. I knew you would come back." the gruff voice broke slightly. Recovering for a moment as she hugged her, she said. "You caught yourself a looker."

Paul spoke up and introduced the last of the women. "This is my daughter Maria."

"These are our children." B'Elanna introduced each of the children in turn. They greeted everyone politely but were fascinated by the tiny, ancient woman with a cane.

Mezoti spoke up. "SecMau, what is Abuelita's family position."

B'Elanna answered "Abuelita is my grandmother's grandmother. Abuelita means little grandmother in Spanish and that is what she is called."

"Actually." Paul Torres interrupted. "She runs us all."

"Behave Pablo." the white haired woman shook her cane at him. "Be a good boy and go get us some chairs."

Icheb and the twins went to help him, while B'Elanna and Seven introduced Seven's aunt.

They finally settled down around a table with Maria and Pablo talking to the kids and playing with the baby. After answering several questions about her and Seven got together, B'Elanna finally gathered the courage to ask. "Grandma, why isn't Daddy here?"

Stunned silence echoed. Her grandmother took her hand. "Chicita, I thought you knew." Seeing the tears in her grandmother's eyes, B'Elanna paled. Squeezing her hand tightly, the older woman continued. "Joe was killed in the Dominion War."

Sitting there in shock she did not say a word until finally, she gently pulled her had away and said. "I need to be excused."

B'Elanna got up and walk swiftly towards the lounges. "Go to her." Abuelita told Seven with a nudge.

Seven quickly made her way through the crowds in the direction that B'Elanna took. As she got closer to the door she heard cursing and a loud crash. Pushing through the group of people hurriedly evacuating the room. She saw her wife as she lifted a vase and smashed a full length mirror on the far wall.

"You Bastard!" she screamed. "Coward." Seeing nothing left to throw, she began to beat the wall with her fists as she hurled curses and threats at the ghost of her dead father.

Seven waited to approach even though her heart broke. When she saw that B'Elanna's hands had begun to bleed she moved toward her. As Seven got closer, B'Elanna suddenly ran into a stall and began to retch. Seven wet a cloth and then came and knelt behind her stroking her back and saying "I'm here. I'm here."

When finally even the dry heaves had stopped, B'Elanna turned to Seven. Looking at her with tears streaming down her face, she asked "Why?"

Seven's own tears began to flow. B'Elanna knowing that was a question with no answer collapsed into her wife's arms sobbing brokenly at her father's final abandonment. Crying for the broken dreams of reconciliation and for the answers she would now never hear. (Why did you leave? Was it something I did? Why could you not love me enough to stay?).

Chapter 11

Maria Torres entered the lounge haltingly knowing she was intruding on her cousin but really having no other option.

Seven looked up and glared.

"I am sorry to interrupt but you and B'Elanna need to get back out there. There are two people from the Department of Children's Services and another three from the Board of Refugees trying to take custody of the children." Both mothers stood instantly. "Daddy and your Aunt are stalling but you need to hurry Icheb is restraining Rebi from declaring a Blood Feud and Mezoti has already contacted your mother, B'Elanna.

Maria followed in their wake as they rushed back to the children. The look of maternal fury was almost enough to make her pity the poor fools that tried to separate them.

B'Elanna approached growling . As she got closer she could see the commotion. Icheb was holding back both Mezoti and Rebi. Axan stood behind them holding the baby. Paul Torres and Claudia Hansen were arguing loudly with the group of assorted bureaucrats. Her grandmother was restraining her Abulita who was shaking her cane at the interlopers and cursing in Spanish. Seven and B'Elanna marched into the fray. Seven's eyes shot fire and her voice deepened with anger. "No one is taking My Children!"

The combatants turned to face the furious _expression of a modern day Valkyrie.

Seeing how upset her mate was B'Elanna knew she had to control her own temper. "What is going on?" She asked through gritted teeth. Her tone letting everyone know she wanted answers and she wanted them now.

Immediately behind her Mezoti and Rebi began to talk over each other in an attempt to inform their parents. Icheb attempted to quiet them but Mezoti reached over to Seven and asked. "We don't have to go with them do we?"

