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By Widdy

Part 21

When Seven and Janeway walked through the doors of sickbay, they where greeted to the sight of the Doctor hunched over the prone form of B'Elanna.

As she inhaled Seven could detected the faint aroma of blood

When Seven stopped, Janeway continued walking towards the Doctor, just as she was about to announce their presence the doctor turned around, giving them there first view of B'Elanna.

"My God what the hell happened?"

"When that electro static wave hit sickbay, the lieutenant's eyes became a little glazed over, and before I could even ask if she was okay my program shorted out. I was offline for no more that 30 seconds." After pausing to take a completely unnecessary breath the Doctor continued. "When I came back online I found the lieutenant at the bottom of the biobed in a pool of her own blood."

Janeway was thinking how nice it would be if he was permanently offline, she was still irritated by his lack of respect when he hailed her earlier. "So how on earth did she end up saturated in her own blood Doctor?"

"Well...it would appear that she fainted."

"Fainted? Why did she faint?" frowning at her own disbelieving tone, Janeway focused on the Doctors answer.

"I don't know, but I'll guess that there wasn't enough oxygen flowing through her blood to her brain and she lost consciousness." Turning away from Janeway the Doctor picked up a hypospray and pressed it B'Elanna's neck.

"What was in that hypospray Doctor?"

"It was a coagulant." Picking up a dermal regenerator the doctor bent back over B'Elanna and repaired the damage to her nose. Turning back to Janeway the Doctor could tell she was waiting for a further explanation. "There was some sort of anticoagulant agent present in the wound."

"That explains the excess amount of blood."

Smiling at Seven the Doctor spoke again. "You're right of course Seven, I had to give the lieutenant a coagulant before I could heal the abrasion on the bridge of her nose."

"Do you have any idea how the anticoagulant was introduced in to Lieutenant Torres' system?"

"I'm sorry, I haven't got a clue. But that's not the reason that I called you here" Picking up a cloth the Doctor began to clean the still wet and dried blood from B'Elanna's face. "They are."

As the doctor moved out of the way Janeway was given her first full view of B'Elanna's face. She let her eyes wander over B'Elannas face taking in the newly healed skin of her nose, as her eyes moved on she encountered the reason the Doctor had so politely summoned her to sickbay.

"What are they Doctor?"

"They resemble haemangioma." At Janeway's blank stare he decided to elaborate. "Birthmarks, they resemble birthmarks."


"Doctor they cannot be haemangioma for they did not develop prenatally, also the male entity onboard the shuttle had similar markings on both of his cheeks."

"I said they resemble birthmarks, not that they where birthmarks." The Doctor replied testily.

Raising her eyebrow at the Doctor's tone Seven turned her head in the captain's direction when she started to speak to her. "Why didn't you mention this earlier during our conversation Seven?"

"It was irrelevant."

Sucking in a huge breath Janeway started to speak "You said his markings where similar not the same?"

"That is correct; the markings upon his cheeks where two waved lines that ran the length of his cheekbones."

"Is that all you can tell us Seven?" after the slight nod she received as her answer Janeway shifted her gaze back to the Doctor. "Okay Doctor I want you to wake B'Elanna, if anyone has any answers it's going to be her."

Part 22

S'Lars hated this place, its darkness was all consuming engulfing any and all that entered. It was damp and every step made would echo off the walls, he suspected that light had never penetrated this place, he desperately wanted to flee but he would not, he refused to disappoint his father. He had been entrusted with this task and he would complete it.

Walking further into the virgin darkness, he could feel it waiting for him. From the moment he entered the darkness his young mind had continuously been filled with unspeakable images of people and worlds burning in the creature's wake. The visions had become more frequent the further he walked in to the depths of the cave.

S'Lars estimated that he had been walking through the cave for about 20 minutes, his farther said that he would find that which he seeks seated upon a throne carved out of the rock at the back of the cave. The surface upon which he was walking gradually began to change from rough to smooth indicating that he had arrived at his intended destination.

