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By Ohyjo

Seven sighed in irritation after being contacted by B'Elanna. It was the third time they had to cancel their holo deck date. Sure enough, their relationship was progressing quite satisfactory but every time they planned a date something seemed to interfere.

The first time they had pooled resources Voyager got caught in a cross-fire. The second time a leak sprung up in the plasma manifolds. It required the Chief's personal attention, and Seven had volunteered to help. Crawling in all sort of small places behind B'Elanna had given her quite a nice view but it was hardly the date she'd been hoping for.

This time they had booked the holodeck again, however Voyager just had to make first contact with a new race of people they met on their journey. Naturally Janeway went to meet this people and who got invited along on the journey.?

Only the best engineer this side of the Delta Quadrant, could have built a name for herself on a planet they had previously never heard of. Who could have guessed that a lecture B'Elanna had given on some planet months before could have offered the solution to save an entire planet. Naturally the people of Vistro wanted to thank her. It wouldn't have been so bad if she had been allowed to come with her mate, however the Vistronians had only allowed a party of four to beam down. So right now Captain Janeway, Neelix as the ships Ambassador, Tuvok for security and obviously B'Elanna were down on the planet.

Sighing, Seven realised this train of thought wasn't getting her anywhere. B'Elanna would be spending the next few days on Vistro and she wasn't. Maybe that was a good thing because right now they would have been dealing with a very irritated ex-drone.

Irritation was not an emotion to which she was prone very often. The few times she experienced this emotion it was because of Starfleet rules and protocols. Those often wasted time but these days she had gotten used to the inefficient use of time and even grudgingly acknowledged those protocols had their uses.

She sighed and accepted the inevitable; she simply wasn't going to spend that evening in the arms of her lover, so she went back to work. Now why had it taken so long for the Astrometric sensor's to pick up this particular planet.

B'Elanna tugged at the collar of her dress uniform. It wasn't particularly tight but it felt like it all the same. Sitting at the dais, alongside Vistro's highest of dignitaries she did her best not to fall asleep from boredom.

Captain Janeway who was sitting across from her shot her a quick look that jolted her back to attention. Everyone was applauding as the last dance finished. Belatedly she started clapping as well.

`Please,' she pleaded to every deity that might listen, `no more flower dances. Anything but another one of those.'

At that point the master of ceremony announced the next group, who would perform the dance of the five night flowers.

Realising Kahless and his cronies weren't listening she suppressed a sigh and fidgeted some more with her collar. The tall performers started the same patterns she had seen in the last six dances. According to her host there should be very clear differences in each dance but she just didn't see them. To think that she should have been with Seven this very moment. She wondered what Seven was doing right now. She really hoped her girlfriend was having a better time then she was.

`Her girlfriend,' now this thought brought a big smile to her face, `girlfriend, lover, mate.' Who could ever have guessed that she and Seven would ever end up together, and that she would be this ridiculously happy?

Thinking about Seven made her forget all about her surrounding until one of her hosts who was sitting next to her looked at her. She didn't even notice he was looking at her, lost in thought thinking about the marvel that was Seven of Nine. When she got back to Voyager she would tell Seven about what she had to suffer through here. After the blonde would stop laughing she would undoubtedly take pity on her and maybe use those magical fingers of hers to.

Unbeknownst to her the man sitting to her right, being a very powerful telepath, had no problem reading her thoughts. It was his job to monitor their guests, just in case they had any ill intentions towards them. Luckily for him, and them, they didn't. Not all of them enjoyed the flower dances though, in particular their guest of honour did not seem to care much for the popular dances. It was fortunate that telepaths were rare and that nobody else was picking up her thoughts, because she.! Oh my. this was getting too much, even for him. At least he could fulfil the second part of his orders.

Urgently he got to his feet and walked towards the Prefecto, the leader of their lovely planet, and started whispering. When the dance of the five night flowers ended the man in his muted orange rope stood up and clapped in his hands. Immediately every one turned their attention towards him.

"Captain Janeway, Lieutenant Torres, I hope you have enjoyed your stay here so far." He asked pleasantly, and loudly enough for everyone to hear.

"Indeed we have Prefecto. The welcome you have given us is heart warming indeed." Janeway agreed.

