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Barbara Winkes

Barbara Winkes currently has nineteen, soon to be twenty, books for sale on Amazon. Check them out on the link below.

Available from: Amazon.

Malodorous by Del Robertson

Something in Fairhaven stinks. Other than the mutton stew, that is. Gwen thought life after being a virgin sacrifice would be a bed of roses. Bodhi was just looking for a wench to bed. Neither less-than-dashing hero nor not-quite-so-pure maiden imagined they would meet again, much less be trapped together in a city the likes of the ill-named Fairhaven. There's a killer on the loose. Fairhaven's on lockdown, its citizens fearful for their lives. The local guards are corrupt. And, Bodhi's been accused of murder...

Available from: Afinity | Amazon

The Heart Hunter by Zelma Blitzreiter

Boston Detective Patrika "Trick" Midswain and her partner Detective Jonson purse a serial killer while Trick sorts her feelings for old love Sunny. Mystery, suspense, humor, and romance.

Available from: Amazon US | UK | CA | DE.

Past Dreams (Delphinus Trilogy) by G.V. Nett

Just a dream… Except there's no such thing as just a dream anymore... There never was.

Life hasn't returned to normal for the crew of the Equuleus. As usual Talana is at the centre of the chaos as she tries to deal with interplanetary politics that threaten her livelihood. Leaving Isy to wonder if life on the Equuleus is worth the risk.

The fragile yet unremitting bond with Mia progresses strictly on Talana's terms. While Mia feels like a moth constantly being burned by the flame of their unique relationship Talana is determined to keep her distance until a kidnap attempt reveals they're not the only ones who want to know the secret behind their connection. With her life hanging in the balance Talana and Mia must solve the mystery of their tenuous link before it's too late.

Available from: Amazon (print & e-book).

Delphinus Contract (Delphinus Trilogy) by G.V. Nett

Talana Xian meets her soul mate at the exact moment she needs her the most and wants her the least. After daring to step outside the shadow of expectation to captain the space faring ship the Equuleus, the captain is determined to prove her all female crew can fight the inequity of her universe. She thinks she has everything she's ever wanted until her carefully constructed world is shattered by betrayal. Her only source of strength comes from a Delphinus stranger named Mia. Strikingly beautiful but tormented, this stranger claims they share a unique telepathic link. Talana is haunted by the intangible bond that threatens to expose her well guarded fears and vulnerabilities. As she struggles to pay the price of revenge Talana learns there is nowhere to hide from Mia.

Available from: Amazon (print & e-book).

My Fair Maiden by Del Robertson

What's a hero to do?

Bodhi arrives at a so small, it's barely on the map village with only three things in mind: getting out of the heat, having a decent meal, and a better drink. She's managed one of the three at the local tavern before she's approached by a gorgeous maiden. That, in itself isn't so unusual. Women are attracted to her on a regular basis.

What's odd is the behavior of the locals. Everyone is acting strangely, including the beautiful Gwen. It doesn't take Bodhi long to figure out something is terribly wrong in this seemingly peaceful, isolated village. The question is...what?

She's a hero, a woman with a sword, and she knows how to use it. But, what's a hero to do when no one will admit there's anything amiss, much less ask for help, not even the maiden in distress...

What's a virgin to do?

Gwendolyn is a proper, chaste maiden living in a small, remote village. Hers is a simple life, filled with back-breaking, mind-numbing chores. That is, until an ogre appears, demanding a virgin offering by the next full moon. It's her bad luck that she's just the tender, young morsel the villagers are willing to serve up on a platter.

She tries everything she can to escape her fate, but finds herself out of options and out of time, doomed to be an offering for an ogre. Then, along comes a stranger. She's tall, she's blonde, and she's a professional swordswoman. She's also stunning enough to make many a maiden swoon. Problem is, she's not at all the hero Gwendolyn imagined. She's cocky, brazen, and rude. She's also Gwen's last, best hope.

Available from: Affinity Books and Amazon.

