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A Journey
By Elizabeth Carter

Part Five

"Seven of Mine....Annika Toress, just don't."

"Don't? Clarify."

"Clarify? Oh, I'll clarify for you. Here's the story. It's the same fucking story every time. Queeny makes a Borg vessel met Voyager, she assaults the shit out of my ship, then she sends an ultimatum to Voyager and her crew or to you, to you or Voyager.

"You take the choice out of everyone's hands by giving yourself up …. She tries to twist you around, show you things, then hurts you. And, baby, I'm mot talking the physical here, I'm talking the deep down emotional stuff. The meaning of life stuff, and she will use your individuality against you however she can.

"I will not lose my wife. You got that, Seven of Mine. You will comply, Annika Toress. You won't give yourself up to that fucking chrome dome bitch!" B'Elanna grabbed hold of Seven's uniform tunic. "Even if we weren't lovers, even if we were still bickering, I wouldn't want you go give yourself up to her. DO you understand?" B'Elanna finally stopped for a breath.

Seven smiled. It was more than she could ever hope to make B'Elanna understand, how much it meant to hear that, lovers or not, this wonderful beauty would not want Seven to be sacrificed.

"I understand. And because of that I must go."

"No, no!" B'Elanna roared. "How can you even consider it?"

"Because I have no choice," Seven said simply.

"No choice? The hell you say! You're my wife and I am telling you, *NO*!"

"And as your wife, I am telling you I am going. This isn't up for debate B'Elanna. I love you. Do you truly think that I would allow danger to come to you when I can prevent it? Be'nal she has given me no choice, I must comply. You are my wife, my mate. It is my right, Bella, to protect you, any way that I can." Blue eyes sparkled with tears of pain, love and desperation. "We discussed this. It has been decided what will happen. Why do you discuss it further?"

B'Elanna turned away from her wife. She had to leave, because right now there was no way she could look at the face she loved while in the pure rage she was feeling. She had to get out lest she do or say something she would regret for the rest of her life.

"I need to cool down," the Klingon said as she stormed from the quarters, leaving the tall blonde ex-drone alone.

Without knowing how or why, B'Elanna ended up in front of Chakotay's quarters. She hit the comm panel and waited for the chime to be answered. It was only moments before her long time friend gave her permission to enter.

"B'Elanna, I am surprised to see you." Chakotay put down the PADD he was reading. "I thought you would be with Seven….."

"I was." B'Elanna made herself at home sitting on the black sofa. " She's infuriating."

"This is familiar. But I didn't think to hear those words out of your mouth anymore, considering your new relationship…."

"Being married." There was a smile on her face that Chakotay had never seen before. "It's all so new and yet …It's like I waited for her forever. Now..."

"B'Elanna, I am sorry. I wish I could be more supportive of this new development you have with our ex-drone…"

"Don't call her that. She hates that word and you know it." B'Elanna wrinkled her nose in distaste. "It's bigoted and disparaging."

"Seven is an ex-drone. How is that bigoted?"

"Would you call me a turtlehead?"

"Of course not."

"Should I think of your ancestors as booze swigging lay abouts?"

"B'Elanna, that is a stereotype…" The bear of a man blinked. "Oh. Right, okay. I follow. So no more drone. But it isn't exactly the same."

"Isn't it?" B'Elanna shook her head "I didn't come here to discuss bigotry. Chakotay….I…I just…Annika is so determined to return to the Queen." B'Elanna was heartbroken and angry almost to the point where her Klingon side took control. She rose from the sofa and started pacing the room.

The First office watched this for a moment and spoke only when his fiery friend came to the table filled with relics of his ancestral homeland. She started fidgeting with the clay jars and stone fetishes.

"B'Elanna, yes, I am surprised that this relationship happened as quickly as it has. Only two months ago she had you by your throat, hoisted up into the air."

B'Elanna recalled that day vividly. It was the day she truly realized not only the strength Seven had, but also her control over that strength. Should her lover ever lose her control over her anger it would be a terrifying prospect. But even then, even when Seven held her as she had, B'Elanna had no fear. She was embarrassed that Seven had grabbed her so easily, but there was no evidence of fear. Even then B'Elanna knew that Seven would never step across that line.

How did she know?

That was a question that could not be answered to the satisfaction of anyone but B'Elanna, for she alone trusted that Seven would never truly harm her.

In fact, B'Elanna had evidence to the contrary:

'I must admit, B'Elanna, I had intentionally antagonized you.'


'When I did, I had your undivided attention. Your love I could not have, but I could have your attention…I wanted so deeply to be with you that even anger was better than nothing.'

'Oh, BangwI…Annika…That wasn't healthy for either of us.'

I know. But at the time it was enough…. I would take your anger just to have a part of the passion that is within you directed toward me. Forgive me.'

