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Killing Me Softly
By Demeter


"It's disgustingly sappy! All that hearts and doves and love is in the air nonsense. Get over yourself and tell her already!" Sue Sylvester was her usual furious self, and unfortunately this time, Cindy found herself to be the one in the cross lines.

"Um... you have no proof?" she offered hesitantly.

"Like that constant, pathetic eye-sex you've got going?"

Cindy carefully took a step backwards. "I... we do not..."

"Face it, Redhead, you're not even the only lesbian in Glee Club."

With that, the irate teacher stalked off, deliberately running into a student.

Cindy sighed, looking down at herself, the red-and-white uniform she was wearing, and thought that life was unfair. What had she ever done to deserve having both Sue Sylvester and Rachel Berry on her case?

Rachel couldn't care less whether or not Cindy told Lindsay that she was madly in love with her. All she cared about was the solo that Mr. Shue had given to Cindy instead. Rachel had sulked and made a mean comment about Cindy's age.

Cindy was so nervous she nearly stumbled as she walked on the stage, the spotlight following her. What was she doing here, much less wearing that uniform? She was relieved to see Lindsay sitting in the first row of the auditorium. At least something felt right in this surreal universe.

So she did what she was here for: sing. "Tonight, I celebrate my love for you--"

Such was the amazing thing about being in Glee. If you couldn't say it otherwise, you could always say it in a song.

To her chagrin, Lindsay didn't seem all that amazed by her declaration. After Cindy had finished the song, she frowned and said, "So, between the last time we saw you and now, you met Paul Galvan's son?"

This was not the kind of conversation Cindy had dreamed of. "I meet people," she said defensively.

With a fluent, seemingly effortless move, Lindsay climbed onto the stage, brandishing her handcuffs. This was just getting worse by the minute.

"You don't have to do that," Cindy said as the cuffs snapped shut around her wrists. Not that she minded that much, but the setting was a little too public for her taste.

Lindsay smirked. "You don't have to sing and tell. Although," She embraced Cindy from behind, pulling her close, "It was nice. And that uniform looks kind of hot on you." Lindsay turned her around and kissed her softly.

Giddily, Cindy thought that being in the club paid off. Every single time.

Lindsay laughed so hard she claimed her stomach ached from it. "I know you're excited about the return, but you know what that means, right? No more 'Glee' before bed for you."

Cindy just pouted.

"Oh no, don't do that. I give. As long as you keep having kinky dreams involving me..."

Lindsay turned out the light again, still smiling as Cindy settled into her arms. She'd never cease being amazed about the things her girlfriend's brain could come up with. "I love you," she whispered. And a few minutes later, when Cindy was almost asleep, "You so would look hot in that uniform..."

The End

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