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By trancer


"Would you quit showing off."

Helena could hear the impatience in Barbara's voice. "I'm not showing off."

She was surrounded by twelve, eleven, ten, okay, nine large brutish thugs. They'd seen their compatriots go down in a heap of broken limbs. Changed their tactics, surrounding her, grabbing anything near for a weapon - pipes, boards, chains, and a hubcap. Thugs these days were none too bright, she'd noted. She sneered cockily.

The closet one swung a pipe at her head. She ducked, sending a hard foot to his stomach. As he fell back, another came at her with a thick wooden board. She kicked him in the knee, felt it snap under her boot. Used the momentum and stepped onto his shoulder, used him as a springboard, leapt over the crowd and onto a landing.

"Okay, now that," she beamed, "was showing off."

The thugs clambered up the stairs, chasing after her. She stood at the top of the landing, arms folded across her chest, waiting for them patiently. A foot from the last step, Helena held out her hand.

"Wait," she lifted the back of her jacket. "Do these pants make my ass look big?"

She quickly turned around, face to face with a thug staring wide-eyed, surprised and way too turned on for her tastes. "Hey! I wasn't talking to you."

With that, she sucker punched him across the send. He bounced backwards, atop the rest of the thugs still on the stairs. They tumbled in a giant heap of limbs, legs, makeshift weapons and girlish screams.

"Helena," Barbara groaned.

"What am I going to do with you?" Barbara gazed sideways at the brunette striding playfully through the Clock Tower doors.

She hopped onto the desktop, wiggling her eyebrows mischievously. "Get me naked and take advantage of me and my nubile young flesh."


"Shhh," Helena cut her off with a well-placed finger against Barbara's lips. "Don't speak. It'll only ruin the moment."

"What moment?" Barbara grumbled as she removed Helena's finger from her lips.

"I only feel two things after a night of kicking ass - horny or hungry. And there's, like, this moment where my body decides which one it is," she paused, eyes fluttered closed as she inhaled deeply. Within seconds her eyes snapped open. "Survey says - horny as Hell." She turned her gaze, eyes glassy and unfocused, towards Barbara. "Can we have sex, like, right now? Wait, don't answer that."

Helena hopped off the desk, making a beeline towards the stairs, hurriedly removing her clothes as she did. "Know this, I'm going upstairs to have sex. But, don't wait too long because I'll definitely get started without you."

Barbara gaped at the space previously occupied by Helena. There was a retort on her lips but she couldn't quite get her mouth to work because she still had the visual of a stripping Helena seared across her retinas.

Whatever work that needed to get done would have to wait until tomorrow. There were very few things in Barbara's life that took precedence over fighting crime and being Oracle. Sex with Helena was definitely at the top of the list.

And Helena, she didn't start without her. Barbara wouldn't give her the chance.

The End

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