Turning to assure all of her children Seven said. "No that is not acceptable." touching each one of them awkwardly to prove to herself they were still there. She took the baby into her arms and turned to face the threat.

B'Elanna asked disdainfully, "Well I'm waiting." She told the delegation of beleaguered officials.

One woman finally stepped forward. "I am with the Department of Children's Services and we were informed that these children are wards of the Federation and that they needed placement."

"Well you were misinformed these children are ours." The Klingon stated unequivocally.

"I understand that a." pausing as she read the data pad, "Ms Annika Hansen has started adoption procedures but these matters are pending and have not been approved. So I must take the children into temporary custody."

"No I am afraid that you are the one that does not understand." B'Elanna said derisively.

"Mezoti." she motioned the little girl forward. The little girl stood in front of her mother and glared at the official in front of her. B'Elanna placed her hands on the little girls shoulders either to reassure her or restrain her or both. "What is your name, house and citizenship?"

"I am Mezoti Hansen-Torres, Oldest daughter of the Hansen-Torres family. I am the First Daughter of the House of Torres of the Honorable Klingon Empire. I am Klingon." she growled this in the appropriate manner as her grandmother Miral had instructed her to do during klingon etiquette instruction. "Do I have to spit SecMau?"

"Well it is traditional." Ambassador Miral said as she walked forward. "But we will let it slide this time."

B'Elanna smiled. "Hello Mother. I expected you earlier."

"I was entertaining." at the flushed _expression on her mother's face. B'Elanna realized that it must have been a very intimate form of entertainment. Her smile soon slipped and her face turned slightly green as a small Ferengi man stepped forward. "Mother?"

Reading her daughters _expression, Miral snorted. "Not him. Quark's our business manager, I brought him incase I had to bail you out."

Shaking off that very scary visual. B'Elanna turned her attention back to the group in front of them. "I adopted the children by Klingon rites and laws with witnesses. Here are their Klingon Passports and documentation."

The closest official carefully examined the documents and contacted the Klingon consulate to verify the legitimacy of the passports. Returning them to B'Elanna, she said. "Thank you for you your cooperation Lt. Torres. We had not been notified of their change in status. Still I apologize for any distress this may have caused your family." The bureaucrat sounded chagrined at being uninformed and relieved that she would not have to face the wrath of the two mothers before her.

As the group faded back a man in a gray suit lingered. He stepped forward and stopped B'Elanna as the group was returning to the table. "Lt. Torres might I have a moment."

Seven turned and looked back suspiciously. B'Elanna motioned her to go ahead and take the kids to the table. "I'll be right there."

"Lt. Torres, I understand your fondness for the Borg but you really should consider your own best interests as a Starfleet officer." His smile reminded her of the Cardassian interrogators she had encountered, a look of unholy delight as they bent or broke others to their bidding.

"You are mistaken on many issues one I have no fondness for the Borg, They have gravelly injured my wife and family who will wear the scars for the rest of their lives. Secondly I am no longer a Starfleet officer I resigned shortly before we beamed down. They are allowing me to dress in uniform for the banquet as a gesture." She did not return his smile but looked him squarely in the eye. "I will do whatever it takes to provide for and protect my family and If I were you I would remember that."

His face hardened. "But will you be able to provide for them. Still I did not come here to upset the party. I hope you have a nice time and a good evening. I will even wish you and your family pleasant dreams tonight." After a malevolent pause, he continued. "I'm sorry I forgot they don't dream do they, they regenerate." Turning he walked away.

Touching her com link B'Elanna spoke. "Enterprise come in."

"This is Commander Data. How may I assist you?"

"Commander Data could you give me the status of the Regeneration Alcoves." B'Elanna asked already knowing the answer.

"They have been transferred to the planet per Starfleet's orders."

Seven came up to her just as B'Elanna broke the com link. Due to her enhanced hearing she had heard most of the conversation. "B'Elanna, who has the alcoves?"

"It will be okay Seven." using another communication device she contacted Ro Loran. "Ro this is B'Elanna I need a favor."

"Of course B'Elanna what do you need?" The Bajoran woman smiled into the screen.

"I have some property that I need retrieved." she paused and looked into a data pad she pulled from her jacket pocket. "Could you lock onto these transmitter frequencies and transport the objects to your cargo bay. They are fairly large and you will need to shield them okay."