"It is just a small token of our appreciation for what your Lieutenant has done for us." The orange clad man continued, but suddenly loud cheering erupted from the listening crowd. It was the third time that evening B'Elanna had wished she could sink through the floor. She looked pleadingly at her Captain but Janeway merely laughed at her, proud of her chief-engineer.

When things finally toned down again the Prefecto finally addressed Torres directly. "Lieutenant Torres, in order to thank you for your actions we wish to offer you something in return. If you were one of my own people I would bestow you with lands and a title but since you will be leaving us again in a few days those would merely be an empty gesture.

`Thank Kahless for that.' Torres couldn't help but thinking, `what would someone like her do with land and titles? Be miserable probably. Now why was that man standing behind the Prefecto trying to hide his laughter, it looked like he would choke in it.'

"Perhaps there is another way in which we can repay you. It has been brought to my attention that we interrupted a special evening for you and your mate in our selfish desire to honour you."

`How the hell did this guy know about that?' Torres looked at Janeway: had she told him? It seemed unlikely though, the Captain knew and approved of her relationship with Seven but she would hardly know about their date. Though on Voyager you never knew. However her superior seemed as puzzled as she felt when B'Elanna looked to her for answers, perhaps a bit suspicious too. "There is a place on our planet where every one of our people is allowed to visit only once. Everyone can decide for themselves when they wish to go but the reason has to be special. Never have we allowed outsiders to enter there. However we would be honoured if you and your mate would visit there. I assure you it will be a visit you will never forget. Long ago our gods gifted us with this special place so that at least once in our lives we could feel close to them. Will you accept?"

The crowds, who were still listening, murmured in approval, everyone thought that would be a fitting reward.

`A religious experience? That is all I need to make this evening perfect.' B'Elanna managed not to groan out loud. Her mind was working at high speed trying to find ways to avoid this special occasion. Unfortunately at that moment she caught Janeway's look again. No choice then, she would accept this gift and very graciously at that. `How was she going to explain this religious experience to the logic minded Seven?'

"Thank you, sir." B'Elanna accepted as graciously as she could manage. "We would be honoured."

Picking up the aliens' real thoughts, the telepath kept them to himself. He did not know what the females would experience but knew it would be special. Just like it had been for him.

Seven and B'Elanna were transported to the middle of a gigantic grass field together with an orange clad official. Apart from a few trees there was nothing else there as far as they could see. Nothing but them and the items they had brought.

Seven's reaction when she had told her about the invitation had been a bit of a relief. Although not jumping for joy the blonde Astrometrics officer had pointed out that it would likely offer them the opportunity to spend some time together, time which onboard Voyager was in short supply for them.

Looking around her the only thing she saw was grass, grass and grass. What were they supposed to do here, meditate or something? Like Seven she turned towards their companion, hopefully she would give them more information.

The woman smiled enigmatically at them. "You have reached the centre of the Kalmirado planes. The name stems from an old language, and translated it means place of the gods. I hope you will find this place just as special as do all off us on Vistro."

After the woman stopped speaking Seven started to say, "Yes, thank you, however." The woman had disappeared.

"Oh, this is great!" exclaimed B'Elanna angrily. "Now what are we supposed to do? Meditate until they come and pick us up?"

Seven did not bother to answer a question she didn't know the answer too. Instead she got a tricorder from one of her bags, and started scanning the surrounding area.

As she finished her scans she stated. "There is nothing here."

"Great." B'Elanna repeated, "any ideas?"

"Maybe we could have a picnic?" she offered, when other ideas eluded her. They hadn't been allowed to take their comm. badges with them, but should they be alone here too long they would be able to rig their tricorders so Voyager could beam them up.

At that prospect B'Elanna's face perked up; she immediately remembered the impromptu picnic she and Seven had shared a few weeks earlier in her office. A very enjoyable occasion indeed.

Seven could easily guess what her lover was thinking and smirked, planning a few other things as well. However halfway through their relaxed meal both became drowsy and succumbed to sleep. B'Elanna half- laying across Seven.

On Voyager's bridge Ensign Kim hurriedly contacted his Captain who was still on Vistro. "Captain, I now longer have a fix Seven's or B'Elanna's life signs. It's as if they have disappeared."

"What do you mean disappeared, Mr. Kim?" The Captain immediately demanded more information.

"Just that Captain. One minute I had our sensors logged on them and then they were gone."