Second Chances by MJ Duncan

Charlie Bennett is a rising star in the world of sports journalism, but her personal life is a mess. Still hung up on her college sweetheart, a one-night-stand gone wrong convinces her that she needs to make a change. An offer for a one-year guest lecturer position from a small private university provides her the opportunity she needs to escape, and she jumps at it. All Charlie expected to find when she left Manhattan for rural New Hampshire was a little peace. Instead, she finds Mackayla Thomas. Eight years have passed since Charlie foolishly walked away from Mackayla, and Mackayla is determined to never let anyone hurt her that way again. For Charlie, their serendipitous meeting is a sign that happily ever after might finally be within her reach. First, however, she needs to find a way to convince Mackayla to let the past go, and to give her a second chance.

Available from Amazon: UK : USA : Canada (print & e-book)

Shore Drive by Zelma Blitzreiter

IN THIS HEART-WARMING SEQUEL TO "JOURNEY LAKE" A CHICAGO SOCIALITE BEGINS TO BUILD A NEW LIFE. Recently divorced, Helena is excited about her new freedom. But finding a job, dealing with her ex-husband, and making peace with her lover's dangerous career is much more challenging than she ever imagined it would be. Helena's journey continues as she works to stay with the woman she loves in the chill winter world of the shore drive.

A sequel that delivers. Sexy and sweet. Captures the vibrancy of the 1970's.

Available from Amazon: UK : USA : Canada : Germany (e-book)

All The Pretty Things by Rae D Magdon

With the launch of her latest political campaign in place, the last thing Tess needed was a distraction. She had enough to deal with running as a Republican and a closeted lesbian.

But when Special Agent Robin Hart from the FBI arrives in Cincinnati to investigate a corruption case, Tess finds herself spending more time than she should with the attractive woman. Things get a little more complicated when Robin begins to display signs of affection, and Tess fears her own outing might erupt in political scandal and sink all chances of pursuing her dreams.

Available from: Amazon (e-book)

Journey Lake by Zelma Blitzreiter

IN THE SUMMER OF '76, A CHICAGO SOCIALITE CLAIMS HER INDEPENDENCE. Every summer, Helena and her banker husband stay in a cottage on Journey Lake. But the summer of 1976 will be different. A wave of burglaries, a holiday cotillion, and a chance encounter with a young police woman send Helena on an exciting journey of the heart that changes her life forever.

Fizzy, funny, erotic, and sharply drawn. Bracing as a lake breeze, sultry as July. Romantic and sexy--the perfect summer read! A breezy lesbian love story about first loves and second chances. Simple and beautiful.

Available from Amazon: UK : USA : Canada (e-book)

Crash Stop by Mary Griggs

She didn't want a workplace feud, but Gail Joiner isn't going to let Lily Rush walk all over her. When pushed, she pushes back.

Their hostilities evaporate, however, when a shipping accident traps Gail's daughter and Lily in a wrecked warehouse. Incredibly, Sierra escapes unscathed, but Lily's injuries are severe.

Recuperation allows Gail and Lily to uncover common ground, but what-might-be is interrupted by a threat on Lily's job as distribution director for the large tea importer. Gail, as human resources director, finds herself caught between Lily, their CEO and the new vice president who seems determined to oust Lily for reasons of his own.

Two women struggle to make peace and find love amidst the corporate intrigue and life-changing challenges of the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Available from: Bella Books (print & e-book)

Unbroken Circle by Mary Griggs

Sallie Lee Hybart doesn't see many strangers at her diner counter. Pennington, Alabama, is a town the interstate passed by, so newcomers are rare. But this one looks familiar.

Janet Bouton has nothing and no one. Her life has been stripped down to the clothing on her back. Counting out her meager change to pay for a stick-to-the-ribs meal, she is hoping to escape the diner unrecognized. She shouldn't have come back...but no place else on earth is familiar.

An act of kindness sets a chain of events in motion and pulls Sallie Lee and Janet together, but the past has the power to tear them apart. There are still people in Pennington who remember Janet too well. Small town memories have had a lot of years to simmer, and love may not be the recipe for happiness.

Available from: Bella Books (print & e-book)

Three Adjectives Or Less by Kate Putnam

"Internet dating?" Jo asked, voice shaking with barely contained laughter. "Really?"

"Don't judge me," Remy whined, dropping her forehead down on the table. "I can feel you judging me."