"I'll give the order but I am going to want a little more explanation when you can." She turned from the screen to give the order.

"Also Ro I am going to need some extra protection down here. I want Melok if you can spare him and at least four others."

"Certainly Epetai." Ro answered formally realizing this was not just a request from one friend to another.

"Seven," B'Elanna grasped her wife's hand. "I placed locator transmitters on the alcoves to make sure we could get a lock on them."

"What if they are already shielded?" Seven asked trying to consider the worst case scenario.

"I have copies of the transporter buffers from when we beamed them into the alpha quadrant. It will take some work but we will replicate them if we have too. Okay." She put her arms around the blonde and kissed her gently. "It is going to be okay."

"Epetai." Ro's voice broke in. "We have your property. Also I will have a team ready to meet you in 15 minutes."

In the background they heard Klax's voice. "No Mog you can't go!"

"Thank you, Ro. Contact me when they are ready and I will let you know the coordinates."

Seven and B'Elanna made it back to the table where their extended family waited.

Chapter 12

Seven and B'Elanna settled the children into the hotel suite that Quark had arranged. They had actually rented the entire floor. Placing the Klingon security detail in rooms close to the elevator on one end and the stairs on the other. Miral had wanted them to stay with her at the Klingon embassy but B'Elanna had felt that Seven and the kids would be more comfortable in a hotel.

Quark being Quark had decided that he should remain close to his wealthiest client and took up residence in one of the vacant rooms. Besides this way he would not have to pay for lodging.

B'Elanna sat on the bed watching Seven rock little Kathryn. Seven gently kissed the sleeping infant and then placed her in the portable crib. B'Elanna got up and wrapped her arms around Seven pulling her down for a kiss. "I love you so much Seven."

"And I love you, B'Elanna." the blonde tenderly wiped the tears from her lover's face.

They sat down on the bed still wrapped in each others arm. "B'Elanna why did you not tell me you were resigning from starfleet? You should have communicated with me on that decision?" She could not keep some of the hurt from her voice at being excluded.

"I'm sorry Seven. I just suddenly felt the collar of this uniform get too tight for me and I acted on impulse."

Seven looked puzzled. "We could have replicated another uniform if it was uncomfortable."

B'Elanna smiled. "It wasn't the tunic. It was the control Starfleet would have had on my life. Choosing what my job would be, where we would live. Would I be able to get an assignment where you and the children could be with me? And there are so many rules and regulations, I hated it as a cadet and I doubt I would like it any better now."

"I was afraid that it was because of us. I know how much you love being an engineer and I don't want you to have to give that up." Seven's voice broke slightly as she voiced her worries. "You love your work so much." Her voice hitched again.

"Seven, love it's okay." she hugged the taller woman to her tightly. "We can make our own destiny now. Yes I still want to be an engineer but there are many places that I can do that. I know I can find work either on Bajor or in the Empire. Honestly with the money they say I have we could buy a ship. What do you want to do?"

Seven paused thinking she had never really pondered the question before. "I do not know?" She turned anxiously to B'Elanna. "I am unsure I have always been assigned tasks."

"Well there is only one thing to do then?" B'Elanna waited for the question she knew was going to come.

"What must I do?" Seven asked.

"RESEARCH!" B'Elanna smiled and began tickling Seven.

Seven soon turned the tables and had B'Elanna pinned to the bed. B'Elanna smiled up into her wife's sparkling eye's. "You don't have to know right now we have plenty of time." Soon their playful wrestling turned into more intimate contact.

Before dawn, B'Elanna awoke spooned against her wife's back. It was one of those moments that you stop and treasure. She nuzzled Seven's neck and breathed in the scent of her hair. Seven began to shift restlessly. From time to time Seven had difficulty sleeping and sometimes she had nightmares about her life with the borg. B'Elanna held her tighter. Stroking her hair, she began to whisper reassurances into her ear. "It's okay now I have you. You're safe in my arms love. Shh. Go back to sleep." The Seven turned into her lover's embrace and nestled her head onto B'Elanna's chest finding peace again in her lover's embrace. After kissing her on the forehead, B'Elanna watched as Seven returned to her rest never having fully awakened. B'Elanna kept a quiet vigil, enjoying just holding and touching her wife while she slept. Soon the room grew brighter as a new day began. Little Kathryn began to stir. B'Elanna knew that soon they would be pulled out of this cocoon of privacy and have to deal with their combined responsibilities but she wanted to savor the last few minutes in bed with Seven.