"Maybe Seven loves the Queen," he offered, returning B'Elanna's mind to their conversation.

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard," B'Elanna said, whirling around and facing the man leaning forward, watching her with dark eyes.

"Think, B'Elanna. Twice she's gone to the Queen. She always said that one day she would return to Borg Royal Protocol. It never crossed your mind that this is what Seven wanted all along? Give the appearance of being a hero to the entire crew rather than a traitor, then she gives herself up, takes out the old queen to become the new one. Or she takes her position as the Prime and as the Queen's mate. It's never crossed your mind that Seven wants this? That Seven is in love with the Queen?"

"You're way out of line, Chuckles," B'Elanna roared, her fists slamming down and upsetting the table of artifacts. "Annika loves me."

"Yes, but Seven is Borg. Only Annika is human," Chakotay pointed out. "And Borg will always be Borg. A scorpion can not act outside of its nature nor can a Borg, B'Elanna."

"Seven of Nine is my wife! Annika Toress is my wife and they are the same person. She is mine! I am hers and I will not have you belittling her sacrifice."

"I only want to point out it might not be as big a sacrifice as you think it is, B'Elanna. I've known you for a long time and you were right in mistrusting Seven in the beginning. Looking at the facts, as they are, I would say she's been playing the double agent all-long."

"I am not going to stand here and listen to this shit, Chakotay, not from you. Dishonor my wife once more and you'll see just want a pissed off Klingon is capable of." She stepped forward, fists clutched at her sides, the knuckles white from clinching them so tightly.

"Are you threatening me, lieutenant?" The man's voice became a low timber.

"I am Maquis, Chakotay, not Starfleet, and as I see it the one that has been corrupted here isn't my wife. It's you. You're as bad as Admiral Necheyev. She wants fucking genocide for the Borg. She will never see Seven as human and she will never see Seven as Annika. She only sees a Borg drone and so do you. Of course, that's only if you get over looking at my wife's breasts…."

"B'Elanna, now it is you that is out of line…"

"I don't think so. Back off, Chakotay. You're my friend but I that doesn't mean I have to suffer insults and dishonor to my wife. She means everything to me, and I mean everything."

"Then take the time you have right now to be with her. We will figure something out, B'Elanna."

"You changed your tune suddenly." His apparent change of heart took the edge off her attitude.

"As you said, she is also Annika Hansen…er…Toress, and that part of her is human. As a human and as your wife she can not act outside of her nature. And it seems she desires to protect you. If she was mine, I would take this time to be with her, not argue with an old friend."

Seven sat in the dark; her enhanced vision reminding her just how alien she was to humanity. It was so easy to be closed off from emotion, to not have to be human. To be but a rumor was a simple existence, but now she was more real than she had been in the short twenty-five years she had been alive. It was very painful to be alive. To really live.

As a drone she merely survived, she only existed, Seven wasn't really alive. The one time before arriving on Voyager that she had been truly alive had been so terrifying that she had forced the surviving members of her Unimatrix to form a new collective. Of course, it had backfired, but at that time she had had the fear of a six-year-old girl.

Now she was twenty years older and that severe fear was back. Not because she was severed from the hive mind, but because in a short span of time she would be severed from her new collective, her family, her wife and children. And that terrified her. Seven knew what the Queen would do to her. The Queen would rape her mind in an effort to tear out all the happiness Annika Toress had and she would once more become the Prime, the favored above all drones amongst billions.

Seven of Nine, formerly of Tertiary Adjutant Unimatrix Zero One, was petrified. But rather dread fill her than to lose those she loved. To allow them to be assimilated was not acceptable.

When B'Elanna entered the dark quarters, Seven was upon her immediately. The young blonde was desperate to convey her feelings. Seven took her beloved into her arms, holding her tightly. "I can never allow pain to touch you, BangwI." The blonde was desperate to make her wife understand why she was about to go to the Queen.

"You going to her is pain, Annika," B'Elanna choked on her own tears. Her arms circled around the thin waist, her face pressed against the softness of Seven's chest, her tears staining the black tunic the younger woman was wearing.

"You don't want to know assimilation, not like that, not ever." Seven's voice wavered.

"Annika, do you forget I was assimilated when we saved the drones that had been in Unimatrix Zero?" B'Elanna pointed out.

"Not totally, B'Elanna. You still knew you were you. I could never allow you to lose that. You don't want a numeral designation, you don't want to be controlled like that. The spirit, the heart I love…would die. B'Elanna, you are half human, but you are also half Klingon and the Klingon would perish in captivity. I can't allow that. I love you too much."

"Annika, " B'Elanna stared at her wife as she held her close. "Please…" The shorter woman's words were cut off by soft lips taking hers.