Coming to a halt S'Lars raised his hand to adjust the night sight goggles that gifted him with sight in this wretched place. Straight in front of him was a huge throne just like his farther had told it would be and sitting upon the throne was the being he had come to see.

After clearing his throat S'Lars began to speak "My Lord, honoured and exulted one, I am but a worm unworthy of you."

"Stupid boy, did you come here to simply grovel? Or where you sent to give me a message?" The raspy and rattling voice of the creature chilled S'Lars to the bone; the small thin needles that covered his scalp similar to that of a porcupine began to stand on end.

"I was sent to tell that that which you seek has been discovered."

The maniacal laughter that filled the cave and bounced from wall to wall distracted S'Lars so much that he didn't notice that the creature had moved until its skeletal hand seized his throat and lifted him into the air.

As he looked in to the empty eye sockets of the creature S'Lars knew he was going to die. While a rancid and putrid mouth descended upon his sucking his life from him, the creatures other razor shape hand sliced through his chest and began to absorb his flesh and blood. S'Lars body rapidly started to decay as that of the creature began to regenerate. Blood that turned to dust centuries ago was once again flowing through newly repaired veins, muscles freshly regenerated flexed beneath new skin as sightless eyes stared into the dank darkness of the cave.

The dried and decaying husk that was once S'Lars dropped to the floor as the creature stretched its newly formed body cracking disused vertebrae in the process.

"You won't need these any more boy."

The creature pulled the night sight goggles from the skull of S'Lars and placed them upon his own, as he ripped the robe that S'Lars wore of his corpse, the body exploded. The bones and dried flesh of S'Lars flew in all directions; the creature stepped through the cloud of dust hung in the air.

When he emerged from the cave the creature was greeted by for robed figures they where short and plain looking species compared to him. He towered over them at 6ft 5, long blond hair fell in ringlets half way down his back. He looked nothing like the zombie that S'Lars had found sitting upon the throne in the depths of the cave. His skin was translucent and made his light pink eyes look like they were glowing. Black robe draped over his naked form was covered in the dust remains of S'Lars.

One of the short alien males stepped forward and stared to speak. "My Lord I hope my son meet with your approval?"

"Yes the boy was very satisfying, but enough of inconsequential things. Tell me of what you have discovered."

Part 23

"So this is what you have discovered?"

"Yes my Lord." He looked nervously around the huge room everyone seemed to avoid making eye contact with him. He then back at the view screen which was filled with the image of a small white star ship moving through the vast blackness of space.

"I can feel, it but its nowhere near what I was hoping for" He sounded angry for a second and then disappointed realising his slip of emotion he quickly schooled his features. Turning fake sad eyes on the small alien he spoke "You disappoint me Stom, and you have no more sons to sacrifice to satisfy my hunger."

"Please my Lord this situation could be salvaged."

Slowly twirling his finger around one of the smaller ringlets that fell by his eyes, the creature pondered the little rodent's words. Could this situation be salvaged? Was it possible? The rapid swallowing and clenching of Stom's jaw distracted him momentarily. They really where a pathetic little species, but they where loyal and he admired that. He begrudgingly admitted that without them he would probably be dead, left to rot on there planet by his beloved father. Thinking about the reason he was here sent a fresh spark flying into the bitterness and hated that lived deep within him causing them to causing the smouldering emotions to erupt.

Stom automatically recoiled from the savageness that entered the creature's eyes, he really didn't want to know what his lord was thinking about and he prayed that his lord would not gift him with a glimpse.

"Your right Stom, the situation can be salvaged. Tell me about the ship and those abroad."

Quickly falling it to his usual and preferred submissive role Stom proceeded to tell the creature about Voyager and everyone on board.

"Not that different from you are they Stom, weak little rodents."

"No my Lord they are not, and like us they shall grovel at your feet. They shall weep for they had the."

"Now I know where your son got his snivelling attitude from Stom." Still sneering at the quaking little man the creature continued. "Unlike your son Stom you serve a purpose, so I won't eat you." A mirthless laugh escaped the creature as he watched Stom visibly relax. "One vessel is going to stay and shadow this `Voyager'; they will report everything that occurs onboard no matter how insignificant they think it maybe. We Stom or going back to the planet to prepare, my mother always said one could never be too prepared."

