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By Cirroco DeSade

Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres had been very hard to live with the last few weeks in engineering. Her crew leapt out of her path every time they saw her coming and jumped immediately to every command. They were living in constant fear of mistakes and the wrath that a mistake might bring down upon them. A few were considering killing Lt. Paris themselves for cheating on his wife and causing the divorce.

Seven of Nine was a welcome sight to the tired souls. If anyone could deflect the hybrid’s anger, it would be Seven. Therefore, when she strolled into engineering a few of B’Elanna’s staff sighed in relief, believing there might be a temporary reprieve for the rest of the day.

None of them knew that the Borg was on a very important personal mission. She finally had an opportunity to show the engineer just how she felt for her now that the imbecile of a helmsman was out of the picture. She had a detailed plan of action, and now she only had to set the stage and get B’Elanna into the holodeck. With a confidence that bordered on arrogance, she strode into the half-Klingon’s office.

“Lieutenant,” she began.

“What, Borg? If you need some stupid upgrade for Astrometrics, forget it. I don’t have time or patience to deal with it today.” B’Elanna was angry and didn’t want to see Miss Perfection right now.

“Hardly. I wanted to ask for your assistance with a personal project after your shift. I have been researching fighting techniques and wanted to learn more about Klingon Bat’leth fighting styles from you,” the tall sexy blonde said calmly.

The Klingon just snorted. “You don’t need me. Just use the damned Klingon battle simulations. They should be hard enough for you,” the brunette threw back at her.

The Borg tried her very best to act. It wasn’t a skill she used often, but she understood its importance now. She tried out her best long sigh. “Very well. I had hoped you would teach me personally. I have bested all of the simulations and found them … lacking. They did not pose much of a challenge. I had thought that Klingons were supposed to be fierce fighters. Yet, if you say the simulations are accurate representations … I suppose my research was wrong.”

“What!?” B’Elanna exclaimed. “No way Barbie Borg. A real Klingon could put you on your scrawny ass any day! Forget it …I’ll show you how ‘wrong’ your research was! When did you want to meet?”

“I have two time-slots scheduled starting at 1900 hours,” the Borg replied.

“Fine. I’ll be there. Be ready to have your ass kicked,” she growled out. It was actually beginning to make B’Elanna a little happier. She could work off some of this anger and have the joy of wiping some of that smugness off Seven’s face.

“I will be prepared,” Seven replied enigmatically.

At precisely 1900 hours, B’Elanna strolled into the holodeck, dressed in her own personal set of leather armor, carrying her bat’leth. She had become quite anxious to start kicking Seven’s ass as the rest of her day had passed. Yet, she was wholly unprepared for the sight that awaited her.

Standing just inside the sweat caves simulation was Seven, decked out like a Klingon Goddess. Her battle armor was quite simple, in a solid black, with shoulder plates and a very low dip into voluptuous cleavage that seemed to be straining against the leather. The leather fit her as tightly as any one of her body suits, but somehow it was much more appealing. Even her boots were the traditional Klingon boots, raising her height several inches, with a slightly upturned point at the toes. She stood impassively, balancing her bat’leth gracefully in the crook of her right arm, her long blonde hair flowing wildly.

“Lieutenant. I am pleased that you have arrived,” she said with a smirk. She had determined over the years what brought out the most satisfactory reactions in B’Elanna, and right now, she wanted the woman’s aggression.

“Yeah, well … you didn’t think I would pass up on the opportunity to kick your ass, did you?” B’Elanna retorted.

“Indeed. Computer, lower holodeck safeties to minimum, authorization Barbie Borg theta nine,” she called out and raised her eyebrow, still smirking. That flustered the lithe little engineer she noticed. Good, she thought. Her plan was flowing nicely.

“You sure you want to do that? You might get hurt,” B’Elanna said.

“I will take my chances, Lieutenant,” Seven merely smirked back. “Are you ready?”