"My wife, beloved, I have no choice. That 'bitch' threatened the woman I love. She threatened my daughter. Do not make my last hours here argumentative. For the moment, we have no choice but to comply. I love you. I want to feel your love, taste your love." Seven gazed deeply into the dark chocolate orbs of her beloved wife. "Make love to me, BangwI…my beautiful goddess. Let me know love's touch, your touch."

All arguments died inside of B'Elanna's heart. This last night together would be the first time they would make love. "I love you, Annika Toress," the Klingon said taking her wife's lips. "Always…remember that. Don't you let her take that away from you. Always feel, always know I love you, Be'nal."

"Always," said with the softness of voice that belonged to the woman Annika. "She will never take that from me, my love. Never. QaQan, Be'nal."

"If you are protecting me, who is protecting you?" B'Elanna countered.

"You, of course," Seven smiled.

The blonde's expression was absolutely breathtaking; B'Elanna doubted there was a more beautiful sight than the smile of her wife.

"Nic, humor me for a moment," requested the amorous engineer.

Up went the silver implant above the left eye, causing the young Klingon to chuckle. "You know I always thought it was kinda cute when you did that eyebrow thingy. Just like I think your left hand is very sexy. I don't know why, but it is."

"You are an engineer and the perfect blend of any machine and flesh fascinates you." Seven said seriously even though the twinkling in her eyes gave away her teasing mirth. "So of course you would fine it appealing."

"You're a goof you know that?" B'Elanna kissed Seven quickly. "But look, you're distracting me. I…want to make this special but there is something I want to do first. I just…well…"

"Belle, if you think I will find humor in something you desire to do, then your fear is irrelevant for I will not laugh at you. What is it?"

"I…well look, I am just gonna do it."

B'Elanna wasn't religious but she recalled the prayers she was made to memorize in the Monastery. Kneeling before dozens of candles she lit for another reason, to woo her lover, B'Elanna lit several sticks of incense and out of respect to Kah'less she dribbled a few droplets of bloodwine into the candles and into the smoke of the burning incense.

Under a hushed voice she whispered, "Lo do I see my mother. Lo do I see my father. Lo do I see my sisters and my brothers. Lo do I see the line of my people back to the beginning. And they do call to me. They bid me to take my place among them in the Halls of Stov-o-kor where the brave, the honorable do live forever."

She moved to Seven and painted the symbol for eternity upon the scientist's brow using her left index finger and the bloodwine.

"I don't have to howl for you, BangwI, because I know you will return to me, but I guess I feel better…"


"Yeah. Silly isn't it?"

"No. I am honored you would do so, Be'nal."

B'Elanna smiled widely and allowed herself to be totally immersed in her wife's arms as well as her love. "Have a drink with me."


"Hush! I know you can't handle any sort of alcohol. So tell you what, I'll take a drink and you kiss me. Kinda our own unique wedding toast, with a twist."

Seven said. "I enjoy kissing you." The blonde took B'Elanna's mouth before the dark haired woman had a chance to take a healthy drought of bloodwine. "However, after experiencing my first hangover, I do not enjoy synthehol."

"You know you are probably the only one who says 'never again' and will stick to it," B'Elanna chuckled. "I said that a few times and what happens months latter? I get seven sheets to the wind, get a hangover only to vow in the morning never again."

"Perhaps a lesser number of sheets and you would not find yourself in such a predicament."

"Lesser number…." B'Elanna chuckled. "Well, I like 'seven'."

"That is fortuitous," the taller woman smirked. She looked almost studiously at B'Elanna. With her left hand she traced the lines of the ridges upon her forehead. "So beautiful." She uttered softly and more serious than her former comment. "Would you find offense if I told you that I have always found your very apparent Klingon heritage, your ridges ….'sexy'?"

"What?" B'Elanna almost snorted.

"Bella, I do not mean to disparage…"

As a child B'Elanna had for so long tried to hide her heritage with hats, scarves, anything to cover up the ridges. Now here the most gorgeous woman in existence had told her she was sexy. That the part she strove to hide was 'sexy'. Her entire being glowed in this endearing testament that came from Seven.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong. I …you took me by surprise."

"I do not understand how you are surprised by the truth."

B'Elanna led Seven over to the bed and sat her down before straddling her long legs.

"You're adorable when you're flustered." B'Elanna kissed the long neck, trailing small kisses up to the starburst implant. Her tongue snaked out and traced the unique metallic lines, enjoying the distinctive quality of her lover's flesh. She smiled when the soft hiss of pleasure escaped the blonde's lips. "And thank you. You actually make me feel really beautiful."

Seven was about to ask how this was so, but B'Elanna silenced the words before they were spoken, as she took Seven's full lips with her own. "Just trust me on this." Taking a sip from the tankard before she became too distracted, B'Elanna shared the blood wine with her wife through the kiss.

