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AUTHOR'S NOTE: A little missing scene from 'Grannies, Guns And Love Mints'. I was writing about the feeling of being starstruck in my lj, and have been watching the episodes again, so... This is a brief introspective piece from the POV of a character (remember the woman on the phone who was really intrigued when Lindsay stepped up on that desk?) we only see briefly on the show. Since we assume that Lindsay's the only female inspector in the department, I made her a secretary. Betad by Lyn.
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In Plain Sight
By Demeter


The best part of working as a secretary for the Homicide department is Lindsay Boxer.

It's never boring around her. I quickly put the caller on hold, watching in utter fascination as she steps up on the desk, setting us all straight on the rumors about her dating life. Oh, Lindsay. Can you really blame us for wanting to know? Newsflash, Officer Fong is not the only one staring at your ass.

And she doesn't know half of the talk that's going on in the department. I haven't been here for too long, but I'm a good observer of people. There are a lot of secrets between her and D.D.A. Bernhardt; hard to miss those brief, but intimate glances, casual touches. Oh yeah, there's definitely something... They say it was there even when Lindsay was still married to Lieutenant Hogan.

I don't engage much in the gossip... but I listen, and wonder. My bet would have been on the reporter, Cindy Thomas. The way she worships Lindsay with her eyes doesn't seem like something you'd do with a platonic friend. And while she tends to treat her like a kid sister in public, I have the feeling Lindsay doesn't mind the obvious crush that the younger woman has on her.

I've been working around cops for a while now, and they are suspicious of reporters. No exception. So it's interesting to see that Cindy seems to spend a lot of time around here... Which is understandable. Who wouldn't want to be with Lindsay...

I sigh, sitting up straight all of a sudden. How about... both of them? I blush hotly at the images that spring to my mind, unbidden, but irresistible. I wouldn't be so surprised. They've bent the rules before - it pisses some of the guys off, but I find it rather exciting.

Watching Lindsay go to interrogate the physician of the retirement home, I sigh again, directing my attention back to reality just the moment the Lieutenant tells Bernhardt, "Do not encourage her." Which wasn't meant for my ears, but anyway, there's many ways how to interpret that.

"Are you still there?" an annoyed voice asks on the other end of the line, reminding me that I really need to do some work.

I'm just going to listen more closely in the future. I smile as I'm typing away, thinking of the possibilities.

I love my job.

The End

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