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Inside Helen's Office
By Outsidethebx


"You had no right taking advantage of me," I said in frustration, while remembering my weak moment of desperately confiding in Nikki. The kiss that had awoken every passionate fiber of my body had turned my world upside down in mere minutes. I never wanted to admit my attraction to her. Her-the convicted killer-the prisoner-the one I am responsible for. Yet, for some reason, I couldn't stay away. Despite my better judgment of telling her to piss off, I knew my heart felt a connection.

"Well put me down on the block, go on," Nikki definitely responded, bringing me back to the present situation. She stood up and in all her glory proclaimed: "Rule 47, sub-section 16-being disrespectful to the wing governor…"

She leaned down just above my ear and whispered: "…by kissing her."

I almost couldn't stand it. I forced myself to look at my desk to avoid reaching up and pulling her into an embrace. What the bloody hell was I going to do? Screws aren't supposed to mix with the prisoners. Wing governors are appointed for their ability to maintain order, control difficult circumstances and exhibit professionalism. This type of behavior is not acceptable-not to mention illegal.

"Would you expect me to apologize?" Nikki asked, and then walked toward the door.

"Nikki, stop." I rose from my desk and came face to face with my prisoner. Inches from the lips that I could still taste, I looked into her familiar eyes. They were pleading with me to give a reason to keep trying. As stubborn as she was, I knew she was much more fragile than she'd ever admit. Her rough edges and fiery personality only served as the protective fence surrounding her heart.

"Honestly, I'm telling you. If you carry on like this, one of us is going to have to leave Larkhall." I looked straight into her eyes and said, "I mean it."

I thought she would leave and in fact she turned toward the door. But no sooner had her hand touched the knob did she grab my shoulders and pull me into a kiss. At first I tried to resist, but my passion for Nikki far outweighed my common sense. At that moment, I forgot about Fenner's ability to walk in at the most in-opportune times. I wrapped my arms around Nikki and lost myself in her kiss. A groan escaped my lips as her tongue gently entered my mouth. I had wanted this for so long.

We reached my desk and she lifted me up onto the top. She gently kissed my eyes, my nose and softly blew into my ear. All inhibitions were forgotten as she unbuttoned my blouse and licked her way toward my breasts. With one hand she held me up and with the other she unfastened my brassiere. An evil smile came across her face as she playfully bit my nipple, causing me to protest.

"Oh, you want me to stop, Miss?" she asked as she began licking my nipple in a circular motion, causing it to become erect.

"Don't be stupid, Nikki, and for gods' sake keep going!" I think I sounded a bit more frustrated and desperate than I wanted to let on. I took pride in being in control and never allowing anyone to see me flustered. Yet for today, for this moment, I suddenly didn't give a toss how I sounded.

She grinned as she traced her fingers down my stomach while stopping short of unfastening my skirt. The simultaneous look of love and concern that came across her face was wordlessly asking my permission to continue. I reached up and kissed her lips sucking her tongue into my mouth.

"If that doesn't give you any direction, you're more dense than I once thought."

Faster than I thought was humanly possible; she had my skirt and knickers on the floor. She covered her fingers in my wetness and placed 3 fingers inside me. In and out she plunged, deeper and deeper as she went. I resisted the urge to moan and call out her name as she knelt down and flicked her tongue across my swollen clit. Faster and faster she went, momentarily replacing her fingers with her tongue just to see how deep she could get.

"Harder, Nikki," I whispered, as I could sense that I was close. She immediately complied by placing a fourth finger inside and continued licking my clit. I tensed up, pushed her face farther into me and exploded with so much pleasure. She continued her movements until the waves of orgasm passed, leaving me almost breathless on my desk.

When I was finally able to move, she looked at me with a sly smile and said, "Well, Miss, I guess you could say this meeting came to brilliant conclusion!"

I grinned as I redressed and called for an escort. Maybe there was something to this wing governor position after all.

The End

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