"So you think my ridges are sexy?"

"Yes," Seven commented. "I also think the rich coloring of your skin is alluring, the darkness of your eyes and the richness of your hair adds to this beauty. Every aesthetic quality about you, BangwI, is complemented by another. Yet it pales in comparison to the beauty that is your heart. And the power of your mind is immense. Though impetuous, you are the most efficient engineer I have ever encountered. Of all the beings I have encountered as a drone, I have never crossed paths with one so unique as you, Be'nal." Seven touched each ridge. "I love you, B'Elanna."

The Klingon had her rich chocolate eyes closed for she had lost herself in the indulgence of her wife's s touch. B'Elanna's voice almost cracking under the intensity of emotion running through her. "I love you too, Annika. Let me show you what is to be loved." Setting the drink aside, B'Elanna started to gingerly trace the lines of Seven's face. Her eyes, her nose, the full lips, the dimple in the chin, the distinct lines of high cheekbones, and her distinctive jaw line.

"Annika, this is very important, okay? Any time you want to stop you say it, okay? Even if a part of you doesn't want to and you feel afraid, say stop, and we'll go a little slower and ease back."

"I will comply."

"Good." B'Elanna kissed the bridge of Seven's nose, leading her to the bed. "This is kinda a really big thing, your first time making love and all."

"I trust you, Be'nal. I want to know your touch, feel it, taste it ...I want to experience all of it." Seven followed her instincts and touched B'Elanna face, her neck, arms, and tentatively moved to her waist. "As you have requested, I have not privately studied intimate relations."

"Good." B'Elanna said. "The reason why is because I didn't want this to be clinical, you know what I mean. I want this to be pure intensity, not following the parameters like…."

"As I did with the date I had with Lieutenant Chapman," Seven offered.

"Yeah," B'Elanna said. The one thing she didn't want was for Seven to think she had to follow an itinerary of making love. Fore play for 2.5 minutes followed by missionary position sex followed by whatever…. "Nic, making love isn't done by the book, it's all about heart, and making sure the one you love is enjoying herself and, well…. its about knowing you feel good, too. Making love is the deepest part of being with the person you're in love with."

"I understand, Belle." Seven purred as her hands become bolder and moved to the fullness of B'Elanna's breasts, yet she was hesitant to make full contact until B'Elanna took a hold of the meshed hand and held it to herself.

B'Elanna felt her nipples hardening under the gentle touch of her wife; her eyes closed as her whole being enjoyed the sensation taking her over. She nuzzled the hollow of Seven's throat while she ran her fingers through the blonde tresses. Her mouth was wet and hot upon Seven's skin.

Seven opened her eyes, their fire burning into B'Elanna. Her breath caught as she felt her wife's hand slip under her tunic, to move against the weight of her own breasts. Seven's blue orbs watched as B'Elanna pulled her tunic completely off of her and flung it across the room. Carmel hands worked against her smooth, hard sides. B'Elanna looked down at Seven's belly, now fully exposed. The dark eyes dilated at the sheer beauty of Seven's body.

Tantalizingly, B'Elanna traced the lines of the abdominal implants. Like Seven's hand, it was a perfect blend of metal and flesh. She smirked as she lowered her lips to kiss the muscular belly. Seven hissed as her body became more and more sensitive to B'Elanna's touches. She leaned in as B'Elanna returned to kiss her mouth. She sucked upon B'Elanna's lower lips, feeling her warm hands sliding closer to her sensitive nipples. Wanting to feel her mouth there, wanting to feel the heat inside her. Wanting B'Elanna to feel her also.

Instinctively, Seven shifted, moving her legs apart. She watched as B'Elanna removed Seven's Starfleet trousers. Slowly the cameral hand moved up the long leg, resting upon the inner thigh. B'Elanna sucked upon Seven's neck, smelling traces of jasmine within the soap Seven had used to bathe. She dipped her tongue in and around Seven's ear, nibbling on her earlobe while her fingers slid slowly towards the blonde tufted mound.

Seven felt her body responding. Her hips lifted, as if on their own accord, to meet B'Elanna's fingers. "I need more," Seven said, wanting to feel everything.

B'Elanna paused only to take off her own uniform. The grey tunic found a home with Seven's blouse; the boots thumped as they hit the floor, the pants fell to the side with the discarded boots. Seven would not be still as she watched her wife shed her clothing. Her own lips trailed hot little kisses along the darker skin, her hands worshiping, exploring her wife. The young Klingon, feeling overwhelmed by desire, forced herself to slow things down. It was most surprising to B'Elanna how easy it was to control herself seeing that her greatest desire was to show her wife her passion for her.