The hybrid nodded and took up her stance with a feral grin. Seven merely extended her left hand forward for balance and leaned back, still cradling the bat’leth in her right arm. When B’Elanna swung lightheartedly, she was surprised at the quick response the blonde parried with. They began a series of feints and parries testing each other’s strengths. Seven purposely played down her skills. She didn’t want B’Elanna to know she had spent the last year in this simulation every time she was frustrated and wanting to feel close to the engineer. By now, she really had become quite the bat’leth master.

Seven toyed with the engineer for a long time. Though if she were honest with herself, she would know that it was also the addictive thrill of their competition, the very nature of B'Elanna’s increase in respiration and the smell of her sweat that really kept her moving at this level. Finally, she decided to initiate the next phase.

“Lieutenant,” she began, ”I must say this is still not as challenging as I would have thought.” She taunted the hybrid with her smile. That brought out the expected roaring growl, and a quick maneuver, which Seven allowed to contact. The tip of B’Elanna’s blade sliced easily through Seven’s armor above her right breast. The Borg had calculated the distance she needed to keep in order to make sure it wasn’t a serious wound. She glanced down and noted the gash struck diagonally across that breast and that the blood was flowing quite nicely down, covering her breast dramatically.

“Kahless Seven! Be careful! If it’s not so challenging why did I just slice you!” she asked at once angered with the blonde and upset that she had drawn blood.

“This kind of wound is inconsequential,” the blonde answered simply, and struck a blow to the side of B’Elanna’s head. It wasn’t enough to truly hurt the hybrid, just stun and anger her, as well as leave a small cut which would bleed, allowing B’Elanna to smell her own blood.

Sure enough, the Klingon growled even more fiercely and doubled her speed. This thrilled Seven to no end. Everything was as she predicted.

“May I ask a question, Lieutenant,” she asked.

“Sure, your distraction is your own funeral Seven,” B’Elanna answered while attempting to knock the Borg off her feet.

The blonde jumped the woman’s blade and thrust at her with her own weapon, pulling the blow to the side a little when it appeared that she might make her mark. “I wanted to know why you chose such an inferior mate. He was obviously unsuitable for you, and not nearly strong enough to be your equal. Not to mention he lacks honor.”

The unmitigated gall of the Borg’s question took B’Elanna completely off balance. How dare this bitch ask her that? She roared and ran at the Borg full speed, plowing them forward until Seven’s back was pinned to the wall, and their bat’leths were locked in between them.

“How dare you question my choices Seven?! Besides, it’s not like there is anyone strong enough for me on Voyager!” She wailed at the blonde beauty.

“Indeed,” was Seven’s soft reply. Suddenly she pulled an unexpected maneuver that B’Elanna had never seen that robbed the hybrid of her weapon. Seven discarded hers to the side also while still in motion. She grabbed both of B’Elanna’s hands, and held them by the wrist in her left hand at their chest level. Then she reached around and pulled B’Elanna into her body tightly, trapping the hands and arms in between them, her right arm locked diagonally down B’Elanna’s back to reach all the way to her right cheek.

“I am strong enough for you Klingon,” Seven said in a low growl. She pulled the trapped hands closer to her face and smelled them, in a Klingon ritual that showed a desire to mate. She pushed the hands back down together and into her own blood. She leaned close to the strong, little woman’s ear below the blood she had brought with a blow to the head earlier. “chojeylaHbe’” she growled, Klingon for ‘You can not defeat me.’

This was crazy, B’Elanna thought briefly. She hadn’t expected this in a million years and if anyone had told her it was coming, she would have bet she would kill Seven. Instead, she quivered in delight, more turned on than she could ever remember being before. Then the blonde’s tongue firmly licked the blood off the side of her head, trailed down her cheek and B’Elanna moaned. Seven brought B’Elanna’s hands from where they had been rubbed into the Borg’s blood up to her mouth and proceeded to lick B’Elanna’s fingertips too. Meanwhile, the ice blue eyes pierced B’Elanna the whole time, making the hybrid feel exposed to her very soul. The taller woman left the hands and crushed their bodies even closer together. Before B’Elanna quite knew what was happening, Seven’s tongue had demanded entry into her mouth and she had not even rebelled in the slightest.