Stom shivered at the cold dead look that overtook the creature's eye any time he talked of his mother, but he would rather face that look any day than the pure hatred that filled them when he thought of this father.

As she swam into consciousness B'Elanna could hear the Doctors voice as her explained something to someone.

Becoming more coherent she noticed she can smell and taste blood, her blood. That instantly snapped B'Elannas mind out of the haze it was floating in. Bolting upright B'Elannas head solidly smacked into the Doctor's.

"Is it absolutely necessary to hover over me like a fly?"

Ignoring B'Elanna the Doctor picked up a medical tricorder and scanned B'Elannas head "No need to shout lieutenant. Luck for me I'm not human or that little collision would of done considerable damage."


"Any pain? Discomfort? Nausea?"

Doctor always seemed to evoke all three. "Now that you mention it Doc I do feel a bit nauseous."

"Well that's to be expected."

"What in Grethor does that mean? And why am I covered in my own blood?"

"Well I would appear you fainted and."

"Doctor." Clearing her throat to get his attention Janeway made not to subtle motions for him to shut the hell up.

".I'll let the captain explain."

"B'Elanna do you remember what happened before you passed out?"

"Klingons don't faint. As for what happened before I passed out I have no idea."

"So you don't know what the markings on your cheeks are for?"

"What?" Suddenly realising what the captain was talking about B'Elanna slowly raised her right hand and ran her fingertips gently across her skin. She could feel that her skin was slightly raised and warmer than usual.

She was handed a mirror, lifting it automatically she could clearly see the zig zags she had felt only moments ago. They were exactly as they were when she was with Nigh except the colour, then they were deep red now they where a light pink.

"Represent the entities powers when there in corporeal form, they also show the level and control they have over there powers." B'Elanna was surprised that she remembered that much, her memory was a little fussy.

"Powers? What's that got to do with you B'Elanna?"

"I don't know but Losiv said something about after-effects of the fusion, but I have no idea what they are."

"You are referring to the time when the entity took possession of your body and left Voyager."

"Yeah." She was glad at least Seven understood what she was talking about even if she didn't herself.

The Doctor decided he should have a little word with Seven later, she didn't seem her usual self. he noticed that she was distracted a lot lately and she seemed to zone out during staff meetings. Like now for instance after B'Elanna smiled at her, her face took on an almost dreamy look.

Seven herself had just realised what it was she was feeling, attraction.

Part 24

Gathering up his courage Stom pushed open the door and entered the creature's chambers. Grotesque statues lined the walls gazing at him with the same disgusted look that his Lord turned on him. "My Lord!"

"What is it Stom?" Looking down on the little man he contemplated eating him yet again.

"Everything is finally ready."

Finally he would have the revenge he had waited five millennia for. "Perfect."

"Stom I want you to contact that ship offer them something they need, just do anything and everything in your power to get on board that little vessel."

"Of course My Lord, but what should I do when I finally get on board?"

"Do I have to explain everything you pathetic little worm, can you do nothing. Kill them, maim them, massacre them I really don't care just get me what I want." As the creature slammed his thin hand down flat on the arm of his throne Stom quickly turned and fled the room. Smiling at his pathetic worshiper's departure the creature leaned back in his throne. "I will have my revenge father and it shall be everything that I hoped for."

B'Elanna frowned at the consol in front of her she had been released from sickbay 5 weeks ago, and allowed to resume her normal duties 3 weeks ago. She still had to go sickbay for check ups with the doc every 2 days, but apart from that everything was okay. Occasionally her vision would shift from normal to soft reds oranges and yellows she remembered from her fusion, but there was no way she was going to tell the doctor. She had no desire to spend anymore time in sickbay she had seen enough of that place to last her a life time. They had come to a compromise after the second time she had altered the doctors matrix when he attempted to perform more test on her. She let him perform his test without complaining, or playing with his program and he would allow her access to engineering.