Chapter 13

Neelix arrived early that morning with their personal effects. The children rushed forward to greet him. Rebi and Mezoti rapidly began to explain the events of yesterday to their surrogate uncle. While they excitedly chattered over each other Axan nodded agreement with his brother's interjections. This could have gone on for hours but fortunately Seven came out of the bedroom with little Kathryn in her arms. As she was trying to quiet the children so she could explain, the baby began to fuss loudly holding out her arms for the little man. Seven handed the wiggling bundle over to the smiling Talaaxian. In his arms, she began to babble seriously just like she was explaining it all to her favorite babysitter. Seven raised her eyebrow at her youngest's antics but just asked, "Where is B'Elanna?"

"She stayed down to help with the luggage. I wondered why I didn't just beam in here with it." Neelix had been puzzled, when B'Elanna and Seven had asked him to gather their families belongings and to bring them down. That he had been transported into the lobby and met by Klingon security only added to his confusion. B'Elanna had met him there and had said that she would rather explain in the privacy of the room.

Explaining the essentials of what occurred yesterday, Seven finished by saying. "B'Elanna felt that it would be advisable to put portable shields around the rooms so that the children and I would be safe. I agreed that it was an appropriate precaution."

Sitting down Neelix asked "How are you handling all of this." He reached out and patted her hand as she sat beside him.

"I find that I am experiencing increasing anxiety over these events. There are powerful adversaries arrayed against our family." Seven said her blue eyes shadowed by concern.

"Seven you and B'Elanna together. I pity anyone that would try to go against you. Also you have very powerful and devoted friends. B'Elanna's mother is not going to let anything happen to her daughter's family and Kathryn Janeway fought the Borg Queen for you. You have a whole Klingon House on your side." Neelix assured her with a smile. "And if things really get bad you can let the kids at them."

Seven smiled. "And I also have a very loyal friend in you. One of my first friends."

Neelix answered seriously. "I would do anything to help you and protect the children." The grief and loss that never quite left the jovial man eyes reflected brightly as he made this vow. A tear slid past his control.

Seven had known of her friend's deep sorrow but she hadn't really been able to empathize until her own family was threatened. Quietly she spoke, "I am so sorry for your loss. How do you continue?"

"I know that is what they would want me to do." Unable to contain it any more his grief spilled over into his eyes and out in his tears.

Seven reached over and put her arms around the crying man and her youngest daughter.

B'Elanna came in just as little Kathryn was beginning to squawk about being caught in the middle of the water works. Seeing Neelix trying to wipe his eyes and regain his composure, B'Elanna spoke. "Flirting with my girls again I see Neelix."

Neelix laughed "What can I say they are just so irresistible?"

"Well I can't argue with that." She leaned over and kissed the baby on the forehead and then sat on the arm of the couch putting an arm around Seven and kissing her soundly.

Seven looked up seriously and said to her wife. "I want to adopt Neelix."

"Aren't five kids enough." at her wife's look B'Elanna added. "I am just kidding. We would be honored to have you in the House of Torres, Neelix."

It took a while to get ready for the R`uustai all the children insisted on being present while the man they thought of as a much loved uncle became an official member of the House of Torres. They even dug through their luggage to get the appropriate Klingon attire. Mezoti made the great sacrifice of forgoing the pink outfit for the authentic uniform. It was a very touching and solemn occasion as they honored the little man who hid a warrior's heart in his small frame. After the ceremony, Rebi and Mezoti took him off for Klingon etiquette lessons.

Chapter 14

Seven looked across the chauffeur driven ground car and asked her mother-in-law. "I do not understand why we could not transport to the banquet."

"The Klingon embassy is shielded and they do not allow transport accept from their own vessels and then just in an emergency. We could transport in front of the embassy but for security it is better for us to take a car into the underground garage." Miral explained.