B'Elanna's cameral skin glowed in the pale light of the bedroom, the sight drawing a low moan of admiration from Seven. "You are perfection, Be'nal," the tall blonde uttered.

"I think you are a little biased, Nic." B'Elanna kissed the pale forehead

"Borg and ex-Borg do not exaggerate Bella." Seven smiled before her tongue snaked out and tasted the chocolate nipple of B'Elanna round breast.

B'Elanna felt her entire body flare with white heat from what Seven was doing to her. She had yielded control to her wife as Seven took her breast in her mouth, tongue and then teeth, tasting each hardened nipple. The younger woman felt a storm rising within her, threatening to consume her. Instinct told her to ride the waves, for the sensations already flooding her were extraordinary. This was beyond anything she had ever experienced, even having been deliciously kissed and fondled by B'Elanna before. Now she would be allowed to explore the raging storm.

B'Elanna pulled back, gazing at the triangle of downy blonde hair between the tall blonde's muscular legs. She ran her fingers through the short hairs, feeling the moisture that had already accumulated there. She looked up, locking eyes with Seven before sliding her hand between the blonde's legs. B'Elanna placed one hand on Seven's hip, steadying the taller woman against the bed before working the tip of her index finger slowly, teasingly against her lover's moist folds. Seven moaned, her hands instantly moving to hold the back of B'Elanna's head. The smaller woman turned her hand slightly, pressing lightly against the supple pink flesh of her lover's mound, teasing a very delicate line against the swollen rosebud. Seven let a gasp of hot air pass between her parted lips, her heart hammering as B'Elanna continued to explore. Her breathing was ragged and sharp, causing her breasts to rise and fall with each hardy breath. The Klingon smiled as she found a small mole that rested in the valley between Seven's legs and lowered her head to softly kiss it.

B'Elanna pushed Seven back down to the bed, kissing her belly. "I want to taste you," B'Elanna whispered. "I want to make you cum."

"BangwI, is that not the point of making love?" Seven mumbled through her kisses. "Are you not tasting me now?"

B'Elanna moved from kissing Seven's neck. "Not like this. Something entirely different."

"Show me," Seven uttered.

B'Elanna smiled and dipped her tongue into Seven's short blond hairs, finding the sensitive nubbin. She paused to breathe in the warm scent of Seven's sex. She prodded gently at first with a single finger, rubbing against Seven's slit until she parted her legs with a groan. She was using two fingers bunched together when she felt the velvet wetness cover her hand. As her fingers pushed deeper she sucked on Seven's clit, feeling her wife on her lips and chin. She teased the hypersensitive flesh, she slipped her wet fingers across Seven's slit, moving from back to front until she found the hard rosebud of the blonde's clit. B'Elanna moved with extreme exquisite care, gently parting the other woman's folds before continuing onward, wanting the ecstasy to last, and enjoying the succulent torment she was putting her blonde lover in. B'Elanna bent her head down and extended her tongue, finding and massaging Seven's clit by moving her tongue in small circles, suckling intently upon the flowing juices.

Just before Seven was about to explode, B'Elanna pushed her index finger inside and circled around the slit. She pulled her tongue back and applied the gentlest pressure. Barely a touch. Seven tightened up to feel more; she raised her hips and tried forcing B'Elanna's mouth onto her. But the Klingon held her ground, applying feathery touches until Seven started breathing fast and letting out small, completely unselfconscious moans.


Then she came in three waves, each with its own style: the first hard and fast, the second, slower, started in the middle of the first, and the third was less intense but deeper. The third one came from inside. B'Elanna felt Seven open up. The brunette's searching hand was suddenly wet, her fingers slick and her palm glistening in the dim light of their quarters. Seven, overwhelmed by her orgasm, couldn't tolerate more stimulation. She pushed B'Elanna from her, moving up slightly, her body glinting in sweat, her breathing heavy and hard. She pulled her lover onto her sweaty body, wanting to hold her wife close.

Seven felt her entire body throbbing. She desperately wanted to show B'Elanna her love. She wanted to taste her wife as B'Elanna had her.

Now it was her turn to memorize each line, each angle, and each curve, savoring all of it. Her blonde hair matted around her face, her stunning blue eyes gazed and locked intently onto the dark brown orbs of her wife.

Seven worshiped her wife. Her breath tickled B'Elanna's ear as the blonde's low, husky voice whispered, "I need you. Such perfection…so beautiful…my all…my soul…."

As she whispered in B'Elanna's ear, Seven's fingers caressed the silky skin, moving inexorably upward. B'Elanna watched with fascination as Seven explored her body. She could feel Seven's body pressing into hers, Seven's hips putting gentle pressure on her body, pressing the sensitized flesh between her legs with her thigh. She couldn't stop the moan from escaping her lips.

