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A Journey
By Elizabeth Carter

Part Eighteen

Commander Chakotay felt usurped and undermined by his concerns over Seven's new development and the Captain's continuous deliberate blindness when it came to the drone. He was positive that now that she had such a powerful ship at her disposal that the arrant Borg would go AWOL. It wouldn't be such a problem if it was only the drone but she had B'Elanna with her and Miral as well. Kellian was an impressive ship and if Seven took over the Borg they truly would be unstoppable.

Granted it was B'Elanna's brilliance that lead to the development of the virus the Borg were now plagued with but it would not last, and they would be back in force and in greater numbers to make up for the lost drones. Chakotay couldn't shake the feeling that Seven would be in a very powerful position with the rogue Borg if she chose to, and what person wouldn't given the chance? With that kind of power Seven would be a great danger to the Alpha Quadrant and she would have to be stopped.

Janeway refused to see just how dangerous the Scorpion was, but Chakotay could still be effective. He would contact Starfleet relay to them findings and present the facts as he knew them and his concerns. The wooden commander would recommend cautious and prudent actions concerning Seven and Kellian. He knew that Starfleet had wanted to get their hands on the severed drones to harvest INTEL on the Borg. Section 31 had a special interest in them and would authorize the former Captain of the Maquis to use what ever means were necessary to secure the drones and the living ship. If it worked on Paris the stasis field and synaptic holoprograms would work on Seven and her little spawn. To be safe he might have to go the extra lengths and subdue his long time friend Torres.

Sitting in his tiny office the First Officer of USS Voyager started his report to deliver to Stargate Command. Icheb was gullible and knowing the kid was on shift in Astrometrics lab Chakotay would order the want-to-be cadet to send the communique to Earth with little question. The boy wouldn't dare upset a commanding officer considering the kid wanted so badly become apart of Starfleet. Chakotay assumed Janeway was only humoring the ex-drone because there was no way in hell, the cyborg would ever be allowed to become a part of Starfleet.

Chakotay paled as he thought about Kellian's jellyfish torpedoes and the devastation they would wreak upon the quadrants and right now the one controlling those weapons was mechanized woman who thought she was a maquis because she was fucking one. Chakotay didn't believe in the wedding vows his hybrid Klingon friend had taken with Seven.

B'Elanna looked at her wife her love for the blonde reflecting in her dark eyes with the intensity of a super nova. She was thrilled for so many reasons over what had happened, what Seven had accomplished with Kellian.

Kellian's slip-stream drive which was of course faster than warpdrive had been able to create a quantum window in hyper-space and jump several light years. In fact it was fifteen light years that the vessel had traveled. Add to that the ability to open a transwarp conduit and Torres was in absolute engineers' heaven. Of course her mind wanted to know how it worked, however she simply couldn't take the engines apart and examine them as they were a part of the organs of a living ship.

In a way B'Elanna almost envied her wife in that Annika could directly tap into the ships systems and know all there was to know about them, how they worked and understand it all. It was a link B'Elanna would never possess but of course Annika would never withhold any information but still even that could not compare to first hand knowledge. The more B'Elanna thought about the more the idea of partial assimilation sounded intriguing. If only to have the tubulers to connect to a ship on a molecular level for a moment. But as daydreams went, this too was but a fleeting thought. B'Elanna had a hard enough time fitting in as a hybrid Klingon she truly didn't need the added alienation of being part something else.

Running her hands over the bulkheads B'Elanna knew instinctually that Kellian was working well above acceptable parameters. The vibrations in the deck plating told her that the ship had recovered reserves from its transwarp jump. She smiled realizing she had as much tactile connection to the ship as her wife.

A Search and Gather mission could be dull but it could be thrilling to explore a few worlds and meet new inhabitants hoping they didn't want to use, destroy or take advantage of lost aliens. Seven had commanded Kellian to scan for M - class planets preferably uninhabited and to chart the habited for First Contact.

Miral occupied her time giving history lessons to her new grand-daughter and to Naomi whom she treat as another grand-daughter as long as she was the god-daughter to her own daughters. And while Mizoti had an eidetic memory thanks to the Borg and thus was fluent in Klingonese, Naomi was not and so the history lessen also became a language lesson. B'Elanna herself had to strain to recall the mother-tongue ever since she had been with Seven they had disabled their com badges from translating the Klingon language. It had proved however a useful learning tool for B'Elanna was becoming more and more apt at her native tongue, she could not speak it as nearly as well as her mother and her wife and children, but she was becoming more proficient.

