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By Texbkwrm

"Lt Torres." Seven stopped the Klingon as she made to walk away. "If we were to combine our efforts, We could expedite this investigation by using our resources efficiently we could be through sooner and return to our other assignments." She knew that the other woman was as eager to return to Engineering as she was to get back to Astrometrics and hoped that this line of logic would sway her to an agreement.

B'Elanna was already out of sorts about being drug into this by the captain and while she and Seven were getting along better they tended to still strike sparks against each other after prolonged exposure. Still it couldn't hurt to listen and this way if something went wrong she could tell Captain Janeway it was Seven's idea. "Okay what's the plan."

"I believe if we each take half of the cross-examinations and then return here and confer we will be done in half of the time." Seven assured her reasonably.

B'Elanna shrugged it sounded like a good idea. "Okay how will we split it up."

Seven said. "I will speak with Tuvok, Neelix, Samantha Wildman , and the Captain. You will interview Tom, Harry, Chacotay, and the Doctor."

"I don't think so." B'Elanna disagreed vehemently.

Finally they agreed that B'Elanna would talk to Tom, Chacotay, Samantha , and Neelix, and Seven would question the rest they agreed to meet in one hour and go over the findings.

On there return the two women, after a short but heated debate over which was the worst torture Neelix in the kitchen or Harry at the piano the two women quickly went over their results a reached a deduction. Summoning the Captain they waited in the Holodeck.

Captain Janeway appeared quickly. "Seven did you need to ask me another question?"

"No Captain. We have solved the crime." Seven informed with her hands behind her back.

"Seven you weren't supposed to team up." Captain Janeway informed.

"That was not part of the initial instructions." Seven said vehemently.

"Captain she's right." B'Elanna stuck by her temporary partner.

As the others gathered around Kathryn Janeway sighed. "What is the answer?"

Seven pulled out her data pad and intoned officiously. "It is Colonel Mustard in the Library with the knife."

Tuvok with his hat and pipe said "That is correct."

"Can we go now?" B'Elanna asked quickly. Very tired of this hologame and anxious to return to her beloved engines.

"No!" Captain Janeway informed them. "This is supposed to be fun. Chakotay explain the game to them again with more details this time."

As the First Officer explained in exhaustive detail the game. As they began again, and Seven in her Miss Scarlett costume walked in front of her to rejoin the others. B'Elanna thought `Damn and I thought she looked good in a Bio suit.

The End

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