The blonde began to knead the smaller woman's pert breasts with both her hands. Seven slid her hands to B'Elanna's back, causing her to whimper at the loss of contact, and as the sound escaped her lips she saw Seven's smile. It was B'Elanna's turn to smile when those talented hands returned to their pleasurable massage of her breasts.

The throbbing between the Klingon's legs was increasing. She was crazy with need, and her hearts hammered when Seven spoke again in her ear. She pressed down onto Seven's thigh, and the ex-Borg instinctively knew what her soul-mate desired.

"Let me show you what beauty truly is, Bella."

The Klingon could only swallow in response.

Seven's left hand moved up to cup B'Elanna's right breast, while her right hand moved down to tease its way through the tangle of dark curls between her legs. On feeling the slick wetness within the blonde gasped.

"So warm and wet for me, Bella." She nuzzled her lips into the curve of the brunette's neck and breathed deeply, while she rubbed her fingers between the swollen, dripping lips of B'Elanna's sex.

"I have dreamed of this for so long, BangwI." At those words the blonde slipped two fingers inside the tight, hot opening that led to B'Elanna's very center, the heel of her palm pressing against B'Elanna's swollen clit, while she pressed the brunette firmly against her body. Seven began moving her hand slowly in and out of B'Elanna's body, her hips pressing a firm counterpoint to the motion of her hand. Her left hand was massaging the Klingon's breast, rolling her taut nipples between eager fingers.

"I wish to taste you…."

"Seven, you don't have too, just because you think it's what I want…."

"What if I desire to do so? Would you allow me?"

B'Elanna felt the pressure inside of her increasing exponentially. Seven whispered hoarsely in her ear, "Do you know how much I love you? Let me taste you."

The Blonde slowly placed soft butterfly kisses all along the sensitive lips of B'Elanna's center, slowly teasing her by running her tongue up and down, but not quite reaching in to taste of her lover. She slid first one finger, then two into her lover's depths. This brought deep moans and sighs from her lover... Then, as she began to plunge her fingers in and pull them out... twisting and turning all the while, B'Elanna began to quake... Seven, sensing that her wife was so very close, captured her lover's clit in her mouth and began to run her tongue in wild patterns over the sensitive rosebud, teasing, tasting, nipping and sucking…as her fingers continued to stroke in and out.

Seven gripped the smaller woman's hips, holding her tight as the brunette neared orgasm intensifying her administrations. Seven rose up moving quickly up B'Elanna's torso capturing one erect pink nipple in her mouth and suckling on it like a hungry infant, keeping her hand pressed tightly against B'Elanna's heated core. The Klingon threw her head back and began moaning loudly. Seven released the brunette's breast, her lips savagely taking B'Elanna's mouth with a near brutal kiss, arching into the smaller woman's passion throws of near release.

"Ann-i-ka…" a purr, a growl, a plea. "God….yes…please… god…." Her hot breath raised goosebumps upon Seven's flesh. Seven soon had B'Elanna dancing for her...again as she felt the orgasm work its way through the small engineer's beautiful little body... and as she felt B'Elanna floating back to her, Seven pulled her into her arms and held her tightly.

They had lost count as to how many times they carried each other over the precipice of climax. Tonight was a lifetime of making love. Bodies exhausted, spirits sated, hearts soaring, the lovers lay entwined upon the bed that had lost all of its blankets, the sheets laying someway rumbled upon the floor.

Even while snuggling, Seven was protective. She was loath to see her wife chilled. A questing hand found a sheet and pulled it over their sweaty bodies.



"I am sorry."

B'Elanna rose upon an elbow and frowned. The last thing she wanted was for her wife to regret the love they shared. Dread filled dark brown eyes as she dared to ask a question.

"What for?"

"I would joy holding you, but I feel the need to sate my thirst."

For a moment, B'Elanna just stared. Then she let out a belly laugh that would have shamed Kah'less himself. "Oh, Hon! It's okay…" she was still giggling uncontrollably. "After what we did I am a little thirsty myself."

Relief filled blue eyes, when Seven realized that B'Elanna was not upset with her, though she was still confused as to why she wasn't. "But it is not romantic to cease cuddling to retrieve a glass of water."

"Who said?" B'Elanna was now sitting up, a smile still bright upon her face. The smaller woman rolled off the bed onto her feet, "It can be a very romantic gesture to care for your wife. It's not all truffles, lace and roses and crap like that. Sometimes the simplest thing can be romantic. Like getting your wife a glass of water as she stays in bed, looking all cute." B'Elanna kissed Seven's full lips softly before she padded into the kitchenette to do just that.

A moment latter she returned to find the bed remade and Seven in the middle of it with the sheet tucked around her waist, looking indeed very cute. B'Elanna held a glass of ice water in each hand.

