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The Joys of Spandex
By Ann


The lavish dressing room is fully carpeted and has lockers lined on one side with benches in the middle. The restroom facilities are located on the far right and privacy dressing areas on the left. Each individual area contains a mirror and bench with a sliding curtain at the entrance. All of the curtains have been moved to the side indicating an empty area with the exception of the last curtain. It is closed indicating occupancy.

An impatient Kelly Garrett waits outside the dressing area for her partner, Sabrina Duncan. "Come on, Sabrina. We've got to get to Joan Dawson's exercise class on time. Jill has to go out of town so we need to pick up the surveillance. What is taking you so long?"

A flustered voice filters out from behind the curtain. "Kelly, I am having the devil of a time getting this spandex suit on. I think Bosley got the wrong size. There's no way I can pull this up over my underwear and bra. You're going to have to go this one alone. I'll wait outside and take over when she leaves."

Kelly unhappily responds, "Oh no. I'm not going out there by myself in this skin tight suit. You're coming with me. Now, take off your underwear and bra and slide the damn thing on. That's what I had to do."

A silence ensues before Sabrina finally says, "You're kidding, right? Your suit is black. Mine is white, and I'm a brunette. Don't make me have to paint you a picture."

Some rustling is heard in the outer dressing room followed by a triumphant statement. "I've found some black shorts in my bag. Hurry up and put on your spandex suit. You can wear these shorts on top. Lots of people use the layered look."

Sabrina grumbles something non-intelligible as she begins to take off her underwear and bra. In the meantime, the sound of Kelly's phone chimes while Sabrina fights with the spandex.

The one-sided conversation is monitored by Sabrina as she struggles to pull the straps over her shoulder. "Hello? … What? ... Okay, thanks for letting us know."

Kelly reports that Jill spotted the exchange between Joan Dawson and Peter Nelson, and they have both been arrested. Just as Sabrina begins to open the curtain, Kelly adds, "The case is closed so we don't have to go to the class after all. We can get back in our own clothes now."

A flash of white catches Kelly's eye, and she looks over to find Sabrina in the skin tight white spandex suit. Her mouth goes dry as she takes in Sabrina's firm breasts pushing against the material trying to free themselves. When she allows her eyes to move downward, she spots the reason for Sabrina's early concern.

Stepping forward, she pushes Sabrina back into the dressing area and whips the curtain closed. "Bree, you look like you need some help getting out of this outfit, but first, why don't we explore the world of spandex on spandex and see if we can generate a little friction."

The End

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