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In The Rain
By lysachan

The rain came down with force, causing grass to turn into sticky mud. Sidewalks were flooding, which made walking with one's feet dry an impossible task. Heavy, dark clouds had filled the sky and they were effectively blocking the sun. It was quiet: streets were empty, deserted, as people had found cover in order to escape the raving storm. No one was interrupting nature in its nourishing work. No one but a woman standing in the middle of the pavement, her eyes laid on the door in front of her.

Her clothes were soaking wet and she was shivering. But so intense was her concentration that she didn't pay attention to little problems like that. Rain trickled down her face and neck and her blonde hair was dripping with water like she'd just had a shower. And all she did was stare at the door, deep in thought, wondering what might lie behind it.

She'd told herself not to come, not to expect things she knew were unrealistic. And still, there she was, doing the exact opposite. Why? She didn't know. Maybe the case she'd worked on earlier that day had given her the courage she needed: seeing someone's whole life being distroyed in a matter of seconds made her think about her own situation. There were things that needed to be said, things she wanted to say, just in case. By way of precaution.

And yet, when she was stading there in a pouring rain, all the courage miraculously disappeared. Her common sense made a comeback, pushing all the feelings aside, trying to make her realise how big a mistake it'd be to knock on that door. She drew her eyes away from it, looking at the ground under her feet instead. There was a small puddle, a few inches deep, and she was standing in it. Her shoes were covered with mud and dead leaves. She didn't care.

She closed her eyes, sighing heavily. It was starting to get cold. Raindrops on her cheeks mixed with tears she couldn't hold back anymore and the frustration she felt was unbearable. She felt stupid, ridiculous, standing there in the rain like it'd been a scene from a movie. It'd been insane to walk all the way over here. And on top of everything she'd probably caught a cold or something worse in the process, without even an umbrella to keep her dry.

No, she couldn't do it. Not like that. She couldn't help sobbing quietly and just wished no one saw her making a complete fool out of herself. With trembling hands she wiped her cheeks, destroying the evidence of her moment of weakness. No, it shouldn't happen like that.

Suddenly the door she'd been observing, the final barrier between her and the unknown, opened with a little creak. Someone hurried down the few stone steps, almost running to her, eyes full of confusion and worry.

"Kelly? What the hell are you doing out here?" Tracey exclaimed, hugging herself to keep the merciless coldness away. Kelly couldn't answer.

"I just... I don't know" she replied eventually.

"What is it? And how long have you been standing here? You're a mess" Tracey could feel the rain soaking her own clothes, her hair already drenched.

"A while. I've been here a while" Kelly confessed, shivering visibly. "I just...I just walked here and..." she didn't know what to say.

"You just walked here? In a storm? Without an umbrella or anything?" the older ADA frowned.

"Yeah, pretty insane now that I think about it" that earned a small "no shit?" chuckle from Tracey. "I wanted to see you, to say something but, well...it doesn't really matter, it was nothing," Kelly added, her teeth chattering with cold.

"I doubt you'd be standing here if you didn't have anything to say"

Kelly wanted to tell her, confess everything, but all the words were lost. Helplessly she tried to come up with something, anything. Tracey's eyes were gentle and soothing, encouraging her to speak. Kelly couldn't believe this was the same person who, without a second thought, sent people to jail everyday.

"I...had this case and it got me thinking. It's stupid really...You're this tough ADA, you don't think like this..." she begun, her voice trembling slightly. "This is ridiculous but...sometimes you don't say things...things you really should say and I-" her voice trailed off, tears rolling down her cheeks again. With embarrassment she turned away. She felt Tracey's hand under her chin, forcing her to return the eye contact.

Tracey had a wondering look in her eyes, the one she always wore when she was pondering a case and trying to see the truth among all the lies. Kelly knew it all too well: she would never be able to fool her. "I'm sorry...This is just too confusing and I'm gonna ruin everything but I just wanted to tell you...I needed to tell you that--" she never got to finish because the woman in front of her leaned forward and pressed her lips softly on hers. The kiss was soft and warm; the most beautiful thing she'd ever experienced.

"C'mon, we'd better get inside or we'll both end up in a hospital for pneumonia" Tracey's smile was sweet as she wrapped her arm protectively around the blonde. Kelly leaned on her, grateful for the warmth radiating from the other woman. They started to make their way inside. "I'll make some cocoa. And believe it or not but this tough ADA has marshmallows" Kelly sniffed and laughed.

Behind them the door closed with a little creak.

The End

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