Janeway turned to her host and demanded. "Just what the hell is going on Prefecto?"

In the exact same position they had fallen asleep the two lovers awoke. Or at least B'Elanna first returned to the land of the lucid. Her first thought was that it was nice to wake up like this. However when the strange but vaguely familiar scents penetrated her mind through her nose she wasn't so certain about that anymore.

`No way!' and she jumped upright.

She was in her old bedroom again in her old home on Qo'noS, the Klingon home world. Or at least one very similar to the one she remembered, after fifteen years or more she couldn't be completely certain, but even the hanging banners and decoration seemed to be unchanged.

What was this place, or where was it for that matter? How had they gotten here? Was this something the Vistro's gods had concocted? It seemed ludicrous but it was as much of an explanation as any of the other far fetched theories her mind rapidly concocted.

"Seven, wake up!" she urgently started to waken her still sleeping companion. The sooner they figured out what was going on here the better it would be.

Even on the best of days, B'Elanna had discovered, once Seven was deep asleep it was difficult to wake the former drone up. This was why Seven still preferred the use of her alcove. She didn't like the disorientation that followed the process of sleeping.

Today wasn't any different, it took a few moments before Seven responded and then it was a mumbled, "Not now Lanna, go play with Toby instead."

A smile flickered over Lanna's face, but she kept trying to wake her lover up. "Wake up Seven. Toby is a few light years to far away to play with, and I don't think we're on Vistro anymore"

"Huh?" cam the intelligent reply, as the last remnants of sleep left Seven's body she looked bewildered around her. "Where are we?"

"I'm not sure, I just woke up myself, and this looks like the Klingon bedroom I stayed in as a teenager, but that is about all I know. Come on we had better go looking for some answers." At this she held out her hand to help her partner up.

They moved to the only door in the room and to her relief it opened without any problems. Only opening it a fraction through which she took a peak. The hallway she saw appeared empty and had the same familiar look about it. About to open the door further she heard someone approaching. Two Klingon males walked by without noticing the intruders. Even though she hadn't seen him in over fifteen years B'Elanna was fairly certain she recognised her cousin K'Karn, now a full grown male instead of the adolescent she had seen last.

Carefully she closed the door again and turned to Seven, telling her what she had seen.

"You are certain it was your cousin?" Seven asked doubtfully.

"Seven, one minute we are on a planet deep in the Delta Quadrant and the next moment we wake up here. I don't know how or why but it has every appearance we are on Qo'noS, but I don't know anything for certain." B'Elanna explained slightly annoyed.

Voyager's Astrometrics officer nodded. "Very well, then it is time for us to find out."

Not waiting for an answer she opened the door and went through it, startling B'Elanna into following her. Within moments they were confronted by several Klingons with an assortment of drawn weapons and the lover where staring at an impressive collection of Daqtaghs' and qutluch's.

"Who the hell are you and how did you get in here." An angry looking male demanded. "Your answer had better be a good one, your lives depend on it."

"Why K'Karn, don't you remember me?" B'Elanna stepped from behind her lover and confronted her family.

"B'Elanna?" Letting out a hearty roar he said, "How and when did you get here? You're supposed to be cruising the Delta Quadrant." Before she had a chance to respond to that, K'Karn had her in a bone crushing hug.

Several hours later both Seven and B'Elanna were sitting in the adult eating room, surrounded by a dozen or so adults of varying ages. Both of them were warily eyeing plates of `yummy' looking Klingon dishes.

They had finally managed to convince B'Elanna's relatives of who they were. Convince might be to strong a word, their story had been accepted for the moment, mainly thanks to K'Karn and B'Kor, B'Elanna's grandmother, until conclusive evidence could be established. How this would be done she didn't know yet, but one of the youngsters had been sent on an errand to manage exactly that.

There was no doubt that they were the centre of attention. Most eyes were on her and her mate. They were surrounded by relatives, several of whom had joined them at the large table at which they were sitting. Seven was mainly ignored but her half Human half Klingon mate was bombarded with all sorts of questions. To her surprise she found out she was something of a hero for having joined the Maquis when the Federation hadn't been involved in fighting the Cardasian's yet.

