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Just a Distraction
By ralst


Jill squeezed her eyes tight and tried to erase the image of torn limbs and coagulated blood splatter. She had known the scene was bad, but the sheer amount of gore had taken her by surprise. Even after years of poring over ME's reports, she still found it hard to believe that a human body could contain so much blood.

"Are you okay?" Cindy inserted herself between Jill and the bloody scene, her lack of stature somewhat hampering her intentions, but the sentiment behind the move was readily appreciated. "Do you want to go for a walk?"

"I should..." Jill waved behind her to where Lindsay and Jacobi were examining the scene, the seasoned inspectors seemingly unaffected by the carnage they were forced to witness.

Cindy rubbed Jill's back in a calming gesture before pointing out, "You really can't do anything until Claire's examined the body, and she's stuck in traffic and won't be here for at least another twenty minutes." She began leading Jill away from the crime scene, a shared look of concern between herself and Lindsay assuring the inspector that everything was okay and that she was taking care of their friend.

"I used to think I'd get used to it," Jill mumbled, a tissue clamped firmly against her mouth and nose in an attempt to staunch the worst of the smells. "Denise could walk through a sea of blood and body parts without flinching, but I can't even..."

"Denise is a heartless bitch whose idea of compassion is to wipe the sweat off the electric chair before she straps someone down."

The statement provoked a snort of laughter from Jill. "You still haven't forgiven her for throwing you off the Baker Avenue case, have you?"

"I got scooped by that pimply faced adolescent from the Herald!" Cindy's indignation was only marginally feigned. "Did I tell you that he asked me out? He must be all of twelve!"

Jill's smile became indulgent as she allowed herself to be distracted. "Doesn't that make him perfect for you?"

"I'm not twelve," Cindy growled, her attempt to look menacing provoking another laugh from Jill. "You didn't think I was too young the other night at Claire's," she pouted, the subject of their impromptu kiss given light for the first time since it happened.

Jill couldn't argue that particular point. "Would you like me to have a word with this guy and warn him off?" She smiled. "I can do a very good impression of a jealous and possessive girlfriend when the mood strikes."

"I'm sure you can." Cindy wanted to ask just how good the blonde was at being a real girlfriend, but a bloody crime scene in the middle of downtown wasn't exactly where she'd planned on having that particular conversation. "But I wouldn't want to scar him for life... He is only twelve after all."

Jill's smile grew wistful. "And twelve year old reporters do need protecting."

Cindy suddenly put a stop to their motion, and then turning towards Jill she said, "Then it's a good thing I'm not twelve," before reaching up and very slowly placing a kiss on the stunned blonde's lips.

The End

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