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It was a lazy morning
By Buttons


It was a lazy morning, one hard to come by these days. Nikki was sitting at the table reading her latest chapter, Helen sitting next to her, breakfast long gone and eaten but still laid out. Helen reaches over Nikki and steals her half burned cigarette and takes a seductive drag. Out the corner of her eye Nikki watches every move Helen makes, instantly aroused, but she remains seated and retrieves her cigarette back from Helen while it was still in her mouth; she grins and says, "Mine" and places it back in her mouth and pulls slowly to prove ownership, all the while keeping eye contact with Helen.

Helen giggles at this, gets up and starts clearing the table. Without a word Nikki gets up and helps Helen. While they're busy Nikki takes hold of Helen and tells her, "You know I've always wanted to eat at a table."

Helen at first could not comprehend exactly what Nikki meant and she was about to say, "But we just did" When the pure lust and arousal in Nikki's eyes told Helen the true meaning of Nikki's words so instead of saying anything Helen moved pulling Nikki along behind her.

Without any words being spoken Helen positioned herself on the edge of the table making space for Nikki between her legs and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. Nikki, being turned on immensely puts her hands under Helens shirt and starts caressing her back alternating her touch from using her fingernails to feather light touches and then back to grazing Helens' skin. She smiled into Helen's mouth when she heard the small growl from the smaller woman. Helens hands were toying with Nikki's waistband of her tracksuit and as she could no longer stand it she said in a demanding voice "Baby, I need to feel you naked against me." Tugging harder on the waistband to prove her point.

Nikki needed no further invitation she tugged at Helens shirt and in one move pulled it off of her. She then moved to Helens shorts and with Helen's eager help she made short work of undressing Helen, Nikki stepped back slightly and repeated the same actions on herself, Helen enthusiastically helping.

Nikki did not have a chance to move back by herself as Helen pulled her into a passionate embrace. Savouring the moment, feeling each others heat, feeling each others breasts against their own. Helen reached down to Nikki's bum and squeezed it with vigour while kissing Nikki passionately once again.

Nikki's loud moan into her mouth was enough to drive Helen into another dimension, but she had little chance to do anything more as her lover found her nipple and started playing with it, tweaking it and then finally giving it a soft twist. Nikki pulled Helen closer to the edge of the table letting her tummy get into contact with Helens hot radiating core. Involuntarily Helen spread her legs wider to make more contact with her lover's body, as she was just about to start grinding herself against Nikki, Nikki pushed Helen backward to make her lie back down on the table, Helen complied moaning slightly.

Nikki took a few minutes looking at the beauty she had in front of her, slowly and softly she then takes her hand and starts tracing Helens body with her fingers, starting at her neckline moving excruciatingly slow toward Helen's breasts, she circles them closing the circle until she ends up at the nipple where she bends down and kisses each one slowly and before she moves on to the next body part gives each nipple a soft flick with her tongue, Helens' increasing growl tells her she should stop her teasing but not just yet. Nikki makes her way down to Helens tummy and after a few circles she expertly avoids Helens mound just skimming the new growth hairline, she then moves down to Helens feet. When she reaches Helens feet she replaces her finger with her mouth and retraces her path back up Helen alternating between her tongue and lips and small soft bites on Helens skin. As Nikki gets close enough to Helen's mouth she is punished with a searing kiss. As the kiss broke off Helen's demanding growl "Baby, take me now please," was enough for Nikki.

She slowly moved down Helen's body placing soft kisses or feather light bites between Helen's breasts, tummy and finally her navel. As Nikki got to Helens mound she stopped and breathed in deeply, she loved the smell of her lover's arousal. Nikki reached down and kissed the outer most part of Helens mound knowing it always drove her lover crazy. She waited for the "Ohh" when she heard it she blew softly on her lover's mound. When she softly opened her lover's lips she was pleased to see how her lover reacted to her touches. As she bent down she concentrated a breath onto Helens clit, Helens bucking meant that Nikki had driven her lover to the edge and could no longer stand her teasing. So Nikki bent down and kissed Helen's clit softly, taking it in between her lips and pulling on it slowly while using her teeth behind her lips to knead it softly. While Nikki was focusing her attention onto Helen's clit she was tracing the outlines of her lover's opening occasionally dipping into it but not entering.

"Oh fuck," was the only sound Nikki could hear that and the constant flow of moans Helen was making. Nikki increased the speed of the circles she was tracing around Helen's opening while she started to flick Helen's clit with her tongue, then just at the moment Nikki bites Helen's clit and started to pull on it softly she entered Helen with two fingers, she started a slow rhythm pumping in and out all the while she was still giving Helen's clit alternating bites, flicks and sucks.

"Yes, Yes!"

Nikki then increased her pace and pressure on both. She sensed that Helen was close, as she completely withdrew her fingers from Helen she sucked harder on Helen's clit, just as Helen was about to move she felt Nikki enter her with three fingers, "Oh god, you read my mind," she shuddered when she felt Nikki's giggle on her clit.

Nikki completely enters Helen slowly but as much as she can manage then she withdraws again and thrusts in again… all the while Nikki was still paying attention to Helen's clit.

Everything was just too much for Helen she could not hold out any longer and she let go. Cumming loud and hard.

Nikki stayed where she was licking up all the sweet nectar Helen was parting with and letting her come all over her face. Reaching for Helens hand and holding it tight on her tummy Nikki stayed inside Helen with her other hand. As Helen came down Nikki moved up Helen's body slowly kissing her the same way she went down stopping at Helen' breast and kissing them softly avoiding too much contact as she knew they would be super sensitive. When she finally reached Helen's mouth she was rewarded with a searing kiss.

Nikki moved the now paralysed Helen further up on the table and lay down on top of her. As she laid there cuddled into Helen's neck Nikki grinned as she said, "You know we have more tables in the house." Upon hearing that Helen slapped Nikki's bum and held her close, "you want me to pass out?" Helen retorted.

Nikki just wiggled her bum and smiled, but made a mental note 'there's one in the office, one in the spare room, one on the terrace'.

Looking at Nikki Helen says, "You're serious?" Nikki just nodded mischievously.

Helen went white in her face, as she nearly fainted.

The End

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