B'Kor had been studying her granddaughter and the pale human Seven at leisure. There was something about the way they interacted with each other. No matter that B'Elanna's attention was apparently on one of her uncle's it was evident to her that her granddaughter was constantly aware of the human's every move. "You two are mates?" it wasn't a question.

At the unexpected question B'Elanna drew herself up and simply, but proudly said. "Yes she is my mate."

A sneer of disbelieve came from down the table. "You took that scrawny looking human for a mate! What's the matter, you couldn't find a meek Targ to love."

B'Elanna's temper flared up instantly but before she or anyone else had a chance to respond Seven impersonated a lightning rod. Grabbing the offender by the scruffs she effortlessly heaved him in the air. B'Elanna decided to let Seven handle this. Let her family figure out for themselves just how meek the woman was.

With unconcealed anger Seven put her face within inches of that of her offender. "You will cease this degenerative behaviour immediately and apologise." It was a clear demand.

"And how would you make me do that?" Despite his awkward position the male didn't seem the least bit intimidated.

"Apologise," Seven demanded again, "or you will be making love to a Targ."

At this laughter erupted throughout the room, after a moment so did the still dangling Klingon. Of course being a Klingon he didn't apologise, all he said was. "Perhaps I was mistaken." For Seven it was enough, and she let him go.

The hybrid Engineer turned back to her grandmother to answer her original question with unconcealed pride and glee. "Yes, we are mates."

It was rarely if ever quiet in a Klingon household. B'Elanna's ancestral home was definitely no exception to this rule; still a while later one voice could be clearly heard above all the racket in the eating room.


The owner of that name stiffened visibly as she heard the distinctive voice of her mother.

"B'Elanna, Puqbe'"

Seven winced in sympathy as the flabbergasted B'Elanna was for the fourth or fifth time that day grasped in a bone-crushing hug. She made a mental note to have the doctor check her lovers' ribs when they got back. For some reason it did not occur to the former drone that they would not return to Voyager. For now her attention was fully on her dark haired engineer, she was well aware about the troubled history the two women shared. Hopefully the women would seize this very unexpected opportunity to work things out. It would be up to them.

Upon seeing her mother B'Elanna forgot all about the rest of the world. As Miral swept her up in a hug, all their past history seemed forgotten in that moment, and she hugged her mother back just as hard. Gods, this felt good.

Finally releasing her, Miral took a long look at her before smiling and saying. "Thank Kahless you are not lost to me." B'Elanna did not want to burst out in tears in front of her entire family but it was one of the most difficult things she had ever done. Unlike the Klingon's in general, she did have tear ducts.

Neither she nor her mother knew what to do next and once again B'Kor came to the rescue of her granddaughter.

"You two have much to talk about. Use my private rooms to heal your wounds while B'Elanna's mate will tell me about herself since she is to be part of ours."

Torn between wanting to go with her mother but not willing to leave Seven, the blonde gave her an encouraging nod, telling her to go with her mother. Giving her a grateful look she once again returned her attention to Miral, who was looking at her with intent curiosity. "Your mate?"

As she followed her mother, having no idea where her grandmother's private quarters were, she started talking. It was as if a great rift had finally closed between them. She told her mother everything about her life, from leaving Starfleet academy to joining the Marquis. From joining Voyager to becoming it's Chief-Engineer, to finding Seven. She left out nothing and didn't spare herself one bit. She didn't need to; Miral really listened, only interrupting to ask a question now and then for clarification. Never judging, simply glad that she and her daughter were finally communicating.

When, seemingly half a century later, B'Elanna had finished, Miral started talking about her life, and she was equally frank. Neither realised that nearly a day had passed before they stopped, exhausted but well aware that they had needed this. They didn't say it to each other but both finally felt they had made a beginning in mending their fences.

Hoarse with talking so long Miral asked after a short interval of silence. "Now will you introduce me to your mate."

B'Elanna's eyes glistened again as she nodded happily. "Gladly."

They found Seven had gone to sleep hours ago. According to a chuckling B'Kor she had exhausted the Human with her questions but had found her a worthy person indeed. The blonde human had answered every question without hesitation and had refused to be intimidated by any of the present Klingons. She had impressed the older woman who was at an age where she didn't become impressed too soon anymore. B'Kor left it up to her daughter to show B'Elanna where the guest quarters where.

Before the older woman retired to her own room she asked B'Elanna one final question. "B'Elanna, granddaughter, you and Seven have not exchanged vows yet, have you."