"You are beautiful," Seven purred, watching her naked wife sit upon the bed once more. "Your body is perfectly proportioned. A very stunning image of perfection."

"Ahh, you're just saying that 'cuz your in love." B'Elanna flashed a very large full-toothed grin.

"Of course, that must be it." Seven giggled slightly as she took the offered glass of water. Not thinking, she gulped the cool liquid down so quickly she nearly choked.

B'Elanna soundly clapped her on the back until the coughing fit stopped.

"Honey, you okay?" the Klingon worriedly asked.

"That was not romantic," Seven responded.

B'Elanna snorted as she laughed. "You are a laugh riot, Annika."

"And you said a Borg would not know fun if they assimilated an amusement park." A silver implant rose up.

"Eh, I was wrong." B'Elanna nonchalantly shrugged before downing her own glass of water. Finishing her drink she reached over and took Seven's empty glass and set both tumblers upon the nightstand by her side of the bed. "Better?"

"Much better, thank you." Seven yawned and lay back down upon the newly made nest of blankets. Her arms opened, a clear single for B'Elanna to snuggle back where she belonged.

Before long sleep took them both prisoner.

Seven of Nine lifted her body from the bed, mindful not to jostle her wife from her sound slumber. "qaQan, Be'nal. I must protect you."

Silently the tall blonde picked up a small box that was laying tucked away in a corner by the bed, then moved out of the bedroom, on the way grabbing B'Elanna's robe that had been cast on the chair. Wrapping the garment around her body she realized just how short the thing was, as it scarcely covered her thighs. It would be enough, however, to cover her. Seven moved back to her quarters.

As Seven entered her bedroom she put the box she had carried from her wife's quarters on the bed. She pulled out the storage container that held her Borg-Klingon armor and laid everything out on the bed with precession care. Then the tall blonde decided to take a very quick shower.

Clean from the sonic shower, Seven started to meticulously dress herself in the heavy leather and duranium armor. She decided that she would not place her blonde hair in an aster bun, but rather in a very klingon fashion she would braid it, using the silver clasp B'Elanna had intended on surprising her with. A smile crossed the blonde's face when she thought about her lover seeing her wearing it when she returned home.

The ex-Borg had, of course, added other accessories to her armor: a met'leth that was hidden in the leather gantlet of her right arm. Along her left gauntlet was a stiletto made out of nutronium It would appear with a flex of her wrist at a certain degree angle, in the like of the tubules.

Now fully dressed, and wanting to be as discreet as possible, Seven commanded the computer to make a site-to-site transport. Of course it would be logged on the daily report, but by the time the Captain caught it Seven of Nine would already be aboard the Borg Diamond.

The EMH was busy in his office working. Seeing him, Seven marched into his office and demanded his attention.

"You have the pathogen?"

"Seven…what are you…."

"Answer the question."

The photonic physician turned from his desk and moved to the counter behind him. He handed Seven a vile that was small enough to fit into a hypospray.

"It's a concentrated form of what the Captain ordered me to create when the Borg children were still….well, rouge."

"I understand. Thank you." Seven snatched the vile and tucked it into her gauntlet.


"Computer, deactivate the EMH."

"Now wait just a damn…" The hologram fizzled out.

The tall blonde moved to her daughter's bedside. "No one will hurt you again, Wa'Hom." She bent down and kissed the slight ridged forehead. "I love you." She turned away before her emotions betrayed her. "Computer, site-to-site transport to Cargo Bay Two: authorization Seven Nine Delta two Omega."

Inside the cargo bay Seven gave a dubious glance to the deactivated alcoves. Steeling herself, the tall blonde moved to one of the daises that had not suffered in the devastation of three months ago. Without giving much thought to it, Seven stepped into the alcove and closed her eyes as she felt the alcove respond to her.

*I am here.* Seven sent her message by subspace transmission in the same manner that the Queen had used to two years ago to communicate with Seven, when she had delivered the first ultimatum. *Transport now.*

*I knew you would come, Seven of Nine. Indeed, it is time to come home,* the Queen said.

The next moment Seven of Nine was no longer aboard Voyager.

All Borg ships were relatively the same. Every cube was exactly as any other cube, sphere to sphere and a diamond to a diamond. All Borg drones knew how to navigate any Borg vessel. To the tall blonde it was inefficient to have drones present to escort her to the Queen's Chamber.

However, she tolerated their presence. The one thing the tactical drones did not do was to search Seven for weapons. After all, it would have been irrelevant should she be armed. The Queen was highly adaptive to any firearm. A personal shield that adapts to relative kinetic energy also makes less sophisticated ballistics irrelevant.