"Hey, the only judgment I see is coming from the person sitting in the booth. There's nothing wrong with internet dating. Lots of people do it."

"Yeah?" Remy cracked a skeptical eye in Jo's direction. "Like who?" When Jo was silent for a beat too long, she nodded and stuffed her eyes back into the bend of her elbow. "As I thought." She sighed, pulling a disgruntled face that no one could see. "Whatever happened to romance, Jo? People write books about it all the time. No one ever writes books about stuff like this."

Jo chuckled. "People write books about what they want to happen, hon. Not about what actually happens."

Remy laughed at that, sitting up again. "Very true. No one ever wrote a book about my life. An ad in the Village Voice, maybe. 'Depressed dyke seeks girlfriend. Must be more gay than previous girlfriend. Ability to put up with obsessive compulsive behaviors a plus. Serious inquiries only. Yogis need not apply.'"

Available from: Amazon US (print & e-book)

Riches of Mercy by C.E. Case

Ambitious state prosecutor Natalie Ivans has a headline-making trial about to begin. To escape the pressure of the spotlight, she drives toward the Carolina shore but is left stranded, battered, and broken in a small town after a car accident.

Alone in a hospital in the middle of nowhere, her only lifeline is her nurse, Meredith Jameison. Meredith is facing a trial date of her own. Falling for her patients and hoping for a way out is de rigueur for Meredith and the staff starts a betting pool for how long it will take Natalie to break her heart. Meredith sees Natalie's arrival as a sign her fortune is changing.

Natalie aches to return to the city. Facing a long sentence, Meredith doesn't have much to offer. She only has her faith-in God, in herself, and in Natalie.

Available from: Amazon US & Amazon UK (print & e-book)

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Little Disquietude by C.E. Case

New York City native Leah Fisher, an actress you probably haven't heard of, is getting her big break in the premiere of a brand new musical... All the way down in North Carolina. In Durham she meets Sophia Medina, the understudy unexpectedly playing Lady Macbeth in the theater season's token Shakespeare play. Leah is smitten, but trying to balance lust and drama isn't easy, especially when her director, her leading man, and the entire South might be conspiring to ruin her.

Available from: Amazon US & Amazon UK (print & e-book)

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Taming the Wolff by Del Robertson

Notorious pirate Captain Kris Wolff is not what he seems. In actual fact, he is a woman. Not many people know this, least of all her crew. They would kill her for sure, they would never take orders from a woman.

When Kris and her crew abduct the DeVale's, a noble born mother and her two daughters, she has no way of knowing she would fall head over heels in love with one of the daughter's, the beautiful and alluring Lady Alexis DeVale. Alexis is engaged to be married to a Spanish nobleman, the result of a treaty agreement between Spain and England. But Alexis is falling in love with Kris. However, when Alexis discovers Kris's secret, she's upset and disgusted. No matter how disgusted Alexis thinks she is and should be, she can't resist the seductive charm of the pirate captain. Will Alexis let her heart rule her head and go with her feelings?

Alexis is torn between her feelings for Kris and her loyalty to her family and her country. She betrays Kris and eventually her sister escapes and shortly afterwards her mother. Alexis has her chance to escape, but stays with Kris when she is injured.

It's not long after this that Kris and Alexis realize they have a traitor in their midst, one of Kris's own crew. Who is it? Will they discover who the culprit is in time to prevent their position being given away? Worse still, the traitor is in cahoots with Captain Jackson, the captain of the ship the DeVale's were abducted from. He will stop at nothing to get his revenge and to destroy Kris and her crew. Will he succeed?

Available from: Amazon (UK) & Amazon US (print & e-book)

Banshee's Honor by Shaylynn Rose

Born a half-elf, Azhani Rhu'len earned the love and trust of the people of Y'Dan, becoming the kingdom's warleader. Just when all her dreams were about to be fulfilled, treachery stole everything that she loved. Now, landless, loveless and broken near to death, all she clings to is the hope of regaining her honor.

Struggling to heal, Azhani discovers that an ancient evil threatens the land she once called home.

Will she abandon her quest for honor to save Y'Dan, or will she turn her back on the people who cast her out?

Available from: P.D. Publishing, Inc. and Amazon UK & Amazon US (print)

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