"No, we haven't." answered the slightly surprised B'Elanna. "Why do you ask?"

B'Kor shook her head in an all too human way. "Never mind be'Hom, I will see you in the morning."

Not ten minutes later the engineer had joined Seven in bed but sleep took long in coming. She kept mulling over the days events, wondering if this was the gift of the Vistro gods, wondering if this wasn't some dream. Wondering that if she fell asleep would she still be here in the morning or would she be back on Voyager.

She didn't fall asleep until Seven snuggled comfortably against her and she was finally able to relax. She would find out what would happen next soon enough.

The next morning they woke up still in the room they had fallen asleep. Uncharacteristically it was Seven who woke up first, but then she had gone to sleep several hours before B'Elanna. A bit chagrined that she had fallen asleep immediately, she had intended to wait up for her lover, she now gazed lovingly at the sleeping half Klingon. It wasn't an opportunity she often had. She wondered how last night had been for B'Elanna. She herself had an exhausting evening being questioned, no grilled, by B'Kor but she felt she had made a good impression. At least the matriarch had appeared satisfied, but with Klingon's you could never be certain, as she was starting to find out first hand. They were rather unpredictable, as could be judged from the questions she had been asked. The older woman had jumped from one question to the next, seemingly unrelated questions, giving Seven barely a moment to answer. When she learned of their adversarial beginning the woman had burst out laughing and finally concluded the interrogation with the remark this was typical enough for Klingon couples. Seven had frowned, if she read the woman correctly she thought that their entire adversarial behaviour had been some sort of courting behaviour, which simply wasn't true. Nevertheless she did not attempt to dissuade the woman from this notion, she simply didn't think the woman would listen.

A loud knock on the bedroom door interrupted her musings and woke up B'Elanna. The hybrid looked confused till the events of the prior day returned to her.

"We're still here." She was slightly surprised.

Again a knock, even louder.

With a strong voice Seven told whoever was at the other side of the door to come in. To her surprise several Klingon women entered and immediately went to them. Miral Torres was among them, grinning broadly.

B'Elanna looked as confused at them as Seven felt, what was going on?

"Your grandmother has the feeling that your stay here will only be temporary. Therefor we will have to hurry if we want to see you two exchange your vows."

Despite her cortical implant Seven had some difficulties understanding the full meaning of the words B'Elanna's mother had so casually uttered. Miral's daughter was just as surprised as she stuttered. "You mean m.me. marriage?"

"What else?" Miral didn't even try to keep the glee from her face. "Because of the short notice these women here," she pointed at the woman who where watching them with interest, "will get your measurements now and set to work immediately so you can have your ceremony this evening."

"But, but.." B'Elanna simply didn't know what to say. A bit helplessly she looked at Seven who couldn't help but smile at this.

She looked back at the shorter woman, noticed the sleep tossled hair, the bewildered look on her face and realised this was exactly what she wanted. Never mind that they had only been dating for a little while, never mind their extraordinary circumstances. This was right, and not for a single moment did she doubt that B'Elanna would feel the same way when she got over her surprise.

Getting on one knee in front of her lover Seven grabbed B'Elanna's hand in hers. "Will you please do me the honour of marrying me?"

It was funny, B'Elanna had always believed that it would be her asking Seven to marry her, but the former drone had beaten her to it. Now totally bemused B'Elanna said the only thing she could think of. "Yes."

That evening they gathered in a room B'Elanna had never seen before. Being escorted by her mother she did her best to keep her nerves under control. Right at the door her mother stopped her.

"B'Elanna, I know I haven't always been a good mother to you, but I want you to know I am very proud of you. And I hope you and Seven will be very happy together."

"I." Why was it all of a sudden so difficult to talk? At a total loss for words, B'Elanna hugged her mother tightly, signifying that all was well between them.

They took a few moments to gather themselves before entering. Side by side they walked through the door, B'Elanna thought her heart skipped a beat when she saw Seven waiting for her. Dressed in long traditional red wedding clothes Seven looked absolutely stunning. As their eyes met across the distance of the large room Seven's eyes seemed more alive then ever before, and B'Elanna somehow knew she had the same effect on her soon to be wife.

Things became a blur as she positioned herself next to the blonde. Vaguely aware of the fact that the room was crowded with Klingon relatives she was only aware of Seven.