An explosion of flavor burned through the half-Klingon’s taste buds as she savored their blood mixed on Seven’s tongue. She growled deep in her chest as she sucked the tongue further into her mouth and swallowed every drop she could. Her growl was answered by another from Seven that she felt reverberate through her body. She bit down slightly on the warm muscle and felt a fresh rush of blood from the blonde’s tongue. Seven didn’t seem to mind at all, letting her lick and suck to her heart’s content.

Seven lifted the hybrid off the ground with her right arm and B’Elanna wrapped her legs around the slim waist, concentrating on the kiss. She felt the motion, but didn’t really care where they were going. She felt the strong arm cradling her body and the powerful legs moving them away and it only incited her desire further. Then Seven was laying them down on a bench in the other corner of the cave. Seven disengaged from the kiss and lifted the trapped hands above B’Elanna’s head, pinning them down onto the bench behind her head in her right hand this time.

B’Elanna looked up into Seven lust-drugged eyes, and saw the desire that Seven had for her. “Why?” She rasped.

“Because I need you. You are mine. I am yours,” Seven answered.

The Borg trailed her left hand gently over B’Elanna’s face. B’Elanna expected the metal to be cold and hard, yet it wasn’t. It was warm and almost soft, and it smelled exactly like Seven’s blood. Her eyes rolled back and closed as she inhaled deeply. The hand trailed down her neck delicately, then withdrew. She opened her eyes and saw the implant transform, serrated edges rising from the inside of the fingers. Seven laid them down on the left side of B’Elanna’s armor and quickly split the seam. She repeated the maneuver several times over her body until B’Elanna’s armor simply fell off or lay useless upon her until Seven tossed it off. Seven’s implant reshaped to its normal structure as B’Elanna watched mesmerized. The Borg ran the hand delicately over B’Elanna’s body, trailing down her arm, then her side, gliding over a toned, muscular leg to finally reach the last vestige of B’Elanna’s clothing, removing her boots and discarding them.

B’Elanna’s skin was glistening with sweat. Seven leaned down and tasted it off the taut stomach below her, causing B’Elanna to growl. “I want to touch you,” she rumbled.

“Not yet. I have waited over two years. I will take my time now. I am yours, but first you will be mine,” Seven answered. “Don’t move.” She commanded and let go of B’Elanna’s hands.

Seven sat up fully and literally tore her own chest armor in half, throwing it off. She caressed her breasts for B’Elanna, liberally rubbing the drying blood off her right breast onto her right hand, then extending her fingers to B’Elanna. The Klingon immediately took the invitation and sucked the long, fine-boned fingers into her mouth one by on, cleaning every drop of blood off, as Seven caressed down her body with her left hand. She teased past the soft, curly patch of hair, causing B’Elanna to moan. Her hand left B’Elanna’s body to lower her own zipper.

Seven kicked off her boots and then stood over the woman, retrieving her hand. She made sure that the hybrid was watching her every motion as she removed her pants teasingly. She focused her gaze into B’Elanna’s eyes, yet stood there with a smile. “You see what you do you to me B’Elanna?” she asked and trailed her implanted hand through her moisture. The implant came out gleaming wet, and she straddled the bench again in between B’Elanna’s legs and offered her hand up to let B’Elanna see and smell her fingertips. B’Elanna was about to break the invisible bonds if Seven didn’t let her taste those fingertips. Yet, Seven seemed to know that, and let her fingertips trail around B’Elanna’s lips teasingly, before the hybrid lost her composure and sucked them in greedily.

