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By Demeter


Jill had always had a hard time when it came to telling Lindsay Boxer 'on.' That's why on a Sunday evening, instead of in her own bed, she found herself in a hotel room after suffering through the most boring guest speakers the law enforcement conference had managed to gather.

Still, it made kind of sense for Jill and Lindsay to attend together. Jill hadn't quite figured out why Cindy was here, other than lately, she hung around a lot.

It had been a mistake on the hotel's side. Instead of giving each of them a room - who knew why -the staff had booked a double and a single with a connecting door. They'd had a few drinks at the hotel bar, and eventually, a division of places to sleep had to be made.

"No way," Jill had said into Lindsay's direction. "You made me come here. I am not going to share. First, you're a bed hog."

There was a twinkle in Cindy's eyes at that, and Lindsay coughed.

"Second, I'll have an early start tomorrow and... Whatever. Have fun, girls."

She couldn't have known they'd take her advice so.... Literally.

A little later, Jill had almost drifted off to a peaceful sleep when a sudden noise startled her followed by a shriek that was definitely Cindy. She was halfway out of the bed, when the sound of giggling clued her in to the fact that nothing dangerous had occured. Oh well. She had left the door ajar unintentionally. Taking another step towards it in order to close it, Jill stopped cold again when she heard the words,

"You are so beautiful."

She agreed very much with Lindsay. Cindy definitely was... And as much as she appreciated the statement and the truth in it, she should have really closed that door now. Except that she couldn't. No, that wasn't quite right. She didn't want to.

Tiptoeing back to her own bed, she lay down under the cover, her face heating with something not really shame as she listened to Lindsay lower her voice to a whisper that sent delightful shivers down her spine. Also, she wouldn't mind being the one reducing Cindy to those breathless gasps...

"Oh, God, Lindsay!" Cindy exclaimed.

Yes, Lindsay, she thought. I bet you're good at what you do. The last of her resistance fled, and she slipped her hand inside her panties biting back her own sigh as her fingers slid through warm wetness.

Lindsay chuckled, her voice all smoke and whiskey when she said, "I guess you liked that."

Those were the last words to be heard, as she obviously went back to what she'd been doing, and so did Jill, her own private movie playing behind her closed eyes as in her fantasy, it was someone else's hand touching her, someone else's fingers teasing and slipping inside - whose, she wasn't completely sure of - but that didn't hurt the fantasy at all.

When Cindy's wordless moan teased her ears, it was all she needed to be right along with her, her body quivering with the intensity.

She lay there for a while, waiting for her breathing to settle, her eyes still closed.

When she opened them, Jill nearly jumped at the ceiling, her face flushing hotly at the sight of Lindsay standing in the doorway. Technically, the sheet covered her, but the way she'd sprawled on the bed didn't leave much to interpretation.

"Please shoot me before I die from embarrassment?"

Lindsay shook her head, her mouth curving in an amused smile. "You'll get over it, right?"

She came to sit on the side of the bed and Jill hastily sat up, creating as much distance between them as possible. "I'm so sorry. That was inexcusable."

"Hey, you're forgiven. In fact it's kind of... Flattering."

Jill covered her face with both hands in response.

"Jill. Don't you think - we had a fantasy or two revolving that desk in your office?"

When Jill let her hands fall and just stared at her friend, Lindsay quickly clarified. "I mean, of course none of that did involve Hanson. You know what I mean. It's no big deal."

"It is to me."

"That's why I'm here."

Lindsay cast a glance over her shoulder to the doorway, then looked back at Jill, holding out her hand as she got up.

It only took a moment of understanding, and then consideration before Jill took it and followed her into the other room, where they closed the door behind them.

The End

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