B'Elanna had been unaware of how long she had been staring at her wife or that she was somehow purring low in her throat. She was all too aware of her mate's scent. That was until she found her self so swiftly thrown against a bulk head she let out a small un-Klingon like yelp. Seven burred her mouth under her wife's pageboy mane made and her teeth racked against the soft flesh of her throat. B'Elanna had no idea Seven could move so swiftly and so deftly that even Kah'less himself would have been hard pressed to follow the former drone's movements.

"Mine." Seven growled, her nostrils flaring taking in her wife's sweet musk. Though they had exchanged bites before, Seven had decided to reaffirm her claim on her mate and bit the soft flesh of B'Elanna's cheek.

B'Elanna half whimpered half growled. "Yours." she admitted easily. She was about to bite her own wife's cheek when she heard a soft chuckle behind her. Turning slightly she wanted to see who she had to kill as they were distracting her from reclaiming her wife.

"So this is how you reclaimed your heritage." Miral smiled. "Interesting technique Stick-girl."

B'Elanna's blood was heated from want and need of her wife, her nostrils flared and she saw for a moment only a challenger. A growl deep in her throat erupted . "yIntagh toDSaH petaQ."

Miral only smiled at the curse her daughter slung at her, she had taught her child how to curse well. It was only Seven's enhanced strength that kept the blood-fevered Klingon in check And she could see that her daughter was sinking deep in the red-haze of lust, again something she approved of as B'Elanna was becoming more and more Klingon.

"Ben'el," Seven purred. "Your SoS is not Challenging you."

The compact woman shuddered still viewing the other female as a challenger for the tall blonde at her side. When so deep in rut it was difficult for a Klingon to shake their passions away from anything but what their blood was locked onto in this case B'Elanna had locked on to Seven's scent.

"BangwI!" Seven growled now gaining her wife's undivided attention.

To Miral this was a joyous occasion for only those only to find the purest, honorable and truest of love ever had such a connection. It was said that Kah'less and his beloved mate Lakara had such a connection. Whenever Lakara or Kah'less himself had become libidinous around each other it was a dangerous affaire for any outsider to interrupt as the bond was so deep that once in its grip it took a great deal of effort and personal control to shake the more primal reactions. This was far beyond simple lust for a mate this was the rut of souls it could almost be connected to the Vulcan Pon-farr.. Of course given B'Elanna's past experiences with the Pon-farr this was not far from the truth.

The hybrid Klingon only settled once she felt Seven's arms wrapped around her the scent of her wife filled her senses and the wave of red-haze passed thus B'Elanna was able to come back to herself. Seven continued to stroke the small of her lover's back further calming the vicious competitiveness in the younger Klingon. By such a touch Seven was telling her mate that no other could possibly interest her. Seven herself could not hypothesize why it was this primal part of B'Elanna had awoken after so long dormant unless it was she recognized a possible rival in a strong Klingon female regardless of the fact said female was her own mother. B'Elanna closed her eyes and once she opened them she was more coherent than before.

Miral smiled and once more she thought Stick -girl to be a good mate for her Lanna. This thin human had given her daughter back the passion of her Klingon blood, so much so that B'Elanna's hearts were heated with the blood fever. "I thought you were with the kids." B'Elanna tried to make herself presentable.

"I was. They're not suckling tots Lanna, they don't need a sitter. If I recall correctly those little grishnar kittens tried to steal this ship to rescue their mothers."

That brought a smirk to the engineer's face. She had to admit her newly adopted daughter was a girl after her own heart. "My girl is good what can I say."

"Your girl?" up went the ocular implant.

"Okay our girl. A Maquis in the making." there was no hiding the pride in the woman's voice.

"And yet your son is trying to be Starfleet."

"It is what he knows." Seven came to Icheb's defense. "If he knew of the Defense Force and was familiar with it his opinion might very. He wishes to become an astrophysicist. And I approve of this desire. 'My Son' is a young man of his own mind and I support his scientific endeavors." the former drone was almost growling at the thought she had to defend her son's choice to become a member of Starfleet. "Captain Janeway is an exemplary role-model you would do well SoS not to disparage her."