Turning to B'Elanna, Seven clasped her hands to give a reassuring squeeze. When the banquet was first mentioned three days ago, B'Elanna had vehemently refused to attend. Saying she would rather listen to the Doctor sing Klingon Opera than go. Miral and Seven had worked on her for three hours before she would concede.

Neelix was attending with them and sat beside Miral in the car. "I thought Quark was going to be joining us?" the little Talaxian asked. He had worked closely with the Ferengi these last few weeks as the business manager had gone over accounts and properties with the new steward of the House of Torres.

"He is going to meet us there he is escorting his ex-wife." Miral informed them. "His ex-wife is Grilka acting head of the House of Kozak."

"There has got to be a good story behind that one." B'Elanna laughed.

"There is and I will make him tell it to you in front of Grilka." Miral grin widened as she remembered the little Ferengi's embellishments the first time she heard it. She asked as the car was pulling through the security perimeter into the garage. "Who is watching the children?"

Seven informed her. "Ensign Kim and Lt. Paris are babysiting also Melok is there."

Just then their door was opened and they were escorted up to the dining hall. The room was done in the Red and Black Colors of the Empire. Many high ranking officials of the Klingon Empire, the United Federation of Planets, and other governments were present. B'Elanna whispered so low that she knew only Seven could hear it. "It's not too late to make a break for it you know." Seven smiled and whispered into her ear. "Yes it is."

Soon the were in a receiving line. The couple was flanked on one side by the Klingon Ambassador to Earth and on the other by Miral. As the files of guests shook their hands and walked by to take their seats B'Elanna was gratified to see several people that she knew Capt. Picard from the Enterprise was there. Captain Janeway came through. They had not seen her for several days and Seven was particularly reluctant to let her mentor go. With a promise that they would speak later, Seven finally released her. As they were finally seated, B'Elanna said "If I hear one more person say they thought I would be taller. I am going to punch them."

Seven smiled and said. "Don't they will think you are flirting."

B'Elanna laughed and felt some of the tension leave her at her wife's teasing. After the toasts and the meal began that tension returned as the young Klingon across from her began to comment to his companion in an insulting voice. "I don't believe she killed him. That puny thing kill a Cardassian Gul." Snorting with derision, he finally said "If she did she must have slept with him and killed him while he slept." This was a deadly insult and B'Elanna looked up eyes blazing and asked. "So you want to know how I killed a Cardassian Gul do you?" With that she sprang from her seat, he held onto the table expecting her to try and knock him from his chair but she actually leapt past him. Grasping his knife from the sheathe at she used her weight against the back of the chair to pin him between the chair and the table. His own knife at his throat he suddenly lost his smirk. "I can tell you that I did not have as nice a weapon as this to kill him with." she angled the dk'tag as if admiring the blade but never removing it from his neck. The banquet hall had turned unearthly quiet as people struggled to hear and see the drama that was going on. "No I used a bastard knife that I had made from a piece of siding. As hard as I tried I could not get it half as sharp as this, but it did the job. I waited until it was very late because the Gul was devoted to his job often catching up on his reports late at night. I tell you this if I had found him sleeping I would have killed him in his bed. To me he was not an enemy but vermin without honor. But I have to say this for the man he was dedicated. I found him at his desk. He was seated much like you are. When he felt the knife, he didn't struggle. He said that as a hostage he would do me no good. That his men would not let me escape. He laughed." Saying that she pulled the Klingon's head back by his hair until she could look him in the eye. "When I could look him in the eye I told him I didn't need a hostage only his head. Sawing with that bastard knife I quickly severed his vocal cords as the blood spurted out of his throat and his mouth frothed red he began to struggle. It felt like hours before I finally felt the crunch of the knife hitting his spine. I snapped his head free and left his torso still twitching. That is how I killed Gul Vicat." Her eyes gleamed ferally with the blood lust the story raised in her.

As she fought to control the urge to kill this upstart that had insulted her honor Seven came to her side "If you kill him." She said gently placing one hand on her shoulder. "It will be even longer before we can have our honeymoon on Risa."

"Kill him now why would I kill him. He just wanted an explanation right." The Klingon grunted his agreement. "He is too young to know that some people might mistake his curiosity for an insult."