Looking up she could see the captain, Seven, Tuvok and one of the disgusting little aliens that Janeway was currently negotiating with. She didn't know why she felt disgust towards them but she did, and the way they looked at her made her disgust for them grow exponentially. Another thing was the way they just appeared out of no where and wanted to practically give them those supplies, and Janeway was never one to turn down something for practically nothing. She just didn't trust them, sighing she decided she better get out there.

Looking up Janeway saw B'Elanna exiting her office. "B'Elanna I would like you to meet Mr Stom, Mr Stom this is my chief engineer Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres."

"It is nice to meet you Lieutenant Torres."

Sneering at him B'Elanna returned the sentiment. After receiving a glare from Janeway that could have melted ice and promised that she would be getting a visit later from the captain they left, and B'Elanna was free to return to her work.

"Lieutenant Torres how are you feeling today?"

She hadn't even noticed Seven hadn't gone with them. Turning around her eyes where drawn to the red halo that surround Sevens form. She had seen only four people on board with the same energy halo but none of they had the same intensity of colour. Dragging her mind back to the current she answered Sevens question "Oh I'm feeling just fine Seven. How are you I saw you in sickbay when I went for my check up I hope nothing is wrong?"

"I am functioning within acceptable parameters." B'Elanna could have sworn she had seen Seven smile but she couldn't be sure. Seven had been exceptionally polite since her return, it was starting to irritate her slightly the cold and superior Seven she knew and could handle the polite and courteous one threw her through a loop.

"My Lord why are you here?"

Whipping around sharply the creatures hand stop out and grabbed Stom's throat. "Don't question my motives Stom."

Choking as the air was slowly squeezed out of his throat Stom hastened to explain. "I never meant to question you my Lord. I have made contact with that which you seek; removing her from the vessel will not be a problem. They are technologically inferior."

Dropping the disgusting little alien the tall man turned towards the window of Stom's ready room. "Excellent work Stom, but you failed to take in to consideration the latent abilities of the person I seek."

"Latent abilities? I wasn't aware she had any power." Looking puzzled Stom had no idea of what his Lord was talking about.

"Of course she has powers she was part of my former species and still is. You will not be able to contain her if she feels threatened."

"I assume you will take care of that my Lord."

"Yes she will be difficult but hardly a match for my power."

B'Elanna awoke with a start.

"Computer lights one half" she commanded in a sleep infected voice.

She knew instantly something was wrong, a wave of nausea washed over her. Her vision was blared and she could barely make out the shape of her hand directly in front of her face. When she tried to stand, she stumbled nearly falling head first into the bathroom. When she finally regained her stance and started to try and locate something to wear, she immediately noticed that her movements where slow and lethargic. She deciding that something was terribly wrong and begrudgingly concluded that she better go to sickbay and have the doc sort her out.

After donning the clothes she fond on the chair in the corner of her bedroom the lieutenant sighed knowing she was resigned to her fate. "Computer, one to beam directly to sickbay"

After a second or two B'Elanna body appeared in a sparkle of blue and white, after taking a few deep calming breaths B'Elanna called out.

"Computer activate EMH."

The doctor materialised just to the left of the lieutenant and automatically began to speak "Please state the nature."

"Doc, I kind of need your help over here."

Part 25

The second B'Elanna requested the doctor's help she shimmered out of existence. He could only stand and stair in bafflement at the space previously occupied by Voyagers Chief Engineer. Reaching over the doctor taped his comm. badge.

"EMH to Janeway."

"Yes doctor?"

"Lieutenant Torres has just been transported out of sickbay."

"Thank you for informing me doctor. Janeway out."

Sighing the doctor decided he better stay activated just in case he was needed.

As soon as doctor had hailed her Harry confirmed his information and added that B'Elanna had been transported on board of Stom's vessel. While ordering him to hail them Janeway stood from her command chair and placed her hands on her hips. Her anger which had been steadily on the rise began to surge when she saw the little alien smugly smiling at her.

"Mr Stom would you like to explain to me why you have kidnapped a member of my crew."