With a defiant sense of purpose Seven made her way to the hub of the Borg Diamond. There in the center of the Queen's chamber was the alcove that belonged to the Queen herself. Seven watched as the long snake like hoses descended from the center of the alcove and lowered the shoulders, neck, spinal column and torso of the queen into the awaiting body below. The clamps in the torso gripped the paled skin of the Queen's shoulders, uniting the body into one unit.

The slender lithe form of the Queen moved to Seven's taller frame, the silver eyes glinting in amused approval.

"This is a different you," were the Queen's first words to her errant Prime.

"You were not appreciative of my other garments the last time we interacted," the former drone said smoothly. She was completely undaunted by the Queen's nearness.

"So you appear before me now, in armor?"

"It seemed appropriate." Seven's voice was clipped and monotone.

"It is not entirely Borg."

"I improved it," Seven commented.

"To honor the individual you took as a mate," the Queen said as she ran her hands over the spinal plating

"Yes." Again Seven was cold and monotone.

The Queen snorted. "It seems you have forgotten that you already have a Mate."


"Do you not remember?" The Queen stroked Seven's pale flesh, her lips pressing close to Seven's ear. "When Locutus was first assimilated Our presence was there. I stood beside you then. She-Who-Was-Before us, was there even as we were. She ordered you to assimilate Picard so that he might become part of our Perfection. She wanted an equal and chose Locutus. But the body of She-Who-Was-Before, was destroyed along with the cube. The new consciousness was awakened in the manifestation of my mate. She took Data to her side, wanting an equal despite the presence of her Prime."

"You were that Prime. Even as she was the prime of the Queen who ordered me to assimilate Locutus," Seven said. "She too died at the hands of Locutus and Data. And thus you were made Queen by way of the Royal Protocol."

"Yes. It is elementary. We are the One-Who-Is-Many. I am all past incarnations of the Queen. Their memories are my memories even as mine will be yours after the induction of Royal Protocol. You will see through my eyes as I took Annika Hansen and assimilated her. I took an imperfect, willful, difficult child and turned her into the perfect Prime."

"No," Seven shook her head. "I will never be Queen. I am not your mate. I am not the Prime!"

"You are still difficult, but don't be ignorant. You know quite well that you are the Prime," the Queen hissed belligerently. "My mate, one who is close to perfection, I chose you even as a child for I knew you would be my mate after a fashion of time. You were always my favorite. Have you forgotten my touch so soon?" The Queen captured Seven's face between her hands and kissed her. "You don't remember do you? They've taken that away from you, too. I should destroy Janeway for that alone," the Queen said as her lips were still close to Seven's.

The taller woman remained absolutely still; she didn't say a word, only starred at her former leader.

"Give yourself willingly to me," the Queen whispered, "or I shall annihilate your friends and I will make you watch. As I have said, Voyager is infested with dormant nanoprobes that will become active upon my command. Not even your countermeasures can defeat them. Voyager, her crew, Janeway, your daughter and your wife will perish."

Blue eye's blazed in a fire fueled by rage and hatred.

"While they waited for you and that cur to return, I ordered attack upon attack, one of the last was to cripple their deflector array. It allowed the drone Mizoti, under my control, to infest the ship with nanoprobes. Once I give the order they will grow expediently and take Voyager over. They won't assimilated them." The Queen paused partly for effect and partly because she was enjoying the torment. "They will kill them."

Seven glared. "You have me here. That was the condition of your ultimatum. Comply!"

The Queen kissed unwilling lips.

"Willingly…" hissed the shorter woman, completely ignoring Seven's earlier comment.

Seven closed her eyes, allowing the touch of the Queen, allowing the taste of the kiss to take her. A metallic hand cupped around Seven's neck, forcing the kiss to deepen. Everything in the tall blonde wanted to scream, wanted to force this vileness from her, but the life of her wife, their daughter and son and Voyager hung in the balance.

Satisfied, the Queen pulled back and smiled. "Was that so horrible?"

"A targ kisses better than you do," Seven snapped, her eyes never leaving the pale features of the Queen

Instead of growing angry, the Queen chuckled. "Then it is fortuitous that you are here to instruct me in none-reproductive copulation activities, is it not?"

"Oh, I can't wait," Seven's voice dripped in sarcasm.

"I see you continued to adapt in Janeway's collective. Your sardonic comments have improved since last we were together. I assume this new addition to your dialog is credited to your mongrel wife."

"If I utilized the colloquiums of B'Elanna, there would be no doubt about it. I have learned to curse well. TaHqeq Qu'vatlh t'ooho'm IrahyIntagh Pa'taq."

Though it defied translation, it was the worst insult a Klingon could receive.

Seven smiled, "You are beneath my contempt. You are imperfect, inefficient, small and filled with chaos. You are obsolete. " It was the worst insult a Borg could receive.

Part 6

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