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Italics denotes conversation over a com-link.

Conversations in a Jefferies Tube
Conversation 7

"Did you know there's a marriage ceremony coming up?"

"You don't say! They've decided to tie the knot?"

"They sure have. Now, there is a betting pool going on what they'll wear at the ceremony. Would you like to bet on it?"

"Tell me more."

"Well, most of us believe that the Chief will wear her dress uniform while others go for full Klingon battle armor. Seven, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky. Some believe she'll go for a traditional white dress while others swear she'll wear something blue. A third faction has her in red. It's basically split three ways."

"Who's collecting?"

"The usual one. Now, how about the latest gossip?"


"Rumor has it Tom Paris called Jennifer Megan during an intimate moment."

"Ouch! I'm sure she didn't like that!"

"She didn't. Let's just say Sickbay got a late visitor..."

The End

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