Someone was speaking, and B'Elanna realised it was she. "jIH dok(my blood)"

Her heart skipped a few more beats as she waited for Seven's answer. "maj dok.(our blood)"

As soon as she said the final words their union would be a fact. Seven looked expectantly at her and B'Elanna silently vowed she would do anything in her power to make Seven happy. So she said the words that would bond them together forever. "Tlinghan jIH (I am a Klingon)

Cheers erupted but they were barely heard by the newlyweds.

Miral was the first of many to congratulate them, and then the festivities erupted, with Klingons who know how to party. They were toasted repeatedly with blood wine; even Seven took a sip before switching to less intoxicating beverages. The only thing that was missing was their family from Voyager, but both mates knew that as soon as the Captain and especially Neelix learned of this a huge party would be arranged there too.

Very late in the night, or very early in the morning, both of them were ready to retire. The party was still going strong for as long as the remaining guests were still able.

Early on in the party first Miral, and later B'Kor had welcomed Seven into the family, proclaiming her a worthy mate for a daughter of their house. This had filled the blonde with a warmth she had never experienced before and B'Elanna had been beaming with pride and joy. Seven realised two of B'Elanna's biggest wishes had been fulfilled. She had both her mothers' love and approval, things she had wanted ever since her father had walked out on her. Old wounds had finally begun to heal. And Seven too had been accepted by the assorted Klingon's and found herself right at home at her wife's side. If this had indeed been arranged by Vistro's gods they had a lot to be thankful for indeed.

They thanked everyone for the great wedding and all the gifts they had received. It couldn't have been an easy wedding to arrange at such short notice but you couldn't have told that from the actual celebrations. When they were finally able to retire to their rooms they were nearly sleeping on their feet. Particularly B'Elanna who had only had a few hours sleep the night before. However this did not stop them from making passionate love for hours, until sleep did catch them.

"Captain," a surprised ensign Kim exclaimed, "they're back!"

Captain Janeway realised immediately what the young officer meant. For the past two days the ops officers had continuously scanned for the life signs of the two missing crewmembers. With every passing minute Janeway's concern for them had grown, despite the repeated assurance from Visitor's Perfecto that her officers were fine.

"Where are they, down on the planet?" She demanded.

"Uhm, no ma'am. They are in B'Elanna's quarters."

The Captain didn't show her surprise. "Tom, you have the bridge, Tuvok you're with me."

"So you two are saying you were somehow transported to Qo'noS, met B'Elanna's family and got married." Janeway summarised. "That is a pretty fantastic experience."

"Yet," Tuvok pointed out, "there is no proof to substantiate this. It could merely be a wishful dream or vision brought on by the Vistronians. It would be prudent to make further enquiries with Vistro's Prefecto."

His superior agreed but also said. "Even so, if it's true Tuvok, you do realise this could be a way home for us."

"Captain to the bridge." Paris's voice suddenly interrupted them.

Immediately standing the Captain asked what was wrong while Seven, B'Elanna and Tuvok followed her to the bridge.

"It's the planet ma'am." Tom hesitated. "It's gone."

"What do you mean gone?" Kathryn asked irritated.

"Just that ma'am, it completely disappeared from sensors."

Tom was right, there was absolutely nothing but empty space where mere hours before an entire planet had been. They looked and watched for several days trying every test they could think of but found nothing that could prove Vistro had ever been there. Finally Voyager just resumed its course for the Alpha Quadrant.

In a quiet moment B'Elanna asked Seven. "Do you think we dreamed it all?"

B'Elanna's answer came a few weeks later in the way of a data transmission from Star Fleet. There was a short letter addressed to them both which read.





The End

Author's note: I did a bit of a google search on the adopting in a Klingon house ceremony and for that of a marriage ceremony. After a few hours of searching and finding out all kind of interesting things, like the fact that Klingons don't have tear ducts and the startling realisation that there are actual RL Klingon clothing guilds and weapon smiths specialising in making Klingon weaponary etc.. but finding only mentions of the adoption and or marriage ceremonies I gave up. So I wrote this piece the way it was written. (I wish I was more of a DS 9 fan because then I might have more information, I missed the Jadzia/Worf wedding as well as any episodes that featured the adoption ceremony.)

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