B’Elanna moaned in delight at the delicate flavor. She even marveled at the texture of the metallic implant, and she whimpered as she watched the blonde lean down into her body. The first contact of that almost perfect body upon her own convinced B’Elanna she had died and gone to StoVoKor. Seven cradled her close and ground herself into B’Elanna’s center, then captured the released cry of pleasure in a searing kiss. She reached in between their bodies, and caressed and manipulated the perky little breasts she had always admired. B’Elanna groaned into her mouth. She took the pert little nipples in between her fingers and rolled them fiercely and B’Elanna cried out breaking the kiss. Seven trailed kisses down the soft face, sucking and biting on the engineer’s neck, finally reaching the pulse point. She manipulated the pulse point in her mouth as she continued to roll and pull the nipples. Moving over to her shoulder, she bit down hard, drawing blood and B’Elanna screamed.

That finally broke B’Elanna’s ability to keep her hands away, and she flung her claws into the flawless back. She dug her nails in and rotated her hips wildly while she felt Seven taking her fill. Her blood was roaring through her veins at warp speed and the world seemed to consist of nothing but the beauty on top of her and the pleasure she was giving her. Seven rose back to kiss her again, even as she felt the Borg’s right hand moving down her stomach and finally over her mound. The blonde cupped her center gently for a moment before teasing the lips apart, and letting a finger dance too softly over her clit. It was exquisite torture; as she kissed the Borg passionately, she tried to move her body into the hand to get more contact on her throbbing clit, but the Nordic beauty seemed determined to take time and tease her.

“Oh Kahless, Seven please!” B’Elanna moaned loudly.

“Annika,” Seven responded softly. She kissed the lips again softly then trailed butterfly kisses over B’Elanna’s forehead ridges. Meanwhile she manipulated the rock hard clit, occasionally dipping down and drawing more moisture over it, before lightly teasing all over again. “I am Annika.”

B’Elanna flung her head back and looked into the pale blue eyes lovingly. “Yes, Annika chotlhap! jIH 'oH.” B’Elanna couldn’t believe she said ‘Take me! I am yours!’ She had never said it before, but then she had never felt this way before either.

Suddenly, Seven filled B’Elanna with two fingers, continuing to manipulate the clit with her thumb, but more firmly now. The B’Elanna felt another finger, and another shortly after that, and the blonde was playing and massaging the inside of her womb expertly. She found that spot that only B’Elanna had ever found herself before and began to concentrate on it, while setting a point and counterpoint dance of gentle then hard over her clit. B’Elanna felt the pressure building up in her, an orgasm coming the seemed frightening in its intensity. The blonde leaned back down and kissed her gently, lovingly. Then Seven moved next to B’Elanna’s ear and growled out lowly, “jIH parmaq SoH B’Elanna. jIH 'oH.” Klingon in a formal declaration mode, saying ‘I love you B’Elanna. I am yours.’ Seven drew her left arm around B’Elanna’s upper back, and held her close, kissing her cheek and pushing her over the edge.

B’Elanna’s universe contracted down to those seven words and the pleasure of the unbelievable release that accompanied them. A shower of light exploded behind her eyes as she howled and held on tightly to the strong woman who had brought her here. Time and space seemed to leave her and suddenly she felt no more.

B’Elanna floated up from the darkness, and realized she had been cradled in Seven’s arms asleep. She reached up and touched the beautiful face.

“Annika,” she said softly, the swallowed against a dry mouth.

Seven kissed the palm of the hand. “bangwI. You passed out. I thought you could use the sleep. You have been working too hard lately,” she said with genuine concern in her voice.

“Annika,” she began, “Why did you never tell me?”

“I could not challenge your marriage with honor. I was prepared to love you from afar for the rest of my life,” Seven answered with a sad look in her eyes.

B’Elanna smiled softly. “Annika, I’m so glad you waited for me.”

They sat there basking in the glow of each other’s love for a while. Finally, B’Elanna smirked. “Does this mean I’m free to touch you now?”

Seven smiled. “Anything you want B’Elanna. I am yours.”


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