An almost skeletal hand reached out and clasped Stom's shoulder and began to push him out of view. A tall almost translucent alien male who was obviously from a different species from Stom stepped in to view. The combination of the aliens blond hair and pale skin made his pale pink eyes shine.

"Stom does not have to explain anything to you." His voice was not at all what she had been expecting it was raspy and harsh she guessed from disuse.

"Who the hell are you?" Using her best command voice Janeway gazed boldly in to his eyes.

"I am Lord Kerac."

"Well Lord Kerac I demand you return my chief engineer now!!"

The tall strange looking alien on the view screen began to laugh uncontrollably.

"You demand, you demand. You little worm, have no power your flesh is weak and so is your energy."

The view screen when black as the link was broken, Janeway could only watch as the vessel on the screen disappeared.

B'Elanna could not move she had lost count of the times she had emptied the contents of her stomachs.

She could feel it. Corrupt. It was corrupt, vile and oppressive energy. It was containing her she naturally wanted to escape the dark energy but it was not possible. Suddenly it seemed to increase in strength.

As he entered the cell the creature could see her energy strong pulsating and red as it desperately tried to fight his dark black blue energy that surrounded her. He was tempted the overwhelm her and break her but he knew he couldn't. If he did corrupt her she would be of no use to him. He was so close to achieving his revenge and he wasn't about to throw it away. Stepping out of the cell he reactivated the forcefield and left.

"Harry have you and Seven had any luck in locating Mr Stom's vessel."

Looking apologetically at his captain Harry answered. "I'm sorry captain they entered some sort of transwarp conduit we couldn't locate them."

Air in the conference room suddenly shifted standing looking out of the view port was a man. "I will help you find Beylanna."

"Tuvok get security in here now!!"

When he turned around and started to speak Seven could see that it was the energy entity who had introduced himself as Losiv. "That is not necessary I am not a threat to you."

"I believe I would like to decide that for myself."

"As you wish." Turning away from Janeway Losiv focused his gaze upon Seven.

Nodding his head in acknowledgment he addressed Seven. "Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One we meet again. I will help you and you will help me."

Before Seven could utter a word Janeway jumped in. "What exactly do you want Seven to do?"

"I was not aware that I spoke to you is your name Seven also?"

Redding slightly Janeway answered. "No my name is Kathryn Janeway and I am the captain of this vessel and Seven is a member of my crew."

"I see any member of your crew would be acceptable but I suspect Seven will do every thing that is required of her." Looking at Janeway again he spoke once again. "I will take you to Beylanna."

Slightly suspicious Janeway's eyes narrowed. "That's you helping us but how are we going to help you?"

Smiling Losiv didn't answer. "Do you accept my offer?"

Looking him dead in the eye Seven answered. "We accept your offer."

Bowing his head his body had already began to change into energy as he spoke. "I will return in one of your hours and we will depart. Good day Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One."

As he disappeared Janeway swirled around pinning Seven with a forceful glare. "What was that Seven you had no right to accept his offer we don't even know who he was."

"He is the male entity that returned lieutenant Torres."


Disorientated and breathing heavily B'Elanna had no idea where she was or how she got there. Her last memory was of being in the dingy little cell with the energy all around her. The energy was still there but know where near as oppressive as before.

"You have done well Stom you shall be rewarded."

When she heard the voice B'Elanna looked up towering over her was a tall strange looking alien.

"Your praise is my reward my lord."

The nausea B'Elanna had been feeling tripled when she heard the Stom's reply. She didn't know why or how but she knew that the tall man who Stom called his Lord was equally disgusted.

Keeping his face devoid of emotions he looked down at the woman on her knees at his feet. She apparently keep her emotions in check he could feel her dislike for Stom and it was plainly showing on her face.

Bending down he forced her with his mind to lift her head. "I know that emotion and at always accompanies Stom." As he gentle stroked her face with the back of his hand B'Elanna violently pulled away. Laughing at her as she managed to get away from him he could only imagine what she saw when he touched her.

To Be Continued

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