"I meant no disrespect, Epetai." The severely chastened young warrior replied.

As she released him, she whispered quietly into his ear. "Be sure that you don't I have enough luggage to keep track of without trying to keep up with a head."

Returning his knife she slapped him on the back and laughed. All the Klingons joined in as if it was the funniest thing they had seen in years. B'Elanna returned to her seat with Seven. B'Elanna soon excused herself with the pretext of having to check on the children Seven followed her into the turbo lift. The Ambassador had told her that he would let her use one of the offices upstairs for privacy. As they entered the lift B'Elanna eyes still burned with the fire she struggle to keep in check. As the turbo lift started Seven just stared at her partner, fearing that Seven was disgusted by her actions of long ago B'Elanna looked down and in doing that missed Seven plunging her assimilation tubules into the control panel. At the sudden stop B'Elanna looked up to see Seven striding purposely for her. Pinning her to the wall Seven ruthlessly plundered her mouth. That ferocious kiss turned the fire of blood lust to a primal hunger that made booth women moan. Soon Borg enhanced hands had torn the Klingon armor from her wife's body. Seven lips ravaged their way from B'Elanna's neck to her breast sucking, biting and kissing to her destination. B'Elanna savaged the back of Seven's neck and her shoulders. In her haste she too had ripped off her lover's attire and left its pieces scattered along the floor. Soon Seven moved her victim from being trapped on the wall to floor among the discarded clothing. Kissing B'Elanna's stomach she made her way lower to slake a thirst that never really died. Pushing B'Elanna's thighs further apart, she took a moment to admire the prize. B'Elanna almost mindless with need said." Seven." Quickly she began to lap at the moisture flowing from B'Elanna's center. When she began to pump two fingers in and out of her playing her clit with her thumb. B'Elanna pulled her up again and kissed her roughly. Sliding her hand between Seven's legs and into her vagina, She began to echo the rhythm of her wife. Too quickly their release hit them first B'Elanna and then within seconds Seven. As they collapsed into each others and finally their breathing returned to normal. B'Elanna said. "I have only one question. What are we going to do about clothes?"

Chapter 15

B'Elanna sat on the floor of the turbolift and picked through the remains of the clothing. "Seven I don't think any of this is salvageable."

"I concur." Seven looked around "I do not believe we will be able to repair these."

"Well we can't go out there naked Seven." B'Elanna exclaimed in exasperation.

"We will simply contact Miral and have Ro beam down clothing for us from her ship." Seven informed her calmly.

"They only allow transports in an emergency, Seven." B'Elanna pointed out the hole in that scheme.

"I am sure that Miral can convince them that this is an emergency." Seven insisted.

"Great." B'Elanna muttered as she felt around for her communications device. Finding it she pressed a button. "Mom."

"B'Elanna where are you and why won't the visual work on this thing." Miral demanded. "Are the children okay?"

"Seven and I are in the turbolift. We need clothes. Can you get Ro to beam us some down?"

"What happened to your clothes?" Miral demanded incredulously.

Seven wishing to be helpful explained. "In our haste to remove them they became damaged to the point of being unusable."

"SEVEN." B'Elanna groaned.

"What! I did not tell your mother that we were copulating." Seven defended herself.

At that statement your heard lots of deep Klingon laughter in the background, sprinkled with lighter chuckles from various others and a Talaaxian voice in the background explaining "Well they are on their honeymoon."

Several minutes later a laughing Ro contacted to let them know that clothes were on there way. Shortly thereafter the light from the transporter lit up the lift and when it faded two Klingon uniforms were in its place. Seven's while slightly wider than her slender figure she easily adjusted with a belt. B'Elanna's on the other hand were definitely too big. She ended up having to roll up both the pant's legs and the shirt sleeves. When they finally left the turbolift they entered the room to rounds of applause and Both B'Elanna and Seven were given congratulatory slaps on the back. B'Elanna staggered through the crowd to her mother. "We are going! Now!"

The Ambassadors aide reached to take the bundle of clothes from Seven and picked at the heavy leather armor that B'Elanna had worn. He showed the Ambassador who came forward to give his own congratulation. "May you break the Bed." He growled out and thwacked Seven on the back. "We already did." she replied as she returned the salute by whacking him solidly on the back. This caused the huge Klingon to stumble forward and laugh uproariously.

