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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just a little ficlet to advertise the International Day of Femslash.
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Joining In
By ralst


"Captain? I do not understand your command," stated Seven.

"It's not a command, Seven, it's a suggestion." The captain smiled indulgently at her protégé, the expression only further confusing the blonde.

"To participate in this..." she cocked a brow "International Day of Femslash?" Her brow descended and she scowled at the older woman. "This is illogical and ill advised. According to my research, Earth dissolved all national boundaries after the Third World War and therefore the term 'International' is obsolete."

"It's a paradox."

"It certainly is."

"I mean," explained the captain, "that it is a time paradox."


Janeway bristled at the tone but she managed to answer without grinding her teeth into dust. "Happenings in the world of femslash, circa 2008, have been bleeding through time and space and infecting countless civilisations for decades." She smirked wistfully at Seven. "I remember a time when three femslash writers had me dancing the tango and being serenaded by the Borg Queen. It was..."

"Borg do not serenade." Seven looked scandalised.

"They do during the International Day of Femslash." Janeway became misty eyed as she remembered the other adventures she had experienced through the wonders of femslash incursion. "Did you know that tribbles make wonderful Valentine's gifts?"

"Are you malfunctioning?"

Janeway blinked away the memories of naked Terekian slave girls and once again focused on her confused crew member. "It's a celebration, Seven, a joyous occasion to be savoured more with each passing year." The blonde looked ready to call the doctor and ask him to bring restraints. "It is a chance for you to be locked in a turbolift for hours with a certain chief engineer and have her ravish you senseless."

Seven's optical implant fairly skyrocketed into her hairline. "Why did you not say so sooner. Where do I sign up?"

The End

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