Miral threw back her head and barked out a laugh. "Defending your captain, a mark of honor." clearly the Klingon captain approved. "And a boy is fortunate to have such mothers." High praise indeed coming from a Klingon warrior. Indeed to B'Elanna this was one of the greatest complements she had ever heard uttered from her mother. She had honored her mother in becoming one that Miral had approved of, she wasn't a disappointment.

Icheb looked up at the commander as the large bear of a man entered the Astrometrics Lab. The man's typical wooden voice held little patience when he addressed the young cadet. "I need to send this to Starfleet via the Pathfinder array. He all but pushed Icheb aside.

"Commander this is highly irregular. Command briefings to Starfleet do not go out until thirty- two hours from now." Icheb said his hands firmly clasped behind his back in a formal military at ease stance.

"This is a priority."

The boy tried in vain to get a look at what the commander held in his hand but the former Maquis Captain kept the PADD from prying eyes. "All priority messages are authorized by the Captain barring that it must have the signature of the Head of Security." The boy recited. He made a move to hit his Comm Badge when Chakotay reached into his pocket and withdrew a hypo. Faster than Icheb could follow the commander struck the boy in the neck.

Had Icheb his Borg enhanced cerebral node he might have been able to stop the first officer, but his actions were slowed to that of the reflex of a Vulcan. Falling to his knees the last thing Icheb saw was the commander opening up the communications array. He had mere seconds before he blacked out entirely.

"Cadet Icheb to Captain Janeway... " the boy whispered. "Priority.....help........."

Amanda's lithe naked form was straddled upon her lover as her hands were exploring the older woman loving the fact she could send her "Katie" to the stars more than once and in rapid succession. With her lips firmly attached to her lover's breast the lanky blonde could have killed the comm-badge that bleeped the single of a priority communique. Janeway was currently logged inactive and only a priority message would be transmitted.

Half moaning in her own lust and groaning in disappointment the Captain pushed her beloved from her long enough to reach for the combadge that was setting upon an end table. " .Icheb.... Captain.....help......." the combadge went dead. All lust drained to dread, Janeway sat up so abruptly that she nearly threw Amanda to the floor. "Icheb! Icheb!"

Amanda's dark eyes glowed in her own fear for the boy. The kid would have never dreamed of disrupting his beloved captain unless something was terribly wrong. Having grown up in the New Hope Colony the former street urchin knew fear and pain when she heard it. The boy had been attacked. The 2IC of security was nearly dressed as she slapped her own combadge "Computer location of Icheb Hansen."

"Cadet Hansen is in Astrometrics."

"Janeway to Tuvok."

"Tuvok here."

"Something happened to Icheb I need you down there now, Secure whoever is in there."

"Aye Captain." the stoic Vulcan responded.

"I am on it Kath." Amanda said now fully dressed. "I need authorization for phaser fire."

Of course since Voyager wasn't under yellow or red alert phaser fires was strictly prohibited ( barring the holodeck simulations) Rothery could no more fire a phaser without sounding off a klaxon than any other member of security unless the order came from the captain or chief of security.

Janeway nodded. "Computer Authorization Phaser use : alpha omega theta Janeway."

"Authorization of phaser use in progress of the Captain and security personal only." The synthesized computer voice answered.

Janeway watched as her lanky lover unlocked the locker containing three phasers, Amanda took one for herself and tossed a second to her. By the time Janeway was now out of bed and dressing Rothery was out of the quarters and sprinting down the corridors presumably for Astrometrics.

The Captain was now dressed hit her combadge once more. "Janeway to EMH, possible medical emergency in Astrometrics. Its Icheb."

"Understood Captain." the holographic doctor answered. He would waist no time asking the nature of the medical emergency if Janeway hadn't given him details, than it was logical to assume she didn't know.

Kathryn Janeway almost prayed for whoever it was that had dared attack the boy was smart enough not to do any lasting damage. They would not only have to deal with Janeway herself but two seriously pissed off mothers and a full Klingon grandmother should the lad be in any serious danger.

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