Soon they fought their way through the crowd and made it to the peace of the ground car on their way out they asked Capt. Janeway to meet them at the hotel.

Returning to the hotel, B'Elanna vowed through the entire ride. "Never again."

In the turbolift on the way up to their floor B'Elanna caught Seven looking at the panel and then over to her with a very distinctive sparkle in her eyes. B'Elanna walked over and pressed the stop button and as she leaned in to kiss her wife the alarm on the elevator went off and a voice over the speaker phone. "We will be sending assistance and we apologize for the inconvenience." Activating the communication button, B'Elanna informed them. "There's no problem just an accident with the buttons."

She groaned leaning into Seven's shoulder. "I guess we needed to check on the kids anyway no telling what Tom and Harry have gotten up to."

Seven smiled wryly and said. "Yes and the captain is coming over."

"We better get in there and do a damage assessment then so we can have it tidied up before she gets here." B'Elanna said as the doors opened and they walked down the hall. Greeting the Klingon security as they walked by they heard laughter coming from the vicinity of their quarters opening the door they looked into see the children sitting around the floor in front of a monitor. Harry and Tom were in chairs as were the rest of the Klingon Security team. As Seven and B'Elanna got closer, The could see that it was playing a monochromatic image of three men. They had not been heard coming in because the others were laughing so hard. "What are you watching?" B'Elanna asked.

"Hey B'Elanna, we didn't here you come in." Tom said coming around to greet his friend. "What happened to your clothes?"

She looked over at Seven and said "She just can't keep her hands off me." with a smirk Seven kissed B'Elanna deeply. When she finally let her up for air B'Elanna added. "And the feeling is mutual. Laughing the two guys knew they would have to get details from other sources.

The children jumped up to greet their mothers. They made know comment on their attire as they knew that it was not unusual for the women to go through several changes of clothes a day and that if a door was closed any door to any room it must be knocked on before entering. Mezoti asked. "Mothers did you enjoy the banquet.

B'Elanna just rolled her eyes and groaned. Seven said. "I had a very enjoyable evening and it was quite an honor for SecMaU."

"I hope it wasn't too bad SecMaU." Mezoti knew that her second mother had dreaded going and it did not look as if she had had a good time.

"It's better now that I am home with my sochlings." B'Elanna tossled the little girls hair.

As soon as the children had resumed watching, they went and checked on the baby. Seeing that she was sleeping peacefully, they returned to interrogate their friends. Sitting down on the couch and pulling Seven down after her she turned to Tom. "Okay what are you showing my kids." She asked as she saw someone one the show hit another curly headed man on the head with a hammer. Causing the rest of the group to laugh.

"Aren't these great I found them in an antique shop while I was looking for Captain Chaotica stuff. It's called the best of the Three Stooges. These guys are classic." Tom exclaimed as he broke into laughter as the bald haired man turned sideways with a ladder knocking both of his partners down and one into the paint. "That's Curly with the ladder."

"What is the man's name with the Curly hair?" Seven asked.

"That's Larry and the guy with the paint on his face is Moe." Tom explained.

"Why would they call the man with the curly hair Larry and the man with no hair Curly?" Seven sought further clarification of this puzzle.

"I don't know." Tom said.

On the vid screen the man wiped the paint out of his eyes with one hand slowly and menacingly approached the bald headed man. Pulling a paint brush out of it's can He dragged it over the face of the other man. In the following commotion all three men were covered with paint. Seven's face first creased with a small smile but soon watching the mayhem she was laughing as loudly as the others.

B'Elanna smiled as she heard the laughter of her family. Leaning back into her wife's embrace she just listened and let the stress of the day wash away from her. She heard the klingon guards ask Tom if they could copy it to bring back to the ship. B'Elanna could certainly see it's appeal to klingon humor. Her communicator chimed. It was the Klingon Security Detail letting her know that Captain Janeway was there.

B'Elanna went to the door shaking her head at Mezoti's comment. "Boy's are so stupid."

"Kathryn welcome to our humble abode." seeing her escort she said. "Captain Picard this is an unexpected surprise. Come in."

Tom and Harry rose as their senior officers came into the room and the children swiftly followed Mezoti and Rebi filling her in on their latest exploits. Some of which their mothers had not even heard yet. Kathryn of course had to check on her namesake and with great efforts of willpower restrained herself from waking the baby. Soon through much grumbling the children were sent to their rooms B'Elanna had rigged portable regeneration devices there but they still had to visit the alcoves on Ro's ship only less frequently.

Tom and Harry excused themselves and soon Seven and B'Elanna were left alone with the two captains.

"Kathryn why don't you spend the night then you can be here in the morning when the baby wakes up?" Seven asked knowing how much the older woman wanted to see little Kathryn.

"I'm sorry Seven I can't." Kathryn Janeway's expression grew somber. Then she smiled ironically. "Captain Picard presence is more official than social. I am in custody. Captain Picard has graciously kept me out of the brig by agreeing to be responsible for me."

"Custody what for?" B'Elanna voice lowered in anger.

"I am being court martialed." Capt. Janeway explained.

"Why?" Seven demanded.

"There are several charges." Kathryn spoke. At B'Elanna's prodding, she expanded. "Several of them are for violating the prime directive. Most of those I will admit to and probably get a slap on the wrist for. The most serious is," her voice breaking she paused before she continued. "Is aiding and abetting the enemy."

Chapter 16

B'Elanna work up to the absence of her lover getting up she glanced in on little Kathryn and saw she was still asleep. Seeing light she entered the sitting area there she found Seven. Her face lit up by the blue screen of the monitor the only illumination in the darkened room. "Soch?" Before her wife could reply, the sound rose and she heard the voice of the late Admiral JP Hanson as he prepared his ships to make a stand at Wolf 359. There followed images from Endeavor the only Surviving ship from that horrific battle. You saw the aftermath as she struggled to save the drifting survivors from 39 Starfleet ships. You saw her corridors fill up with the wounded of all species, ages, and sexes. You saw recovered tricorder logs showing the battles inside these ships as they were boarded and their crews abducted. Images panned to those taken by the Enterprise as she entered the graveyard of derelict ships in pursuit of her missing Capt transformed into Locutus of Borg. Now leading the armada of destruction heading towards earth. Soon Capt Asamov's voice echoed from the screen as he called the borg "The closet thing to pure evil that we have ever faced." They showed the final battles with them being stop on the brink of annihilating Earth. Soon the casualties list scrolled down over 11000 dead from Wolf 359 alone. The missing were assumed assimilated. The final voice was by Admiral Necheyev vowing to destroy this menace.

"Soch," B'Elanna said again. Seeing the tears in Seven's eyes she brushed back her hair. "Come on." Pulling her wife over to the couch she settled the blonde into the cradle of her arms as she cried.

"Seven are you worried about the Captain?" Thinking of the charges brought by starfleet against Capt Janeway. Aiding and abetting the Borg in it's fight against species 8472 The klingon felt helpless in the face of her wife's distress.

"I do not know what to do. What to think." Seven replied on choking sobs.

"Talk to me." B'Elanna implored.

"Captain Janeway is my friend and my mentor. She has saved my life on numerous occasions. She gave me back my humanity." Seven took a shaky breath. "But I look at those pictures and I look at my children and." Holding up her augmented hand. "I look at myself. I think of all the crimes the Borg have committed and made me commit." The guilt she felt at the species she had assimilated while under their control starkly written in her eyes. "Species 8472 could have destroyed them. If they had millions would have been spared such needless suffering. Yet in her selfish interest to get her crew home, she gave the borg the power to survive."

"Kahless." B'Elanna thought back to that long ago encounter. "Seven I truly believe that she thought species 8472 was the bigger threat and I am not convinced the borg would not have figured out eventually how to overcome them on their own."

"Would you have made that bargain B'Elanna." Seven asked.

B'Elanna shook her head. "Still Seven you look at yourself and at our children and say that is why she shouldn't not have helped the borg. I look at you and I see the hope in what she did. You are free of them now maybe someday soon there will be away to free them all."

"And what if they return before we do?" Seven asked

Part 17

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